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Bad babysitter/boyfriend beats 5 year old girl to death

SC Man Accused of Beating 5-Year-old Girl to Death

The mugshot source

Family mourns Lancaster 5-year-old, boyfriend charged in death

Phillip Bryan Gleason (Source: WBTV/Lancaster Co. Sheriff's Office)

Dead eyes, no soul. The face of evil.

This scratched-up sorry looking bastard is Phillip Bryan Gleason, aged 27 from Lancaster SC. He’s been charged with homicide by child abuse, after he beat his girlfriend’s 5 year old daughter to death when he was supposed to be babysitting her. Soren Victoria Chilson was supposedly being “cared” for by the sex toy when she was found unresponsive on Tuesday morning by paramedics, in the Craigs Farm Rd home that the mother, April Snipes shared with the monster. Paramedics found sweet Soren soaking wet, with the monster telling them that she’d been throwing up so he splashed water on her. But paramedics and police aren’t stupid, and they saw cuts and bruises all over Soren’s arms from where she tried to fend off her mother’s sex toy. You can also see that the sex toy has scratches all over his fugly face and has had those hideous spacers ripped out of his vile ears. It’s obvious that little Soren was desperately fighting and struggling for her life.

Unfortunately sweet Soren died in Lancaster hospital. Her autopsy showed that she died from blunt force trauma, namely a blow to the head. Her family and the Lancaster community are understandably outraged and devastated. One neighbour said “They ought to take him out there and burn him a little bit, hurting a child like that”. A little bit? I think they meant a lot. Douse him in petrol and set him alight. Give him an iron bar and maybe he can beat his own head in. After all, if he was willing to do it to a small girl, he’d be more than happy to do it to himself.

The sex toy had only been dating the mother for all of 6 months, and had been living with them for 3 of those months! When will these women learn? Boyfriend =/= babysitter. And slow the fuck down with the whole moving in thing, especially with kids. It’s their home first and foremost, and they don’t have a choice of who you move in with them or who you leave them with. Your sex toy is not a babysitter. The sex toy in question has no previous convictions apart from traffic offences in New York. He was a political science student at Winthrop University, and when they heard of his douchebaggery, they immediately suspended him and barred him from campus. The dickbag was also awarded a Purple Heart when he served in Iraq. Pity he wasn’t killed over there, but hopefully the military will strip him of all awards once they get wind of this.

Soren’s funeral will be held on Friday at the Antioch Baptist Church in Lancaster and there are some very touching obituaries online. Thank G*d they don’t mention the sex toy or the cause of death. Although word gets out fairly quickly, and her extended family probably have some idea that her mother couldn’t wait to get to know her sex toy better and just shuffled him into her daughter’s home because he made her naughty bits feel good. Unfamiliar male + small defenceless offspring = well, you know the rest…

Soren’s real dad Jeremy Chilson, had died shortly before Christmas, dealing a devastating blow to the extended family. Now they have to bury his daughter. Jeremy had separated from April because he disagreed with her decision to work a third job. Shortly after that, she picked up with the latest sex toy. Oh, so if you disagree with with your partner, you just drop him and pick up with some loser drip-dick you found hanging around the local uni? And then allow him to invade your child’s home?

The sex toy is currently sitting in jail denied bond. The holes where his spacers were ripped out will give Bubba two more orifices to stick his dick into. I’m hoping it was either Soren or her mother who ripped those out, and the mother had better not be supporting her sex toy. Otherwise she just might find herself set alight by those fire-wielding neighbours.


Rest in Peace, sweet Soren


Soren and her real dad Jeremy Chilson. Re-united in heaven.


Woman who claimed miscarriage tried to dump baby

agutierezWoman Fakes Miscarriage, Stashes Baby in Cabinet:

19-year-old Alyna Gutierrez went to an ER in Lancaster, California. She claimed that she had just had a miscarriage and that she had flushed the remains down the toilet.

One of the doctors determined that by miscarriage she must have meant given birth. The doctor determined she was far too along to have miscarried.

While she was at the hospital Gutierrez’s mother found the baby in Gutierrez’s room wrapped in towels and stuffed in a cabinet. Luckily the baby has survived.

Gutierrez herself is being held on $1M bond.

This is another case where someone thinks that they’re smarter than a medical professional who went to school for 8 years to learn their craft. Not to mention the years they’ve probably put in practicing medicine. I don’t understand how people think that some lamebrain story they concoct will actually fool a doctor. Then again I would never dream of trying to kill a baby.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Woman accused of killing daughter and faking kidnapping

Lancaster woman arrested in death of her 18-month-old daughter:

24-year-old Stacey Barker of Lancaster, California was arrested this past Thursday in the death of her 18-month-old daughter Emma.

Back in March Barker claimed that while she was at a park with her daughter someone struck her from behind and took Emma. Barker even had head trauma to show for it. Later Barker recanted that story and told police her daughter died in an accident and led them to her body. Barker’s head trauma may have been self inflicted.

The cause of death has been sealed as the investigation continues.

Ok people, listen up. If God forbid your child actually does die in an accident don’t do anything like this. Call the authorities and explain to them everything that happened. Even if you are criminally negligible in the accident you would just make things worse for yourself if you did something like this.

Anyway, police believe that Barker actually killed her own daughter.

Thanks to Michelle for the tip.

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