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Rhyming rednecks accused of selling their daughters for porn

Ronnie and Connie McCall accused of selling daughters into child porn ring

US parents allegedly sold daughters for porn

Ronnie and Connie McCall.

When I hear of couples with rhyming names, I can’t help but laugh. What are the odds of having rhyming names? At least it’s a bright spot in this otherwise awful tale. That and the ubiquitous mocking of the suspects’ mugshots. Man, that is a hard 40. Miss Connie needs to lay off the Jack Daniels.

Ronnie Lee (61) and Connie Sue (40) stand accused of selling their three daughters (12, 15, and 17) to a child pornography ring. The girls allege that they were forced to commit sexual acts against their will – with the full knowledge and permission of their parents.

The alleged actions of Ronnie and Connie came to attention after authorities investigated the couple for child neglect. One of the girls had lice in her hair and on her body, flea bites, ring worm and rotten teeth. A fourth daughter (5) who had not been sold to child pornographers (possibly because she wasn’t old enough to bleed) was also found to have rotten teeth. An officer from Johnson County said that her teeth were black and were riddled with cavities. The young girl was also in a lot of pain.

When the older children were investigated about the extent of their breeders’ neglect, that’s when they told authorities about the child porn ring and the permitted sexual abuse and rape. They also said that their breeders regularly abused bath salts. Oh, so that explains the melty faces and squinty eyes in the mugshots! A lesson right there, folks. If you don’t want to lose your youthful looks, don’t smoke bath salts. I prefer to put them in my bath, personally.

Not surprisingly, it was also found that the trailer in which the family dwelt was absolutely filthy and deplorable. I guess a busy schedule of smoking bath salts and pimping out your underage children doesn’t allow much time for trivial things like cleaning your house or visiting the dentist.

Ronnie allegedly took the girls over to South Carolina for a “business trip”.  The “john” involved who was accused of raping the girls has committed suicide, according to local papers.

Ronnie had the gall to plead not guilty to enabling the sexual abuse of his daughters, while Connie is due to appear in court on Wednesday. How the fuck can that seedy old bastard plead “not guilty”? After all he put his daughters through? The old fuck will cark it soon enough.

The girls are now under the care of child services and authorities are hoping for them to be adopted out together.

I can see why these two didn’t try to sell porn featuring themselves. They’d never make a single buck. Is there even a market for porn featuring a melty-faced hag and a squinty-eyed old fuck? Who knows.

Charlene Snyder Sentenced in Death of Two-Year-Old Daughter in Las Vegas

charlene-snyder.jpgCharlene Snyder was sentenced to life in prison for neglecting her 2-year-old daughter, Adacelli. The child had cerebral palsy and weighed only 11 pounds at the time of her death.

Police detectives said it was the worst child neglect case they’ve ever seen. Adacelli was found dead inside the family’s filthy mobile home in a room filled with animal and human feces and rotting food. There was broken glass on the floor and spider webs everywhere in the house. The girl was covered with lice and nits, and her face was covered with bites and insect eggs. Adacelli’s eye was discolored, her abdomen was bruised, open sores dotted her buttocks and thighs, and dried fecal matter and urine covered her lower body.

adacelli-snyder.jpgSynder claims that she didn’t know how to take care of a special needs child.

On March 5, the trial will start for Snyder’s boyfriend, Jack Richardson, who faces similar charges of murder and neglect. Snyder and Richardson were arrested by undercover officers on their way to family court for a hearing for their three surviving children.

Authorities say it took the death of Adacelli before the other children were removed from the home even though there were years of documented abuse and neglect.

Child Protective Services monitored Snyder and Richardson from 2003 to 2004. CPS says that the family was visited by a social worker for a year, but had made major improvements, so the visits stopped. CPS supposedly didn’t receive any calls about the family despite the fact that neighbors told local news reporters that the home smelled foul and the children were never seen playing outside.

Snyder’s three surviving children were adopted by their grandmother and live out of state.

Going through the facts, you realize how many folks dropped the ball on Adacelli and her siblings – CPS, early intervention services, neighbors, Adacelli’s pediatrician and neurologist, friends and family, and local schools. Is it that easy to ignore white trash, even when their trailer stinks to high heaven and the kids are starving to death? Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, indeed.

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