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Girlfriend Allowed Convict to Torture 5 Year Old

Iacullo Accused of Torture

Couple Charged

Couple Charged with Torture of 5 Yr Old


The Convict and his Desperate Twit!!

Once a convict always a convict!!  Now before anyone gets all irate and offended I’ll explain what I mean.

The word convict, in my mind, doesn’t refer to someone that has made a mistake and served their time in prison and straightened their life up.  To me convict is a state of mind, some prisoners serve their time just to get out and re-offend.  They never stay out of trouble for long because they can’t function in society!  These same worthless fucks look for someone weaker than themselves to prey upon!!  In this case that someone was a helpless 5 year old little boy!!

Authorities, trying to protect this little boy, will only identify him as a male relative in the care of 39 year old Lori Louisa Pincus.

This little boy’s hell started June 1st and ended June 8th when police arrived and took the piece of shit boyfriend, 33 year old Carmen William Iacullo II, back to jail for a parole violation.  Seems he was caught with paraphernalia.

In that short time span this baby endured torture!  He was beaten with fists, wooden kitchen utensils, burned with cigarettes and a lighter, stabbed with scissors or pliers.  He was picked up by his genitals and dropped to the ground!!  All by an abusive, sadistic, waste of space, fucking convict!!

The little boy’s injuries included a black eye, extensive bruising of the genitals, bruising on his entire body, multiple cigarette burns on his chest, stab and cut wounds to his leg and toes, and a burn to his anus.  WTF?!?  That poor baby boy…

Just once I’d like to write about a man/woman who actually protects the child! Unfortunately, that’s not the case here…  Not only did this trailer trashy, cum-guzzling, poster child for desperation allow the abuse she enabled it!!  She kept the boy home from school so they wouldn’t see the bruises and black eye.  When police showed up to violate bitch-boy’s parole she made the little boy hide under a bed!!

The abuse came to the attention of authorities because the Cunt left the little boy home alone while she went to visit her dildo in jail on June 9th!!  After being left alone for an extended period of time he wandered outside and was walking down the street.  A friend of the gutter-slut happened to be driving by and saw him.  She stopped to help and saw the obvious signs of abuse and called the cops.  Thank you, Friend!!

The desperate twit has been charged with Child Abuse and Accessory After the Fact both felonies.  She faces a maximum of 6 years and 8 months in prison…

The abusive tw*t is charged with Torture, Child Abuse, and Corporal Injury on a Child with a sentencing enhancement for causing great bodily injury.  He also faces sentencing enhancements for prior convictions.  2006 Felony Battery.  2003 Possession of Methamphetamine for sale.  2002 Child AbuseAs I said in the beginning, once a convict always a convict!! He’s facing life in prison if convicted.

Thankfully, this little boy is a survivor!!  Here’s hoping all rights will be severed and he’ll find a loving adoptive home that will teach him to trust again and show him unconditional love and he’ll never have to lay eyes on this bitch again!!



Thanks to DD for the tip.

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