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Lights, Camera, Innocence Lost…

Pinckney, Mich. man, 52, faces child porn charges

Livingston County man arrested on child pornography charges

Pinckney Man Accused of Exchanging Pornographic Images of Sons

There’s few things more evil then betrayal of a child to satisfy a parent’s depraved urges; innocence is so easy to lose and some lessons are best left unlearned at that age!  

This limp pisser out of Livingston County, Michigan called Marcus Wilson cared more for his pedophile urges then his sons’ well-being. He was subject of an international child porn investigation for causing his boys aging five, eight, and nine in sexual explicit poses in video chat sessions. Shit. Nothing like being sexually abused and being displayed for others to get their jollies off on, way to keep it classy smegma and make a profit too! Innocence is going for pennies, when at one time too valuable for a price tag. 

 So what lead the authorities to come knocking on this shit stain’s door? Remember, it was an international investigation which started in Australia, then went to United Kingdom, then to Texas – instead of following the ‘money’ the poor investigators had to use brain bleach and follow the photographs of three young boys losing their innocence. Well the creep in the Lone Star State, Timothy Whitington, told the Homeland Security Investigations and US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents where they could find the source. There’s no comment on where the mother is in this case from what I can find at this time. Naturally these days due to it being illegal to arrest someone without charges Wilson’s got two: criminal complaint with production, transportation and possession of child pornography. 

 It’s good that law enforcement is cracking down on child porn and traffickers of children sex; this case brought on by Project Safe Childhood and Operation Predator. It’s just a damn shame though parents could look at their own child and see them as a means to and end, damn what it costs the child. Anyone who tries to tell me it costs the child nothing, go do us all a fucking favor and castrate yourself and don’t bother cauterizing the wound. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I’ve been there; and know the hell it brings – no child needs it! 

 A thank you is due to sun runner for the tip and me for scrounging around for more information.

***Special thanks to Eccentric Lady for writing this one!

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