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Girl eats LSD, druggie mother convicted

Girl chews mum’s LSD sugar

Tot, 3, ate mother’s LSD sugar

Whoa man, was that a dragon in the kitchen? Look at all the pretty colours! Sounds like your average drug trip? Until the trip turns nasty because of a bad batch of LSD, shrooms or whatever you’re into. Or if you’re 3 years old and found some tasty “sugar” in your mum’s handbag.

Which is precisely what happened to a 3 year old girl from Coombabah, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The little girl was rushed to hospital after hallucinating, suffering anxiety and convulsions in November 2011. She was telling Mum that she felt “big and small” but later on at the hospital she was heard saying “Mummy I’m hot. I’m on fire. Help me, mummy, I’m going to die.” The toddler was sedated and later made a full recovery.

A police search of the house revealed empty zip-lock bags with a crystal powdery residue. So this was the mystery substance that caused the little girl to hallucinate!

Yesterday, 25 year old Mum was convicted of child cruelty in Southport District Court. She pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to a 9 month intensive corrections order to be served in the community i.e. “parenting classes” and “community service”. The prosecutor said that leaving drugs in the reach of children was a criminally negligent act. Well duh. Mum’s barrister said that Mum felt guilty about what happened and that she was only allowed an hour of supervised visitation a fortnight (2 weeks). Well, maybe she should have thought out the consequences of leaving drugs out around her kid. And no, she doesn’t feel guilty, she feels resentful of her daughter because she ate her drugs! Junkies never think of the consequences of their actions or about anyone except themselves. That’s why they become junkies.



Mom Who Gave Son Dope Made Poor Choice of Illegal Intoxicants

HeroinThanks again to hot tipper Patty for this follow-up on the story of Amanda Lynn Livelsberger, the Pennnsylvania mother who’s been giving her son marijuana since he was 11. This new article sheds a scrap of additional light on why Livelsberger thought she was doing her son a favor. And I quote: "The boy said his mother told him smoking marijuana would help him forget about his father, who is in prison for selling crack cocaine."

Silly mommy! Everyone knows that pot intensifies experiences, emotions, and sensations; it doesn’t "dull" you to anything. (Try smoking when you’re anxious, and see what I mean. Um, not that I’d ever do anything illegal, of course.) If you were truly trying to obliterate your son’s memories of his crack pipe-wielding papa, you could have chosen from any number of other drugs, including:

  • LSD. Had your son seen his dad’s picture on the mantelpiece melt into a cute puppy, odds are he would’ve started taking that whole "crack cocaine jail sentence" thing in stride.
  • Opiates. Sir William Osler called opium "God’s own medicine", and the Egyptians used the drug "to prevent the excessive crying of children". Shit, girl, opium was practically made for your son!
  • Heroin. The ultimate drug for the total obliteration of consciousness.
  • Crack! Hey, why not fight fire with fire?

Good mothers know which illegal drug to call on for the situation. You, Miss Livelsberger, missed the mark by a country mile with your erroneous choice of weed as a healing balm. Bad mommy! Bad mommy!

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