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Menstruating “mother” holds knife to daughter’s throat

Lufkin woman accused of taking photos of daughter with knife at throat

Casey Olford (Source: Angelina County Jail)

Casey Olford has a serious case of PMS

Oh dear, it looks like we have another attention-seeking whore who will do anything to their child to get attention. It seems that Casey Danielle Olford (20) has been taking lessons from Kelly Park on how to get your baby daddy’s attention. She sent photos of her daughter with a knife held to her throat to her baby daddy. That’ll get his attention, for sure. Unfortunately for Casey, it got the attention of the po-po too.

Officers were on the way to Casey’s home in Sayers street, Lufkin, TX for a welfare call made by one of the relatives. On the way, the baby daddy called to say he just received a threatening text message. In the text message was a picture of his daughter with a knife held to her throat and smeared with what looked like blood. The accompanying text read ” It’s n tha trash u too. Hope yall have enough money for Kaylee funeral. Bye.” My uneducated yokel isn’t very good so I don’t know what she was trying to say with the first part of the text. But judging by the second part, it’s supposed to be a poor attempt at an ominous threat. When the police arrived, Casey denied sending any text messages or taking any photos. The children in the house seemed fine, and she allowed the cops to look at her phone where they didn’t find any messages of a threatening nature.

Investigators began investigating, as investigators will, and the police took the egg-donor into custody. On the way to the cop-shop, Casey confessed that she did send the pictures to the baby daddy and the grandma the day before! And that the stuff what looked like blood that was smeared on the kid was indeed blood. Wanna guess where the blood came from? If you’re eating something or have a weak stomach, skip this part: It was fucking PERIOD BLOOD! Yes, she smeared her filthy disgusting rotting uterine lining on her own child to get attention!! What a slovenly slore! Filthy disgusting bitch! I guess you can say they caught her “red-handed”…

The bleeding axe-wound explained that she sent the photos and the texts because she felt lonely and depressed! Well, no wonder you’re lonely – no one will come near you because you like to finger-paint with your monthly mess. I heard that’s a sign that something is seriously wrong, playing with your own bodily fluids. The foul bitch has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and posted $10,000 bail on Monday. In marked bills. Don’t worry, officers, that “red dye” on the notes isn’t from when she robbed a bank. But you might want to wash your hands after touching it.

There has already been one ‘tard-defender in the Facebook comments on this article “Ppl have a lot to say but really u hoes ain’t sayin shit stop judging her and pray for u but if all else fails we her family got her #family” Oh puh-leeze, like we haven’t heard that before, Ebone’ Mott. Come here and say that. I’ve been warming up on nonsensical name-callers and useless trolls and I’m ready for another ‘tard bashing. So bring it, bitch.


The “Like mother, like daughter” theory applies to Bad Breeders too

*** Disclaimer…. If the word “fuck” or the word “c***” offend you, move the fuck on.  If you choose to read after this discalimer, don’t fucking complain about my language.  The only thing I hate more than a child abuser is a baby raper.  The only thing I hate more than a baby raper is a c*** that will serve her kids up on a silver platter one.  The only thing I hate more than a c*** who will serve her kids up to be abused is a mother fucker that will defend a child abuser, baby raper or a kiddy serving up c***.


Lufkin sex offender, mother, grandmother arrested for toddler’s injuries 

Man arrested on charges of injury to a child; mom, grandmother arrested on charges of endangering a child 

25-year-old Jeremei Trevance Grimes is a perfect example of the dick shortage that seems to be going on.  Why else would a woman with a child date a registered sex offender?  Not only did 23-year-old Lachyah Teel date Grimes, she left her 15-month-old son alone with Grimes KNOWING that he was a RSO.  Is that not a recipe for disaster?  Of course it is.  Grimes only had the child for a few hours, January 6th, when he called Lachyah’s mother, Belinda Teel, to tell her that her grandson injured himself by falling off of a horse.  Likely story.  He must have misplaced his Child Abuse for Dummies Handbook or he would have known that it was the bathtub, not a horse. 

Okay, wait!  Before you pass judgment on this man or these two women, remember that only God can judge them and they are innocent until proven guilty.  Yeah, fuck that.  I’ve been hanging out with the tards on this site for too long.  I’m starting to sound just like them.  How about this – Before you judge these two c***s or the perv, read to the end of the story.  It gets worse. 

When the two brainless c***s (sorry, can’t call them women) saw the baby again, he had injuries to his face and bruising from his neck to his pelvis.  The grandc*** and breeder tw*t decided NOT to take the child for medical treatment because they thought CPS may get involved.  Gee… I wonder why she would think that?  Maybe because they KNEW Grimes was a fucking pervert??  Three days later, when the grandc*** couldn’t even pick him up because his little ribs were so sore, Grimes told the two tw*ts (sorry, still can’t call them women) that he would take the boy to see his aunt who was a nurse.  When he returned with the boy, he told the tw*ts that his aunt told him that the child was fine and he just needed some Tylenol.  Oh, and the child had new injuries to his hands that he didn’t have before the rotten fucking perv was alone with him for the second time in days.  That’s when the grandc*** decided it was time to take the baby to the hospital.  The little guy was admitted overnight and doctors called police.  Thank gawd. 

According to the source, the arrest affidavit states that Grimes admitted to lying about the baby falling off the horse, but he never admitted to how he got the injuries.  He also admitted to lying about taking him to the “nurse” aunt.  No shit.  I don’t even know the fucker and I saw that one coming.  He walked out of the interview before he could be questioned further.  The dumb c*** duo was asked why they would allow a RSO to take the baby.  The junior dumb c*** hadn’t dated the pervert for more than a year, he wasn’t the baby’s father, AND this pathetic pair of tw*ts had accused him of molesting the baby’s 3-year-old sister.  (Told ya it got worse) 

Grimes was convicted when he was 19 of aggravated assault on a 13 year old girl.  He is now being charged with injury to a child and is bing held on $15,000 bond.  The two c***s are being charged with child endangerment.  Mammac***’s bond has been set at $10,000.  The grandc***’s bond hasn’t been set yet.  The baby was taken into CPS custody and placed with other family members. 

Thanks go to Lori  and Deena (I think) for the tip. 

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