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Wicked step-c*** pleads guilty to abuse

Stepmother pleads guilty to torturing and starving teen

A 43 year old wicked step-c*** has pleaded guilty to 2 felony counts of child abuse, after she was accused of keeping her teenage step-daughter locked in the basement of their Madison, Wisconsin home and starving her. The wicked step-c*** faces up to 25 years in prison, where she will have 3 hots and a cot, more than what this young lass had when she was trapped with the step-c***, her sperm donor and step-brother, “the favourite” (19).

The lassie (then 15) ran away from her “home” in February 2012 and was found wandering through the neighbourhood by a passing motorist. She was thinly clothed and had no shoes on, and she only weighed 68 lbs (30.8 kg). That is absolutely tiny!! And in the the middle of winter, she had barely any fat on her body to keep her warm! Records from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel showed that the girl was being abused for years by her sperm donor, step-c*** and the favourite. Records also say that authorites had known about the abuse for YEARS and had done jack-shit to get her away from her abusers:

  • In January 2011 a woman driving past the house called the police after trying to speak to the girl. The woman noticed that the girl was fragile and that her feet were purple. Two officers showed up to the house, but left because no one answered the door.
  • In 2007, police investigated an allegation that the girl was being molested by the favourite. The girl would not tell police her side of the story (the favourite probably threatened her)

The police had visited the house at least 10 times, mostly because of the favourite. In November 2011, the favourite pleaded no contest to contributing to the delinquency of a child and two counts of sexual assault of a 13 year old girl (not lassie). His probation officers visited the house 3 times, the last time being less than a month before the lassie ran away. So after he was charged with sexual assault, and presumably had to register as a sex offender, he was allowed to remain living with a minor?? That he could sexually assault whenever the sickening urge overcame him? Madison police sound almost as bad as Flori-DUH cops!

According to the lassie’s victim statement, she was beaten, starved, sexually abused (probably by the favourite), and forced to eat her own shit. Shortly after she was saved from these fucktarded familial freaks in 2012, a doctor specialising in child abuse examined the lassie and diagnosed her condition as “serial child torture with prolonged exposure to definite starvation”.

Last month, Dane County Court found the 41 year old sperm donor guilty of felony child neglect but was deadlocked on 4 other charges. A sentencing date has not been set for the sperm spitting scumbag. The freakish fuckface favourite has been charged with two counts of sexual assault and one count of child abuse. He is scheduled to be tried in June.

The wicked step-c*** is going to feel keenly what she put her step-daughter through. The inmates will steal her food so that she slowly starves, smear crap and period blood on her face, steal her shoes and pull all her hair out. As for the sperm donor and the favourite – the favourite is now going to be on the receiving end of sexual assault – fistings, forced oral and having his butt split in two by Bubba’s big dick. Although he may like being molested, since he was willing to do it to someone else. Bubba should just shank him up the arse instead. And the sperm donor can watch while being held back by other inmates, seeing as he obviously liked his stepson better than his real daughter. Since it didn’t hurt him to see his own flesh and blood being abused, I don’t know whether it might hurt him to see a kid that’s not his being abused.

As for the lassie, I hope she has the strength and the courage to pull herself above this. To seek therapy and make something of her life. Success is the best revenge she can get on the freakish fucks who abused her. They cannot deny success.


Mother charged with neglecting 11 of her 12 children.

Mother charged with gross neglect of her 11 children

In November 2010, Tisha Monique Gardner (31) moved herself and her 11 children to Madison, WI, a week after they arrived; Madison police began receiving allegations of child neglect and endangerment.  Dane County Human Services began investigating her after an incident on Nov. 11th, in which it was determined a loaded shotgun was left accessible to her children, who ranged in age from 4-months-old to 14-years-old.

Dane County CPS began to work with Gardner in late November, but their concerns for her family increased as she was often found sleeping during their visits. The house was the usual cesspool, prescription pill bottles and cigarette butts littered the floor, the infant twins were found to have garbage bags on the floor for beds and her 8-year-old son suffered from such severe tooth decay he will likely need dentures by the age of 16. The children were left without adequate supervision and she was often in such a stupor she couldn’t hold her infant twins without dropping them. Holy fucking shit woman!  Stop having kids if you don’t want to take of them 31-years-old with 12 children (her oldest 15-year-old Shelton was killed stealing scrap metal).

Gardner’s children (of school age) rarely if ever attended school, they had 30% attendance rate.  She had contact with Milwaukee’s CPS on 11 different occasions prior to moving to Madison and she refused all services offered her.  A Milwaukee social worker said this in a report about Gardner, “she lacks sufficient skill, knowledge and/or motivation to obtain and maintain sufficient resources and supervision for her young children.”  Really…ya think?  School Officials in Madison provided the children with winter clothing.

Anyhow, Tisha has been charged with 15 counts of child neglect, including 4 that are felonies alleging bodily harm.  She stood mute in front of the court during her initial appearance; the judge entered a not guilty plea on her behalf.  August 11th a bench warrant was issued after she failed to appear for a court hearing.

No word on who has the children, I am going to assume they are not with her.

Thanks to Amanda for the tip.

Two-fer Tuesday – Where Second Chances for Scumbags Abound


Good frickin’ grief! Just when I thought I was done for today, April sends me another tip. Thanks, April!

George Djukanovic, 20, and Aimee Davis, also 20, have been arrested for aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy, among other charges. For (what else?) beating their 5 week old baby boy, Jaden. Cheese and rice, people – 5 WEEKS OLD? Why? What could a 5-week old baby possibly do to piss you off enough to break its femur and clavicle, and fracture its ribs (on more than one occasion, apparently)? Did I mention that there was also bleeding on the brain? Yeah. But that kind of goes without saying around here, right? Police have said the injuries are consistent with abuse. Nooooo…ya think? Maybe he joined a full-contact football league when he was 3 weeks old. That could have caused the injuries, right?

I wasn’t gonna do this, but well…… I changed my mind. Do you know what I did last week? I took my kids to a Fall Festival at a local church. My youngest child is almost 4 now, so it’s been a while since I had a really tiny baby to hold. I got to hold a 4 month old baby while I was at this festival. Do you know how itty-bitty babies are at that age? The baby’s hands were so tiny that he could barely wrap his little fingers around my thumb. As I was holding this baby (who weighed almost NOTHING), I began to wonder what kind of animal could get angry enough to break bones on something so tiny and helpless. I still can’t figure it out. I was afraid that breathing on the baby too hard might bother him – I just can’t imagine HITTING something so small and fragile.

Well, at least that’s all there is to this story. HA! I wish. The birth vessel had previously had her 2-year old daughter, Madison, removed from her care due to abuse. She is currently awaiting trial on those charges, but get this – a family court judge ruled that the little girl should be put back with her mother. You would think that a judge would have better sense than that. Guess not. Thanks Your Honor, and I’m sure Jaden and Madison thank you too. Nooooo…..not really.

Since Jaden’s hospitalization, Madison has been removed again, and placed with her paternal grandparents. I seriously think the entire DCS and family court division need to be completely revamped. They are obviously almost useless the way they are now. Better training, more funding, and tougher judges is what we need….but that is just my opinion.

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