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Bad Dad bashes son to death at cricket match, shot dead by police

Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father at Tyabb cricket oval

Horrific murder after cricket training

Online tributes flow for Luke Batty who was killed at cricket training in Tyabb

Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father at Tyabb cricket oval

Luke Batty (11) was horrifically taken from this world by his own father Greg Anderson (54). He was allegedly bashed to death with a cricket bat during cricket training at the Tyabb Cricket Club in VIC. As police tried to defend the young boy, the killer charged at them with a knife that he had concealed on him. After trying to persuade the murderer to drop the knife and spraying him with capsicum foam with no effect, they were forced to shoot him.

Despite the valiant and courageous efforts of paramedics, young Luke could not be saved. Tributes have brimmed forth on Twitter and Facebook for the young lad, who was described as sports-loving, effervescent and funny. His mum, Rosie Batty, had spoken about Luke’s killer, saying that he had had mental issues and homelessness. She had been separated from him for a while, and on the day of cricket practice, Luke had asked her if he could spend a few more minutes with his Dad because he didn’t get to see him very often. Little did he know that this request would cost him his life.

Police are still asking witnesses to come forward and speak with them to work out what exactly went down that day. The killing took place shortly after practice had broken up, so they think there was still quite a few people hanging around. Several children had witnessed the killer beating Luke with the bat and then stabbing him with a knife. No child should ever have to see someone being murdered, especially one of their friends.

The only small solace in this tragic tale is that the killer got pepper-foamed before he was shot dead. Now he will feel the burn over and over again in whatever place awaits him on the other side.

Rest in peace, young Luke

Beautiful, heavenly Luke. Your radiant smile will light up the heavens for sure.

“Cathryn is the heart of Brandis.”

Brooklyn girl(2) found fatally wounded in apartment 

Toddler beaten killed in Brooklyn

2-year-old fatally stabbed by Mother in Brooklyn

**Note: Cathryn’s age has been listed as both 2-years-old and 3-years-old.**

“Cathryn was the heart of Brandis,” is how some friends would describe the love Brandis Nwegbo felt for her daughter, Cathryn (2).  So that makes what I am about to share with you so shocking, devastating and heartbreaking.

Brandis Nwegbo (29), though sometimes homeless and struggling financially, was by all accounts a loving a devoted mother to her daughter Cathryn, even turning down an offer to from a friend to adopt the child to ease her burden.  So that leaves everyone wondering what happened on Friday, January 6th.  How did Cathryn end up beaten and stabbed, by the very woman who seems to adore her?  I’ll give you the details and you can decide.

At approximately 4:10 am officers responding to a call of a jumper on the roof of a four-story building, didn’t find a jumper but instead a blood trail leading to the apartment of Brandis and Cathryn Nwegbo.  The door was ajar and what was waiting inside was… Brandis on her couch cradling a fatally wounded Cathryn and babbling incoherently.

Cathryn was in cardiac arrest, with puncture and strangulation wounds to her neck and face, with major bleeding from the back of her head.  An officer immediately grabbed Cathryn, clothed only in a diaper, and ran for the stairs yelling, “She’s not breathing.”  She was transported to Woodhull Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

While her daughter was being raced to the hospital, paramedics attempted to treat Brandis for a cut to the right side of her face.  She refused their treatment warning them not to touch her and saying, “I only just trust the white blanket.”  She was, understandably so, taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

As of Friday evening January 6th, no charges had been filed.

So there you have it, a woman who by all accounts loved and adored her baby, kills her.  Were there missed signs or a woman battling mental illness?

**Note–I have found articles that state Cathryn was thrown from the roof , some that make no mention of it. **

 R.I.P. Cathryn

“I didn’t mean to do it. He told me to!”

 Read It Here

That’s what Otty Sanchez can be heard screaming when her sister called 911 after discovering Sanchez had decapitated and dismembered Scott Wesley Buccholz-Sanchez and was eating parts of his body in a bedroom at her sister’s house.  This was in July. 

This Texas Mom has now been deemed COMPETENT to stand trial.

She is likely to plead not guilty due to mental illness.

The sperm donor said Sanchez suffered from postpartum depression and told him she was schizophrenic a week before she killed and ated her baby.

She has history of mental illness and had spent time in a state mental hospital.

Why is it you have to pass a test to drive but anyone can give birth to a human and then destroy it?

Oprah Winfrey Asks David Crespi: Why Didn’t You Just Kill Yourself?

David Crespi with Oprah WinfreyLast month I wrote about David Crespi, the Charlotte, North Carolina banker who “snapped” one night and murdered his twin daughters, Tess and Sam. Shortly after the killings, Crespi called 911 and confessed. The case is so baffling that Oprah Winfrey made it the focus of her Tuesday show. Crespi’s wife Kim has already talked to the media before, but this is the first time we’ve heard from David himself.

The article linked above contains bits and pieces of Winfrey’s interview with Crespi, and the second linked video (“Crespis Discuss Mental Illness”) contains a snippet of the broadcast. Oprah asks a question I’ve been wondering as well. If, as Crespi reported to police, he was so stressed out about finances and caring for his family, why didn’t he kill himself as opposed to his twin daughters? His nonsensical answer: I tried it before, and I promised my wife I wouldn’t do it again.

Oprah’s response? “I wished you had promised her not to harm your daughters.” To which Crespi responds, “I wish I had too.”

In this case, I still fall on the side of Crespi being mentally ill. We know that he had been switched to Prozac four days before this incident, and that a post-crime evaluation ruled Prozac was “not a good drug” for Crespi to be on. (You think?) Listening to him talk on Oprah, and reading the transcript of his chat with detectives, it’s obvious that this is a mentally unbalanced man whose capacity for logical action was impaired. The “logic” that is threaded through his actions is the same logic that gripped Andrea Yates, driving her to murder. The question for society is: Could this tragedy have been prevented? And if so, how? More aggressive treatment? Better monitoring? Pre-emptive confinement?

Chilling 911 Tape: Dad Describes How He Murdered Twin Daughters

David CrespiThis next tragic tale comes courtesy of fellow the True Crime Blogroll member Stephen McCaskill of Crime Scene Blog. Stephen links to a 911 call from David Crespi of Charlotte, North Carolina, who dialed the police immediately after “freaking out” and killing his two twin daughters. (The original link to the 911 call came courtesy of Crime in Charlotte.)

This call is one of the most disturbing things you’ll ever hear. Crespi begins the conversation by bluntly telling police, “I just killed my daughters”. Various police and emergency personnel spend most of the call attempting to assess the state of the girls. Despite Crespi’s repeated insistence that “they’re dead” and that there’s “nothing you can do…nothing”, the operators are obviously holding out hope that there’s something – anything – they can do. They spend a little time trying to assess why Crespi wigged out, positing that perhaps he had a fight with his wife, who had just left the house.

And that brings us to the most disturbing facet of this call: David Crespi himself. Here’s a man who has just done the unforgiveable – a man who will rightly go down in history as a murdering bastard. And yet, at the same time, he sounds so…pathetic. So…broken. The 911 operators (who, as Crime Scene Blog points out, deserve special honors for remaining so calm and professional in the face of such a tragedy) manage to learn that Crespi has a history of depression. What’s more, Crespi had just switched antidepressants a week ago, and hadn’t been sleeping as a result. In short, Crespi was fucked up. His mental state brought him to a fork in the road, where he had a choice between crying for help or letting himself snap. He chose the latter path. You can tell from the trembling and anguish in his voice that he knows he chose the wrong prong of the fork…and that there’s no taking it back.

I can only guess what Crespi’s wife must be going through. Can you imagine going out to get a haircut, and coming home to find your family demolished in a fit of insanity? She must have known, of course, that her husband was ill. But did she ever in a million years believe that he would be capable of such a thing?

Above is a picture of Crespi with his wife and daughters, in happier times. Here is Crespi’s booking photo. They don’t even look like the same human being…

David Crespi

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