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Tammy Kongham charged with abduction


FBI Charges Mom Who Is Still Missing With Daughter:

The FBI has now filed abduction charges against Tammy Kongham. She’s the woman who abducted her daughters from their school in Philadelphia then took them to live on the streets in Fort Lauderdale. The children were in the custody of a foster home. Kongham is said to be mentally ill.

As I posted before police found her 10-year-old daughter wandering in a mall because Kongham sent her away saying it would be easier for the cops to find her if they were together. Then why bother abducting her in the first place?

Kongham is still on the run with her 8-year-old daughter. Both have allegedly cut their hair short. The pictures show Kongham with her hair at both lengths. Police say that they’ve also worn disguises.

The FBI said that anyone assisting Korgham could also face prosecution.

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