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Kids found in meth lab in Sydney

Kids discovered during raid on drug lab

Police raid suspected clandestine drug lab in Hinchinbrook

Not a lot on this one, but three kids have been discovered during a raid on a meth lab in Sydney’s southwest. Detectives searched the Hinchinbrook home and found three children aged from 16 months to 16 years, along with their 42 year old mother. In a shed out the back of the house, police found a meth lab complete with glassware, liquids and other items used to make methylamphetamine (commonly known as “ice” or “speed”). More chemicals were found in a bedroom. A 48 year old man (I presume he may be the father or a boyfriend of the mother) was questioned by police but has since been released pending further enquiries. The police have also reported this incident to the Department of Family and Community Services and will be continuing the investigation, and cleaning up the site of the meth lab.

I really wish I could find more info on this, like mug shots and names. Meth is such a dirty drug, it’s made in filthy glassware by people who are high most of the time. The chemicals used to make meth include drain cleaner and phosphorus, and the process is highly dangerous and explosive. Because these people are high as a kite, they don’t monitor the shit bubbling away until it blows half the house up. The chemicals often cause burns to children (I don’t know why they never seem to cause burns to the idiot drug addicts) and inhaling the vapours can cause all sorts of health problems. All in all, not a suitable place to raise children!


How many methtards does it take to murder a baby?

Mother charged in baby’s meth death

Autopsy reveals 17-month-old died from meth as mother and three others charged in death of boy found black and blue

No – The title isn’t a joke. There is no punch-line. Four people have been charged in the meth death of 17-month-old Patrick Lerch. Patrick was found unresponsive, with bruises on his face on February 26th by his mether (not a typo), 20-year-old Heather Lerch. He was rushed to Children’s hospital in Akron, OH, where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy rules little Patrick’s death a homicide. The cause? Methamphetamine poisoning due to inhaling the chemicals from the meth lab that was in operation in the home.

Lerch and her vaginal occupant, Ronald Legg (22), were arrested and charges with murder and felony neglect. Legg’s brother, Randy Legg (19), and Allen Kostra (24) were charged with manslaughter. All four of the suspects have pleaded not guilty to the initial drug charges of possession, assembly and manufacture of meth. I suppose it was Patrick’s meth lab. It could happen… I guess.

Thanks go to Marshalette for the tip.


Hey, Hey, Good loookin’. Whatcha got cookin’?


DaytonPolice: Meth mom charged 

Two charged in Burkhardt meth case

35-year-old Karen Day is a typical methtard.  Selfish and stupid.

Day, the mother of a 7-year-old, has been arrested and is being charged with child endangering after a meth lab was discovered in herDayton,OH home.

Police were tipped off by a neighbor.  When they arrived at the house, an officer looked in the window and saw 34year-old Manuel Ortiz Jr. cooking meth.  BUSTED!  He is also being charged with child endangering as well as manufacturing drugs.

Let’s hear it for the nosy neighbors who weren’t afraid to get involved.  They may have saved a child’s life!

Thanks go to Cathy Blake for the tip.  She must know how I love the meth-tards.

Amusing Methtard logic from a knocked up repeat offender

Police: Five arrested in meth discovery on Read Street

Police: Pregnant woman admits using meth, bath salts 

Two Arrested for Westside Evansville Carjacking 

Oh boy… Where do I start with this one?  Lone methtards are more fun than a barrel of monkies, but 4 methtards and a knocked up, repeat offending methskank with skewed logic… Whoa fucking Nelly.  Now that is a party.

5 Evansville, Indiana methtastic shitheads were carted off to the hoosegow after an early morning bust prompted by a tip to the coppers.  Among those busted were 23-year-old Chastity A. Hertzberger, 21-year-old Christopher J. LeSieur, 20-year-old Timothy W. Hart, 20-year-old Kristina D. Benningfield and Benningfield’s 22-year-old boyfriend, James J. Moore. 

All of the methtards were residents of the upstairs portion of the home except Timothy Hart.  My guess is he still lives with his mommy.  Also, all of the methtards were high on meth, including the visiting Hart. The homeowner, who lived downstairs, allowed the officers in to search the home.  And search they did; turning up (in a back bedroom) several items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine including over 100 pseudoephedrine pills.

During questioning, Benningfield told officers that she was expecting a little bundle of joy, and she was not talking in the form of pharmaceuticals.  Benningfield is, in fact, four months preggers.  She also told officers that she likes doing bath salts.  Winner, winner.  Pregnant, meth lab, high as a fucking kite and dumb as a box of rocks is certainly a recipe for disaster. 

When officers asked the Queen of Methtardia if she knew about the effects the drugs would have on her baby, she told the officers, “Well, my baby likes it.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  The baby likes being poisoned?  And perhaps Benningfield would like me to c*** punt her into next fucking week.  Sheesh.

Hart is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and visiting a common nuisance.  Hertzberger and LeSieur are both being charged with maintaining a common nuisance.   Moore is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and visiting a common nuisance.  

Benningfield who, as I mentioned in the title, is a repeat offender.  Thanks to handy dandy Google, I found where the Butterface… I mean Benningfield was previously arrested after her and Joseph J. Witham, another stellar member of society, threatened a man at knifepoint, forced him into his car, drove him around for two hours, threatened to kill him, and then let him go after beating and strangling him.  The pair was spotted in the stolen car in a parking lot and were taken into custody.  Witham had himself a myriad of charges including, but not limited to, carjacking and narcotics possession.  Benningfield’s charges included carjacking and criminal confinement.  This time around, Butter….errrr… Benningfield is being charged with dealing meth, possession of meth, possession of precursors and maintaining a common nuisance.  Hopefully CPS will keep an eye on her and take her baby as soon as it breathes its first breath. 

Thanks go to Mr. Steve Weiss for posting this one in the Open Thread.

Carl Savoy and Angelique Townsend are Methtard-Extraordinaires

Meth lab in washing machine leads to burns and arrests


In Livingston Parish, Louisiana, a man and woman have been arrested and charged with cooking meth in the presence of three young children. 

This meth-cooking operation was first brought to light when a man in a different city called for help after suffering chemical burns to his face and arms. He was burned when he opened the lid of a discarded washing machine given to him just a couple days prior. 

It appears the remnant of a meth lab was inside the washing machine.

This burn victim guided authorities to the place where he picked up the used appliance. Once there, deputies reported smelling the odor of a “meth cook” coming from the mobile home. 

Who lived in this trailer? Carl H Savoy, Angelique Joy Townsend and a 2-year-old child. Once inside this lovely home they found a meth lab smoldering in the shower of a bathroom, burning a hole completely through the shower floor! 

After they were both arrested, DCFS took custody of the child and two of his siblings that were at a nearby school and took the to the hospital to be checked out The evidence in the home confirmed that the children were in the immediate area of the meth lab. The kids are ages two, six and 11-years-old.

Townsend is confirmed to be the mother of all three. 

Both Savoy and Townsend face multiple drug and child-endangerment charges.

Thanks go to Trista Cook for the tip.

Tiffany Marie Scott makes meth in her child’s closet

Meth Momma

Meth Momma

Woman arrested after finding meth lab in child’s closet

Tiffany Marie Scott, 28, was arrested after they found a meth lab in her 5-year-old’s bedroom closet.

The 5-year-old was present during the drug bust – DHS called the Father and he had come to pick him up. 

Authorities had received a tip about a lab and also found several “shake-and-bake” labs in a large duffle bag. This bag also contained a propane torch, two-layer liquid in bottles and various other chemicals. A small bag of meth was also found on her bedroom floor and needles and other items found in her bathroom.

Scott told deputies of a man that would cook meth in her bedroom twice a week. He is the one that kept the bag in the child’s closet. – Yeah, I’m sure about that! 

Scott is being held in lieu of a $50,000 bond and has been charged with:

  • Possession of controlled dangerous substance (methamphetamine).
  • Possession of controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute.
  • Child Endangerment.
  • Endeavoring to manufacture a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute.
  • Seriously Horrible Eyebrows! 

Thanks go to me for finding this diamond in the ruff.

Child burned in meth lab explosion

1-Year-Old Badly Burned In Meth Lab Explosion:

You know how we’re always saying when a child is found in their parents’ meth lab that we’re just glad the lab didn’t explode? Yeah, you can scratch that off the list now.

One-year-old Johnna Osborn of Bay County, Florida was burned over 40 percent of her body after her parents’ meth lab exploded.

The county sheriff, not a county sheriff but the head guy, was so outraged by what happened he arrested the girl’s father, John Osborn, himself.

Also arrested was the girl’s mother, Tessa Wagy. She was arrested in Georgia.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

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