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9 year old gives birth – egg-donor sees nothing wrong with it

EXCLUSIVE: Nine-year-old girl who gave birth in Mexico will never have another child after doctors sterilize her against her mother’s wishes Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Nine-year-old gives birth in Mexico

Mexican ‘nine-year-old mother’ vanishes

'Abuse': Stepfather, Abundio, (left) has been accused of sleeping in the same bed and beating the nine-year-old mother as her own mother, Gloria, (right) failed to stop it. They are pictured with another relative and his baby

Step-penis Abundio on the left, egg-donor Gloria on the right.


'Sex worker': Gloria, pictured in her younger years, has been accused by neighbours of working as a prostitute

Whorish Gloria = Whoria



Oyyayaya! Where to start on this one?!

A young Mexican girl, 9, has given birth to a baby named Maria de Los Angeles.

Young Dafne didn’t know she was pregnant until 7 months into the pregnancy. At such a young age, it wouldn’t really be expected to know what pregnancy feels like! The father was originally thought to be a 17 year old boy, but now suspicions have turned to Dafne’s step-penis, Abundio, who has been abusing her as well as his own offspring. The step-penis would often beat Dafne and share a bath and a bed with her. Gross!! Of course, the egg donor, Gloria, knew this was going on and was covering for the penis. She probably also knew about the pregnancy from the get-go and knew who the real father was too! According to authorities, Dafne’s egg-donor didn’t think it was a crime for someone so young to have sex, until she turned up at the hospital. Neighbours would often hear Dafne being beaten and would see her running out onto the street, with step-penis in pursuit. Well, did it ever occur to you to DO SOMETHING?! Like knock the step-penis out? Call the police? Don’t you just love it when neighbours report they heard this or saw that but never do anything?

According to neighbours, the birth vessel worked as a prostitute and was trying to get Dafne to do the same. Ahh, so that’s why Dafne was forced to take a bath and share a bed with the step-penis. Birth vessel was probably trying to get her “accustomed” to seeing men naked. They were grooming her!!

Dafne never went to school. Neighbours only saw her when she went to the shops. She spent all of her time cooking, cleaning and taking care of her family. I know times are tough. But it’s up to the adults to cook and clean, as well as work to provide for the family. Never a child. Dafne should have been at school, learning how to read and write. Not being beaten and raped, and being treated like a slave.

A relative of the family has told the newspaper “What he has done has shamed our family. ‘I don’t know why the girl’s mother lets him carry on the way he has. They’re both liars and I think it’s terrible what has happened.’Dafne is a child. She’s just a child. The girl’s mother is in love with him so she protects him, and this is what happens’

The family of 14 have since packed up and moved out of their breezeblock flat in Zapopan, Jalisco state. Authorities are trying to track them down. There are fears that Dafne contracted HIV/AIDS from her whoring egg-donor and may have passed the virus onto her child. There are also concerns for Dafne’s health because of hormonal imbalances from giving birth so young, and from an Implanon that doctors installed into her young body without consent.

The event has been referred to the Human Rights commission, as it is child rape, deprivation of freedom and medical procedures done without consent. Sadly Dafne’s situation isn’t an isolated event. Many girls in Third World countries are denied schooling and education, and are forced to clean, cook and take care of their families – because according to their culture, that’s what females do.

Let’s hope the authorities can find Dafne and the baby and get them into loving homes. The step-penis and egg donor are as good as dead, when vigilantes get a hold of them. Let’s hope a drug cartel gets them.

Thanks to Malevolent April for the tip!

Mexican “mother” saves the world – by gouging out her son’s eyes

Mexican boy’s eyes gouged out ‘to save the world’
Mexico: Mother rips out 5-year-old’s eyes during satanic ritual
Mother Gouges Out 5 Year-Old-Son’s Eyes During End-of-World Ritual 


Not sure how I’m going to get through this story, but  here it goes.

In a world where naked men eat the faces off of 1/2 naked homeless men, I guess a mother removing her son’s eyes with a spoon because he was possessed shouldn’t shock me, right? Well, it does. To my core.

Carmen Rios García, 23, of Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico was preparing for the end of the world with a ceremony, accompanied by her sister and a group of 8 other people, including 4 children.  They believed that the end was imminent and coming that Monday, May 28th. When her 5-year old son refused to close his eyes, she gouged them out “to clean them” and “cast the demon out”, using her bare hands and the help of a spoon while his aunt held him down. She was reported as saying, “Let’s kill him, to get the Devil out of him” after removeing his eyes.

A 17-year old boy who was part of the ritual went yelling from the home and summoned the police, screaming “They’re going to kill my nephew!”. When police responded, they found Carmen carrying her blood-covered son in her arms. It was said that she was under the influence of drugs. Makes me wonder if they have bath salts in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico?  The mother was allegedly trying to recruit help of other family members, who were all part of a cult,  with the mutilation of her son to “to prevent an earthquake and save the world.”

This cult,  known as “Santa Muerte, ” or Saint Death, had 8 of its members recently charged with the sacrificial killings of two 10-year-old boys and a 55-year-old woman in northern Sonora state. The cult hadn’t been been linked to human sacrifice before this incident.

The boy is in serious, but stable condition. The newspapers are saying that he will be left blind, which is pretty obvious if his mother removed his eyes. Poor, sweet boy. 5-years old and to even begin to think of the horror of what he’s gone through is enough to make me crumble. I can only pray that he won’t be anywhere near anyone that can ever harm him again and he can make the most of the life that he’s been left to face.  Good news is is that the mother is being held on charges along with 7 other adults, including his grandparents and an aunt.

Big thanks to my real-life best friend, Becky, for the tip.

Cuatro Sinko…

Evil mother fucker


Mexican cab driver accused of killing two people, fathering five children with captive stepdaughter 

Here’s the scathing and staggering deal folks….it seems that the prediliction towards bad parenting and atrocity towards others, particularly those whom you’ve spawned, is not simply an American value as once believed.  That’s right…this sort of contempt goes well beyond the borders of country and reason and into the depths of evil and malcontent.

 Good to know that  we’re not alone in our repugnance.

Tonight’s story brings us to the sunny and tropical fun land of Mexico and all that you see on those quaint postcards sent by your friends to taunt you whilst they sip paper umbrella drinks and you labor in vain for the Man.

Stright from the mouth of Mexico City (D.F….”deh-effe” as the locals call it)… it seems that one of the best and the brightest of the transportational hubs of the country, cab driver, Jorge Iniestra has been accused of several iniquitous acts, including the fathering of five children with one of his teen step daughters.  Afterwards, or somewhere betwixt all the detestable activity, Iniestra took the time to kill the step daughter’s sister and one of the children inside the rancid dwelling he dared call home.  And…in a very Vincent Price-esque cable tv old movie manner, he also opted to keep the rotting bodies of the sister and the child inside a room in his mother’s house…because home is where your mom is….apparently.  Eventually, either stricken by smell and decay or the urging of his mother in regards to the same, our pal, Jorge, dumped the remains on a road outside D.F.

Chief Prosecutor for Mexico City, Jorge Ferman explained in a news conference that this is a classic example of “imprisonment and captivity” and expressed his outrage at Iniestra; adding that the mother of the captive girls would be charged with “covering up the abuse”

According to Ferman, Iniestra removed the girls from school and held them both captive for a total of five years before killing one of the sisters and fathering five children with the other in a sordid display of incest and sleaze, second only to the so-called myth of snuff films.  Ferman reported horrid and deplorable conditions in which the girls were forced to live , conditions which did not include a proper bathroom and the captives were forced to use the bathroom in the same area in which they lived.  A surviving three year old boy who had endured many a beating by Iniestra was recovered by authorities; reported to be in critical conditions  and placed into protective custody.

Meanwhile….the mother of the children….Iniestra’s girlfriend, 44 year old Claudia Tapia is being charged with failure to protect and act in a manner to protect her children.  Good to see that the Mexican authorities are on top of this situation and that both Iniestra and Tapia will soon get what’s coming to them.

In the end it appears that atrocious acts know no cultural or ethinic boundary, however, neither does justice and the quest for absolution amongst those who seek right in the eyes of the law.

Good luck Jorge and Claudia…hope they have bathrooms in Hell.

Thanks go to Marcy and Emily for the tips.


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