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Another Drunk Driving Mother…

Intoxicated Woman Crashes SUV 

32-year-old, Akira Kirk  was arrested after she crashed her vehicle with 11 children inside.

That’s right, eleven children.

Kirk’s Dodge Durango hit the barrier wall and landed on it’s roof. Of the 11 children, ages from 2 to 17 years-old, seven belonged to the driver.

Five of the kids were transported to Children’s Hospital, the other six were turned over to family members.

Kirk failed standardized sobriety tests and had admitted to drinking alcohol. In addition to her DWI charges, the department is also seeking charges for Felony Recklessly Endangering Safety, due to the number of occupants exceeding available seating in the vehicle. 

*Thanks go to sarahsue14 for the tip!

Justice has been served…. 54 years after the fact. Let’s hope.

74-Year-Old Mother Charged With Daughter’s Death More Than 50 Years Ago

After 54 years, Wis. woman charged in baby’s death

So, I learned today that the statue of limitations can expire in most cases, except in the case of murder. Good to know because it’s been 54 years since little Jeaneen died. Her older brother, James, came forward in 2008 with stories of the unbearable abuse that he and his other siblings had to endure at the hands of their “mother” (she is the bio mom, but I put her in quotes because no real mother would do this). 

Ruby Klokow, 74 has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of her then 7-month old daughter, Jeaneen back in 1957. At the time of her death, dear Ruby (aged 20) had told police that the baby fell off the couch and hit the ground – killing her. Yeah, right.

An autopsy showed that she died of two brain hemorrhages, a partially collapsed lung, and three scalp bruises. Hey, good to know that the ole “she fell off the couch” excuse has been around so long. Unfortunately, the police and investigators around in 1957 bought it.

A little history on dear old mom, the kids she had, and the ones that died under her care (more than just one unfortunately). Older brother, James (now 55) came forward to report that his dear mommy regularly beat him, choked him, and kicked him with her steel-toed boots — so much so that he has knee problems as an adult. She also broke his arm and his nose and locked him in the basement for so long that he was reduced to lapping up water that had collected on the floor to quench his thirst. WTFrench! Where was the dad, you ask? Well he died back in 2009, but according to the murdering mom’s sister (more on her later) – he was abusive too.

Now, I wasn’t alive back in 1957 or even close to it — but I have heard that most women were homemakers and more subservient to their husbands. There were also no Amber Alerts, or DCF, or child abuse cases that came out in public. I’m not saying that the dad controlled Mommy Dearest here. I know she played a large part in it – if not the whole part. But part of me wonders what the “era” had to do with all this. Please don’t think for a second that I’m excusing this sorry piece of shit excuse for a mother, I’m not. I just wonder what, if any, role it played. Moving on.

James also told police about his mother placing a bag over the head of his mentally challenged little brother, and hitting his toes one-by-one with a hammer. Hoooleeeee shit. Poor thing. James also went on to say that while the physical abuse was horrendous, what was worse was this bitch blamed him for his sister’s death. He was 2 years old when she died according to reports. So this bitch tormented poor James his whole childhood with beating him and other awful things – and she mentally tortured him by telling him that because she was tending to his cries (he was 2!) that his sister fell off the couch and died. Poor James…. I hope he has an amazing therapist and is living a full life despite this psychopath of a mother he was given.

But wait, there’s more! Seven years after baby Jeaneen died, another one of Ruby’s kids – Scott – was found dead in his crib. No more details on that, except that no charges had been filed against her in that case either.

Apparently, Ruby told investigators, last month, that Jeaneen had fallen off the couch; then changed her story to admit that she was a little rough with her. She eventually said she had thrown Jeaneen against a sofa, where the baby bounced off and hit the ground. She also admitted causing the infant’s death and told investigators she was sorry. Shit woman, which is it?  

So her lawyer is quoted saying, “She is older, and like anybody her age she has difficult remembering things from that long ago,” he said. “She’s very worried. I think she’s confused about why this is happening at this point.” Um, fuck you. Stop blaming it on old age memory. My grandmother at 89 could tell you a meal she ate on a flight from the US to the UK in 1948. Nice try, asshole.

Now, on to Judith, the younger sister of Ruby. According to reports, Judith had “tried to stifle the memories surrounding her infant niece’s death”. She admitted seeing her sister throw baby Jeaneen at her husband and say “here, catch” and dear daddy not even extend his arms.  She also said she remembered watching her toss the baby several feet to the ground. And that she knew all the kids were abused. So, she knew these 2 were piece of shit parents and did nothing and then tried to stifle the memories for 54 years. She’s trying to paint herself helpless and get some sympathy.  “Golly gee wilikers, whatever shall I do?”  as she wipes her hands on her gingham apron. Um, you’re guilty too bitch.  She has been forced to “anew the painful thoughts she hoped would remain undisturbed.” Remain undisturbed? A baby died at the hands of her mother, YOUR sister! This mother beat the shit out of her other kids and tortured them! Another baby mysteriously died in his crib! Why didn’t you do something to protect your nieces and nephews at the time you selfish c***!? The more I read on this, the more upset I become. I love my three sisters to pieces, but if they abused their kids – those bitches would go down! Plain and simple!!

She should be charged with something too if you ask me. She knew about the abuse and didn’t do jack shit to stop it and 2 babies are dead. However, she says she’s forgiven her sister and says that she’ll leave God to punish her. How mighty big of her to forgive this baby murdering sister of hers. Let’s see what kind of punishment God has in store for Judith one day.

So the bodies of both angels were exhumed in July to be re-autopsied. Ruby was arrested on Monday and charged on Tuesday with second-degree murder, according to the Wisconsin law in 1957. She’s being held on a $10,000 cash bail and is scheduled for her 1st hearing next Wednesday. 

Hopefully, Jeaneen and her brother Scott can finally rest in peace with their murderer behind bars after all these years. I hope she dies a lonely, old, decrepit woman in prison.

Thanks for the tip go to JJ and Danielle Parada.

***Special thanks go to Danielle for the most excellent write-up.

Shymika Williams is NOT the Mother of the Year

Milwaukee mother whose toddler was found wandering streets, charged with neglect

Criminal Complaint (PDF) 

Mother Of Girl Found Wandering Streets Charged 

20-year-old Shymika Williams (yes… Shymika) is proof that “stupid” should be a chargeable offense.  She is also proof that stupid people shouldn’t breed.  

Williams is being charged with one count of child neglect after her 2-year-old daughter was found wandering in the street (alone).  The toddler, who was dehydrated and had a fever of 102 degrees, was transported to Children’s Hospital, treated, and released to the custody of the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare.

According to the criminal complaint (linked above), Williams claims to have dropped her daughter off to 3 friends for the weekend. The complaint also states that she paid these fine fols $25 for their babysitting services.  The complaint further alleges that Williams contacted these friends to make arrangements for them to care for her daughter for a while longer.  Apparently Shymika was quite busy, as she told officers that she hadn’t seen her daughter in two weeks.  I don’t see where the “friends” have been arrested and charged for the neglect of this child, so my guess is that Shymika is full of shit.  

Williams faces up to a $10,000 fine and nine months in prison if she’s convicted.  Perhaps she will make lots of friends in jail with that stylin’ ass hairdo. 

Thanks go to JJ for posting this in the  Open Thread.  Hey JJ – I wonder how many of this skanks friends will show up here to defnd her.  Bring it, bitches!

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