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Drunk Breeder found on center console with no shoes

Christian Damon Derek Stoner

Charges: Father Drove Around 2 Kids While Drunk:

St. Paul Boy Knocks on Door, Reports Dad’s DWI:

Police in St. Paul, Minnesota say they found 40-year-old Christian Damon Derek Stoner passed out drunk in his car while he was on the center console and not wearing shoes. Police were alerted to Stoner’s condition because his 5-year-old son knocked on a neighbor’s door saying that his father refused to bring him home.

According to the boy Stoner picked up him and his 1-year-old sister from daycare then proceeded to drive around town pulling over at random intervals. When Stoner was found by police the keys were in the ignition in the on position. There was also an empty liquor bottle in the car according to police.

After falling out of the car Stoner blew a mighty .289 blood alcohol. Not only is that way over three times the legal limit it lands him on the #5 spot of the BB BAC Board.

How sad is it when a 5-year-old has more brains and common sense than an allegedly grown-ass man?

Thanks to Patty for the tip.

Boyfriend decides to use 6 week old to relieve stress

Police: South St Paul Man Squeezed infant, broke 22 ribs

Abused Forest Lake 6-week-old in critical condition


POS Boyfriend

You see that POS (Piece Of Shit) up there?  That’s Mark James Nelson age 32.  Seems that he had a fight with his girlfriend so he decided to SQUEEZE her 6-week-old baby to relieve his frustration over the fight.  He broke 22 of the baby’s ribs, doctors counted 37 fractures altogether and the baby had internal bleeding, bruising to the baby’s liver and eye trauma! 

Let’s backtrack and go over the whole story.  Nelson told investigators that he squeezed the baby until he heard cracking describing the sound as being similar to a cracking wrist.  He also said he did not tell the child’s mother what he had done.  The complaint says that the baby stopped breathing twice on August 21st and that Nelson got him to breathe again by plugging the baby’s nose and breathing into his mouth twice but he still didn’t want to call an ambulance.  Nelson told the police he only planned to call 911 if he could not get the boy to breathe again, but he did not tell anyone about what happened because he did not want anyone to know. 

According to the mother, she became concerned for her son when she picked him up and “he felt crunchy” and had redness in his eyes however Nelson urged her not to take the boy to the doctor because his appetite was normal and “he would get better.”  She said her boyfriend had been staying with her since August 18th and helping her take care of the child.  The child was originally taken to the hospital and seen for respiratory failure.  Initially doctors believed he may have had pneumonia until a chest x-ray revealed the fractured ribs.  That’s when doctors began to suspect abuse.  Doctors also found he had lost a significant amount of blood to internal bleeding and the nearly 10 pound boy needed blood transfusions. 

Nelson faces charges of first degree assault with a maximum penalty of 20 years and/or a fine of up to $30,000.  Nelson is not the boy’s father and had reportedly been dating the mother since she was 4 months pregnant.

The infant, Aaron Hoffman, is listed in critical condition. 

Aaron Hoffman

Look at this little guy, how could anyone want to hurt him???

Just another story that proves that you have to be careful who you allow to care for your children.  Hopefully this little guy recovers from his injuries!  And hopefully the POS boyfriend goes away for a VERY long time. 

Thanks to Brenda for the tip!!!

Dad flees Foreclosed Home leaves son behind…

Minnesota Dad Leaves Son Behind In Foreclosed Home

Abandoned Lakeville Boy’s Plight inspires support; dad still sought


Foreclosure Dad

That is Steven Alexander Cross age 60.  A week before being evicted from his St Paul, Minnesota home he fled.  What earns him a spot here on BB is that he left behind his 11-year-old son, Sebastian.  Before you ask, he left him alive.   Cross left a note for his son telling him to take his playstation and go to a neighbor’s house when he awoke.  “If this paper is wet, it’s because I am crying so bad,” he wrote to the boy before making his escape on July 18th.  “You know your Dad loves you more than anything.”  Cross also drafted a second letter, explaining his struggle to find work as an architect in the down economy.

When Sebastian awoke and found himself alone, he went to the home of neighbor Joanne Pahl with the letters.  “He started to cry.” Another neighbor said about the incident.  Sebastian is in protective custody and will soon be placed with a relative.
“For a Parent to abandon a child under these circumstances–it is both unusual and disturbing.”  Dakota county Attorney James Backstrom said.
Officials still have not located Cross but he is believed to be possibly hiding in California.  He has been charged with gross misdemeanor of child neglect and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. 
Originally when I started this write up I was going to reserve my judgement of this Dad.  The story is so very sad.  I will say at least he didn’t KILL his son.  There were so many other choices he could have made here and I’m reminded of a Will Smith movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness” as I think about the situation here.  This dad could have learned a lesson or two from that movie.  That is what REAL men do when things get bad, they step up to the plate and do whatever they must to provide for their children.  At the very least this dad could have taken his son from the home and found a relative to care for him until he found work and instead he’s facing criminal charges because he chose to leave his son behind.  I will admit I was saddened by the story and it did pull at my heartstrings and at least he cared enough to leave his son a letter but his son would have done so much better if he had just stayed and faced the music with his son.  Yes we are living in a bad economy right now and many families across America are facing the same thing that this one was, but abandoning your child isn’t the option.  If he had just left the child with a relative then he might have had some hope of being able to go and find work somewhere and then reunite with his son.  Now he quite possibly won’t see his son again.  And what of his son’s feelings towards him, how horribly alone this poor boy must feel.  An 11 year old should never have to deal with this type of situation on his own.  Another news site said that Cross was awarded full custody of his son in 2001 and the mother who wasn’t named was given visitation but she never took advantage of her visitation rights.  Cross apparently told Sebastian that his mother was dead but revealed in his letter that she is actually alive but no one has been able to locate her so now at the tender age of 11 poor Sebastian has been abandoned by both of his parents.  Such a very sad story.
Thanks to Tina for the tip!

Brothers found imprisoned in bedrooms

Minnesota couple accused of chaining up kids and withholding food

As I write this I am at work,am I happy about it?  No, but I do it for my children, to provide them the things in life they need and the extras I want them to have.  I can say without a doubt that there is NOTHING I would not give or give up for my children to have the things they need.  Sadly that is not the case with our next set of Bad Breeders.


Meet Brian Miller (33) and his not-so-lovely wife Charity Miller (26); do they appear to be malnourished in any way?  No.  Well that would not be the case for their two sons 8 and 5-years-old.  After a staff member of the youngest Miller boy’s school alerted authorities, a check was made of the household.  We all know where this is going don’t we?


Mr. and Mrs. Miller were found to imprisoning their two sons in their bedrooms and depriving them of food, only allowing them out to attend school.  The 5-year-old was getting the worst of it; he was chained by his ankle to a crib day and night.  He was unable to free himself to go to the bathroom, his entire roomed smelled of urine.  The crib had no mattress, it was found leaning against the wall because, according to mom, he picked at the cover and ripped it.  Well shit… he ripped the mattress, what freakin difference does that make when he is forced to piss on the floor.  Not to mention you had him freakin chained to the bed. What fuck else was supposed to do to entertain himself?


The boys told the investigators they were often hungry, hence the foot long metal chain and padlock around the little guy’s ankle.  Mom indicated the chain was to prevent them from getting into things, but it is apparent it was to keep them from getting into the food.   The 5-year-old told police the chain “gets real tight” and hurts a lot, his brother said he would hear him crying every night and that he too used to be chained to his bed, until he learned to stop getting up to look for food.  Aww, that makes me so sad.


Charity, A NURSE, told police she knew it was wrong to chain her son to his bed.  She knew it was wrong but did it anyways not just to one son but both.


Both boys, small for their ages possibly due to malnourishment, are in protective custody.  Their parents were charged with seven counts of child abuse, child neglect, malicious punishment of a child and false imprisonment.  Mr. and Mrs. Miller are both free after posting a $50,000 bond each.

Thanks to Sarah T. for the tip.



Sergio Turrubiates Jr. killed the baby

Sergio Turrubiates Jr.

Turrubiates Jr. charged with second-degree murder

Charges expected in death of 19-month-old girl

Suspect in Olivia Toddler death attacked in court

Sergio Turrubiates Jr., 19 (now 20), of Olivia, Minnesota was arrested after the death of 19-month-old Tiana Moore. 

Sergio reportedly had been watching the child at an apartment that he recently had moved into with the child and her mother, Tina. The ambulance was called about 40 minutes after the mother returned from work and the child was unresponsive and had thrown up. Sergio reported that he was pulling the child around the apartment on a blanket and she had hit her head, he stated he was bouncing her on the bed and she struck her head on the end table but did not cry and was not acting unusually. At one point he reported to law enforcement that he began to shake Tiana but it was “not his hardest”. 

The family said when they saw the little girl right after she was taken to the hospital, she had bruises up and down the entire right side of her body. She was found unresponsive on her family’s apartment on Dec. 22nd. She has injuries so sever she needed immediate medical attention.

Friends say Baby Tiana was alone with Sergio that afternoon. They do not know what could have driven him to such an extreme as to hurt the little girl and eventually kill her. 

The autopsy has revealed a number of bruises on the child forehead and a large fracture at the base of her skull. The neurosurgeon that operated on Tiana stated that a significant amount of force would be required to cause the fracture and related injuries, more than the force of a child falling as the defendant indicated to police. 

When Sergio made his first court appearance for the baby’s death, he was attacked by two people after entering the courtroom. Both attackers were tackled by law officers.

Sergio has been charged with second-degree unintentional murder. 

She was her mother’s joy.

Baby Tiana

“And Tina loved that baby so much. That baby is Tina’s life.” 

Sergio’s bail was set at $2 million with no conditions. The maximum sentence is 40 years in prison. 

Thanks go to Andrea for sending us the tip.

Fridays Freaks…..a Twofer

Today I am going to write up two incidents, completely unrelated except for the nature of the crime, in one story. I’m not sure I would be able to write up one and then write up the other separately, without losing my nerve. Both involve the rape of children which, sadly, seems to be a popular trend these days. So here goes….

Alleged baby raper

Newark police search for man in connection with fatal beating, sex assault of 7-month-old girl
Newark man is accused of fatal beating, sex assault of 7-month-old girl

Our first story is just about as bad as it can get. This assault happened at the beginning of July, so I’m not sure how we missed it here, but none of thses names came up on a search I did, and I decided to go ahead with it. In Newark, New Jersey, Oquan Blake (pictured above, with a smirk on his face), AKA Samaad Blake, has been arrested for killing his girlfriend’s 7-month old daughter. He raped her to death. No the listed age is not a typo. She was not 7 years old – she was seven MONTHS old. Who in the blue blazes looks at an infant as says to himself, “Man, that girl sure looks good in that diaper! I gotta get me somma that…”? In what remote corner of the universe might that even PASS as a good idea?!?

Anyway, apparently Oquan was a bit peeved that his girlfriend, whose name has not been released, was going to some sort of event in Manhattan, and was leaving little Dalaysia Rhymer at home. He got even more ticked when the grandmother had to go to the ER for back pain, leaving him alone with the baby. THEN he found out that his girlfriend had skipped the planned event anyway, and was, instead, spending the day with a friend. Apparently that was the last straw for Blake. His girlfriend was leaving a baby that was not his with him while going off and lying to him about her whereabouts. He called her and told her that she needed to come home, because Dalaysia was ‘getting on his nerves’.

Apparently the mom didn’t arrive quickly enough, and Blake flew into a rage. He’d show her a thing or two. Now….what to do? How could he get even with the mother, cause her the most grief? He thinks to himself, “I know, I’ll screw around on her! I’ll find someone else to have sex with.”

I guess after going through his little black book and coming up empty, he thought, “Hey, I got a girl right here!” And he raped his girlfriend’s baby. When the mother finally arrived at the house, the infant was unresponsive. She was taken to the hospital, where she was found to have a fractured skull, ruptured spleen, a bruised spine, broken ribs, and lacerated liver. Just all of the injuries one might expect to find when an adult sexual organ is introduced into an infant’s genital area. It took me a while to begin this one, because after reading about it I was sick to my stomach and crying so hard I couldn’t see to type. The baby was put on life support at the hospital, but died two days later.

Then, SURPRISE! the animal responsible for the assault promptly disappeared. He was apprehended three days after the baby died, and his bail was set at 2 million dollars. Finally! Someone in this situation who was using their head as something other than a hat rack. Way to go judge!

So many people failed this child…..the mother left her with a man she had only been dating three months, the grandmother, who admitted that she didn’t like the guy anyway, up and left them home alone, and the rapist…well, you know what I think about him….. This animal had previous arrests for drug and weapons charges, and had only recently been released from jail. What kind of mother leaves her infant daughter alone with a convicted felon she has only known for three months? Usually, I don’t cast aspersion on the mothers of dead children, but this was as much her fault as anyone’s. She handed her child to a criminal and left to visit a friend. I need to go puke again now.

I like little girls, and now I'm dead.

12-year-old girl reports sexual assault via Facebook
Girl uses iPod and Facebook to report assault as it happened
The second ‘Friday Freak’ had a bit of a happier ending, if you can find any part of child sexual assault ‘happy’. It involves another brain dead mother, and this time, an EX-boyfriend. Yup, the idiot mom left her 12 year old daughter at home with her ex-boyfriend, Raymond Ernest Cesmat, 42, – while she went to spend the evening with her NEW penis. Nice.

Raymond entered the child’s room , more than once. The first time he walked in naked and tried to remove her pants, but she managed to fight him off. She then got her iPod (Cesmat had taken her phone earlier – I wonder why?), and went on facebook to ask a friend to come help her. The friend was Cesmat’s OWN daughter. Cesmat then re-entered the room and sexually assaulted the girl. She kicked and scratched him until he left and then she pushed a piece of furniture in front of the door and escaped through a window to go for help.

When the cops arrived the bloodied man denied assaulting the girl, saying she had run away, and he got injured in the search for her. Unfortunately for him, cops found blood all over the girl’s room. Where did she run away to? Her freakin’ closet? How did he injure himself in the search? Oh, yeah, I know, he injured himself when he fell on the girl’s fingernails while he was assaulting her. How clumsy of him.

The happy ending part is that this loser did society a favor when he hanged himself in jail. No taxpayer dollars will be wasted on a trial or long-term incarceration for this animal. Good riddance, I say. Now, if we could just convince Oquan Blake to perform the same public service Cesmat did, I could call it a day, folks. And somebody, please, slap some sense into the mother of this 12 year old!

I wonder how many people will write in to this one, defending one or both of the rapists?

As far as I know, no tips have been sent in on either of these stories, so credit goes to me, again.

Two Breeders arrested for leaving baby in hot car

Parents Arrested After Baby Left In Hot Car:

Sometimes, although it’s rare, I can understand one parent leaving a child in a hot car accidentally. But two? That’s no accident. That’s a testament to extreme human stupidity.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota Angel Rigoberto Garcia-Tapia, 34, and Rosa Dejesus Perez-Siguencia, 35, were arrested after leaving their infant in their car while they went into a CVS for 20 minutes. It was 94F/34C in Minneapolis at the time.

Think about that for a second. There were two of them. That means they both made a conscience decision to loeave their infant in a car during a hot July day. How fucking stupid do you need to be. These fucking idiots should have their kid taken away and never be allowed to reproduce to prevent future fucking morons from being unleashed on an already stupid society.

Thanks to Chantel for the tip.

I can cut you open like a dead fish

Richfield Man Charged with Torturing Girlfriend’s Son:

It seems that the bad boyfriends are coming out of the woodwork just in time for the holiday season. Today’s subject is 44-year-old Craig Kurzawski of Richfield, Minnesota.

He’s accused of ‘disciplining’ his girlfriend’s 14-year-old son after a day of heavy drinking. Kurzawski allegedly punched the boy in the stomach face and chest, broke the boy’s nose, made him do wall squats and when the boy would fall Kurzawski would pull him up by his ears.

For the coup de grace Kurzawski took one of three samurai swords that just happened to be hanging around the house and scraped it along the boys body saying that he was going to cut him open like a dead fish. When the mother tried to interfere she was pushed away.

It takes a real man not only to beat a boy and a woman but it takes an even bigger man to threaten a kid with a sword. That was sarcasm by the way.

Kurzawski defines the phrase gutless coward.

Thanks to Second Voice for the tip.

Minnesota woman charged with starving disabled daughter to death

Minn. mother accused of starving disabled daughter:

Sandstone woman accused of starving daughter, 10, to death:

29-year-old Ludusky Sue Hotchkiss of Sandstone, Minnesota is being charged in the 2006 starvation death of her disabled 10-year-old daughter, Lakesha Victor.

Lakesha was disabled and required a feeding tube. Hotchkiss is accused of not feeding Lakesha properly and not getting her proper medical attention. She’s also accused of signing off on time sheets for a medical attendant and planning to split the money.

Sheriff’s deputies who filed the charges say that Hotchkiss has shown no remoree. Apparently she showed a lot more than that when Lakesha died.

When police came to the house for Lakesha’s death they say that Hotchkiss was outside crying and vomiting claiming that she hjad been raped the night before…

When approached by authorities, she gave her daughter’s name and birthdate. Then she “immediately” changed the subject, alleging that she had been raped the previous night, the criminal complaint said.

At one point, Hotchkiss pulled down her pants and asked a deputy if he could see bruises on her body. The deputy refused, noting that a female officer could examine her. At another point inside the home, Hotchkiss asked officers to stop their investigation into Lakesha’s death so they could take pictures of her body where she thought she was bruised from a rape.

The rape claims never amounted to any charges being filed.

Thanks to Gina for the tip.

On the run cancer mom: Good parent or PBB?

Arrest ordered for mom of 13yo boy resisting chemo:

Ok Breeder Readers, it’s debate time.

As I’m sure you know by now Colleen Hauser of Minnesota is on the run after being court ordered to get medical help for her 13-year-old son Daniel Hauser. Daniel has Hodgkins lymphoma which is highly curable under the care of a physician.

Daniel only underwent one round of chemotherapy. His parents then sought other opinioons and the other doctors told them the same thing as the original diagnosis. Not getting the answer they were looking for apparently Daniel’s parents started treating Daniel with natural alternatives.

Colleen Hauser testified at the earlier hearing that her son “is not in any medical danger.” She said she had been treating his cancer with herbal supplements, vitamins, ionized water, and other natural alternatives.

However the doctors who have examined Daniel say his cancer is getting worse. Danie;’s court appointed attorney says that Daniel has diminished capacity because he can’t read and because of his age.

Now, the Hauser’s are claiming that they’re not treating Daniel for religious reasons yet they’re Roman Catholic. I’m Roman Catholic, so was my father. He was treated for cancer on multiple occasions. My dad was a hardcore Catholic too. If it was against the church doctrine my dad would have died when I was 10.

The religion she’s claiming is the Nemenhah Band which the article describes as a Missouri-based religious group that believes in natural healing methods advocated by some American Indians.

Daniel claims to be an elder in the band, but does not know what that means. Daniel also says he is a medicine man under Nemenhah teachings but can’t say how he became a medicine man or what teachings he has had to become one.

And now that the court has ordered the Hausers to get reasonable care for their son Collen Hauser has taken Daniel on the run.

I’m all for religious freedom as long as it doesn’t put someone’s life at risk and that’s exactly what Colleen Hauser is doing. Her son could be cancer free but since she believes in some wacky new age philosophy she’s using her cancer ridden son to make a point that’s going to get him killed.

If you’re one of those people who believes in ‘natural’ treatments over medical science and you’re offended over what I said then I’m glad and I don’t care that you’re offended.

So what say you PBB faithful. Good mom or dangerous idiot?

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