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Body of missing Wichita boy found in ‘concrete coffin’

Body of missing Wichita boy found in 'concrete coffin'

Miranda Miller

Three-year-old Evan Brewer of Wichita, Kansas, was unfortunately caught in a custody battle that may have cost him his life. His father, Carlo Brewer, had been concerned for the safety of his son while the boy was living with his mother, 36-year-old Miranda Miller. Miller and her boyfriend, 40-year-old Stephen Bodine, lived together in a home Miller rented. The couple had only been together since February.

At first Miller and Brewer shared custody through an informal arrangement, but then Miller allegedly started limiting Brewer’s visitation to the point where members of Brewer’s family had to send Evan gifts through a third-party. Mr. Brewer had even filed an order of protection for Evan stating Evan had been injured and was always filthy and didn’t have appropriate clothing. Miller continued to avoid authorities who kept trying to make welfare checks on Evan. Eventually Miller and Bodine were evicted from the rental property and while the landlord was cleaning out the property found a concrete structure where the smell of death permeated the area. The body of a small boy was found inside the concrete. The body may have been there as far back as March.

While DNA results will be forthcoming, Evan’s grandfather, former Wichita Mayor and current gubernatorial candidate Carl Brewer, confirmed the body belonged to Evan. So far no cause of death has been determined, but Miller and Bodine have been arrested. Miller was charged with aggravated interference with parental custody while Bodine was charged with aggravated assault. Carl Brewer had even tried reaching out to multiple government agencies including DCF and Governor Sam Brownback’s office to try to find his grandson.

I’ll post more updates as they become available and as time allows.


Wichita Eagle
Charlotte Observer

Erica Parsons’ adoptive parents guilty of fraud

Adoptive parents of Erica Parsons sentenced for fraud

Erica Parsons’ missing poster

Earlier today Erica Parsons’ adoptive father, Sandy Parsons, was found guilty of fraud for collecting government benefits for Erica long after she had disappeared. Her adoptive mother, Casey Parsons, pleaded guilty to fraud charges earlier this month. They are both scheduled to be sentenced in February. Sandy Parsons is looking at a possible sentence of 20+ years in prison.

I thought the fraud charges would get one of them to crack about the possible whereabouts of Erica but it appears that they are thick as thieves so to speak.

Baby kidnapped at knife-point by predatory sperm donor

Man suspected of kidnapping Sydney toddler named

Urgent search for baby boy abducted at knifepoint from Sydney home

Search for Zayden: father abducts son at knifepoint

Baby and 16-year-old mother abducted at knifepoint

Father abducts son at knifepoint from Sydney home

Police are frantically searching for a baby boy and his sperm donor after the he took the baby boy at knife point from his home in Sydney’s west.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and possible chimo.

Steven Hume, 24. Kidnapper and predator of young girls.

Looks like Casey's Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter

Looks like Casey’s Mum and Dad endorse a predator preying on their daughter



Steven Hume (24) allegedly broke into the house on Kenthurst Place, Chester Hill about 8.30pm last night, and threatened the occupants with a knife. He then grabbed a 16 year old girl, Casey Mifsud and a baby boy, named Zayden (or Xayden), and threw them in the back of his black Toyota Camry, NSW number plate AN-22-XX. He punched Casey in the face and threw her out at Douglas Park around 10pm and kept driving with Zayden. The car was later found at 6.50am on Avon Dam Road, at Bargo, in the NSW Southern Highlands. It had crashed into a tree and there were no signs of the sperm donor or the baby anywhere near the car.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

The Toyota Camry, abandoned in bushland on Avon Dam Rd, Bargo.

Police are understandably worried for the welfare of Zayden. The sperm donor, not so much. They may have been injured in the crash. Presumably, they’re travelling on foot through the Southern Highlands. For those of you that don’t know, it’s the middle of winter here. The NSW Southern Highlands has extreme weather conditions and is very, very cold and windy at the moment. It can snow at any time of the year there. I was there not too long ago and it was absolutely freezing. If the stupid sperm donor doesn’t hand himself in, Zayden could possibly die from hypothermia there.

Steven Hume is described as being Caucasian, between 165-175cm tall, with brown hair and wearing a blue jumper and green track pants. He also has tattoos on his arms. If anyone has any information or may have seen the sperm donor, they must call 000.

A few articles state that Casey Mifsud, the 16 year old girl that the sperm donor kidnapped, was in fact the baby’s mother. I really hope not, otherwise we’re dealing with some less than stellar grandparents who let a 24 year old man hang around their 16 year old daughter and then let her have his baby. (Jeez, find someone your own age, chimo!) Abortion and contraception are cheap and widely available in Australia. Maybe the news just got it mixed up, and the girl’s older sister is the mother.

Marco Mifsud, Casey's grandfather, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Marco Mifsud, Casey’s father, appeals for witnesses to call 000

Seriously, Marco, as soon as you found out that this creep was hanging around your teenage daughter, you should have just blown the fucker’s head off with a shotgun. Save you the world of trouble.

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin'!

Zhaiden. Three different spellings. Dayum, bogans be trippin’!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!

Baby Zayden. Please come home soon!




Where is Levon Wameling?

Jevon Wameling, N.Y. father, reported infant son missing two weeks after disappearance, police say

Mother pleads for help finding her baby, missing for TWO WEEKS as his father didn’t report it to police

9 month old Levon Wameling is missing

9 month old Levon Wameling is missing

Levon Wameling (9 months) has gone missing from his home in Utica, NY. He was last seen by his father Jevon Wameling (27), who waited TWO WEEKS to tell his parents that his baby boy had gone missing!

According to Utica police, they were informed of Levon’s disappearance on June 11 from an attorney of the relatives, even though Mr. Wameling last saw his son in May. The family’s lawyer told police that Jevon had left Levon on the porch of their house, while he went around the back to unlock the back door after locking himself out. When he returned to get the baby, he had mysteriously disappeared…

Jevon had custody of Levon after his baby mama Amy Warney was in rehab. As I stated above, Jevon didn’t tell the police of Levon’s disappearance. But he did tell his parents, Levon’s grandparents, who then told their attorney, who then told police. So it was sort of like a game of Chinese Whispers, but instead of a tongue twister or a limerick, it was the safety and wellbeing of a child being passed around the circle. And Jevon only came forward about it to Amy, when she asked where Levon was.

Amy Warney is obviously distraught over the disappearance of her baby Levon. She’s pleading with any witnesses to come forward and speak with police. She was trying to do the right thing, going to rehab to get herself off the booze or the drugs so she could give her son a better life. She trusted Levon’s father to look after their baby boy.

Jevon is now named as a “person of interest”. Given that he was the last person to see Levon and that he did not come forward about his son’s disappearance, he knows more about what happened to Levon than what he’s letting on. I don’t know much about babies, but I’ve done a quick Google and it would be very unusual for a 9 month old to be up and walking. So Levon didn’t disappear on his own. Someone most likely took him, but then Jevon would have reported it immediately and directly to police if that were the case. Police are very suspicious of Jevon’s actions following the disappearance of his baby. He has a criminal record – he was charged in May 2010 with resisting arrest, escaping police custody and harassment after he was arrested for possessing brass knuckles. In 2009 he was busted with pot. Neighbours say that the police are regularly called to the home because of screaming. Jevon didn’t bother to look for his son after he realised he was missing.

Police searched for Levon using sniffer dogs and helicopters, but bad weather has hampered search efforts. Levon is 9 months old, has brown eyes, black hair and is bi-racial, according to his Missing Person poster. Anyone with information should call Utica police on 315-223-3501,  315-223-3503, or 315-223-3510.



Amy Warney, Levon's mother

Amy Warney, Levon’s mother

Jevon Wameling, Levon's unconcerned and complacent father

Jevon Wameling, Levon’s unconcerned and complacent father

Thanks to crys for the tip!


Zinah Jennings convicted

Zinah Jennings

Zinah Jennings, South Carolina mother, found guilty of unlawful conduct in missing toddler case:

23-year-old Zinah Jennings was found guilty of unlawful conduct in the disappearance of her son Amir Jennings. Amir has been missing since November of last year and Zinah Jennings has not divulged where he is.

“Prove to me your child is alive,” police Sgt. Arthur Thomas says.

“I can’t,” Jennings replied.

Jennings was sentenced to the maximum of 10 years.

Jennings gave birth to a daughter during her trial.

She’s received 9 months time served.

So far the only sign of Amir that has been found was some bloodstains on his blanket that was found in Jennings’ car.

Amir Jennings

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

Zinah Jennings gives birth during trial

Zinah Jennings

Trial delayed after Jennings gives birth:

Last week the trial of Zinah Jennings started in South Carolina. The 23-year-old Jennings is on trial for charges of unlawful conduct toward a child. Her son, Amir Jennings has been missing since Thanksgiving of 2011 and has yet to be found. Jennings herself has given conflicting stories on what she did with her son although Amir’s blood has been identified in Jennings car.

Just as the prosecution was set to deliver its closing argument last week Jennings went into labor with her second child delaying the trial until at least tomorrow. Jennings’ lawyer, the ever hilariously named Hemphill Pride II, says that he will argue for a mistrial because of the birth. Whatever.

No word yet on the condition of the newborn or who will take custody of the child. Jennings’ mother says that she is willing to care for the child while other reports states the child may become a ward of the state.

Jennings is only looking at 10 years in prison.

Amir Jennings

We can only hope and pray that Amir is found safely but unfortunately I don’t think that will happen. I can imagine a scenario where Jennings is convicted and then confesses to where he is in order to try to get a reduced sentence.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

Blood on blankets belonged to Amir Jennings

Zinah Jennings

Blood on blanket matched missing child’s, police say:

The disappearance of Amir Jennings is just one of the stories I follow that resemble a certain story out of Florida about the one who shall not be named, and no it’s not Voldemort.

Unlike the story we dare not speak the disappearance of Amir Jennings really hasn’t broken through the national media in my opinion because Amir is black. He’s been missing since he was 18-months-old when his mother, Zinah Jennings, was picked up in Columbia South Carolina after crashing her car late last year. She has been less than cooperative with police in divulging the whereabouts of her son.

Back in January of this year I posted about how bloody clothes and blankets were found by police in Zinah Jennings’ car. This past Monday in court police said that the blood matched that of Amir Jennings.

Of course her defense attorney is trying to get that evidence suppressed as being prejudicial but come on. If it turns out that she did kill Amir or at least had a hand in it that would be crucial evidence as it places her somewhere near the crime scene.

More importantly this doesn’t look like we’re going to have a happy ending in this story. Ever since Elizabeth Smart was miraculously found alive I never say never in missing child cases but realistically this doesn’t look good that AMir may be alive. I’ll be hoping against hope that he is but I won’t be surprised if he isn’t.

And if you want to get your mad let’s not forget that this (insert your favorite insult here) is pregnant with another child and set to deliver in September. Hopefully she’ll still be in jail then so they can take the child away from her and give it a fighting chance.

Zinah Jennings may walk out of jail tomorrow

Zinah Jennings

Missing SC Boy’s Mom Wants Case Nixed:

In my last post about Zinah Jennings I mentioned how she might just out-crazy Casey Anthony. Now she may outdo her entirely as she may spend even less time than Casey Anthony in jail.

First a little background information if you’re new.

22-year-old Zinah Jennings and her 18-month-old son Amir went missing around Thanksgiving of 2011. Amir’s grandmother filed a missing persons report in early December. Zina Jennings has turned up but there is no sign of her son and she’s not talking.

In her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina Jennings was involved in a one person car crash on Christmas Eve. Amir was not with her. When questioned by police Jennings allegedly gave them several false stories about Amir being anywhere from Raleigh to Atlanta and just about everywhere in between. All leads that she has given them have not turned up anything.

After nothing turned up Jennings was arrested on December 29th and charged with unlawful conduct toward a child and held on $150K bond.


Now Jennings’ lawyer, Hemphill Pride, is trying to get his client released from jail and a judge may be granting that request tomorrow. Mr. Pride alleges that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to charge her with unlawful conduct toward a child and a judge gave prosecutors until tomorrow to make their case or see her go free for now.

Amir Jennings

Unfortunately for Amir Jennings no one has anyone they can go to in order to appeal his disappearance.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

Zinah Jennings: Similarities and shocking news

Zinah Jennings (Ok, maybe you should start calling me Casey)

No sign of missing toddler after vanishing 60 days ago:

Again, with the disappearance of Amir Jennings tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar.

According to police Zinah Jennings is said to have taken them to an apartment complex where she claimed she dropped off her 18-month-old son. However, once they got there she couldn’t tell them which apartment it was or the apartment number. She also told police that she dropped Amir off with a man named Ernest Robinson. Turns out Mr. Robinson doesn’t even exist.

Again does this sound remotely familiar to anyone?

But hold on to your trusses folks because this story has taken a wild turn.

It seems that a high-profile attorney from Columbia, SC, who probably wants to make a bigger name for himself, is now representing Jennings. That part is not off-script so to speak. The part that is off-script is her attorney, Hemphill Pride (no, really), has filed motions that she be released from jail because she’s mentally ill and…wait for it….pregnant.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The woman who at best couldn’t keep track of her first child and at worst had a hand in his disappearance is carrying another child that she can neglect. I think she just out-crazied Casey Anthony.

As far as letting her out of jail I say sure. As soon as she can deliver Amir to police and he’s relatively unharmed, otherwise she gets to stay where she is.

Amir Jennings

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

Updates on disappearance of Amir Jennings

Zinah 'Don't call me Casey' Jennings

My apologies for lack of timely updates so let’s make up for lost time.

Warrants: Bloody clothes, blankets found in Zinah Jennings’ car:

As I’m sure most of you heard by now according to search warrants investigators found what has been called bloody blankets and clothes inside Zinah Jennings’ car. What they haven’t mentioned is that it’s not 100% sure that the clothes were in fact stained with blood. However another thing that the warrants said is that Jennings’ stepfather told police that he saw Jennings’ using a shovel in her backyard. The shovel has been obtained by investigators.

Damn this all sounds just a little familiar.


Police offer $10K reward for missing toddler:

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The $10K reward is being offered by police in Columbia, South Carolina for information regarding the whereabouts of 18-month-old Amir Jennings.


Friend says missing toddler’s mom made child scream:

According to a witness Zinah Jennings once squeezed Amir’s hand so hard it made him cry just because he wouldn’t say ‘mama’. She also allegedly threw a 2-year-old relative to the ground because he was ‘bothering’ her.


Report: Zinah Jennings, Mom of Amir Jennings, Arrested for Prostitution in November:

A few weeks prior to Amir being reported missing Zinah Jennings was arrested for prostitution in Georgia when she allegedly propositioned an undercover officer for $40. Police say she was also smoking a blunt at the time of her arrest.

Amir Jennings

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIME-SC

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