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Meth and Molestation in Maricopa County

PD: Mom accused of injecting daughter with meth

Jacqueline Trousdale, Phoenix Mom, Accused Of Injecting Child With Meth

Meth leaves a nasty taste in your mouth

Our meth-tarded “mummy” up there, is Jacqueline Trousdale (30) of Tolleson, AZ. She was arrested last Sunday after it was found that her 5 year old daughter tested positive to meth.

Back in October of last year, there were accusations of child abuse and molestation made by the girl’s father. Tweaky Trousdale was apparently taking drugs in front of 5 and 9 year old daughters, and the girls had told their dad that she was injecting them with drugs and letting men molest them in a room at the Victory Inn at Tolleson. Police stormed the hotel room and found Trousdale and her daughters. CPS had been notified, and the younger girl had given a urine sample to a social worker, which then came back positive for meth and amphetamines. The young girl was also examined for signs of molestation and sexual assault, but luckily doctors didn’t find any signs of present abuse. But that’s not to say that they weren’t abused in the past.

CPS now have custody of the two girls for now, and I hope that they will be released to their dad. Trousdale was charged with one count of child abuse, one count of endangering the life and health of a minor, and later on, one count of theft. What did she steal? The screws from a light inside her holding cell! Maybe she needed to replace the screws that came loose inside her head.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.

Bad Brisbane breeder pimps out daughter

Brisbane woman pleads guilty to 20 offences including child trafficking and prostituting her own daughter

Thai girl, 11, encouraged to be prostitute

Thai mum jailed for prostituting daughter

Following the new laws for sex trafficking in Australia, you’d think that people wouldn’t try to do anything stupid. Like involve their children in prostitution.

A bad Brisbane egg donor has been charged with 20 offences, including child trafficking, prostituting her 11 year old daughter and maintaining a sexual relationship with a child (hopefully not her own daughter!!).  The egg donor, who herself is a prostitute, brought her daughter to Australia in 2004, and that’s when the abuse started, a Brisbane court heard. The prosecutor told the court that the daughter was moved to Brisbane permanently and her egg donor made her a partner of the massage/prostitution business at the tender age of 11, that the egg donor ran out of her Runcorn home. The egg donor advertised her daughter as the “new girl” and forced her to do in house and out call services. The daughter was encouraged by her egg donor to provide a range of sexual services to child molesters clients and she was threatened with violence if she refused. The prosecutor also told the court that the little girl was encouraged to exploit her abusers customers who paid her handsomely and brought her additional gifts. It’s called child grooming, sir. Giving a child presents for having sex is called child grooming.

The egg donor’s actions were discovered in 2011 when the daughter complained to a family friend, who then reported it to the police. Go family friend! You are truly a friend to the girl. The abuse had been going on for 7 years and the girl had finally managed to break free of her egg donor’s tyranny. Just in time, too. The egg donor had plans to sell her daughter’s virginity and then sell her off for marriage.

Here is a funny little exchange between the egg donor’s barrister Andrew Boe and Justice Boddice, the presiding judge:

Barrister: “This is not a cause were a child was used as a drawcard … to a prostitution business. Nor was it a case where a child had been stolen away from their family and sold into a life of servitude.”

Judge: “Mr Boe, don’t insult intelligence. The child was brought to Australia for that purpose (of sex worker). Twice…not just once.”

BURN!! Like how this bitch will burn in prison. She’s facing 25 years in the slammer, with a non-parole period of 4 years. Perhaps she’ll die from nasty AIDS before then. Or her hoo haa will rot off from chlamydia or gonorrhea and therefore she’ll have to close her “business” since she’ll have nothing to sell.

Horton’s hubby left a bun in the oven… and she let him

Baby raping baby daddy

Rape not reported; 12-year-old pregnant

Man accused of impregnating 12-year-old

Jessica Horton is a “mother” who, in my opinion, is more concerned with the wellbeing of her sperm provider than she is the safety of her own children.  Read on.  I’m sure you will share my opinion by the time you reach the end.  Oh… and, if the words “fuck” or “c***” bother you, stop reading now.  Calling this c*** a c*** is almost too kind.

33-year-old Horton was / is married to James L. Horton, a registered sex offender.  While that doesn’t make her a c***, the fact that she had young daughters, that her pervert of a husband had access to, does.  Had access to?  That’s an underfuckingstatement.  The sick bastard helped himself to the missus’ 12-year-old daughter – SINCE BEFORE SHE TURNED 12!!  Not that 12 is a magic number that makes it better, just that… fuck.

The Horton’s were living inLouisiana, but moved toTexasshortly after the 12-year-old became pregnant with her step-father’s child.  She and her siblings were still allowed to visit their grandparents inShreveportover the holidays, which turned out to be a mistake on Mrs. Horton’s part, but a blessing for the child.  She told her grandparents of the perversion that she was being subjected to at home and they reported it to authorities.

Mrs. Horton was arrested and is being charged with being a principal to aggravated rape and criminal neglect of family for failing to report the abuse her husband was imposing on her daughter.  I’m not sure why she not being charged with more.  She might as well have held her baby girl down while that monster had his way with her.  She certainly did NOTHING to protect her.

Mr. Horton was initially arrested on a warrant for failing to report his move out of state and was charged with failure to register as a sex offender.  He has since been charged with aggravated rape and is being held without bond.

James Horton was convicted in 2000 for indecent behavior with juveniles.  Doesn’t this sound like the perfect candidate to be step-daddy to a pre-teen girl?  What in the fuck was this disgusting tw*t thinking when she married his sorry ass?  Oh, I know what she was thinking – “Breaking me off some of that.  As long as I get laid, who cares if he fucks my kids”.  Stupid c***.

The children are in the custody of their grandparents.  I hope they never have to see their selfish tw*t of a mother again.

Thanks go to Lori for the tip.

Richard Marsolick is a twisted pervert… Plain and simple


Berks man faces rape and incest charges for sex with 6, 9-year-olds

Berks Co. man jailed on 18 charges of child sex abuse

Berks father charged with molesting daughter, friend 

Rape is such an ugly word. As a woman, it’s one of my worst fears – the though of some unwanted deviant forcing himself on me. Ick. Horrifying, to say the least. It’s even more horrifying when the unwanted deviant is forcing him / herself on a child. I, at least, have a decent shot of fighting off an attacker, but what chance does a child have? None. No fucking chance what so ever. I suppose that’s what Richard Marsolick was going for during a snowstorm lat month.

Halloween weekend, Marsolick (39) checked himself, his son (no age given), his 6-year-old daughter and her 9-year-old friend into a motel after losing power at home. I guess this scenario proved to be a pedophile’s recipe for romance. More like a recipe for rape. Sometime during their stay, Marsolick helped himself to his daughter and her friend. *puke*

I’m not sure who the hornblower was, but the girls told a forensic interviewer that Marsolick told them to take their clothes off. They also stated that Marsolick had a few drinks prior to the assaults. Not that inebriation of any degree is an excuse for sexual assault of your young daughter and her very under aged friend, but I digress. Oh… Here’s the kicker. Marsolick (Arseholelick) claims that he didn’t force the girls into performing sexual acts on him, but he didn’t stop them. Well, there you have, you butt-plug, that make it all better.

Arseholelick is facing a total of 18 charges including rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, incest, corruption of minors, indecent assault, endangering welfare of children, sexual assault and indecent exposure. If convicted, he could face more than 60 years behind bars.

Thanks go to Brooke for the tip



Molestation, Murder and Arson; a duo of demons trifecta

Graphic allegations made against brothers

Slain girl’s grandma wins round in court 

SAPD: Woman Found Dead in Fire Had Filed Protective Order

Conrad Ochoa

Samvastion “Sammy” Ochoa was told by her uncle, Baron Ochoa, that she would die if she ever told anyone that he had been molesting her.  He wasn’t bluffing.  Sammy was stabbed to death on September 14.  She was 10 years old.  Her mother, Rebecca “Veggie” Gonzales, and Gonzales’ roommate, Pamela Susan Wenske, were also murdered before their home was set on fire.

Let me back it up just a smidge.

In August, during a custody battle, Rebecca Gonzales reported to police and CPS  that Sammy claimed to have been sexually abused by her uncle and father from November of 2010 to July 2011.  A protective order was requested.  Sex crimes detectives requested a forensic

Baron Ochoa

interview of Sammy.  She gave graphic details of the abuse she had been subjected to.  She claimed that he uncle made her watch pornography and recorded himself assaulting her.  She also told how he threatened to kill her and her mother if she ever told anyone.  Well, he “allegedly” made good on his promise.  Baron Ochoa wasn’t the only relative Sammy claimed was sexually abusing her.  According to the little girl, her father inflicted the same type of sexual abuse on her.  Sounds like damaged DNA to me.  The kind that should be removed before it spreads like cancer.

That interview was August 11th.  Sadly, warrants to investigate the sex abuse were not issued until after the murders.  FAIL!  It wasn’t until September 21st,, 7 days after the murders, that police reviewed the recording of the forensic interview.

Baron Ochoa and his brother, Conrad Ochoa (Sammy’s father) were questioned after the killings.  Conrad was arrested on the day of the murders for an outstanding traffic warrant, but was released.  Police state that, during his interview that day, they “immediately smelled the same strong odor” that was noted in a fire earlier that morning.  As if that wasn’t a tell-tale sign, he made comments about websites and what-not instructing how to combine materials to start fires, yet he denied any involvement in the crime.  WOOP WOOP WOOP!!!  (That’s not a fire alarm.  That’s a “he’s the fuck head responsible for murder” alarm).

When police interviewed Baron, it was noted that he had fresh scratches on his neck, head and shoulder.  WOOP WOOP WOOOOPPPPP!!!

Two days later, armed with a search warrant, police found a black vibrator in Conrad’s SUV.  Also seized was Conrad’s computer and digital storage.  He had over 7,000 images of suggestively posed, scantily clad little girls and some images of young boy.  There a video of Baron having sex with and girl whose age and identity were unknown.  If that wasn’t stomach turning enough, there were another 21,900 images from a single encounter that show Sammy engaging in sexual activity with another young girl.  Documented in those images was the use of a black vibrator.
(I think I just threw up in my mouth).  The second little girl was interviewed September 27th.  She identified Baron as having repeatedly sexually
abusing her, beginning when she was in the fourth grade.  Conrad was not starring in any of this putrid pornography; not that it makes him any less guilty or any less vile.

Neither of these sorry bastards has been arrested for the murders.  The murder investigation is ongoing.  Baron Ochoa has been charged with two counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Conrad Ochoa was charged with possession and promotion of child pornography. Both have posted $1 million dollar bails, but remain in jail. Thank God.

Conrad’s crimes weren’t limited to those of his equally as fucked in the head brother.  To add insult to injury, he had asked for Sammy’s remains to be sent to a funeral home and that there not be a service for her.  As next of kin, he was the one to make that decision.  Sammy’s grandmother, Suzy Bianchi-Peters, is fighting to remove his right to make that decision.  She has received a restraining order preventing Conrad from claiming Sammy’s remains, but has not been able to lay her to rest.  She should have been buried with her mother, but Conrad’s final act of assholery prevented that.

It’s evil mother fuckers like Conrad and Baron that make me happy that Texas has the Death Penalty.  I hope the crimes committed against Sammy, her mother and Pamela earn the Ochoa brothers a fast pass to death.  I’m hoping for a slow, painful death, but I will settle for them being put down humanely; as long as they aren’t able to hurt any more children.

Rest in peace Sammy, Rebecca and Pamela.

Thanks go to Deena for this tip.

Skanky Brewster’s sex-ed – A lesson in pedophilia


Skanky Brewster - Head Master


 Video shows Port St. Lucie woman performing sex act on girl, 6, while boy, 3, records it, reports say 

I’m at a loss for fucking words, so I will try to get through this without too much of a rant.

You see that MIlli Vanilla looking skanktard right there?  The one with the “fuck you” look on her face?  That there is 29 Chrissandra Brewster.  Brewster likes to teach young children, but not shit like coloring between the lines and using good manners at the table.  Brewster likes to give little kiddies lessons about the birds and the bees.

Skanky Brewster was arrested after her boyfriend of 2 months found some disturbing footage of Brewster’s home study sex-ed class.  Apparently (allegedly), she had a 3-year-old boy man the video camera on her cell phone while she performed oral sex on a 6-year-old girl.  This video must have been saved on Skanky Brewster’s cell phone, because she plugged it into the boyfriend’s computer and “auto-synced” the files.  What a shock he must have felt when he went to make a photo album and found his main squeeze’s pedophilia debut (or was it her debut?). 

It appears that the boyfriend stumbled across the archive of deviance a month ago, but the videos were recorded in January.  The source link states that the video shows Brewster and the girl without clothes on.  *vomit*  Her reasoning behind her deplorable behavior?  The child asked what oral sex would feel like so Brewster “was doing this as an educational act”.  I’d like to educate her perverted ass by putting my fucking foot in her ass.  Cunt.

Brewster was arrested on felony charges including sexual battery on a child younger than 12 defendant older than 18 and lewd or lascivious exhibition victim younger than 16 defendant older than 18 and child abuse.  I’m wondering where the charges for being a disgusting skank will be brought, but maybe that’s not illegal yet.

While the article doesn’t mention Brewster’s relationship with the children, the tipster (thank you Michelle) knows this whore and has informed me that she has 3 kids – a 10-year-old son, a 6-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son.  A glimpse of her FB page shows that she has children that are roughly those ages.  I am unable to locate any confirmation that the children that she victimized were hers, but she is still a bad breeder and deserves to be posted on this site.

If there was any justice in the case, Brewster would be forced to strip naked and lie on a table to be sterilized with a rusty meat hook.  It should be videotaped to educate other pedophiles that this sort of behavior is unfuckingacceptable.  Now there’s a Skanky Brewster course I wouldn’t mind paying 2 installments of  $19.95 (plus S&H) for.

What a couple of Cox!!

Police: Couple forced children to attend ritualistic nude meetings

Sandia Park couple arraigned on 89 counts of child abuse

Court documents detail items taken from E. Mountains couple

Bond Lowered For Nudists Accused Of Molestation, DA Says

Search warrant reveals what investigators found at home 

Matthew and Sheryl Cox are going to trial for giving their minor children alcohol!! They were arrested and charged with giving alcohol to underage family members as young as 11 last year and are still awaiting trial. When interviewed by police about it they said, “it provides a trustworthy and open relationship between the parents and the children.” But wait, there’s more!! 

Now they are facing nudity with minors, sexual contact, and trying to get their kids to engage in incest!! WTF?? 

“The parents are touching the children and encouraging the children to touch each other,” Sergeant Azbill stated. 

These kids ages 16, 14, and 12 start every day with a mandatory 6am “family meeting” in which they must show up NAKED and evidently that’s when the molestations begin. It seems Mr. Cocks would fondle the girls and Cox-ucker would caress the boys.. FUCKING FREAKS!!! If the kids refused they were made to write essays, pages long, on why they didn’t want to participate. (Sounds like brain-washing to me!!) 

It seems that a lot of this info came from the twisted ass “parents” themselves!! “They were fairly open about what they believe and this seems to be some type of ritualistic lifestyle,” stated Azbill 

Mr. Cocks, according to his website, is a life coach and instructs others on how to make their lives better.. Yeah, right!! It also says much of his focus is on his own family and his “desire” is to create a family of 50 people to “make the world a better place.” (Damn is he on the right track or what?! Is this sounding a little Jim Jones or David Koreshish to anyone else?? Without all the “I’m the Messiah” crap that is!!) 

This guy just gets better and better.. He’s also trying to recruit 24 fellow life coaches to join his business. They would be required to pay him $1000.00 a month for at least a year!! (Would anyone be stupid enough to fall for this?!?) 

Jonathan Grider, married to the Cox’s oldest daughter, when interviewed and asked by the media what his wife said about being raised in the family his reply was: “Her upbringing was the stiff, staunch Christian girls wear dresses, boys wear pants.” (Oh my, how the beliefs have changed!!!) 

He also said he considers Matthew Cox a moral and noble man. “He’s just real empowering to their self-motivation.” (WHAT??? Hey Moron, don’t drink the Kool Aid!!) 

They’ve been ordered by the judge that they are to have no contact with the children. Mrs. Cocks, evidently doesn’t think that applies to her because she’s already sent them cards and gifts!! Knowing all this Judge Dumb-ass still reduced the bond from $500,000 per to $100,000… 

There’s no punishment harsh enough for these two!! 

Here’s hoping these kids get all the help they need and can overcome the damage the bio-parents have done!! 

*** Special thanks to Cynical Me for writing this one up!  

Babies Having Babies

Kordeza Zhelyazkova

Kordeza Zhelyazkova


Apparently, in Bulgaria, it is still permissible for a 19-year-old to have sex with a ten year old……as long as the girl’s family agree for them to get married afterward. It seems that Kordeza Zhelyazkova got pregnant only two weeks after her 11th birthday, and the father of the child is a 19-year old named Jeliazko. Kordeza and Jeliazko were in the process of getting married when she went into labor, and delivered a 5-pound, 8-ounce girl.

Jeliazko met his bride when he saw her being bullied on the school playground, and told the other children to leave her alone. Maybe the school configuration is different in Bulgaria – I don’t know – but here in the US, if you pass an elementary school, you can pretty much guess that all of the kids on the playground are under 12. He claims that he thought she was 15, though. Because that’s what she told him. And he simply wasn’t smart enough to check and make sure that she was being truthful. Riiiiight. I think he is simply a child molester who was scouting the playground for a new playmate. Looks like he found one.

Apparently the girl’s family are OK with the situation, because: “It’s normal for our girls to have babies young,” said Kordeza’s grandmother Dida, 55. “It’s our tradition.”

She did temper that with the statement that she didn’t want that for her granddaughter, because she felt that she was too young. But then she consented to the marriage between the two, which seems to prove otherwise. Surely she knows that the child will be pregnant again within a couple of months – after all, they are married now, and the sex is therefore legal. Mind-boggling. And sickening.

Thanks to Marcy for the tip.

Heather and Doron Silverman: One Messed-Up Couple

Heather and Doran SilvermanWell…where to begin with this Ohio couple? We can start with Doron Silverman, who recently had to defend himself against a charge of ‘gross sexual imposition” for allegedly molesting his 4-year-old son, Mikel. Silverman vehemently denies the claim, saying that police “tricked” him into giving a confession; he only confessed to the crimes so that he could go home. Smells like bullshit to me. As a father, I would never admit to a molestation I’d never committed, just so I could get out of jail. If you feel the police are pressuring you – well, that’s what the magic words “I wanna speak to my attorney” are for. A jury appeared to agree at least in part; after two days of deliberation, they found Doron not guilty of rape, but liable for the imposition charge.

But the accusations against Silverman, whether you believe them or not, have already left devastation in their wake. Shortly after the accusations came to light, his wife Heather Silverman pleaded on her MySpace page for someone to pray for her family, as it was about to be ripped apart. Apparently, Silverman was annoyed that God was working so slowly, and decided to take matters into her own hands by setting her house on fire. The blaze killed both of her kids, four-month-old Kaylee as well as Mikel.

Heather Silverman also denied the charge against her and entered a not guilty plea – despite allegedly confessing to police. (Damn, the cops are just out to GET this couple, aren’t they?) But she won’t be convicted any time soon: a judge has ruled her currently incompetent to stand trial. Prosecutors are biding their time until Mother Silverman can be restored to legal competency, and face the murder and arson charges against her.

On the blog The Space Behind, a commenter named Mike rips on that blogger for being bigoted and intolerant:

Actually, her profile was edited by MySpace itself after our repeated pleas that the immature and unintelligent people, like you, would be prevented from being able to continue spraying their verbal diarrhea to those that happen to have a different opinion from them on her comment’s page.

Impressive. If only such people could get that worked up about molestation and murder…

(Hat tip: Tai)

Vigilante Parent: Delaware Dad Admits He Beat Man to Death Based on Child Abuse Claim

Death Wish 2 with Charles BronsonTwo dads are in the news these days for killing men whom they suspected of molesting their children. The most well-known name, of course, is Jonathan Edington, the Connecticut lawyer who lost his shit after his daughter made an abuse claim against their neighbor, Barry James. Edington is currently awaiting trial on charges that he crawled through the neighbor’s window and stabbed him to death. Meanwhile, in Delaware, 27-year-old Robert Fontanez freely admits to beating 77-year-old Bismark Vasquez to death after Fontanez’ 5-year-old daughter made a similar allegation. Fontanez has agreed to plea to a lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide. (He originally faced a murder-2 rap.)

I know a lot of my readers are thinking, “Good for these dads”. Sorry, but I call “bullshit” on that. If your child’s made such an allegation, you take it through the proper authorities. You see that justice is done correctly. You don’t go all Charles “Death Wish” Bronson on the accused offender’s ass, and skip the “inconvenience” of a fair jury trial. By killing these men in vigilante attacks, all that Edington and Fontanez have done is rob society of the chance to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the names Barry James and Bismark Vasquez should go down in history with the ignoble “child predator” tags attached to them. Now, there will always be doubt and second-guessing. I’m not saying that the children in these cases are liars; I’m questioning human fallibility. We have courts and trials for a reason. Did we as a society learn nothing from the McMartin fiasco?

(Plenty more on Edington, by the way, can be found at the excellent Crime Scene Blog)

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