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Teaching your child to lie…for all the wrong reasons

Mother tells daughter to lie for molester

Another day, another story of a worthless tw*t who likes her tube steak more than she likes her offspring. This sorry excuse for a mother allowed an even sorrier excuse for tw*t-rocket to molest her kid…and then took the molester along with her own child to visit the home of another friend (who had a daughter of her own), so he could share the love with others. I’m willing to bet she didn’t have the approval of the other girl’s mother, though. I also wonder why she felt she had to expose others to his sick tendencies – was he getting bore with just one girl to abuse, and she felt that providing him with more variety would make him stay with her a while longer? And it’s not like she didn’t know what was going on, either….she told her daughter to LIE for the bastard when the friend’s daughter reported him. Oh, and did I mention he was already a convicted child molester? No? Yes…he was. More on that piss-poor sentencing decision later – I’ll move back to the focus of this incident for now.

The nasty-looking pirate wanna-be up there is Jackie Wayne Robson, 48, of Porter, Indiana. He was apparently ‘dating’ a woman who has a child under 14, and molested the daughter. Fast forward a couple weeks. Girlfriend takes him to the home of a friend where he goes into the bedroom of the friend’s daughter, exposes himself, and propositions both little girls. He told them he would do something that would “feel good”, and that he would not tell their mothers. Because we all know that preteen girls only refrain from sex with old, ugly men because they are afraid of getting in trouble with mom. *gag, retch* Where did Popeye get that line from anyway? Is there some sort of handbook from which child molesters can obtain lame come-ons that are supposed to make children and young teens swoon at their feet? I think I need to puke…

As bad as the one-eyed wonder up there is looking to me, the mother sickens me even more. She knew the bastard had touched her daughter, and when her friend’s daughter ratted on him, she threatened her own daughter and made her lie for him. What a sorry, nasty whore. I’m not sure which one of these idiots I want to see punished worse, the pervert or his pimpette. They both need to be thrown naked into a pen of raging bucks (deer, not human), covered in doe-scent, and left for a couple of days…or until there is not enough left of them to identify, whichever comes first.

Luckily, the friend thought protecting her own daughter was more important than keeping skankbaby for a friend, and had BubbaOne-eye arrested. At least there was one sane parent available. Good job, mom.

Now, back to the criminal past of Robson. He has a prior conviction for molesting an 8-year old girl in 2008. For that little infraction, he received three years…but the judge, in his infinite wisdom, thought that suspending all but 90 days of that sentence would be a grand idea. Well, at least it worked out well for the pedophile – he got the opportunity to molest more unsuspecting children. Good job, judge. And if even one person comes here to tell me that this mother did not know he was a child molester, I may start swearing again. There are several reasons that this little bit of information would piss me off, and I’ll happily list them for you now.
1. It’s BS. She freakin’ knew.
2. If I’m wrong about the first reason, then she’s just a plain moron. Google, anyone? It’s free, and you can find out crap like that before you let some sick kiddie diddler near your kids.
3. Even after she knew, she freakin’ told her daughter to lie for him.
4. Any man who goes into a bedroom with two young girls at the home of a friend – there’s something wrong with that.

This case is just one more example of why I think child molesters should all receive the death penalty. They cannot be cured, and they WILL re-offend, if given the chance. One dollar, one bullet, no more children abused. Simple.

At least the judge in this case (so far) is demonstrating better sense than the last one. Robson is currently sitting in jail, charged with two felonies, with a $50,000.00 bond. Now, if we could get him to add a couple or three more zeroes to that, I’d be just tickled pink. And I hope the mother gets arrested herself for obstruction, pimping, lying to the cops, and child abuse – just for starters. Then we can work our way up to something that will really get her some time.

My heart goes out to the girls who were assaulted, especially the one who now has to live with the knowledge that her mother is a selfish beast too.

Elect Rhonda Mays Mayor – But Don’t Let Her Kiss Your Babies!


The attractive brunette above is Rhonda Mays. That was sarcasm, BTW. Not the name, the description. Anyway, wonky-eyed Rhonda, 39, has pleaded guilty to child pornography, and offering a child for sex. She’s a child molester, and procured children for other child molesters. She allowed her boyfriend, Tanner Stickney, 29, to molest a 4-year old relative, while she VIDEOTAPED it; and when she couldn’t get the same child for a second round, she offered him a 2-year old relative. Class act, there. But at least she was stupid enough to provide undeniable proof on tape of what a filthy hag she really is.

Mays once ran for the office of mayor for the city of Umatilla, FL (don’t they do background checks on these people – or at the very least competency checks?), and she has children of her own, but no ages were available for them. I sincerely hope that they were not in her custody. Her lawyer has said that Rhonda is not a danger to the community (no, only the children, I guess), and that she is ‘sick’ and needs help. Anybody here have any suggestions on how we might be able to ‘help’ such a sick woman?

The court documents say that she faces up to 30 years in prison (only 30 years?!?), and that the boyfriend only faces 15, because he helped authorities incriminate another child molester. The molester he handed over to them was none other than Frank Lombard, associate director of the Center for Health Policy at Duke University. Lombard was arrested when he offered his own 5-year old son for sex in an undercover sting set up with the help of Stickney. He has since been fired from the University. But I digress.

Apparently Mays’ lawyer is trying to use a mental deficiency angle to try and reduce the sentence for his client. Again, this woman’s stupidity might be a boon to prosecutors. She was kind enough to leave an internet ‘chat’ record in which she said “I am pretty much declared incompetent so even if I get caught, I can play it off and not get into trouble,”. Good job. That proves competence, knowledge of wrongdoing, premeditation, and probably conspiracy. Also in her chats, she suggested that she and Stickney could adopt children that ‘nobody wants’, and use them as sex slaves. And that they should stick to children 6 years old and younger, because they would not be able to give the details that an older child could. Again….a lot of thought and planning went into this, so the prosecutors should have more than enough ammunition to annihilate her in court. I hope they nail her to the wall, and then some.

The boyfriend’s lenient sentence is a travesty of justice, in my opinion. I don’t care if he handed them a Jeffery Dahmer clone on a silver platter, he should still have to serve the rest of his life in prison. Give him his choice of a steak or chicken dinner plate once a week or something, but reduce his sentence? I don’t think so. Is anyone going to reduce the damage done to those children? Can they take that away?

I wonder what the parents of the family members she offered up for sex are thinking right about now? If it were me, she would never have made it to trial, let alone sentencing. I would have ended her child molesting permanently. With extreme prejudice.

Thanks go out to Lauren for the tip on this article.

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