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Childish cretin kills his toddler son because Mum wouldn’t let him go on a road trip

Father whose wife wouldn’t let him take a road trip ‘killed his son, 3, and was spotted washing blood off his clothes at gas station

WA man charged with deliberate homicide of 3 year-old son

Cold, soulless eyes of a killer

I like road trips. If I don’t have time or money for one, no biggie. Jeremy Cramer likes road trips too. However, he doesn’t like being told “NO”. So he threw a tantrum like a spoilt brat and his son (who, at 3, was still young enough to throw tantrums) caught the brunt of his sperm donor’s outburst and lost his life.

Jeremy Brent Cramer (38) of Lacey, WA has been arrested and charged with deliberate homicide, after he was spotted washing blood off of his clothing at a petrol station in Ananconda, Montana. Police later found the body of his 3 year old son, Brody, in a lonely field.

According to Brody’s mother and Jeremy’s wife, Natalie Cramer, he took Brody from their home in Lacey and wasn’t returning any calls, after she told Jeremy that money was tight and that they didn’t have enough to travel to the East Coast. Jeremy had been unemployed for just about a year.

After frantic worrying and talking to the police, officers enlisted the help of Idaho, Montana and Eastern Washington police officers after Mrs Cramer found her husband had used his fuel card at Moses Lake. A console operator in the Anaconda area – which is 600 miles (nearly 1000 km ) away from the Cramers’ home – called police at 10.30 pm Monday after seeing Jeremy washing off blood in the petrol station’s bathroom. Police later found Jeremy’s vehicle in a rural area 5 miles from the petrol station.

Police quickly began searching for Brody, but had to stop due to fading light. When they resumed their search the next morning, they found his little body in a field, not far from the car. Police won’t say how the little boy was killed, but it must have been gory if Jeremy was washing blood off of him *shudders*

There were no signs of Jeremy being a danger to his son and therefore an Amber Alert hadn’t been issued. Natalie and Jeremy had been arguing about finances because Jeremy had been unemployed for a year and he wanted to go to visit the East Coast. Jeremy had a Montana drivers licence and the family had only lived in Lacey for a year. Neighbours described Jeremy and Brody as being best friends and going fishing and camping together. When Jeremy took off with Brody, it didn’t raise any alarm bells.

If Jeremy is convicted of homicide, he could be sentenced to 100 years in jail. Let’s hope he does, and when Bubba finds out what he’s done, it’s going to be a long, long 100 years…

A further update has the details of a phone call that Jeremy made to his own father. During the call, Cramer says “my son is dead, yes I did it, something did it of me, but I didn’t do it”. What. The. So he did it, but didn’t do it? I dunno. Cramer is also a former meth user, and when he was arrested, an empty container of a generic brand of Adderall was found on him.

Jeremy Cramer is a selfish and immature piece of shit. He killed his child all because there wasn’t enough money to go on some stupid road trip to nowhere.  Financial matters have nothing to do with children and they should be kept right out of it. Jeremy Cramer’s selfishness and self-centred pigheadedness cost him his son, his wife, and his freedom.

Thanks to Benighted for the tip.

Sorry Excuse for a Foster mom Leaves Abused Child in Hot Car to Die

Child who died in hot car may have been beaten

Boy left in hot car may have been beaten

Reservation Trailer Trash Foster Mom

There are THREE accounts of what happened contained in this write-up, be sure to read them all because they all contain information regarding the story.  First you’ll read what the Foster Mom “says” happened, then you’ll hear the story of another child that was present, and finally there is the evidence aquired by law enforcement. 

That sorry piece of reservation trailer trash is 50-year-old Lavonna Bird.  According to her she went to the dental clinic on the Crow Reservation (that’s in Montana y’all where the women are mean and the kids are scared) with 3-year-old Jaren Wayne Blacksmith and two other children with her but could not get a walk-in appointment.  So she put the kids back in her GMC Envoy and drove back to Hardin.   But Jaren was asleep so she left him in the car.  Now this angel of a foster mom wasn’t completely heartless, she left the windows down.  This was in the “early afternoon.”  When she went back to check on him, he was dead.  Well DUH that’s what happens when you leave a child out in the Montana heat in the summertime!!!

But wait it gets OH SO MUCH BETTER.  According to one of the other children in the vehicle, when Jaren woke up earlier in the day at the dental clinic Reservation Trailer Trash Foster Mom up there became upset with him.  So she slammed his head on the floorboard of the Envoy as well as the window of the Envoy.  The girl said Jaren appeared to fall asleep again (yeah I’d say he probably passed out from serious head injuries) so she and the other girl went inside the dental clinic with Reservation Trailer Trash Foster Mom.  RTTFM left Jaren wrapped in a blanket in the car while they went in.  The girl said that when they arrived back in Hardin at about 2:30 Jaren was flailing about. 

When authorities got the call about a child in distress even though RTTFM SAYS she left the windows down they found them all rolled up.  The investigation is being handled by the FBI, BIA and Big Horn Country Sheriff’s department.  According to them “Evidence was found in the back of the vehicle which indicated that there was likely someone in the back of the vehicle trying to escape, but unable to do so.”  Investigators have also said that while the autopsy showed “prolonged heat exposure” to be the cause of death there was fresh bruising to the scalp, forehead, right cheek, mid-shoulder and upper back. 

RTTFM’s nephew, David TurnsPlenty, has come out saying that his aunt loved Jaren like he was her own (gee if this is how she loves her own I’d like to hear from some of her natural children) and insists that the mother of 3, grandmother and foster mother would never do such a thing.  Sorry David, I know you believe what you are saying but I just can’t. 

Sweet Jarren Wayne Blacksmith

Jarren Wayne Blacksmith just turned 3 on August 10th.  His biological parents are Latasha Little Light and Dwayne Blacksmith.  No word on why he was removed from their care.  He was laid to rest Monday.  Rest In Peace Jaren, hopefully you will find nothing but happiness on the otherside.

Now this is NOT your normal run of the mill child left in a car story.  This foster mom left a 3-year-old child in a hot car to die after beating him senseless for absolutely no reason whatsoever.  Her story and the other child’s story differ completely and now a defenseless little boy is dead because of her.  She simply beat him senseless and then left him out in a hot car so that it could look “accidental.”  And no I don’t think that EVERYONE that lives on a reservation is necessarily “Reservation Trailer Trash” but in this instance it just seemed to be appropriate.  I also understand that there is an issue where the Tribes in Montana won’t allow their children to be fostered by non-native american foster parents but seriously this child would have been better off with someone, anyone else but THIS woman.  The system failed Jaren by placing him with this woman. 

Thanks to Laura for the tip!

Couple moved daughter’s body across country

Okla. couple held in burial, excavation of girl:

When 11-year-old Cheyenne Wolf died in Oklahoma her ‘parents’, father Abel Wolf, 35, and step-mother Denise Wolf, 40, allegedly buried her under their deck in a sleeping bag inside a plastic tub. When they moved to Montana they took the body with them. When Cheyenne’s sister ran away they feared she would tell authorities about the body so they moved it again. This time to a chicken coop in Oregon then a storage unit also in Oregon.

If you wondered why they kept moving her body it may have something to do with the mystery of Cheyenne’s death.

An affidavit filed by OSBI investigator David Houston said Abel Wolf told Houston the family was upset with Cheyenne in April 2008 because she would not eat dinner one night.

While Abel was outside smoking, he heard a thump but said Cheyenne seemed fine, the affidavit said.

She was found dead the next day, according to the document.

I’m sure they’ll probably use the ‘we can’t afford a funeral’ defense.

Thanks to Krissy for the tip.

Two Helena Bad Breeders for the price of one

Mothers arrested in separate incidents:

For this pair of stories we go to the wilds of Montana where lumberjacks wrestle moose…or something.

Actually we go to the capital of Montana, Helena. Recently there they had a night where two different birth organisms were arrested for various crimes against their children. Luckily the children were unharmed.

First up is 41-year-old Lisa Perdue who was allegedly caught breaking into a house by the homeowner. She had her 2-year-old son in the car when she made the getaway. When police finally caught up with her she tried taking a handful of pills. I would assume in a bid to either commit suicide or just get a nice stay in the hospital before she got hauled off to the pen. She was already on probation.

The second story brings us one 33-year-old Michelle Leigh McCauley. She spent two hours in a bar being unruly while she had a baby monitor in her possession. The 6-month-old baby was down the street in a motel room, out of range of the baby monitor. She gave police a false name while they were investigating.

I can honestly say these are two of the more ‘entertaining’ stories we’ve had on here in a while. The kids were unharmed and we get to make fun of two trashy Breeders. If Montana keeps supplying us with stories like this they may just become my favorite state.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

4-year-old left in freezing car so dad could get with a 13-year-old

Man Leaves Child In Freezing Car While He Visits Teen Girl:

What’s worse than an alleged father that leaves his daughter in a freezing car? How about one that leaves his daughter in a freezing car so he could possibly knock boots with a 13-year-old?

That’s what allegedly happened in Great Falls, Montana. 22-year-old Jeramey Sheeler left his 4-year-old daughter in the car while he went to see a 13-year-old girl. Since it was Montana the temperature at the time was -14. That’s 14 degrees below zero. That’s -26 Celsius.

When the girl woke up two hours later she got out of the car and started knocking on doors looking for the sperm donor. The next door neighbors let her in and called police. The article states that Sheeler was in bed with the 13-year-old but ‘nothing sexual’ was going on.

When police searched Sheeler’s car they also found a bowl with pot residue in it. Not a cereal bowl either. You burnouts know what I’m talking about.

So this girl has an alleged neglectful burnout pedophile for a father. Again, once you have kids your priorities are supposed to change. You’re supposed to stop doing drugs and banging teenage girls. Well, really you’re not supposed to do those things anyway.

Mom Teaches Teen Daughter The Basics of Burying Dead Babies

Baby deathI’m not going to blame the 13-year-old girl who’s the subject of this story from Kansas City, Montana. She’s young, foolish, and, if this report is accurate, a victim of atrocious parenting. The full blame rests with her mother, who reportedly kept her kids so sequestered from the outside world that one neighbor didn’t even realize there were children in the home. The sheltering continued when the teen gave birth to a 10-inch-long baby, who was stillborn. (Can you say "inadequate prenatal care"?) Instead of reporting the still birth to the authorities, mom helped her kid bury the lifeless babe in their backyard.

Police haven’t released the names of any family members. If you know the names, gentle reader, feel free to leave them here, so that we can move to have this woman’s parenting license suspended.

Mom’s actions, of course, raise the inevitable "what the bloody hell was she thinking" question.  My bet is that she ceded to the girls’ pleas to "dispose of" the newborn’s body in order to protect the nameless daddy, who now faces statutory rape charges for drilling into a minor’s pants. Classy, eh?  Apparently, mom missed the part of her job description which includes grabbing your kids by the ear and shouting some sense into them when they’re..well, acting like kids.

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