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Korrie-Lynn Kinnear likes to beat on toddlers

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear

Retarded bitch

Mother imprisoned for violent toddler beatings

Sarnia, ON mother sentenced to 3 years for beating toddlers

Is that an infected arsehole on the egg-donor’s face? Oh wait, it’s a pathetic attempt at looking “sexy”.

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear (23), of Sarnia, Ontario, likes to beat on her toddlers. Her two very young kids suffered extensive injuries including fractured ribs and severe bruising from their egg-donors attempts at “discipline”. Here’s a tip, bitch. If you’re leaving marks and causing long-term damage, that’s not “discipline” – that’s abuse! Punching and kicking your kids is not the same as a smack on the bum. I’m child-free and even I know that! The “discipline” started off as slaps and backhand punches, as the birth vessel became more and more frustrated at her children. She would scream obscenities at them and tell them they were useless. Wow, what a wonderful thing to teach your young, impressionable children to say!

One of the children had 13 rib fractures and the other had 2 rib fractures. Both the kids were under two when the beatings occurred. FUCK!! A smack on the hand/backside is okay for punishment, but a full-on beating? On a little toddler? What the fuck is wrong with you?! The doc who examined the kids had to compose himself, he was so overcome with emotion because he hadn’t seen such extensive bruising on a small child like that. Of course, the axe wound never sought medical help for her kids and never beat them about the face. Of course not. She had the forethought to know it was wrong to beat her kids so she tried to hide it. So it wasn’t punishment at all, she just liked to punch up toddlers, under the guise of discipline.

The answer to the question of “what the fuck is wrong with her?!”: She has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I’m not making it up. She was a sufferer of child abuse herself, too. So she knew damn well what it was like to be abused by her parents, yet she chose to inflict that horror and pain on her own offspring. I couldn’t give two fucks whether some enabler says “But that’s all she knows!!” She knew how it felt to be abused, so she knew better than to do it to her own kids! She also drank heavily and abused oxycodone. No surprises there, it was available to her in utero and she probably felt she couldn’t live without it. But I don’t care how fucking hard her life was. There is no excuse to abuse your children, none whatsoever.

The gaping gash was sentenced to only 3 years prison! What the fuck is up with that? She fricking abused her kids, you idiot! Sounds like the judge has brain damage too! But apparently, that’s a harsher penalty than usual for bad breeders. And she cried like the stupid bitch she is, because she got caught bashing her kids. I hope those three years are long and torturous for her, and may her fellow inmates have no patience for a child abuser. She is not allowed to contact her kids and she is banned from owning weapons (I thought that would be obvious since she has a mental deficiency) This egg donor should never have been allowed to breed, considering her IQ and the drug and alcohol problems. I thought that sort of thing would cause damage to the reproductive parts? Evidently not. Anyhoo, the kiddos are now away from this damaged DNA and are reportedly doing well. Hopefully they can break the cycle and go on to be productive members of society.

I did some research and found the egg donor’s Facebook page. Here’s some pearls of wisdom from her mutated mind: “I am who I am my mouth says it all you don’t like my words tune me out” Yeah it’s pretty hard to tune out abuse. Let’s hope you can tune out the taunts and jeers (plus all the beatings) from your fellow inmates. Here’s another little gem “Everyone has their own opinions and everyone is entitled to voice them. But make sure your back yard is clean before you judge your neighbour’s” Well, I will judge the fuck out of you because you’re a brain-damaged, oxygen-thieving child abuser. And your backyard ain’t clean, it’s full of dog shit. Our tipster also tells us that you stole from your employers and can’t hold down a job because you have sticky fingers. Maybe you can put those fingers to use, and try to steal from Big Bertha or any of the other head bitches in the pen. See how well theft goes down there. 

Luckily there are no dead kids, and that they’ve gotten away from that mutant monster. I don’t know what the fate of her “engaged” relationship status will be, but if her c***-plug is willing to marry a known child abuser, he’s a desperate dick.

Thanks to the Anon tipster for the tip. Should anyone object to my use of “retarded” to describe this bitch, especially because she has FAS, tough titties. Her actions were dimwitted and lacking in intelligence. She is slow and deficient – which is the original meaning of “retard/ed”



Tramelle Sturgis, Failed At Every Turn


Despite pleas for help 10-year-old boy dies from abuse 

Cops say child duct taped and beaten unconscious at the hands of his father 

10-year-old dies from abuse at the hand of  his father 

Tramelle Sturgis was a ten year old boy from South Bend, Indiana; a boy that deserved a future and should have lived a full life, but that life was cut short at the hands of his own family. Now he’s a headline in a disturbing and truly heartbreaking case of a system’s failure. Tied up and beaten with a club by his own father for hours, this little boy could not endure this horrible abuse. Tramelle suffered numerous injuries, both old and new, including a broken arm and leg and multiple bruises all over his body, some fresh, others in various stages of healing. His exact cause of death has yet to be determined, but my guess is internal bleeding and blunt force trauma.

His father, Terry Sturgis, has been charged with one count of murder and two counts of felony battery. His grandmother, Dellia Castile, is charged with three counts of felony neglect of a dependent. Terry Sturgis was living with his mother, Dellia, and his five children, including Tramelle. Apparently Grandma Dellia was A-Okay with her son’s beat down parenting techniques and refused to step in and stop the abuse he was doling out to not only Tramelle, but also Tramelle’s siblings.

Now, it’s bad enough that this child was beaten to death and had been abused for a long time before hand, but what makes it even more tragic is that the abuse Tramelle had been suffering had been reported, not only to the Department of Child Services, but also to police. DCS visited the home, but I guess they never heard that appearances can be deceiving and determined everything was honky dory, when in fact it was not. It appears case workers have yet to realize how incredibly crafty abusive parents and guardians can be.

You’d think by now with all the cases popping up all over of abused, neglected and murdered children, they would get the hint and start digging a little deeper during these home visits to check out tips of abuse. Not only did they get the tip about what was going on in the Sturgis’ home, but they got a detailed description of the injuries and abuse from an anonymous caller, who not only spent 20 minutes on the DCS hotline describing what Tramelle was going through, but practically begging for someone to come and help.

According to reports, the anonymous caller pleaded, “Please go tonight. Please go. I’m not saying this just to be saying this. Please go. Something has got to be done.” The caller goes on to say, “If they go there right now, they’ll see how them kids is beat if they go there right now because I don’t want it to get on the news and see the boy died and then everybody come forward and they gonna say, ‘Well, why did nobody come forward from before?”  And whoever the anonymous caller was, they were absolutely right. After Tramelle’s death, his father’s cousin, Denise Ervin, and her son, Theodore, say they didn’t see this coming, but later admit to the signs being there.

This boy never stood a chance and the failure of the system and his own family to protect him is just unacceptable. That a stranger can care more for a child’s wellbeing than their own flesh and blood does is so disheartening and sad in a way that there really are no words for. It is utterly pathetic that in this day in age a child isn’t safe even from their own family. May this precious child rest in peace and get the justice he deserves.

A “Thank You” shout out to Deena for the heads up on another stellar example of a craptastic procreator.

R.I.P. Tramelle

** Special thanks to Booboo Kitty for the write-up.**


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