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Idiotic Isidro killed his sons to make his ex-wife suffer

Estranged father kills sons in front of mother

Isidro Zavala killed his sons before taking his own life. (WSVN-TV)

Selfish loser bastard

Relationships and marriages bust up all the time. Sometimes it can’t be avoided, people just grow apart. But it’s no reason to kill yourself or your children.

Isidro Zavala (45) couldn’t handle the fact that his marriage was over. His wife wanted a divorce. Instead of simply accepting it or maybe suggesting marriage counselling, Zavala had other ideas. A bad one. He rocked up to his ex-wife Victoria’s Florida home (where else?) and killed two of his three sons (12 and 11)  in front of her. Victoria told police that she was watching TV when she heard noises and found her ex-husband strangling one of their sons. He would then strangle both sons and shoot himself dead, like the coward he was. Mrs Zavala begged her ex to kill her instead, let their sons live. He told her that he was going to spare her so that she could suffer. What a selfish and callous dick.

Police found the body of one son in the patio area of the home and the other son’s body, along with that of the sperm donor in the kitchen. A third son aged 19 didn’t live with them, so he survived. A suicide note was left for him, saying he was a “good son”. Why, because he didn’t live with the ex-wife? Because the bastard couldn’t get to him? How awful for the young man to suffer the loss of his brothers, and to know that they died and he didn’t because he was his dad’s “favourite”? I can’t even begin to comprehend the crushing survivor’s guilt this poor young fellow must be feeling, even though it wasn’t his fault that his sperm donor was a selfish immature brat who couldn’t accept it when things didn’t go his way?

There was no history of domestic violence in the marriage, and Mrs Zavala had filed for divorce in October last year. So, plenty of time for the bastard to get used to the idea of singledom. Or plenty of time for him to plan this horrific attack on his children and for him to take the coward’s way out. These psychos view people as property, not living beings with their own thoughts and desires. Our little psycho bastard Isidro felt that his children were his to use as weapons against his ex-wife, despite their protests, fighting for their lives. None of it mattered to him. He just wanted his ex to suffer. I don’t know how Victoria and her remaining son will go on, but I hope they find the strength and the courage to live their lives in honour of Marco and Eduardo.

Marco Zavala, 11, and his brother Eduardo, 12, were both killed by their father. (WSVN-TV)

RIP Marco (11) and Eduardo (12). Such cheeky and fun-loving boys :'(


Another selfish parent; another murder / suicide.

 Texas man shoots estranged wife, then himself, at daughter’s 16th birthday


Murder-suicide at Texas dad’s daughter’s sweet 16 party   


My son turned 12 earlier this month.  Even though 12 isn’t a milestone, I make it my goal to make every birthday a memorable one.  I wrangle up some gifts, gather together a few friends to party it up and eat some cake… The usual.  Well, Kelly Suckla’s daughter had a Sweet Sixteen that she will never forget.  

Saturday, January 19th, Kristi Suckla (44) was having a shin-dig to celebrate her daughter’s 16th Birthday.  Although separated (but reportedly on good terms), Kristi’s ex-husband, Kelly Suckla (43) was expected to attend.  What happened when he arrived was anything BUT expected.  

Kelly arrived at the celebration at Kristi’s parent’s home, where she had been living with her 21-year-old son and her daughter.  For whatever reason, the couple got into an argument outside of the home.  Kelly shot and killed Kristi multiple times before turning the gun on himself.  Kelly was pronounced dead at the scene.  Kristi was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. 

While the children (yes, the 21-year-old was still Kristi’s child) didn’t witness the shooting, they certainly witnessed the aftermath. 

I can’t imagine what the couple could have been arguing about that would have led Kelly to commit this act, ESPECIALLY during his daughter’s party.  In additions, the fact that he brought the gun with him to the house makes me believe that this act of douchbaggery was completely pre-meditated.  The good news, if there is any good news…. No murdered children.  The mental anguish forced upn the kids is horrible enough, but thankfully they weren’t hurt. 

I found a link with the daughter’s name and a pic.  I’m not posting it and asking you guys not to post it either.  I find it highly irrelevant and I feel like she has been through enough without her pic being posted on one more website.  Thank you for your understanding.


Kristi Suckla and Kelly Suckla
Kristi Suckla and Kelly Suckla

Jonah Mendoza was the victim of a selfish tw*t of a mother


Deputies: Mother killed baby, shot self in Ocala

Florida mother, 20, in hospital after killing her 6-month-old son in murder-suicide bid she warned about on Facebook

Mom who killed son taken off life support


There is only one thing I can think of that would be worse than losing custody of my son and that is my son losing his life.  You see, if I lost custody, I could still see him and even fight to regain custody.  If he died…. Well…. I don’t even want to go there.  I imagine that thought never occurred to Jonah Mendoza’s selfish tw*t of a mother.

Unemployed Melanie Reyes, who was pregnant with her second child, was on food stamps and was fighting little Jonah’s father, Jordan Mendoza, over paternity and his visitation rights.  Being as this chick was recently arrested on a domestic violence charge for attacking her most recent boner doner with a bat, it’s fucking beyond me how she even had custody of Jonah.  She bonded out on December 21st; 2 weeks before ending the life of her precious baby boy.

The day before the murder, police visited Reyes to do a wellfare check.  What good that did.  Reyes was found in her parents Florida home the morning of the murder.  She was in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  6-month-old Jonah was ling next to her… dead… from a gunshot wound that was selfish-tw*t-inflicted.

Her parents were not home at the time of the murder.  A family member alerted police that they had been contacted via Facebook by Reyes about her sadistic  plans.  Sadly, police didn’t arrive in time to save poor little Jonah.

Prior to the murder, Reyes’ second baby daddy and her discussed abortion.  She was due to have the “procedure” on January 5th.  Two days before the murder, she texted him that she would kill Jonah and herself.  If he had only alerted police then, that precious baby boy may still be alive.

Having to have the last word, Reyes texted Mendoza a series of passively threatening texts.  The final one indicating that he would be tagged in it soon – I assume referring to “obituaryeque” post she left on Facebook.

Last Tuesday, Reyes was removed from life support and was pronouced dead.  The coward never had to face the consequinces of her actions.  Fuck.


Thanks for the tips go to Mandy and Sarah.

They always fuck up the suicide part.



Father admits killing his two children in SUV fire that he planned as  murder-suicide… but jumped out and left them to die


Dae Kwon Yun, 61, of LA was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences without parole on November 22, 2012, for what I can only describe as the horribly evil murders of his two children in 2006. I want to mention that this was part of a deal he made to avoid the death penalty – the irony of which I assure you will not be wasted.  There’s so many sad and f’ed up parts to this story so allow me to try an sift though the bullshit so 11 year old Ashley and 10 year old Alexander can have their story told.


In 2006 two weeks after after Yun’s wife of 13 years left him and a week after he lost his business he was apparently depressed enough to want to commit suicide-sad story right?  Well, it gets a hell of a lot sadder.  See, Yun was also the father of two really great kids; Ashley and Alexander.  He wasn’t going to go alone, apparently.  So in 2006 he drove his two children; forcing Ashley into the back seat according to an eye witness that testified at the 2008 trial, and he doused his Toyota Sequoia with gasoline and lit it on fire.


Sad story right?  Well here’s where it gets down right horrifying.  Apparently our boy Yun had a last second epiphany that he wanted to live and jumped from the burning vehicle receiving 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his legs, hands and face.  According the witness Nelson A. Calderon, Yun jumped from his burning vehicle and yelled for help-for himself.  He never once mentioned that his children were trapped in the car.  It was reported by firefighters that Alexander’s body was positioned in a way that would suggest he was trying to open the car door.  Investigators found out that Yun was allegedly trying to hide from $100,000 in tax debt and a growing gambling debt.  I can only imagine whether that had a hand in his business and marriage going bust.


So many questions here than answers and so much to rant about.  #1. WHY THE F*CK IS HE ONLY NOW BEING SENTENCED!?!?!?!. #2. Were the child locks on the door, is that why these kids couldn’t get out?  #3.  If he was so hot to die then and take his kids with him, why did this POS make a deal to avoid it now?!?


I was so upset by this story I had to walk away from it when and come back to it a day later.  I lost my home 2 years ago to a fire and was sobbing thinking about my pets caught inside.  My family survived but burns hurt. I say that as someone who was a professional chef for 6 years before leaving work to be full time mommy to my handicapped child.  I’ve been burned a few times and I have the scars to prove it.  Being burnt even mildly hurts.  It’s pretty far from a painless or an ideal way to die.  Those children suffered.  My only hope is that they died from smoke before the physical pain was really bad.  It must have been terrifying for those poor kids.  My mother raised me with the belief that it’s wrong to wish bad things on others, but right now I really am hoping that Dae Kwon Yun burns for eternity for what he did to those poor kids. May Ashley and Alexander be at peace and while their mother isn’t mentioned I hope that she gets closure.  I’m sure if it were my children I’d never get over it, but at least they have some justice…


Thanks for the tip goes to Carmen.


***Special thanks for the write up goes to Jackie.  Jackie, thanks for always wanting to be a voice for these kids.  You, Rochell, Dodia and our Aussie have been such a huge asset to our little site.

Selfish Granny Kills Self and Grandchildren

Murder-suicide eyed in deaths of 5 in Ohio garage

Kids’ mom in Ohio murder-suicide wanted them back

Grandmother, Uncle Plot Murder-Suicide, 3 Kids Die


I’ll be the first to say it sometimes kids can be a handful. As a mother of two special needs boys, I understand that they can be difficult to care for. With that being said, if you have a solid extended family it is natural to lean on them for a helping hand. That is what the mother and father of three children did when their other son became disruptive, but the maternal monster they asked for help did what is considered to be every mother’s worst nightmare.


Sandy Ford from Toledo, Ohio agreed to take on her daughter’s three children a few years prior because the children’s sibling was having serious emotional issues and physical outbursts that became dangerous. Their mother, Mandy Hayes, felt that it was in her children’s best interest to have them live with their grandmother until she could get the fourth child the help he needed. The children seemed to be very well cared for. Three years later, after the fourth child had received the help he needed, Hayes attempted to take the children home.


This is where Ford gets the award for being the most selfish bitch ever.  Hayes regained custody of her children one week prior to the incident.  According to reports, there were several domestic disturbances between mother and daughter in regard to the custody of the children. The police said that there was no indication of child abuse or other red flags that could have prepared them for what happened next. You see, Granny Dearest here had planned a murder/suicide with the help of her son a few days prior. She waited until Mandy had dropped them off at school then went and pulled them out. Randy Ford (Sandy’s Husband) arrived home that afternoon to discover that he could not get into his garage and found suspicious notes from his wife and son. When the authorities arrived they found 54-year-old Sandy Ford, her 32-year-old son, Andy Ford, and her grandchildren, 10-year-old Paige Hayes, 6-year-old Logan Hayes and 5-year-old Madalyn Hayes, all dead as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.  The garage windows and doors had been nailed shut while the vehicle was found with pipes running from the exhaust into the back window.


Five senseless deaths all because Sandy’s c***wad  ass did not want her daughter regaining custody of the children. This is a sad case all around because it seemed that everyone loved the children very much and they were well cared for.  Just because one selfish person couldn’t get what she wanted, innocent lives were stolen.  RIP Paige, Logan and Madalyn.


Thanks go to everyone who sent this in.


***Special thanks go to Rochell for the write up.

Mother decapitates toddler then kills herself

Mother and toddler dead in NJ decapitation-suicide 

Murder-suicide in Camden, NJ

Child decapitated in murder-suicide 

Ok folks; hold on to your seats and grab some tissues, this one is a heartbreaker. 

Around 12:30 am this morning officials were called to Camden, NJ home of Chevonne Thomas (33) and her 2-year-old son Zahree.  Chevonne had made the 911 call accusing her boyfriend of stabbing her son, before admitting repeatedly, “I did it.”

Officers arrived while she was still on the phone with 911, would go into the home’s first floor and find the decapitated body of Zahree.  OMG…I wish I could wash that image away, just awful. Hearing Chevonne upstairs and unaware of whether she was armed, the officers retreated out of the house and set up a perimeter.  While officers attempted to make contact with her, she hung up.  They would gain entry into an upstairs bedroom and find her deceased with a knife wound to the throat.

While searching the home, they would find Zahree’s head in the freezer.  Sick, Sick, Sick!  The ME also found a chest stab wound and marks on Zahree’s arms.  Poor baby, did he fight for his little life?  That makes me so, so, so sad.

If you think all of this is bad, let me just make it worse for you…hey if I have to know so do you.  Zahree had only been back in his mother’s custody for five short months.  Chevonne had lost custody of him in 2010 after he was found unattended in a car and she was blacked out in a nearby park after smoking a PCP laced joint.

Toxicology test will be done to determine if Chevonne was high at the time she murdered her lil’ man.  Drugs, batshit crazy or just plain evil?  I guess we will never know.  A neighbor said she was seen earlier on the porch with her boyfriend, topless and crying.  Was there a fight?  Was he leaving?  I suppose time will tell.  What police will say about the boyfriend is he was gone before the murder-suicide.

Thanks to AJ Brant and Connor for the tips.

R.I.P. Zahree

“Daddy shot Mommy”


Pairs’ death appears to be a murder-suicide 

Toddler tells Grandma, “Daddy shot Mommy” 

On Tuesday, March 13th, Alyshia Alexander (24) loaded her three boys – Jedidiah (3), Jerimiah (2) and Jeadin (1) -into her car, told her brother “I’m going to drop the boys off.” and headed over to the home of her estranged husband Jedidiah Alexander (25).  She didn’t know, her brother didn’t know and her boys didn’t know this was the last trip they’d make with mommy to visit daddy.

Alyshia and Jedidiah had a rocky relationship, with occasions of domestic violence.  They had married in early 2009, but were separated and she had made the decision to move forward with a divorce.  She was, by all accounts, a loving and devoted mother and wanted to allow the boys to maintain a relationship with their father.  Jedidiah, also by all accounts, was a good father to the boys but was resistant to the divorce.

Alyshia arrived at Jedidiah’s mother’s home to drop the boys off for their visit.  There is nothing I can find that details exactly what happened but what is known is that Jedidiah shot Alyshia as they sat in her car before turning the gun on himself.  All the while their three boys sat in the back seat, watching.

The boys would be found in the back seat splattered with the blood of their parents and covering their little ears.  **Cry** Laying across the front seat were the bodies of their mommy and daddy.  These poor, poor babies my heart literally breaks for them.

All three boys are with Alyshia’s mother, she has said the three year old told her “daddy shot mommy.” She is concerned the effects the tragedy will have on the boys and rightfully so, the younger ones may come out unscathed, but the 3-year-old will remember this and for that I am so sorry.

My heartbreaks for these little guys, heading over excited to see daddy happy and anxious, to end up never being able to see mommy or daddy again.  How does their grandmother explain it?  How do you erase that image from their memories?  How do you make them understand that daddy’s lack of self control has changed their lives forever?  How do you make them understand that mommy’s love for them was more important than her own safety and she walked into her death so that her boys could still have a relationship with their daddy and he’s gone too?

R.I.P. Alyshia

Grandmother kills her granddaughter in a murder/suicide.

Deaths of Janice Robbins, Abby Robbins ruled murder suicide
Janice Robbins Stabbed Granddaughter, Killed Self

64-year-old Janice Robbins of Conway, Arkansas did the unthinkable. Not only did she commit suicide by burning herself to death, but she took  her 7-year old granddaughter Abby with her. Janice had stabbed Abby in the chest before setting fire to the house, which resulted in them both losing their lives. The county coroner has reported that both Abby and Janice were alive when the fire was started and both died of smoke inhalation.  I’ll give you a second to process all that.  Yes, Abby had a stab wound to the chest and was likely in a world of pain, and then it was the smoke inhalation that eventually killed her.

Janice had adopted Abby after her son, Army Staff Sgt. William T. “Terry” Robbins, died in Iraq because he was shot by another solider in an argument over alcohol in 2005. Janice had also lost a younger son, years prior. He was a teenager and from what I’ve found, he committed suicide.  Sources have also said that Janice had a 3rd son that she had no contact with because his wife didn’t allow it. So I’m sure that after losing Abby’s dad in Iraq, Janice felt all alone and extremely depressed.

I won’t pretend for a second that I know what it feels like to lose a child, never mind 2 children. I won’t pretend that I understand PTSD or feeling so helpless and depressed that taking your own life seems like the only viable option.  Regardless of ALL of that, it is not okay in any shape, form, or fashion to murder your granddaughter and take her with you because you think that is what is best for her. The suicide note that was found included this; ‘Can’t stand to see Abby left behind’ and ‘pray for my soul’.

Authorities are reported saying that this was no spur of the moment decision on Janice’s part. In her truck, the discovered the suicide note, Abby’s birth certificate, Janice’s will, and other important documentation. This was pre-convinced, and well thought out.  So, in my humble opinion, Janice had the time to seek help if she needed it. Why not turn to a professional? Why not surround yourself with people that love you and could help bring you back up? Why not drop Abby off with another family member and then just kill yourself? So many “what if’s” and not enough answers.  Abby paid the ultimate price for Janice’s selfish decision with her life. A life that had not even begun to begin.

Neighbors, friends, and family members have said that Janice was a doting grandmother, completely wonderful and amazing in every way. That when Abby ‘s adoption finally came through that she was over the moon. That little Abby switched to calling her momma after that. Abby was described as a “smart, happy, articulate” little girl.

Only thing I can find about her bio-mother is that she lives out of state and they can’t find her yet.  That gets a big fat WTF from me… but hoping to find more on  her the more I read up or when more reports come out.

RIP sweet Abby. Your life ended far too soon sweet girl. I hope that you’re dancing in heaven with your daddy.


RIP Abby

Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.

"The babies! He killed them!"


911 call released of Bay City shooting and killing of 4 children 

Boys killed in murder/suicide were shot in the head  

On November 30, 2011, a 911 call came into theBay City,TX Police Department.

“Bay City Police Department. This is Maggie,” the dispatcher answers.

“We need a officer right now, there is this man shooting at this lady. We need a cop,” the caller says.

 “We have babies around here, there are babies in the car and he won’t give them to the mom,” the caller says.

“Is she hurt?” asks the dispatcher. “She got shot?”

“Yes, she is bleeding everywhere. She can’t stand up, she is fainting,” says the young caller.

“OK, We’ll send EMS out there,” says the dispatcher.

“We are walking home from school. Me and my friends. He just started shooting her,” the caller says.

“He is shooting the kids! He is shooting the kids!” the caller says.

“He is shooting her again?” the dispatcher asks.

“Yes! No, No he killed the babies. The babies! He killed them!,” the caller says. “He killed himself too! Oh my God, the babies!”

“OK, stay on the line please,” the dispatcher says.

The phone call then ended.

The man shooting was Jose Avila-Alva (27), the woman was his wife, Laura Gonzalez and their children; Daniel Gonzalez (3,) Sean Gonzalez (5), Cecilia Gonzalez (2) and Miguel Gonzalez (4).  Heartbreaking!

I haven’t found a lot of details on what led up to the murder/suicide other than over Thanksgiving weekend, Avila-Alva had been reported for a domestic assault on Laura after she was taken to a women’s shelter, but avoided arrest when she refused to press charges.  If she’d have known then only a few short days later her children would be gone and she’d be fighting for her life…

Avila-Alva used a stolen .22 caliber revolver to first shoot Laura leaving her critically injured, before turning the gun on his four children and then himself.  Sean and Daniel both died that day at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Daniel of a perforating gunshot wound to the head – meaning the bullet entered and exited the skull and Sean of a penetrating gunshot wound of the head.    Miguel and Cecilia both died the following Thursday.  Miguel of a penetrating gun shot wound and Cecilia’s injuries are not classified.

Laura the lone survivor of the shooting has been upgraded from critical to serious and now been told that all of her children have died.

This is awful, I am sick about it.  These poor babies watched as their father shot their mother then each of them.  The terror in the car that day, I can not imagine.

Thanks to Bella’s Mommy for the tip.

R.I.P. Sean, Daniel, Miguel and Cecilia… fly with the angels babies. 

Money DOESN'T buy happiness!


New York – Murder/suicide-Amy & Sam Friedlander and 2 children dead 

Here we have a case that proves having money and being affluent doesn’t mean happily ever after.

According to friends of attorney Sam Friedlander (50) and his wife Amy (46) their 11 year marriage had been rocky from the start.  That rocky marriage would turn into a bitter divorce and end in a murder/suicide on October 17th.

Police were alerted to the home by Amy’s business partner after having not heard from her and knowing the circumstance surrounding the divorce.  What they found when they arrived has been described as bloody and gruesome.

Sam shot both his children as they slept Molly (10) and Gregory (8), there was no sign of struggle, both children were wearing their pajamas and had been covered back up after being shot.  Amy was found on the floor next her bed in the master bedroom.  She was bludgeoned to death, using a broken chair leg.  There were signs of a violent struggle between Sam and Amy prior to her death.  Sam was found in the basement dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound from Remington 870, he did not leave a note.

According to friends and family Sam has no history of violence or mental illness, but his behavior had changed recently.  He felt that Amy was turning their children against him.  Neighbors say both the parents loved and were devoted to their children.

I guess we’ll never really know how loving and devoted either parent was since Sam decided it was appropriate to not only kill their mother and himself, but the children too.  I will never get this shit…if you want to end got for it, but leave the kids out of it.

 R.I.P. Amy, Molly and Gregory


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