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Naked n00b kills unborn child, girlfriend in car crash

Woman, 23, and unborn child die in Adelaide crash

Woman and unborn child die in horror crash

Desperate fight to save pregnant woman who died in Woodville Park crash

The scene of the backstreet crash. Photo: Tim Morris, 7News.

This is a very bizarre and tragic story from the City of Churches, Adelaide SA. It’s bizarre, there are many holes in the story, and it’s very sad.

A young woman and her unborn baby have died in a car crash in Adelaide SA. Police found Lisa Smith, 23, in the front passenger seat of the car, which had crashed into a tree or Stobie pole (a telegraph/power/streetlight pole), in Woodville Park, a suburb in Adelaide’s inner northwest. She was trapped in the vehicle for an hour before emergency services managed to cut her free, and was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition. Unfortunately both her and her baby didn’t make it.

Where was the driver you ask? He ran away like a chickenshit little bitch! That’s right, after he crashed his car, he didn’t bother to check whether his girlfriend (the carrier of his unborn child) was okay, he fled the scene! What’s more, witnesses of the crash reported that he was naked when he jumped out of the window of the busted car and took off, and that he was running quite well for someone who was just in a crash. As long as HE was okay, was all that mattered apparently.

When police finally caught up with the bare-arsed bastard, he was alternately calling out for water and swearing at people. Police arrested the Woodville Park idiot, 31, and charged him with causing death by dangerous driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving unlicensed. It is thought that drugs and alcohol may be involved. Well, duh! Normal people do not drive around the city naked as a breeze. Normal people do not flee the scene of an accident, especially when their girlfriend and mother of their unborn child is lying unconscious in the wreckage. It’s just not normal behaviour.  If indeed he had been taking drugs and drinking, why would you get in a car with someone who was obviously intoxicated?

Lisa’s parents, Peter and Kerry are naturally devastated, not just for the loss of Lisa, who was a mother of 2 other kids (6 and 4) to a former partner, but the loss of her baby, which was a little boy.  “He was going to be her second son, my third grandchild, and we just can’t come to terms with what’s happened” Mr Smith said. Heartwrenching, isn’t it?  Mr and Mrs Smith will be taking over full-time care of Lisa’s two children.

Now for the clincher: While both Lisa and her baby have been added to the SA road toll, SA common law doesn’t recognise her baby as a person. The boyfriend has only been charged with one count of dangerous driving resulting in death. Lisa was 31 weeks’ pregnant, and the baby boy, even though he would be premature, would’ve been able to survive if he was born that early. The severity of the crash and the fact that doctors didn’t perform an emergency Caesarean on Lisa means that the baby was killed during the collision. The SA Attorney-General is working on having those boundaries redefined and has personally argued a case for extending these boundaries before the Supreme Court.

The Naked N00b has been refused bail and appeared in court on the 14th. Nothing yet on what he pleaded or what has resulted.


Y’all place your Betts now – in jail, please….

I Betts this hag didn't miss any meals
Tracy Lynn Betts, Teacher’s Aide, Arrested After Daughter Was Found Naked, Eating From Trash: Police
TEMECULA: Naked girl foraged food from trash
Naked girl eating from trash cans shocks Temecula neighbors
Calif. teacher’s aide Tracy Lynn Betts arrested after her 12-year-old daughter was found naked, eating from trash

Tracy Lynn Betts, 40,is a teacher’s aid at an elementary school, so you would think she might know a thing or two about how to treat a child. You’d be wrong. Tricky Lyin’ Butts’s 12-year-old daughter was found naked, wandering the street and digging in trash cans for food, in a neighborhood near the school in which Tricky works. Oh, and the birth-beast was assigned to a special education classroom. I bet the kids in her class could probably figure out that kids need to eat….

There are so many conflicting circumstances in this case, that I hardly know where to begin. First, the egg donor was a teacher, but did not have her pre-teen daughter in school…why? Second, the child was naked and starving, but judging from the picture above, it seems that there was adequate money for food and clothing – the she-beast is nicely dressed and…ummmmm….well, a healthy weight. Really healthy. Plus, the child was being held prisoner in a BMW. Now, I’ve never had one of those, but I understand they’re pretty expensive. Economics 101 would suggest that if money was scarce, Butts could have sold the car and bought herself a bicycle. That would take care of three issues at one time.
1. Extra money from the sale of the car to use for food and clothing for the child.
2. Extra money from not having to purchase gas for the car – also to use for food and clothing.
3. Riding a bike is good exercise.

Unfortunately, it seems the birth vessel would rather have a nice set of wheels than a well-fed child. I wonder if she’ll get to take her car to the grey bar hotel when she gets her room there? Probably not.

I cannot for the life of me understand why some people consider their own personal comforts to be more important than the welfare of their child(ren). I’D be starving and naked before I’d let any of my kids do without anything THEY needed.

It seems that Betts has posted the $15,000.00 bond set by the judge, and is currently not in custody. One of the articles linked above mentioned a husband, but no one seems to know where he is either. Perhaps Tricky Butts starved him to death and buried his naked body somewhere? That’s only conjecture on my part, though. However, if he doesn’t have a really good explanation about his whereabouts for the last few weeks, he probably needs to be brought up on charges as well.

Oh, and for the coup de grace? The spokesperson for the school district that employed Betts stated that she was not sure how the arrest would affect Betts’ employment status. WHAT!?!? She needs to be fired, you eejit! My brain hurts.

A big thank you to Durham Red, Tambra, HFlowers, Erin and Lori – who all sent in tips about this worthless breeder.

3-year-old tries to escape his life… 3 times before he gets help


Toddler wandered out of filthy apartment three times

The two ugly mugs you see staring back at you belong to George Howard and his main squeeze Lucy Johnson.  They are gracing us with their presence today because they have a tendency to crash out while leaving their children unattended.  One of their children despises his living conditions so much has tried to escape 3 times and at least once he’s been nekkid.  Nice!

It appears that on August 1st their son decided today would be the day…finally he’d escape and not be brought back.  He left behind his little brother, pledging to return to get him, no not really but the image of a 3 and 1-year-old plotting an escape from the shit parents they have been born to kind of makes me giggle.  Anyhow, he found his way to a nearby restaurant, where a police officer happened to be dining.  What Luck!

The officer took the little guy home and found an unlocked apartment and the 1-year-old little guy inside.  After announcing their presence several times with no response they began to clear the apartment.  They would find not one but both “parents” asleep in the back bed room.  Both Howard and Johnson said they were not aware their son has escaped or how long he’d been gone.  Here’s a suggestion for ya mom and dad… stay the fuck awake when your kids are awake… just sayin’.

The apartment was the usual filth hole we read about here, soiled clothes and empty beer bottles on the floor.  Police contact DCFS and left the children with their parents.  Um, excuse me… they left them there!  It gets better, when the caseworker showed up the NEXT day, she found the 3-year-old once again making a run for it and in the parking lot nekkid and barefoot and once again he was returned to his parents.  Hey professional adults, when a 3-year-old has enough sense to get the hell out, follow his lead and take him the fuck out.  How many failed escapes does he need to make before you get a hint?  Shit!

Ok, so a brief recap the little guy has tried to escape the filth and shit parents he has on August 1st and 2nd and was returned and left with his “parents.”

August 25th rolls around and…wait for it… the little makes a run for it AGAIN, he goes back to the same restaurant, this time he has on an adult t-shirt and no shoes.  When he was returned home AGAIN, Johnson answered the door and once AGAIN told police she and Howard had been sleeping.  Police believe the little guy made his escape this time through an open window in his room.  His room, I might add that was covered in human feces.  There were several dirty diapers on the floor, dried feces in the carpet and c*ck roaches.  Do we get it now?  The baby at 3-years-old wants the fuck out of there, by any means necessary!  Gawd Damn it, take him and his brother out!

Howard and Johnson were arrested and charged with child neglect.

DCF has taken temporary custody of the children.  The toddler was hospitalized with swollen legs and blisters on his feet.

These two mother fuckers are nasty ass pigs, but what is more disturbing than that is the fact that not once but twice trained professionals returned these children to these people.



Naked screaming woman slams infant to the ground

joaniebrownMother charged in Mount Vernon sidewalk assault on infant:

23-year-old Joanie Brown was arrested in Mount Vernon, NY after sge was found naked and screaming slamming her 5-month-old son against the sidewalk.

Bystanders were able to rescue the boy from her however at last report the baby has bleeding of the brain and a broken femur.

Brown was given a psych eval and is now being held in county lock up.

So I guess the question is what do you think make her go batshit crazy? Was she already crazier than a shit house rat or was this a drug induced episode? I’m leaning towards drugs.

Thanks to Marci for the tip.

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