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Breeder hides in trailer to avoid sentencing in baby sitter’s death

Ashley Jackson

Ashley Jackson

Woman Who Skipped Sentencing For Child Abuse Arrested:

Woman who missed sentencing in overdose death found in trailer:

24-year-old Ashley Jackson was supposed to be sentenced in the death of 12-year-old Serena Garrett. Jackson brought the girl to her home in Lincoln, Nebraska to baby sit her twin infants. Sounds like the responsible thing to do right? Well, Jackson brought Serena to her home sop Jackson could smoke meth with her friends. She also supplied Serena and her other guests with booze and painkillers. Apparently Jackson really didn’t grasp the concept of a baby sitter. Serena was not only sexually assaulted by a 20-year-old party goer but she died of an overdose of painkillers.

In December Jackson pleaded no contest to Serena’s death but when it came time to be sentenced Jackson allegedly no showed the hearing. Police found her last night hiding in a trailer (go figure) that was parked on the property of a construction equipment company.

Unfortunately Jackson is only looking at five years for Serena’s death. Back in the 1950s you could be eligible for the death penalty if you were a drug dealer and someone died from your drugs. We should never have stopped that practice.

Bad tweaker boyfriend didn’t Tickle this baby

Tickle and Schlund

Tickle and Schlund

Baby allegedly shaken: Pair faces charges:

22-year-old Trey Tickle of Kearney, Nebraska has been charged with felony child abuse for allegedly injuring his girlfriend’s infant daughter. After being airlifted to Omaha it was determined by doctors that the baby had head injuries consistent with shaken baby syndrome. Tickle’s story? The baby fell. Shocker right? Tickle allegedly claimed that the baby fell from her swing while he was vacuuming. Again another moron that thinks he knows more than doctors and professorial investigators. But wait there’s more.

The baby also tested positive not for just being in the presence of meth but also had previously ingested meth. The girl’s older brother (1 1/2 years) also tested positive for meth and weed.

In a shocking turn of events, shocking for this site anyway, the Breeder has actually been charged too. 21-year-old egg-donor Brittany Schlund has been charged with two counts of felony child abuse for putting her kids in a dangerous situation. Very rarely do we hear of the Breeder being charged as well so kudos to the prosecutors on this one.

Both kids have been placed in the custody of DHS. No word on how the injuries will affect the girl later in life. Hopefully she’ll live a fuller life than either of these two.

Thanks to Carlotta for the tip.

Even small towns have secrets, just ask Michelle Randall…

Michelle Randall
Mother accused of prostituting daughters

Woman accused of sex trafficking, more
Upland community reacts to child prostitution case
Columbus Man Arrested In Connection With Child Prostitution Case

The moon-faced skank you see above is Michelle Randall, 35, of Upland, Nebraska. Apparently she was hard up for some money, and decided to go into business for herself. Unfortunately, her ‘business’ was illegal, and her ’employees’ were her own daughters. Only they were not employees – they were forced to have sex with men for money. Yes, Randall was pimping out her daughters, who were 7 and 14 years old. I think I need to puke…again.

So far, seven men have been identified as rapists of the 14-year old, and three different men were allowed to rape the 7-year old. At least three arrests have already been made (four, if you count Randall), with others soon to follow (I hope). The town she lives in, Upland, has a population of only 179 people, and not one of them knew anything was going on. Lord, I hope not. If they knew and did nothing, they are as sick as the birth vessel.

She was arrested after local police were tipped off anonymously, and arranged a sting at a nearby hotel. Hosebeast (thanks, Madison!) had agreed to sell herself and her 14-year old to a ‘customer’ for $350.00. I cannot imagine anyone being horny enough to do the horizontal tango with the ‘mother’, but that’s what was reported in one of the articles.

In all, three girls were removed from the house, but no word about the relationship of the third child to the others, or whether she was abused as well. Randall is still in jail in lieu of $250,000.00 bond, and the men who have been arrested had bonds ranging from $25,000.00 to $75,000.00. At least two of them have already made bail. Pity. Randall is being charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree sexual assault and felony possession of child porn. The porn charges come from the pictures she had on her phone and computer. Naked pictures of her daughters were used to ‘advertise’ them to potential rapists. And I would be remiss if I did not mention that the ‘advertising’ of the girls was done on Craigslist. (You’re welcome, Trench) Randall could receive up to 90 years in prison for the current charges, but we all know that probably won’t happen.


Conspiracy?!? WTF?!? This waste of DNA should be charged with RAPE!!! She fed those kids to a bunch of sick perverts on multiple occasions, and she is as guilty as the men; actually she’s even more guilty than they are, because she should have protected her babies instead of abusing them. This is another one of those stories that I am really having a hard time with. My mind is simply stalled. I cannot fathom the depravity necessary to sell ANY child, let alone your own, to some pervert. I’d sooner chew my own arm off than allow anyone to hurt my kids. I mean, really…who in the blue depths of HELL wakes up one day, looks at her kids, and says, “I bet I could make some money sellin’ that!” *GAG*

My heart is broken for these girls, because I know what a hard road they have to travel from here on out. And no child should ever have to make a trip like that. As for the incubator, I hope she gets mistakenly sent to the men’s prison (she does look kinda masculine), and passed around among them for days. Or weeks. Or forever…

I found this one on my own, but I wish I hadn’t. I’m still nauseous. If anyone else sent in a tip that I don’t know about yet, thanks.

A Whole New Level of WTF?!?!

David Coleman

Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

Registered sex offenders make the best boyfriends, don’t they? After all, they’ve already proved that they know about sex. They’re so good at it, it got them arrested! Woo-hoo!

This story disgusts me on so many levels, I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll start with the baby. 6-month-old Javier was taken to the hospital Monday night with what were first described as first and second degree burns to more than 20 percent of his little body. Those burns have since been upgraded to third degree burns. Those are the kind that burn away both the inner and outer layers of skin, along with the hair follicles. And later require a skin graft to cover the area, since the person’s skin cannot re-grow on its own. Did I mention that the baby also had a broken leg and multiple bruises? The bruises were not all fresh – meaning they were inflicted over a period of time.

David Coleman, 29, of Bellevue, Nebraska, has been arrested, and is being held on a $500,000.00 bond. At least the judge in this one has some sense, for a change. In addition to a previous conviction for sexual assault on a child, this amazing guy has managed to engender the enmity of no less than four other grown WOMEN, who have all filed restraining orders against him – the most recent order was taken out last month. Apparently this guy is an equal opportunity offender, in that he doesn’t confine his violence to children. These restraining orders were all issued for violent behavior against the women who requested them. How did this RSO get access to the baby, you ask? Weeelllll… it seems that the egg donor was dating him, and thought that he would make a fine babysitter for her child while she went to work. This is where the WTF comes in on this one. In what far corner of the known universe is it a good idea to leave a helpless infant alone with a violent, convicted sex offender? Yeah, I can’t think of any either…

If the thought of a broken leg and third degree burns was not enough, there is this: Javier’s genitals were part of the affected area. Guys who read this – sorry for the sympathetic pain that information must have caused you: I’m not even a man, and that bit of info made me hurt. That poor baby! Can you imagine? Skin grafts? I’m not even going to go into detail about the treatment that has to be done to burned areas before the grafts can be applied, let’s just say that it is an extremely painful and lengthy process. So, what does our ‘babysitter of the year’ blame for the injuries? A heating pad. In one of the linked articles, a police lieutenant mentioned that the burns could be consistent with such a scenario, but in a later update the sheriff stated that the injuries were not consistent with the ‘story’ (re: lie) told by the vicious vermin. I should think not… I’ve never heard of a heating pad that jumped on a baby and broke it’s leg, nor one that caused bruises in varying stages of healing.

Now, let’s let the crap continue to roll downhill, shall we? On to the birth organism. 26-year-old Starr Manza has been ticketed for suspicion of child neglect. Ya think?!?!?! I think she should be charged with abuse as well, since she is the freakin’ genius who left the greatest gift she ever received in the hands of a known felon. It’s really too bad that terminal stupidity isn’t a natural contraceptive…we would have so many fewer cases on here if it were.

I hope that this guy spends the rest of his life in a tiny cell, but we all know that is not likely to happen. I’ll let the rest of you decide what alternative punishment would be even better, since I know you all have oodles of good ideas you are just dying to share.

Thanks for this tip go to Deena and Staci.

Drunk Breeder kills 4-year-old son in wreck

Accused Mom Turns Herself In:

A lot of times when I write up a DUI story we all have a laugh at the idiot who got behind the wheel drunk with their kids in the car but in those cases the child wasn’t hurt. In this story there will be no joking around.

In the middle of January 24-year-old Megan Douglas was driving along Highway 77 near Lyons, Nebraska when she crossed over the line and struck another car head on. Police say that she was driving in excess of 80 miles per hour when she struck the other car. Miraculously no one in the other vehicle was seriously hurt. Unfortunately Douglas’ 4-year-old son Zachery was ejected from the car and died on the scene.

Neither Douglas nor Zachary were wearing any kind of restraints. Police say that Douglas had a BAC of .216. While that doesn’t break the top 10 of our BAC Board a .216 is nothing to scoff it. That’s almost 3 times the legal limit which means she was pretty well shitfaced while driving with her son unrestrained in the car.

I hope those cans of Natty Ice or whatever it was you got hammered on were worth it since they cost you the life of your son.

She’s looking at 20 to life but what I think ‘they’ should do with her and all murderous drunk drivers is sell them to the car companies to be used as real crash test dummies. I’m sure they can get more realistic results that way.

Thanks to Erica for the tip.

More feces, more c*ckroaches…SSDD

Police: Newborn Found Living Amid Feces, Cockroaches

For those not familiar SSDD-Same Shit Different Day.  Seems that lately moms have been lax in their caretaking skills of their children letting them live amid feces and c*ckroaches.  This one has both, BONUS!

20-year-old Michelle Lucas of Omaha, Nebraska is accused of child neglect after her 2 1/2 week old infant was found living amid feces and c*ckroaches.  According to police, officers detected the odor of cat urine and rotten animal corpses upon arriving at her home.  Officers were there conducting a well-being check after a tip received through the Child Abuse Hotline.

The infant was in the care of grandparents at the time.  When Michelle Lucas arrived on the scene she was cited with child neglect.  Officers observed several piles of cat feces and c*ckroaches throughout the home and there was no walking or sitting space.  They also found no dishes at the home only plastic cups half full of liquid and bugs.  They reported that the conditions were not liveable for anyone, let alone an infant. 

An anonymous friend of Lucas has spent time in the house, she did not know that Lucas has been charged with child neglect.  “She is a good mom, she takes care of herself” the friend said.  Yeah and it sounds like that’s about ALL she takes care of.

The child has been released to a case worker.  Six cats were sent to the humane society.  The baby’s grandmother told news reporters that Lucas was visiting her daughter in state care.  The family hopes the baby will be returned home.  The child’s grandfather faces several tickets as well for having too many cats in the home and no pet licenses.

Babies have weak immune systems, to live in this kind of filth cannot be good for them.  It sounds like not only the mother but the grandparents really need to clean up their act if they hope to have this child back in their care. 

Thanks to Staci for the tip!!!

Why the long face, 3 out of 4 isn't bad.

Adrienne Elliott

Baby left in car. mother and grandmother arrested

This horse faced hose-beast cared more about the 3 other children with her then her own 11 month old daughter. Apparently Grandbreeder Cynthia, felt the same way. There is a happy ending though.

Adrienne Elliot 26 of Nebraska had some things to do. The children’s grandbreeder came along with them. They parked their SUV at the Big K parking lot , took 3 children out and left behind Adrienne’s 11 month old little girl in her car seat. It was a sweltering 95 degree’s that day.

By the way, since when is an SUV a fucking clown car? How many kids can safely fit into one along with 2 adults? Obviously safety wasn’t a huge concern that day.

Someone heard the poor little girl crying in the car, she was flushed and lethargic; they called the police, bashed the windows in and saved the little girl. The little girl was sent to the hospital and is expected to survive. She will also be placed in foster care.

Frankly I would have done more damage to the car then just break windows.

Back to Breeder and Grandbreeder. The police asked an associate to the Big K store to make an announcement but no one responded to it. 12 minutes later Adrienne Elliot and Cynthia Williams (grandbreeder) came waltzing back to the car with the other children in tow. Adrienne was cited for child neglect while Cynthia was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

Did anyone even think to check if all the children had car seats and seat belts available?

I think Cynthia AND Adrienne are both pieces of shit for leaving an 11 month old in a hot car. It wasn’t a mistake; the little girl was not forgotten. They just could not be bothered with taking her with them for whatever worthless reason.

The fact that the baby could have died was unimportant to them.

Spring has sprung; the temperatures will only rise from now until September. I can not help but to look in a car when I notice a car seat just to make sure a baby is not in it (and yes I am also concerned about the animals people tend to leave in cars on hot days). I suppose it’s not an odd thing to do considering creatures like these two are still out reproducing and raising kids.


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for thewrite-up.**

Neb. Breeder accused of incest

Woman accused of having sex with young son:

Dad of Neb. teen thought to be incest victim of mother says stepmom was 1st to suspect assault:

An unidentified 41-year-old woman from Fort Calhoun, Nebraska has been charged with having sex with her now 15-year-old son while he was in 7th and 8th grade.

The victim told police that his mother was addicted to prescription drugs when the abuse took place.

Last year the woman pleaded no contest to trying to illegally fill 468 different prescriptions of Ambien. I knew that shit made you do funky things but I didn’t know people became addicted to it. I bet that will be the defense they try to use to.

The boy is now living with his father and seems to be doing better however one of the articles states that his half brother, the woman’s other son, is trying to get him to change his story.

I wonder if he doth protest too much.

Father of Staton 9 now expecting twins with new squeeze

Omaha Father Who Ditched Nine Kids Via Safe Haven Law Has Twins on the Way:

You remember the Staton 9 don’t you? In case you don’t they were the 9 children dropped of in Nebraska when they had their wacky safe haven law. At the trime their father dropped them off at a safe haven because his wife had passed away and claimed that he could no longer care for his children.

Well now he’s expecting twins with his new girlfriend. I guess this clown never heard of a condom, or personal responsibility.

Drunk biker crashes with daughter on board

Police: Drunken Motorcyclist Riding With Daughter Crashes:

Juan Ibarra was arrested in Omaha, Nebraska after he turned his motorcycle (that means he fell over while riding). Turns out that Ibarra was allegedly 4 times the legal limit and his 9-year-old daughter was on the bike with him. And one of the charges filed against him was for having an open container. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I didn’t even know that was possible on a motorcycle. The girl was injured but no word on the extent of her injuries.

I’m not a biker so I wouldn’t know but it seems 9 is a little young to be riding in the back of bike.

Thanks to Calvena for the tip.

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