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Michelle Nguyen jailed for leaving baby to die in hot car

Michelle Nyugen, 21, leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court last year. (AAP)

Nothing can save you now, lazy druggy tw*t

Melbourne mum jailed for baby car death

Melb mum to be jailed over car baby death

Michelle Nguyen (21) from Melbourne, VIC, was too lazy to bring her sleeping baby girl Thy Tran (10 months) inside from the car. So she left her there, with the good intentions of “checking up on her”. Well, we all know what the road to hell is paved with, don’t we? Yes, neglectful Nguyen fell asleep and left little Thy to die a slow and uncomfortable death from heat exhaustion and hyperthermia.

When the stupid egg donor finally called paramedics for her baby, they found her body temperature was around 41.5C (106.7F). The normal body temperature is 37C. This incident occurred in November, on a warm spring day (which would’ve been a hot day, because we don’t do mild weather in Australia!)

Michelle, who surprise, surprise is a heroin addict had done this before. The night before Thy died, neighbours found her locked in the car crying, and knocked on Michelle’s door. She had been in there for an hour and a half before the neighbours found her. It was her usual practice to leave the baby in the car to sleep, despite countless warnings from family, friends, neighbours and authorities not to do it.

Her bottom-feeding lawyer told the court that Michelle was a heroin addict who had two young kids and was raising them by herself without any support, stable accommodation blah blah blah. Oh, cry me a river, dickface. If she truly cared about her kids, she would’ve quit riding the white horse and sought help from the Salvos or Vinnies or whoever to find work and get stable accommodation. When you have kids, it’s no longer “me, me, me”. Michelle’s selfishness and incompetence cost her her baby girl’s life. Nothing can excuse her actions.

The worthless junkie birth dispenser has been sentenced to just 4 years jail for her act of dumbfuckery. She will only serve 9 months’ of her sentence before she’s eligible for parole. The grubby lawyer suggested that she not go to jail because she didn’t mean to kill her baby and that putting them in the car was the best way to get them to sleep. Yeah, get them to sleep…permanently!! How did this walking crock of shit get through life? Or even law school for that matter? The prosecutor agreed to a shorter than usual minimum term because it was an “accident”. So gettting high as a kite off heroin, making your kids sleep in the car and then forgetting about them is an “accident” now? I hope the egg-donor “accidentally” overdoses in a piss-filled laneway somewhere. Or gets locked in a hot box that you see in prison movies and is “accidentally” forgotten about.

Rest in Peace, little Thy Tran

Brandy Blair Granted a New Trial for Son's Death by Electrocution

brandy-blair-2.jpgBrandy Blair of Lincoln, Nebraska was sentenced to 30-to-40 years in prison after her 22-month-old son, Christian Reifler, accidentally electrocuted himself after being left alone in a bedroom for 36 hours.

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that the trail court’s refusal to give the jury instruction that included the offense of negligent child abuse entitled Blair to a new trial.

On a Monday, Blair fed her son, then put him in the room where he was later found dead. Blair then left and went to a neighbor’s house to smoke meth. She was gone all day Tuesday. Blair came home and checked on her son on Wednesday morning. Seven hours later she visited Lincoln’s Pawnee Lake without checking on Christian. Blair asked her brother and another person living at her home to watch the boy Wednesday evening. When they went to the room to feed him at 5:30 p.m., he was dead. The autopsy later declared that Christian died when the flow of electricity stopped his heart after he inserted a staple into an outlet. He was also severely dehydrated and malnourished.

Rules are rules, so I understand the court’s decision. Yet, the expense of another trial is a waste of taxpayer funds. Even with the introduction of the offense of negligent child abuse in a new trail, I hope those good Huskers will award Blair with another sentence of 30-40 years in prison.

And maybe add a few more years just for the hell of it.

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