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NV father kills son, possibly for being gay

NV father kills son, possibly for being gay

Wendell Melton

In Henderson, Nevada, 53-year-old Wendell Melton is accused of allegedly shooting and killing his 14-year-old son, Giovanni Melton. Giovanni was openly gay, and by most accounts was well-liked by his friends and classmate. Many of the headlines on this story are saying that Wendell Melton killed Giovanni because he was gay, however, it’s not that clear just yet. That’s not to say that Wendell Melton isn’t a Grade-A monster.

The reason Giovanni’s sexual orientation has been making headlines is because Giovanni’s foster mother said Wendell Melton hated his son for being gay. According to the foster mother, Wendell Melton once pulled a gun on his son after finding Giovanni with his boyfriend. The foster mother believes that Wendell Melton “would rather have a dead son than a gay son.” Wendell Melton claims he shot his son in self-defense, however, police have said Wendell Melton changed his story several times. Police also think Wendell Melton drew his weapon before he was in any alleged danger.

So as of right now, the motive in the shooting is not 100% conclusive, but for the sake of argument let’s say Giovanni was shot by his father for being gay. I am close in age to Wendell Melton. There was a time when I was much younger when I was a legitimate homophobe. As I gained more experience in the world and experienced different cultures and lifestyles I realized something. How does someone being gay affect you? It doesn’t, unless you’re a close-minded bigot. To all the men who feel the need to put up some kind of super macho persona, having a gay son doesn’t make you any less of a man. As a matter of fact, if you have gay children and accept them, that makes you more of a man and more of a father.

If you’re so inclined, there is a GoFundMe to help Giovanni’s brother who Giovanni took care of.

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Birth Dispenser Permits Live-in Dildo to Harm Baby

Mother arrested in abuse of infant daughter 

Sorry, finally got a moment here to get this one the attention it deserves – life tends to get crazy this time of the year.

Out of Nevada, we have a birth dispenser who spits on the very basic and sacred duty of a mother to the extent that calling her one would be a slap in the face to every mother out there.  Since I’m not keen on insulting good mothers (and the beat down that would commence on doing so) – Allisha Haltom’s a birth dispenser, a she-beast; but obviously not a bitch for she doesn’t have a chutzpah for it.

Well, this she-beast’s crime is to leave her three month old baby daughter in the care of the man who she KNEW would harm the little one. Yeah, see why I can’t call her that? A real mother wouldn’t even think of Jonathan Flagg an option – even if the brute was the little one’s sperm donor.  When law enforcement came for her on October 29, she admitted to use heroin which was also found in a balloon in her sweatshirt. Balloon? Was Haltom going to stuff it up in an orifice for later use in the big house?

Well, Haltom knew it was coming – and Flagg didn’t miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. The little helpless baby suffered two skull fractures, a broken leg and bite marks from Flagg. This asshole must be so manly he’s got a special set of tweezers to find his outside reproduction organs – he claims the injuries the little girl got from falling off sofa to the non-carpeted floor.  Really think that’s feasible? Two feet for three fractures with the floor chomping on her to boot – Flagg got that ocean front property in Arizona for sure.

The neighbor who was an off duty firefighter/paramedic was called for help and the Sheriff’s deputy, John George says Flagg was calm like it was a day of smooth sailing while the baby cried in deep distress.  The deputy was there for unrelated case, and when George got permission to search the residence he found 20 needles, drug paraphernalia, and weed. According the deputies the sperm donor was acting like he was under the influence of a controlled substance – Flagg helped them out by telling them he used meth the day before.

Why the hell couldn’t he help his own daughter by not hurting her?  It was only at the hospitable did Flagg noticeably began to get agitated with yo-yo bursts of calmness and getting all worked up, he even took responsibility for his methardess by saying,” ‘it happened on his watch’ and while she was ‘under his care’.”  Guess Flagg was hearing the music he wrote finally and it was starting to be dancing time.

Haltom’s living dildo has a record; most noteworthy is being sentenced in 2004 for two counts gross misdemeanor for child abuse and neglect. The victim was a six-month old baby boy.  Damn, Flagg’s the version of ‘hit-rock-bottom-and-continues-to-dig’ pussy man. 

So Haltom’s in the slammer with a bail of $36,257 bucks for letting Flagg watch the poor angel. I don’t understand Haltom at all, it’s like giving a known thief one’s bank account info and thinking they won’t act on their devious nature – can’t be surprised when the account’s cleaned out when one’s turned around now, hmm?

To quote from the movie Dune, ‘Knowing where the trap is – that’s the first step in evading it.’ The she-beast didn’t care that she placed her own daughter in that trap and she paid for Haltom’s apathy. The baby’s with Child Protective Services and the she-beast is held responsible.



I sat on it a tad too long – mea culpa – I felt I should at least tie in the update.

Flagg’s denying the abuse – that floor was really vicious. Sure, why own up to it when the baby’s injuries are survivable? Curiously Flagg’s lawyer’s the one who represented the mother of the six-month old baby boy in the parental rights case and that Gamble was the judge who ruled on that case too back in 2004.

The prosecutor didn’t know how the 2004 case would influence the current charges against Flagg, but knowing what itty-bitty bit of human nature I do know, it’ll be there. I think I hear Karma’s backswing starting here…

On the she-beast: She’s charged for felony child abuse, neglect or endangerment causing substantial bodily harm. Also with that charge is stating how unworthy she is to be called a mother (not verbatim, granted, but if one’s unable to care or protect the little miracle one gave birth to and didn’t care to seek out a safe shelter/adoption for those who can then don’t think of one being a mother.)

**Thanks to Eccentric Lady for the write-up.**



Another drunk Breeder lets his kid drive

Reno police: Intoxicated man arrested after letting son, 11, drive car:

Not a lot of detail on this one but police in Reno, Nevada arrested Carl Richard Buchanan for allegedly being drunk while letting his 11-year-old son drive him home. Luckily no one was hurt.

To be honest the real reason I wanted to post this story was because of the mugshot and so I could give one of my infamous panty bunching statements.

Soul patches are for douchebags.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Woman drives drunk with kid in car near Reno

NHP: Alleged DUI driver leads NHP on chase into Sun Valley with child in minivan:

That ravishing beauty over there is 41-year-old Angelica Godinez of Antioch, California. She has the distinction of being recently arrested in the Reno, Nevada area for leading police on a chase, in a minivan, while intoxicated, here it comes….wait for it…with a 10-year-old child in the van.

Also in the vehicle were an adult female and the adult female’s 10-year-old daughter. The child was not the daughter of Godinez.

The Nevada Highway patrol says she sped by past officers who had stopped another car and almost clipped them.

No word on her BAC so we can not adds her to the board just yet.

According to the article this is common place for this area of Reno and Godinez was the 6th person stopped for drugs or alcohol with a child in the car.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Reno idiot Breeder with lame excuse

gespinosaDetectives: Reno father beat child unconscious, then claimed the child fell from bed:

Don’t get ahead of me just yet.

Anyway that’s 19-year-old Gerardo Espinosa of Reno, Nevada. He’s accused of beating his 2-year-old son (do the math) into unconsciousness.

At the hospital this moron tried using the ‘he fell out of bed’ excuse. That’s right up there with ‘she walked into a door’ and ‘she said she was 18’.

I hate to keep repeating myself but I’ll keep saying it until I don’t have to say it anymore.

To all the scumbag child abusers out there. You are not smarter than the police and you sure as hell aren’t smarter than the doctors and medical staff. So instead of having to lie to the police and hospital how about not beating your kids. Ever think of that ya dumbasses?

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

Bad Las Vegas Boyfriend bound and gagged toddlers

Police: Children Bound, Gagged By Mother’s Boyfriend:

Kids bound, gagged: Shocking arrest report details:

The dude over there who looks like half of the stoners I went to high school with is 20-year-old Jonathan Weaver of Las Vegas, Nevada. As is usually the case with Bad Boyfriends Weaver had a unique way of baby sitting his girlfriend’s 1 and 2-year-old children. He allegedly thought it would be a good idea if he left them in the garage, strapped in their car seats, tied together with rope, gags in their mouths and one report even says they were hooded. So basically he treated his girlfriend’s babies like they were inmates at Abu Ghraib.

It was a passer by that heard the kids in the garage and called police.

So why did Weaver do all this? According to police he said he was angry about baby sitting and wanted to go to a baseball game.

No word on how old the girlfriend is or where she was but the kids have been placed back with her.

If he likes baseball so much they should hand out Louisville Sluggers to his new roomies.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Nevada Breeders convicted for sex abuse

Mother pleads guilty in Douglas County to helping then-husband exploit their daughters:

Rocky Raccoon over there is 32-year-old Stacy Thoman. She recently pleaded guilty to charges of assisting her then husband sexually abuse and exploit their children. Said husband, 35-year-old Kevan Thoman, was recently sentenced to life plus 20.

The abuse began in 2000 when their daughters were 6 and 3. They are now 12 and 15. I couldn’t find an article that detailed the kind of abuse they had to endure but it must have been really bad because the oldest girl has obviously been indoctrinated to whatever depraved lifestyle they were teaching their kids.

Washoe County Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ann Partin read a letter the older daughter wrote last fall asking to be reunited with her father.

“Did I say I was in danger?” the girl wrote. “I had many chances to leave. In four years, when I am 18, what will you do to stop me from seeing my father?

“I do see the error of my father’s ways, but this is no business of the government. I grew up way too fast, but it was good for me. My father is a proud Libertarian. I will follow his example,” she wrote. “I am adult enough to know what I want. I could have worked things out for myself.”

I don’t mean to get political here but the last time I did any research on the Libertarian party I don’t think sexually abusing your children was anywhere in their platform.

Hopefully this girl can get some help.

Thanks to Christina for the tip.

3-year-old dies from Methadone O.D.

Sparks child died from methadone, police said; mother arrested:

3-year-old Jessika Toledo Haberle of Sparks, Nevada died on February 23rd. Paramedics were called to the house for Jessika being unresponsive. She died a few hours later.

Yesterday her birth organism, Tracie Shuler, was arrested for her death. The autopsy showed that Jessika died from a Methadone overdose. Haberle had been prescribed Methadone for an unknown reason.

When police searched the house after Jessika’s death they found Methadone bottles and one had the child proof cap removed. Police also said that the house was filthy and had drug paraphernalia.

Jessika’s father and their roommate also lived in the home.

Could this story be any more trashtastic?

Why yes it could by checking out her mugshot.

Thanks to AM for the tip.

Father, Too Drunk to Drive, Lets Son Take Wheel

Steering wheelVia blogger Sassy (whose blog was pointed out to me by Karen Rani, who’s two tips shy of getting her own login on the system) pointed out this story of Alfredo Martinez of Reno, Nevada, who decided one night that he was too drunk to drive. So he did what any rational parent would do: put his 7-year-old son in the driver’s seat. Martinez told police that, since he was too drunk to drive himself, he figured he’d take the opportunity to teach his pre-teen son how to handle a three-ton vehicle. Yep…while drunk. (Isn’t that how your dad taught you to drive?)

Miraculously, no one was injured or killed. The police booked Martinez for felony child endangerment, and took the boy home to his mom. Martinez should have taken a cue from Danielle Tozer, the mom who was too drunk to drive, and fell asleep in the car with her baby. Instead, he nearly followed in the footsteps of Thomas Graham Towle, whose drunken decision to put his son at the wheel cost six young people their lives. God, it’s depressing how the same tragedies tend to repeat themselves over and over and over and…

Mother, Father Convicted of Child Abuse for Starving Baby to Death

Elko, NevadaLittle Monica Uribe was 7 months old when she died. She weighed a mere eight and a half pounds – a size typical of newborns. Procecutors in Elko, Nevvada jumped into action and charged both parents, Salvana Maria Fernandez and Florencio Carlos Uribe, both 22 years old, with first degree murder and felony child abuse. The jury in Fernandez’ cases didn’t agree that she intentionally meant to kill her daughter; they found her not guilty of murder, but threw the book at her for child abuse. The jury also found her baby’s father guilty of the same charge.

The last of the sentences came down this week. Both parents received a 20-year sentence, with the possibility of parole in eight years. Personally, I’ll be chanting “ONE MORE YEAR” every time these two come up for parole. There is no excuse for a child starving to death under your care.

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