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Homophobic hag allows daughter to be raped, films it

Anti-gay activist found guilty of filming child porn

Anti-Gay Zealot Guilty of Child Pornography After Videotaping 14-Year-Old Daughter Having Sex

Anti-gay lawyer Lisa Biron, 43, faces 25 years in prison for forcing her 14-year-old daughter to have sex with two men.

Intolerant and incestuous hag

I had to save this until I got back from work. I cannot get my head around it. Firstly I am disgusted and saddened that “anti-gay” activism exists. I was brought up to be tolerant of others’ differences. I have many gay friends who are awesome and beautiful, inside and out. My neighbours growing up were a transgender couple who were the nicest people. I seriously cannot believe that some people cannot appreciate others for who they are, and are full of so much vitriol and hatred for their fellow humans.

Lisa Biron (43) of Manchester, New Hampshire, is an intolerant homophobe and a religious nutjob. She is also a child molester. She got her 14 year old virgin daughter drunk and filmed her being raped by two men. She also filmed herself sexually assaulting her OWN DAUGHTER!! Argh!! She also took another teenage girl to Canada for the purpose of making more films. She has been found guilty of child pornography after the jury deliberated for all of less than one hour, and now faces a minimum sentence of 25 years – 10 years for the transportation charge and 15 years per child exploitation charge, of which there is 8. Fuck yeah!! Now to find the two perverts who raped her and charge them with rape, sexual assault and child porn…

Wanna know the real kicker? Biron (or should I say Bigot) has been working with a virulently anti-gay Christian right organisation which actively demonises the LGBTI community by making up stupid bullshit like how homosexuality and pedophilia are linked, and that gays take away freedom of speech. Bigot just proved that it’s actually homophobia that’s linked with pedophilia, and that deep down inside, she has lesbian tendencies. But she’s not one of the people she dehumanises. You know why? Gay people would never molest their own children, gay people do not advocate rape, gay people are good parents. Bigot hates them so much because she wants to be one of them, but never can become part of their community. She wants them to be like her instead.

Bigot claimed on her Facebook page (which has been shut down) that her favourite book was the bible and that she worked with the “Alliance Defending Freedom”, the aforementioned homophobic, religious whackjob organisation. The ADF have since removed any mention of her working with them and deletes any comments mentioning her on their website. They are ashamed of her. Bigot has nowhere to go but the slammer, where Big Bertha and her lackeys will be waiting with open arms and open legs. Although I don’t think Bigot is pretty enough to be Bertha’s bitch. They might just shank her with a sharpened crucifix instead.

I think Bigot’s daughter was coming out as a lesbian and Bigot didn’t like that, so she tried to “convert” her by having men rape her. I don’t know why Bigot sexually assaulted her own daughter, it makes no sense. Maybe she wanted to see if her daughter still liked women. Maybe Bigot wanted a lesbian experience. Who knows, I really don’t want to delve into her sick and twisted mind.




Camden Hughes gets Justice!

Texas mom pleads guilty in death of son 

Some of you, if not all of you, will remember the story Cynical Me wrote about Camden Hughes.  6-year-old Camden’s body was found on May 14th inMaine and led to a nationwide effort to identify his body and locate his killer.

I can assume that you have realized if it was featured here the killer was one or both of his parents.  In Camden’s case it was his mother, Julianne McCrery (42).

On November 4th, Julianne pleaded guilty to second-degree murder per her plea agreement with prosecution.

According to the prosecution Julianne smothered Camden with motel room pillows after drugging him up with Nyquil.  Camden would fight for his little life, a struggle that lasted “about three minutes.”  She then wrapped his little body a green blanket, drove from New Hampshire to Maine and dumped his body on the side of a dirt road.

She will return to court on January 13, 2012 for sentencing and is expected to get 45 years to life in prison.

Thanks to Marcy for the update.

  Now you can Rest In Peace, Camden. 


Bad Breeder Shoplifts Baby Items, LEAVES BABY BEHIND!

NH Man Accused of Leaving Baby Behind

Man shoplifts, Leaves Child behind during escape

Family Defends Somersworth Man accused of stealing baby items, leaving baby behind

Shoplifting Dad

Yeah this one’s one for the record books.  Shoplifting Dad up there, Matthew Sordiff age 21 of Somersworth, NH and his baby’s mama Brianne Baird went to the store on Monday for baby items that they had no intention of paying for.  Apparently Baird gave the items to Sordiff to put in the diaper bag.  An employee of the store followed Sordiff as he continued out.  At that point Sordiff removed his three-month-old daughter from her stroller and placed her in a carseat on the ground before fleeing the scene.  The items they were shoplifting?  Baby formula and wipes, about $25 worth.  Both Sordiff and Baird were arrested but Baird has been released.  Sordiff remains in jail on $1000 cash bail.  Sordiff told police he “panicked” when he was approached by the store employee. 

Sordiff’s mother, Carla Bickford, said her son got scared because he thought he had warrants which he had never taken care of.  The police say that Sordiff has a prior failure to appear as well as a conviction for strangulation out of Middletown, Conn.  Bickford defended her son on Tuesday saying her son is “a very good father” expressing concern for his well being as she said that he suffers from psychological disorders for which he needs medication.

The baby is now in the care of her grandmother.

Sounds like a real winner dad there.  There are programs out there to help pay for formula and as for the wipes, you can use a good old washcloth just as well for wiping a baby’s bottom if you don’t have the money for wipes.  Both of these parents put their child in jeopardy when they decided to take her shoplifting with them.  I’ve seen it before, when I worked as a cashier we had a “family” that often came into the store with a filthy double stroller and filthy kids inside that I observed on more than one occasion trying to shoplift but they would put the items back once they saw that we were watching them.  Finally one night they thought we weren’t watching and we were able to get them.  Shoplifting is not the answer folks! 

Thanks to Lisa-Marie for the tip!!!


Maine Woman Arrested in New Hampshire after leaving baby in car

Infant left in car, mom faces 1 charge

That’s the face of Renee Ramsey age 32 from Wells, Maine who left her six month old infant in her locked car on August 6th while she went shopping in New Hampshire.  Police say that the temperature in the car was 117 degrees when they broke the window and THANKFULLY got the baby out of the car.  Ramsey arrived back at the car as they were rescuing her baby and according to reports seemed very distraught.  WELL OF COURSE!  That much sets her aside from some of the parents we see here on BB that have left their children in the car but it still doesn’t make it better.  The infant was treated at the hospital and later released to the father.  Renee faces a charge of endangering the welfare of a child. 

Now if you’ll allow me to get up on my soapbox for a moment.  For 14 years I lived in Idaho where the temperatures soar well over 100 degrees on a daily basis in the summer months.  I can’t tell you how many times the news featured a story about a “distracted” new parent who left their child in the car because “they forgot about the baby” and in most cases the child died.  Now in most of those cases because the parents had “honestly made a mistake” and had lost a child there were no charges filed.  Now I’m not saying that those parents haven’t paid dearly with the loss of a child but these stories show up on the news all the time.  Perhaps more parents should invest in an alarm system that tells them when the child is still in the car.  Yes they are costly but if you ask me, priceless when compared to the the cost of losing a child.  I had two of these systems when my twins were young because I was totally afraid of leaving one or both of them in the car since I had an older child and let’s face it when you have more than one child to look after it’s easy to get distracted. 

Thanks to Jayme for the tip!!!

Botched Murder/Suicide or Just Plain Murder?

Texas Mom Arrested

Mother Charged in Death of Boy

Mother Called School Saying Son Was Sick After Death

School Mourning Death

McCrery Threatens Suicide



Julianne "Juli" McCrery



A blonde haired, blue eyed little boy was found along a dirt road in Maine.  There wasn’t a missing persons report matching his description.  No one knew he was 6 year old Camden Pierce Hughes until 4 days later…

Author, school bus driver, cement mixer, auto parts deliverer, prostitute, drug dealer all known occupations of 42 year old Julianne McCrery.  According to family and friends she’s also struggled with depression, mood swings, and drug addiction.  All of them swear she would never do anything to hurt her child but she has attempted suicide before.  She was, according to anyone that knew her, a “loving, adoring, doting mother”.  They maintain that this had to be an accident or someone else killed little Camden.  They’ve went so far as to say, “Maybe she accidentally overdosed him on cough medicine.”

Of course that was before the autopsy reported the cause of death as asphyxiation…

Authorities released a computer generated image of Camden, a picture of his new Lightning McQueen shoes, and the description of the truck while trying to identify him.  A friend of bio-bitch saw the image and contacted authorities identifying him and authorities were tipped off when someone recognized the truck at a rest stop.

When troopers arrived at the rest stop a female trooper asked McCrery if she needed assistance.  Her response:  “I killed my son.  I want to kill myself.”

This bitch drove from Texas to New Hampshire where she killed Camden.  Then she drove just over the Maine border dumped his body on the side of a dirt road and was finally caught at a rest stop in Massachusetts where she was sitting and reading the Bible!!

She continued to call Camden’s school and report him as sick with possible appendicitis!  The last time was the day she was arrested and she told them he was feeling better and would probably be back the following week.

Approximately 2 weeks before this she quit her job delivering auto parts.  She told her employer that her truck was broke down and she couldn’t drive it.  She made it a long way in a truck that wouldn’t run!!

That is why I find myself questioning why in the hell she’s been charged with 2nd degree murder instead of premeditated murder?!?  Whether this was a case of a murder/suicide that the selfish, cowardly c*** didn’t finish or flat out murder it was premeditated!!  She planned it!

Out of all the murder/suicides I’ve read about and/or written up on BB, this one is driving me batty!  Why in the hell would this freak of fucking nature drive halfway across the country to kill her child and then herself?!?

She spoke to her mother daily on the phone.  She talked with her ex-boyfriend after she killed that beautiful little boy, not once did anyone think anything was wrong!  Her mother even said when she spoke with her the day before she was arrested she was in “fine spirits”.  When asked about Camden she said he still had a bad cough.  Both thought she was at home in Irving, Texas.  She never mentioned traveling or sight seeing.  Why on earth would she drive all the way to New Hampshire to commit the act unless she was never planning on killing herself?!?  She had ample opportunity to kill herself if that was her intent!  4 days!!!  If that was her plan she wouldn’t have been sitting at a rest stop!  People who actually want to commit suicide succeed!!


This write up has turned into one big rant.  Well, for now, the rant is over.  I want to let you all know a little more about Camden.


Camden was an adorable, loving little boy.  He was highly intelligent.  He was in the gifted and talented program at his school.  He was going to the first grade next year and reading at almost a 3rd grade level.  He loved reading to his class and the kids would gather around him and listen to every word.  Camden was quick to finish his assignments and then he would help the other students finish theirs.

“Camden was a very sweet boy,’’ said Whitney Bruno, Camden’s teacher.  “He was a typical 6-year-old boy, full of energy and full of life. He had lots of friends in class, and he came in every morning with a smile on his face and a very cute green Ninja Turtle backpack.’’

Brenda Bingham the school’s principle said, “He had an angelic face, the biggest, just gorgeous blue eyes, and a little grin that told me, here comes trouble.  He was a little personality that you saw and thought, ‘That’s our future,’ because he was a bright young man and you saw so much potential in him.”

His teacher, looking in a folder of some of Camden’s work came across a cut-out butterfly he made.  When its wings are open, the message says, “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day.”


My heart breaks for all the family and friends that are missing their “blue-eyed angel” tonight…



R.I.P. Camden You deserved so much more!!


Thanks for the tip go to Kimberly, Dawn, Jennifer, Emilie, and Rose.




Breeders present phony evidence as to why girl's brain is bleeding

Couple Accused Of Telling Toddler To Hurt Herself:

22-year-old Jason Longley of Acworth, New Hampshire and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Laura Sullivan, took his 2-year-old daughter to the hospital. They thought the girl was having seizures but it turns out she had bleeding of the brain.

Of course this called in the authorities to investigate any possible abuse. When the police got there Sullivan is said to have presented a videotape showing the 2-year-old hitting herself. However police say you can hear Sullivan telling the girl to hit herself.

It turns out that allegedly there was no abuse as the child is believed to have fallen off of a chair but the pair have been charged with falsifying evidence. Police are still investigating.

But how stupid are they to just conveniently happen to have ‘evidence’ on them at the time that police arrived? And who the crap still has blank VHS tapes? Or did they record over a VHS copy of Showgirls?

Thanks to Jill for the tip.

Butts Found in a Snowbank

Article1, Article2

Kathleen Butts picked up her kids from daycare on Nov 10, 2009, at 5:15, but she never made it out of the parking lot with them. She did however, manage to find her way into a nearby snowbank, which is where a maintenance worker found her at 7PM. Her two children, 2 and 4 years old, strapped into the car, and had been sitting there for an hour and a half, with the door wide open. Both were cold, and no doubt scared, but after a quick trip to the hospital they were released to other family members, and both of them are doing fine.

It’s a good thing that the maintenance worker found her, or those children could have frozen to death. This happened in New Hampshire, and it was 30 degrees outside.

Butts admitted to drinking before going to get her kids, and is being charged with aggravated DWI, and child endangerment. That said, I have another bone to pick……If Butts was so drunk when she picked up her kids from daycare that she passed out in a snowbank outside, somebody at the daycare had to have noticed. Why in blue blazes was she allowed to take the children from the facility in that condition? Were the workers THAT eager to clock out that they would let a couple of kids go with a drunk? And how is it that none of the workers noticed the car, with it’s door open, when they left for the day? I think the daycare needs to be investigated as well. They are guilty of endangerment just as surely as the mother is. At the very least, the employees need a class or two on how to keep kids safe from idiot parents who show up schnozzled.

Thanks to jakes_daddy for the tip.

3-year-old left in car so man could see movie

Dad left 3-year-old in car while going to movies, say police:

Police in Newington, New Hampshire arrested 37-year-old Christopher Lunny for allegedly leaving his 3-year-old son in the car while he went to see a movie. Luckily the child was unharmed.

I couldn’t find exactly what movie Lunny sacrificed the safety of his child to go see but I’m sure it was some type of cinematic masterpiece like Crank 2 of Fast and The Furious 4.

Thanks to Teri for the tip.

Texas woman arrested for truck stop romp while kid watched

Mom Endangered Child While Having Truck Stop Sex for Free Ride, Cops Say:

A drunk 34-year-old Crystal Walden of Hurst, Texas, was arrested after having sex with a truck driver at a Portsmouth, NH truck stop for a ride to Texas. Her 10-year-old son was in the truck with them while they bumped uglies. Did I mention the fact that the kid had no coat or shoes in New Hampshire in January.

What really kills me is that the truck driver had no problem with this.

Thanks to Noshitsherlock for the tip.

New Hampshire dads push sons to fight

Cops say dads pushed fights:

Police in Derry, New Hampshire have arrested two so-called dads in unrelated incidents but have a recurring theme.

35-year-old Robert Dearborn arranged a fight between his son and another kid and urged his son to smash the other kid’s head on the pavement then stomp on it.

46-year-old George Primeau drove his son to another kid’s house and told his son to call out the other kid for a fight and told him to knock the other kid out.

It’s one thing to teach your kids how to defend themselves but driving your kids to fight and egging them on to injure another kid is borderline barbarism.

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