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Happy Meals for Unhappy Kids

Happy Meals for Unhappy Kids

The New Mexico Children, Families and Youth Department has announced a pilot program designed to provide McDonald’s Happy Meals for kids newly placed in state custody.

Cabinet Secretary Monique Jacobson knew kids were often hungry when removed from their homes and awaiting placement in a foster home. McDonald’s restaurants in New Mexico were approached about providing meal cards to CFYD so kids could have a meal they were familiar with that also comforted them during this stressful wait time. The amazing thing about this pilot program (which began in August and runs through December) is that every single McDonald’s in New Mexico (over 100) agreed to participate in supplying each CFYD office with meal cards. When’s the last time you remember an entire state’s worth of any company agreeing with their state government on something? Never? Me neither. So, that’s good.

The sad things about this program are, number one, that these kids are so familiar with and comforted by a cheap, quick meal, bought on the fly, eaten in the car, requiring no planning or consideration or tradition, and is synonymous with “dinner” perhaps more often than it should be.

Number two, if more services and supports were available and were funneled to families in crisis in a larger effort to maintain kids in their own homes whenever possible, then maybe fewer would come into custody or be hungry when they do. Just my opinion.

To report child abuse or neglect in New Mexico, call 1-855-333-7233 or #SAFE from any cell phone.

NM Tweaker charged in baby rape

Los Lunas man accused of raping baby:

Deputies: Man locks girlfriend out of hotel room, rapes her 8-month-old daughter:

Julio Iturralde

When reader Lucy posted a link to this story in the open thread she said that it was bad, even bad for BB. She was right. So this is your warning. This is a very graphic story. It’s so bad I’m having trouble not reverting to form and just post a venom filled, profanity laced screed with no purpose but I’ll try.

27-year-old Julio Iturralde of Los Lunas, New Mexico, has been charged with raping his girlfriend’s 8-month-old daughter. Allegedly Iturralde and the girl’s mother were staying at a motel in Los Lunas. The mother claims that when she went out to the car to get something Iturralde locked the door to the room and then raped the baby girl. When Iturralde finally let her back into the room the mother noticed tremendous amounts of blood in the girl’s diaper. She then claims that Iturralde started smoking meth at that point.

You would think that would be the end of the story but it’s not. The mother, 25-year-old Jasmin Davis, has been arrested as well. She’s been charged with tampering of evidence and child abuse as she allegedly did not take the child for medical attention for 18 hours and lying to police by telling them that her daughter must have been injured by another child. The girl is currently in the custody of CFS.

Why would anyone defend a meth smoking baby rapist to the police? I can understand it may be out of fear but when the police are right there how do you not tell them everything in order to get you and your child to safety? There is no man or woman out there worth that kind of abuse. Single parents, not only can you afford to be selective with your possible love interests, you have to be. Your kids are the most vulnerable members of our society. It’s supposed to be your job to protect them, not your boo.

Bad boyfriend spice smoker charged in baby rape

Elijah Fernandez

Suspect arrested in assault on 4-month-old:

Man Arrested for Rape, Abusing Baby:

Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have arrested 19-year-old Elijah Fernandez for the alleged brutal beating and rape of his girlfriend’s 4-month-old daughter.

Reports say that the girl’s mother was at a relatives doing laundry when Fernandez violently attacked the infant. When the baby girl stopped breathing he took her to one of his girlfriend’s relatives in the home and originally said that the baby fell off the table while he was changing her diaper. Except when the baby was taken to the hospital that’s not what they found.Medical staff not only found evidence of a beating but that the girl was sexually violated as well.

When questioned by police Fernandez is said to have eventually admitted to the beating saying that he struck the baby after the baby cried and woke him up and he was upset about not having any money. The reason that he might not have any money is that Fernandez and the baby mama are spice smokers. For those of you who are unfamiliar with spice it’s supposed to be a synthetic equivalent to weed but has been known to have some nasty side effects.

The state Children, Youth and Families Department had been previously called to the home but not because of abuse issues even though there is some evidence that this may not have been the first time the baby had been hit.

At last report the baby was in the hospital on life support.

Something that makes even less sense to me than hitting a child is why this fuckstick would rape an infant like that. Was his rage that all-consuming that he felt it was necessary to violate a child in the most sadistic way possible? We can only hope that he gets tenfold back to him in prison.

Thanks to Anna for the tip.

Evil Breeders from New Mexico

You don’t usually see three stories wrapped into one post here on (P)BB…  but today that’s what I’m doing to cover these stories sent to us, all out of New Mexico.

Police: Stepfather Admits Beating 3-Year-Old Girl 

Matthew Floyd of Albuquerque, NM is a real evil piece of shit. He was arrested on charges of child abuse resulting in great bodily injury after he severely beat his 3-year old step daughter.   He called 911, claiming that his step-daughter had fallen off the toilet and was unconscious. When the paramedics arrived, the little girl was in critical condition.

But of course, we know what doctors and nurses know their shit and called Bravo Sierra on Matthew’s story.  She was brought to the hospital with  fractures in her spine and hematomas and if she does survive, she’ll likely be  severely brain-damaged from the beating. Heartbreaking.

Eventually this coward confessed that he shook her four to seven times, causing her to hit the door frame with her head and body. Matthew said he then took her into the hall and slammed her against the wall, and forced her to the floor. No word on why he did it or where her mom was at the time of the beating. But another report did say that he also stated he had lied to his wife on multiple occasions about where the bruises on her 3-year old came from.

Three other kids have been removed from the house while state social workers decide on if its safe for them to return to their mother or not.

Officers Say Parents Didn’t Put Toddlers In Car Seats

Nice eyebrows, Dawn.

Well I’m going to file this story under “what in the ever-loving fuck?!”.

Out of Valencia County, NM comes a horrible story of a mother and her 2 children dead in a car accident. That doesn’t normally land someone on BB though right? Well, they’re dead because the car accident they were in was because behind the wheel was James Woolbert, the kids’ drunk father. I would feel sorry for mom too, except that the report tells me that her and James were both wasted. She was found dead in the passenger seat of the car after the crash, with her seat belt intact. Her babies, 4-year-old Marissa Jaramillo and  2-year-old Michael were found in the middle of the road after being thrown from the car. Neither were in carseats or restraints.  James had his seat belt on as well and is still alive, listed in critical condition.

According to reports, James and his wife, Dawn Jaramillo had just gotten out of jail. And they were drinking at home to celebrate. God only knows what made them get into the car with their precious cargo or why those babies weren’t in their car seats. The grandmother is reported to have tried to stop them and couldn’t.

I hope James lives through his injuries and is reminded everyday of the lives he selfishly snuffed out. Selfish motherfucker. I found Dawn’s Facebook page and her pictures labeled things like “drunk at my cousin so-and-so’s house” and “who wants to party?!”. Damn shame.

RIP Marissa  and Micheal – fly with the angels sweet babies.

RIP sweet babies. At least you're together...


Police: Father Slashes Toddler’s Throat

Albuquerque family tries to enjoy holiday after frightening attack

A Bernalillo County, MN grand jury has returned a seven-count indictment against Chee Livingston for going into his 2-year old’s daughter bedroom and slashing her throat as she slept after playing a video game called “Samurai Warrior”. He was all hopped up on malt liquor and also stabbed the child’s mother and then himself. Fucking lunatic.  The little girl is still alive and still in the hospital in the ICU listed in critical condition. She’s undergone surgery and is expected to recover. Phew….

It was little 2-year old Gaby’s 7-year old sister, Ariel who called 911 after Chee went whacko that November Monday morning at 1am. She told operators, “She’s bleeding right here and my baby sister is dying.”  Officers credit young Ariel with saving her sister’s life.

Chee has been charged with two counts of felony child abuse and attempted first-degree murder. Hope they lock him up and throw away the fucking key.

Big hugs and kudos to little Ariel. You are a hero sweet girl.

Blanche Johnson and daughter and hero, Ariel.

 Thanks to Pat for the tips!

Michelle Charley is the Epitome of Failure

6-Month-Old Found Covered In Feces, Gagged With Used Baby Wipe 

Child Found Covered In Dried Feces 

I’m gonna start this story by thanking JJ for posting it in the Open Thread.  This story is all things BB – Drunk, skanky mom, dirty baby, CYFD (CPS) failure, you name it.  Wow.

Police were called to the Albuquerque, New Mexico home of 31-year-old Michelle Charley on Tuesday to do a welfare check after she reportedly called a school social worker, claiming that she was too drunk to pick her child(ren) up from school.  She was home when officers arrived and was extremely intoxicated, in bed with a man she met at a gas station earlier in the day, and surrounded by empty beer bottles.  Besides the mid-day drunken boinkfest, police found Charley’s 6-month-old son covered from head to toe in feces and was gagged with a used baby wipe.  *puke*  Does it get any nastier?

Here’s where I have most of my questions about Skankzilla.  2 of the children she had custody of were her niece and nephew, yet this isn’t her first run in with Children, Youth and Families Department.  How does someone that is CLEARLY not fit to own a goldfish get custody of  children that aren’t hers?  FAIL!  CYFD visited Charley’s home in 2005 and 2007 for child neglect.  The 2007 case came after police found her daughter outside of the police station after she wandered away from home.  Being as she is Native American, tribal services elected to take over those cases.  FAIL!!  It seems that history may repeat itself on this one.   Hopefully that do a better job of protecting these children.

Las Cruces mother busted for DUI with kids in car

Woman arrested for DWI, child endangermentSun-News report:

I love Las Cruces, New Mexico and I’ve never been there. I just like saying the name in my fake Spanish accent. Plus it means The Crosses which a semi-religious metalhead like myself loves.

However news is not so happy today out of Las Cruces as 29-year-old Jessica R. Brandon was arrested for DUI after a motorist reported her car weaving and it was also reported that she struck a concrete barrier with her vehicle and drove off.

Of course the reason you’re reading about her here is because she had her kids in the car with her, her 4-year-old and 1-month-old daughters.

I would love to know what time of day this was.

Luckily the girls were uninjured. Unluckily we do not have her BAC for the BAC page. I think that should be required in all DUI articles.

Thanks to Jenn from NM for the tip.

Tiffany Toribio killed her son twice

APD: Mother smothered buried boy twice:

NM mom charged with killing son on the playground:

I wasn’t going to do this story. I hate this story. It’s one of those stories that make me want to quit. Plus it’s been covered ad nauseam and I like to post stories that don’t get as much mainstream attention. However since so many of you sent this story in I’ll comply. That’s not really a complaint. I’m nothing without my readers.

Anyway most of you know the story already out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 23-year-old Tiffany Toribio is accused of killing her 3-year-old son Tyruss “Ty” Toribio. Ty was found partially buried in a playground and for a week police were asking if anyone knew the boy. Toribo was kicked out of both her mother’s house and a friends house allegedly because she was ignoring her own son. She and her son were then wandering the streets. I’m going to let the article do the rest of the talking because I don’t know if I can type it out.

The police chief said Toribio told detectives that she suffocated her son in Alvarado Park before dawn on May 13 by putting her hand over his mouth and nose. She said she had second thoughts and performed CPR on the boy, resuscitating him, but reconsidered and smothered him again. Investigators said she then buried him under the climbing gym’s hanging bridge, where the body was found two days later.

“What makes this story especially sad was when asked the reason why she took Ty’s life, Tiffany said that she did not want him to grow up with no one caring about him the same way that she had grown up with no one caring about her,” said Police Chief Ray Schultz, his eyes watery and his voice thick with emotion.

I have a lot of daggers I’d like to throw right now but I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to send well wishes to the men and women of the Albuquerque Police Department who had to deal with such an atrocity.

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips, especially to Misty.

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