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Shades of Mary Kay?!?

Mom Charged with 27 Felonies of Sex with Minor

Mom Pleads Not Guilty to Sex with 14 Year Old


Sick Twisted 'Ho

30 year old Nicole Bradburn was arrested and pleaded not guilty to 7 counts of unlawful sex with a minor, 11 counts of committing a lewd act on a child, and 9 counts of participating in oral copulation with a minor.  All of the felonies “allegedly” occurred between October 1 and February 14th.  She’s being held on more than $1.6 million bail.

It seems the disgusting, desperate tw*t was having a “relationship” with a 14 year old boy she met through her teenage daughter.  Damn, how many women are missing out on their soul mates because they are still in middle school??  Maybe all mothers of teens should start letting their kids hook them up with classmates!  NOT!!!

The parents of the boy got suspicious of all the time he was spending with Ho-bag.  When asked about it, the boy denied any relationship.  It wasn’t until the father found what police describe as an “incriminating text message” from the fucking pedophilic bitch on his son’s cell phone.  The boy finally admitted that he had been having a sexual relationship with her since October.

Why would the boy deny the relationship at first?  Well, the manipulative, child-molesting bitch had him convinced she was in love with him of course!  Is it just me or does this c*** and LeTourneau seem to share DNA or at least a handbook!!

The police believe there could be other victims…  WTF?!?


-Rant On-

What in the blue, bloody hell makes a grown ass woman look at a pimple faced, gawky, voice cracking, pubescent child with no dick control and think “He’s so fucking hawt!  I’ve got to see what he’s like in the sack!!”  What the fuck is wrong with these women?!?

This freak’s daughter is probably mortified and has been embarrassed and humiliated by the one person that should have been giving her advice and helping her grow into a respectable young woman!!  Not using her as a fucking dating service or pimp!!!

This is a very impressionable age for these kids.  This predator stole his innocence!  That awkward first when neither of you know exactly what to do.  She’s stolen the sweetness of a first love from him.  It’s all a learning process.

The daughter will now go through hell if she stays at that school!  Kids are cruel and will pick on her because of her mother!  If she moves and changes school then she has to deal with leaving friends and fitting in.

Her whole life has been turned upside down because of a selfish, sick, twisted, disgusting, pedophilic c*** that evidently longs to relive her youth!!  Hell, don’t we all but we don’t all run around looking for 14 year old BOYS to molest!!

Newsflash!!  If you couldn’t find a MAN that would have your skanky ass, you should have bought a fucking dildo!!  Then your daughter’s life wouldn’t be torn apart and your stupid slutty ass wouldn’t be in jail facing 27 felonies!!!  But I keep forgetting you were in “love”.  You have no fucking clue what love is!!!

-Rant Over-



Thanks for the tip goes to Meredith!


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