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Baby thrown into Oakland traffic

Oakland man arrested after child thrown in traffic:

Oakland man arrested after throwing baby into traffic:

Father charged with tossing toddler into traffic:

21-year-old John Taylor Jr. has been arrested for shaking and throwing his 18-month-old daughter into Oakland, California traffic. While she did fall under a car luckily she only received minor burns and scrapes.

Taylor also ran into other cars, slamming against them and even broke out the windshield of one. When police caught up with him he had to be Tasered.

What makes this worse is how he’s being defended.

Let’s hear from Taylor’s brother…

“He has PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder,” said English. “We’ve been in group homes for a long time… they use us as guinea pigs giving us medication.”

Watch the video for the full effect from the brother’s quote.

Even the girl’s mother had a bizarre quote in the press…

…she believes Taylor only threw the child into traffic to get her out of danger because he was under attack.

Under attack from what? And if the family knew that Taylor was this mentally unbalanced why was he allowed to be with the child in the first place.

This sounds more like a drug related episode to me than anything else and not the kind you get in group homes.

Thanks to Christine for the tip.

2-year-old suffocated by 19-year-old mother

Police say mother admits to suffocating 2-year-old:

Oakland police say that 19-year-old Tiffany Lopez admitted to suffocating her own daughter, 2-year-old Kamilah Russell because she was overwhelmed. Lopez and her boyfriend also have a 6-month-old and Lopez is currently 3 months pregnant.

Lopez gave some BS story about how she accidentally sat on the child after the girl crawled under the couch while they were playing hide and seek.

Lopez’s mother allegedly had told CPS that her daughter had a ‘chemical imbalance’ and needed help. Lopez has a previous record of abusing her daughter before.

Whenever I see the parents of an alleged killer say their child needed help it makes me wonder why they didn’t get her help.

Thanks to Marci for the tip.

LaShaun Harris Found Legally Insane After Killing Kids

For those who hadn’t heard, LaShaun Harris, the Oakland, California mom who thought God told her to toss her kids into the river, was found legally insane by a judge. Too bad no one made that determination BEFORE she murdered her children. This is an obviously sick woman who should never have been left to care for kids.

Mom on Trial for Chucking Three Boys into San Francisco Bay

LaShaun HarrisI encountered this story on Friday, and decided to save it for a weekend write-up. I was reminded to get off my ass and post it by Ven’ys of Akarya, who sent me the link and said, “I saw this, and unfortunately, thought of you. Sorry.” No problem, Ven’ys; I’ve gotten used to people thinking of me when tragedy rears its head.

Tonight’s tragedy focuses on one LaShaun Harris of Oakland, California. The mother of three is accused of driving to San Francisco last October, undressing her three sons, and dropping them one by one off of the Golden Gate Bridge. All three – ages 6, 2 and 16 months – drowned in the chill October waters of San Francisco Bay.

You may have guessed that Harris isn’t all that right in the head. In fact, she’s insane. She believed by throwing her boys in the water that she was sending them back to God. She spends her days writing letters to them, convinced that they’re in Heaven with Jesus. Even before this incident, it was obvious that her grip on reality was tenuous: she would stare through people, see imaginary insects, and talk on the phone when no one was on the opposing end.

No snark from me on this one, folks. Harris will get the sentence – and, hopefully, the help – she desperately needs. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left to ask how the system failed to protect these kids. Why was a mom with such a slight grip on her own sanity given free reign with three small children?

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