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Infant who ‘fell off bed’ had injuries consistent with crash

injuries consistent car crash

Ezekiel Hadithy

A gravitational anomaly must have happened in Tulsa recently since a nine-month-old infant is now brain-dead after ‘falling off a bed’. Doctors who examined the child said the injuries the child sustained were consistent with that of being ejected from a car during a high-speed collision or falling from a third story window onto concrete. So obviously the magnetic poles of the Earth must have drastically shifted recently to cause such velocity and impact from such a short height. Or we could have a lying sack of crap boyfriend.

38-year-old Ezekiel Hadithy was living with the baby’s mother at a motel in Tulsa. When the baby ‘fell off the bed’ Hadithy had allegedly woken the mother and said he found the baby like that. After police started investigating, Hadithy is said to have changed his story to where he supposedly ‘dropped’ the baby on the motel laundry room floor. So either the bed was on a third story ledge or the motel laundry room doubled as a crash test facility.

You may think you’re smarter than police and doctors, but you’re not. They have years of training and experience on how to recognize child abuse and you’re a lugnut who lives in a motel room. Maybe instead of trying to fabricate a situation that couldn’t have possibly happened, call 911 immediately and maybe this baby could have had a fighting chance.

Oklahoma methtard sexually abused her kids for money

Natalie Lynn Webb

Natalie Lynn Webb

Meth addict mom, 30, ‘raped three of her children and charged adults to watch before nine-year-old son escaped and turned her in to police’:

Elk City woman arrested on charges she sexually abused 4 children:

This story is over a month old and I apologize for being my usual tardy self. Normally I would pass on a story that old but this one is so atrocious I feel it needs to be shared.

30-year-old Natalie Lynn Webb of Elk City, Oklahoma has been arrested and charged with the sexual abuse of her children in front of strangers for money, except the term sexual abuse doesn’t even begin to describe what she allegedly did to her kids.

According to what her 9-year-old son told police Webb would molest her own children in front of other people for money. I can’t even bring myself to type what she did so I’m going to do some excessive copy and pasting.

It claims Webb would be naked during these incidents, which are said to have occurred on numerous occasions from December 2012 to March 2013 at her home in Elk City.

The nine-year-old said Webb would lock the door and that he would hear his sisters screaming ‘stop Momma, stop, it hurts’, the report says.

He witnessed the abuse on one occasion and described a foreign object being used, the affidavit says.
One of the three-year-olds was interviewed by police and corroborated the nine-year-old’s story, saying it felt ‘nasty’ when she was abused.

The nine-year-old said he also saw his brother being abused, but was able to avoid the molestation himself by running outside and hiding in a dumpster.

The Daily Mail wouldn’t even publish the rest of the details. The Daily Freakin’ Mail. There’s not a lot that they don’t publish.

The boy also detailed his Breeder’s alleged meth use in great detail as well even going as far as describing smelly pipes and the bleeding holes in her arm.

I almost speechless in trying to translate my rage from my mind to the screen. There isn’t a punishment thought of from the deepest bowels of hell that would be fitting for this subhuman piece of refuse.

I believe a few years ago in Oklahoma a law was proposed that for overly malicious sex crime against children like that would warrant the death penalty. Unfortunately that was struck down. This slag makes a good argument for bringing that suggestion back to light.

Rot in hell you sadistic tweaking bitch.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

(Off Topic: I wonder what website she possibly could have used to find scumbags like that)

Facebook is the new Craigslist

Mother tries to sell children on Facebook

A mugshot of US mother-of-two Misty VanHorn.(Sallisaw Police)

Misty VanHorn. Sounds like a stripper, but doesn’t look like one.


One of the joys of living in the Merry Old Land of Oz is that no one uses Craigslist. They do have a Craigslist AU but no one uses it. We have this thing called Gumtree which works the same way but doesn’t seem to attract the freaks that Craigslist does.

Anyway, this debarcle didn’t happen on Craigslist or Gumtree. It happened on Facebook. Misty VanHorn (22) of Oklahoma, was arrested over the weekend for trying to sell her two kids online. Now why would she do that? Were they annoying her? She didn’t have enough money to feed them? Close, but no banana. She didn’t have enough money, alright. She didn’t have enough money to pay her boyfriend’s BAIL! So instead of hocking some jewellery, selling the car or her iPhone or even selling her nasty arse to desperate Johns, she took to Facebook to scrape up some dosh by selling her children. She repeatedly offered her 10 month old daughter for $970 or a package deal with her son for $3890. She was in the middle of discussing the sale with a woman from Fort Smith in Arkansas when she was arrested. Her message to this woman read “Just come to Sallisaw, it’s only 30 mins away and I’ll give you all of her stuff and let y’all have her forever for $1000”. I can just hear the hick twang. Because Misty tried to sell her daughter to someone out of state, she may be facing federal charges.

Luckily the kids weren’t harmed, and now they’re in the care of human services. Depending on what the penis did to get into jail in the first place, she would’ve been better to let him sit there and think about what he’s done.

A tale of a murderous step-penis and his enabling bitches

Dewey Woman Sentenced For Role In Child’s Abuse Death

Mother Enters Guilty Plea In Death Of Dewey Toddler

Jury Finds Dewey Man Guilty Of Murdering Toddler, Recommends Life Sentence

Marcus Mitchell, Ashley Mitchell and Juanchellee Fitch mug shots.

The sex toy (are those pubes on his head?), the incubator and the sex toy’s birth vessel

A toddler in Oklahoma was beaten to death by her wicked step-dildo. Her incubator stood by and did nothing. Her grand birth-vessel also stood by and did nothing.

Little Emma Beth Warmberodt, 15 months old, suffered trauma to the chest, multiple bruises to her head and had no pulse when paramedics were called to her home last February. The cops say that she had been dead for some time and that she’d suffered a few days’ worth of abuse before she succumbed to her injuries. The dumbarse dildo admitted to hitting Emma Beth, but only because he “was trying to help her when she was choking on some cereal”. That’s a new excuse for deliberate injuries, folks. A simple smack on the back. But you see, dickhead, cops and ambos aren’t as stupid as you. They know what deliberate injuries look like on a child. And that crow won’t caw. Care to try again with another lame excuse?

The cum dispenser has been charged and found guilty of first degree murder and has been sentenced to life in prison. Yay, go Oklahoma! The dispenser will now become a receptacle…

The egg donor Ashley Mitchell has been charged with child neglect and enabling child abuse. She may also be facing life in prison.

Juanchellee Fitch, the grandbreeder who bred the piece of shit penis was charged with accessory after the fact, child neglect and enabling child abuse. However, because she testified against the breeders, her accessory charge has been reduced to obstructing an officer and the DA’s office have dropped the enabling charge. But she still didn’t do shit when that baby was being abused! If she’d done something instead of sitting on her fat arse scoffing Moon Pies and Twinkies, she wouldn’t have to testify against her scummy son! She’s been sentenced to just one year in the county jail and 15 years’ supervised probation. Let’s hope the inmates harass her so much that the old bat carks it from a stroke or heart attack.

You were such a cutie Emma Beth. Fly through the heavens! That monster didn’t even deserve to be anywhere near you.

Thanks to SoloCare for the tip!

Flatiron fondling – a new form of sex abuse

baby burner
Teen Mom “Jody Rock” Burns Her Baby’s Testicles With Flat Iron
Teen mom “intentionally” burns her baby’s genitals with straightening iron
Affidavit: Tahlequah Mom Burns Baby’s Testicles With Hair Straightener

The stellar example of parenting material you see above is Jody Rock (not sure if that’s her real name or the stage name she uses for her nude mud wrestling job, but who cares anyway – trash is trash), and she has discovered a new use for her flatiron. For those of you who do not know, that is a superheated iron rod used for straightening hair. Those things get hot enough to cause third degree burns (or worse, if you are stupid enough to hold it to your skin long enough). Although I have no use for a straightening iron myself, I have in the past uses its predecessor, a curling iron – same concept, different results. Both are dangerous, and hurt like nobody’s business if you accidentally touch your scalp or neck with the iron while primping. The stoned-looking individual above used her flatiron on her son’s genitals instead. Yes, you read that correctly. She burned her boys balls (apologies to all the guys who are reading this – even I had a sympathetic cringe reflex when I read that). In what far realm of the known universe is using any hot object on a child’s private parts an acceptable parenting skill? Apparently in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, this nineteen year old one-woman sperm-collection specialist decided to patent her own brand of child-torture. I hope her future cell-mates are equally ingenious when it comes to meeting her ‘needs’ during her vacation to the Graybar Motel. Maybe we could have a brainstorming session here at BB and send the top ten suggestions to other inmates, enclosed in a free pack of smokes.

Jody admitted to investigators that she had opened the flatiron tongs and closed them on her son’s testicles – after she tested the temperature with her own hand. However, like all child abusers, she only admitted the truth after attempting several different lies and being told by the docs that her stories were the biggest load of fertilizer seen in that state in years. She even attempted to blame other family members – and her boyfriend! – for the injuries. What a vicious hosebeast! I cannot imagine even thinking of doing something like that to my son (or any child), much less acting on the impulse. I wonder if she plans to use that as a part of her defense – that she suffers from an impulse-control disorder. It sounds like something a slimy abuse attorney might run with. My definition of “impulse-control disorder”? “Yeah, I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to try it anyway, because I thought I could get away with it.” I don’t give a rat’s left ballsack what her excuse is, she is a nasty skank, and needs to have her crotch hair repeatedly straightened and re-curled until her labia melt together so she can’t get knocked up again. But then, that’s just my opinion. The wife of the reader who sent in this tip suggested using a soldering iron. That would be fine too.

It was not made clear in either article how the injury was discovered, but I’m glad it was. I kind of doubt she took him in for treatment herself, so I am guessing someone reported her sorry arse to the authorities and the burns were discovered in the course of the investigation. Whoever reported her: Thank you! If I had the power to confer a medal of valor on you, I would.

In addition to the burns, the baby presented with a noticeably deformed shoulder. BOTH of his shoulders were fractured and in various stages of healing – the injury to the right shoulder was twelve weeks old,and he had multiple fractures to his left shoulder area. But wait…there’s more… he also had forearm and wrist fractures that happened over a span of several weeks, and were never properly set. It sounds to me like this is one of those skanks who thinks snatching your child by the arm is a good parenting technique. Or maybe she just beat the ever-loving snot out of him. Oh, and the baby was also recently treated for scabies, and is thought to still be infected. So in addition to overt abuse, she is also a neglectful POS. Why does that not surprise me?

Those who participated in the investigation noted that the child was “glassy eyed” and withdrawn, no surprise there. They also said the child seemed to be in agony. Ya think? Gee, I wonder why….it could have something to do with all of the broken bones – I hear that hurts like a big dog. The genital injuries alone are enough to make most grown men run screaming for their mommy.

I would be remiss if I did not point out the fact that one of the articles linked above makes a point of pointing out that the burns were “intentional”. Thank you, Captain Obvious. I cannot imagine a scenario in which flatiron burns to the genitals of a 15-month old baby (or anyone else) could have occurred accidentally. Babies that young are often still in diapers, so even if he accidentally sat on the heated iron, the diaper would have protected his boys. He certainly would not have remained seated on that item long enough to burn through a diaper and his flesh. Nope. No accident there.

Ms. Rock (I wonder if that’s also indicative of her IQ?) is currently being held in the Cherokee County Jail in lieu of $200,000.00. I personally think they should add at least one more zero to that figure, but alas, neither the DA nor the judge consulted with me on this case. And they probably won’t consult with me during the sentencing phase either, the bastards. Sighhhhh….
The baby has been placed in DHS custody, where he will hopefully be better taken care of than he was by his maternal DNA donor.

I’d like to thank The Shadow Knows for sending in the tip.

Torture in Tulsa

Forced to perform sex acts for food and beaten with a paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’: Horrific life of four children ‘tortured by adoptive parents’ is revealed
‘Torture’ is alleged in Sperry child-abuse investigation

Thomas's Torture House of Tusla

I don’t even know where to begin.

The 2 specimens above are none other than Lora Lee Thomas, 47, and Aubrey Stuart Thomas, 58, of Tulsa, OK. They have been arrested for torturing their 4 adopted kids over the course of many years. They were arrested and Lora has been charged with child abuse and is being held in the Osage County Jail with bail set at $50,000. Aubrey is charged with enabling child abuse and was released from jail after posting $50,000 bond.

Here’s the awful laundry list of what the children reported as abuse they suffered at the hands of these animals in the “house of horrors”:

  • The children were made to throw up and eat their own vomit,
  • The were beaten with a large paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’,
  • They were made to soak in a bath of ice to reduce swelling from the abuse,
  • They were sexually abused, claiming they were forced to eat gum off Aubrey Thomas’ penis,
  • They were made to perform oral sex on their adoptive siblings in exchange for food,
  • They were forced to put urine soaked underwear in their mouths if they wet the bed,
  • They were also forced them to eat horse manure for not cleaning a horse pen.

What in the ever-loving fuck? The Thomas’ originally had 6 adoptive kids back in ’01, but 2 were removed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services after them finding evidence of abuse. But they left the other 4 there? Whatthefuck?? How come they weren’t removed by the OK DHS?? I need answers, you’ve ruined 4 children’s lives.  What the fuck were you thinking?

These kids were “home schooled”, of course. Read: kept home so no one would see that they were malnourished, bruised, and battered.

They were only found out because the 13-year adoptive daughter was put into a psychiatric hospital, and told one of the counselors. After being interviewed by Osage County Sheriff’s office, it was made obvious to them that the kids were coached to deny, deny, deny. But thank God, one of them cracked and told the authorities what was going on in the house of horrors and they were promptly arrested on abuse charges.

No word on where they all are, but I assume in some kind of state custody. Let’s hope Oklahoma doesn’t fuck that one up too.

Thanks to Carrie, Erin, Mrs Kelly, and Deena for the tips.

Breeder from Oklahoma pimped out autistic son on craigslist

(For those of you who don’t know I run another site called CraigsCrimeList. It chronicles only some of the crime that happens on sites like craigslist and backpage. Since this one involved a Breeder and his son I thought I would cross-post it here.)

Not yours

Moore Dad Posts Sex Ad On Craigslist, Involves 6-Year-Old Son:

Just because backpage has been hogging the headlines lately doesn’t mean that craigslist is the land of fluffy bunnies now.

In Moore, Oklahoma Jonathan Mark Smith allegedly posted some kind of sex ad on craigslist which may have involved his 6-year-old autistic son. The ad was allegedly replied to by one Teddy Dean Davis. What we do know is that Dean is said to have fondled the child while Smith watched and masturbated. Let me repeat that for you in layman’s terms in case that didn’t sink in. One guy sexually molested an autistic boy while his dad watched and cranked one out. To make it even extra creepy Smith’s wife was said to have been not home at the time while their other children slept. So not only did this scumbag allow his own son to be molested by a stranger but he allowed said stranger into his house while other his kids were there. Who in the blue hell not only thinks like that but gets off on his own disabled son being molested? Someone who uses craigslist apparently.

Again the article doesn’t state it but I would hazard a guess that this took place in the casual encounters section and again it probably wasn’t flagged by the ‘community policing’. Just because craigslist has closed down the erotic/adult services section doesn’t mean that there’s still not a plethora of criminal activity happening on craigslist. If they insist on keeping casual encounters open it needs to be professionally moderated.

Everyone failed Serenity and now she's gone.

Grandparents say DHS practically cut them out of their granddaughter’s life

Oklahoma Department of Human Services workers suspended over death of child

CPS report

Some if not all of you will remember the brief post April wrote about 5-year-old Serenity Deal, here.

Well since that post a lot more information has come out about the short life of Serenity and how it came to be that she would end up in the home of the man who would end her life.  It is nothing short of tragic and an epic failure by CPS of Oklahoma, well known for it’s involvement in the case of Kelsey Smith-Briggs.

Serenity’s story starts on June 4th when her father Sean Devon Brooks (31) called the police to report a child not breathing.  He would tell police that he had taken his daughter to work with him the night before, the next morning
while showering he heard and thud and found her unconscious.  He offered no explanation for the bruises covering the baby’s body, including her face, head and a gash to the back of her head.

Well if you read April’s post you know how it ended for the child abusing asshat… he is resting his sorry ass in jail, charged with first-degree murder.

But… April wanted you to know the story leading up to Serenity’s placement with her father and in evitably her death.  She has asked me to write and I am happy to oblige but it is heartbreaking to say the least, so let’s get to it.

Serenity was placed with her father, whom she had only met a short time before, after her mother was arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy.  Samantha Deal entered a blind plea to a charge of forcible sodomy of a child and will be sentenced sometime this month.

DHS was involved in the case and pushed for Brooks to have permanent custody of the daughter, he only learned of a year prior following a paternity test.  Serenity had been living with her maternal grandparents, who were planning to adopt her, until it was learned that the grandmother was allowing her to have over night visits wither he mother and he boyfriend, a convicted sex offender.

Even with all of the messed up information above, it still doesn’t outline the clear failure to protect this little girl.  CPS pushed for this baby to placed with a man… who she cried and begged not to go with, she would return from visits with bruises and black eyes.  She would say he yelled at her all the time and hit her.   Brooks of course always had excuses for her injuries.  Feel free to read the link posted above that details all of the accusations and excuses… but consider yourself warned it’s going to piss you off.

Serenity Deal turned 5-years-old in May and died less than one month after being placed with her father.

She was failed by everyone who had a duty to protect her.

Four DHS employees – two supervisors and two caseworkers – are on administrative leave pending an agency investigation.

R.I.P. Serenity, you have the face of an angel.


Man with many stories charged with killing 2-month-old

Midwest City father jailed in death of 2-month-old girl:

MWC Man Accused Of Killing Baby:

24-year-old Jacob Lynn Watson of Midwest City, Oklahoma has been charged in the beating death of his 2-month-old daughter Brylee Watson.

Medical personnel say that Brylee had 9 fractures of her bones consisting of both arms, clavicles, right femur, ribs and skull.

Jacob Watson allegedly gave authorities four different stories of what transpired with his daughter.

First he said he went to his daughter’s crib to check on her and she wasn’t breathing.

Then he said that he tripped over the cat dropping his daughter before falling on top of her.

Then, in a Susan Smith like maneuver, he told police that two ‘black guys’ broke into his house stealing stuff and abusing Brylee and a 2-year-old in the home.

Finally he allegedly admitted to the abuse claiming that he was upset over his failing relationship with Brylee’s mother and took it out on Brylee.

The mother was at work which again makes me wonder if big man even had a job.

So not only do we have a coward and loser but apparently a bad liar. At least when the abusers are complete drooling morons it makes them easier to arrest.

Thanks to Marcia for the tip.

11-year-old calls cops on drug dealing Breeders

Lawton boy’s 911 call prompts couple’s drug arrests:

Once again we go back to the Sooner state of Oklahoma to the city of Lawton where an 11-year-old where an 11-year-old boy called police on his drug dealing mom and her boyfriend.

Police there arrested 33-year-old Jennifer Lynn Patterson and her 25-year-old boyfriend Michael Dewayne French. In the house police claim they found a 1/4 pound of weed, a scale and baggies among other things.

This is a must read article. I won’t do it justice with my usual spiel of crap but let me give you a little taste of what the boy had to go through to get his mom busted…

“He told his mother drugs were bad, and she supposedly told him to keep quiet,” Palmer said.

“He tried to tell neighbors and even his grandparents, but for some reason, they didn’t think it was appropriate to get involved. He even tried to get hold of his father, who is in the military, but had no luck.

Not surprisingly French was unemployed and often took the boy on drug deals.

Thanks to Marcia for the tip.

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