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Korrie-Lynn Kinnear likes to beat on toddlers

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear

Retarded bitch

Mother imprisoned for violent toddler beatings

Sarnia, ON mother sentenced to 3 years for beating toddlers

Is that an infected arsehole on the egg-donor’s face? Oh wait, it’s a pathetic attempt at looking “sexy”.

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear (23), of Sarnia, Ontario, likes to beat on her toddlers. Her two very young kids suffered extensive injuries including fractured ribs and severe bruising from their egg-donors attempts at “discipline”. Here’s a tip, bitch. If you’re leaving marks and causing long-term damage, that’s not “discipline” – that’s abuse! Punching and kicking your kids is not the same as a smack on the bum. I’m child-free and even I know that! The “discipline” started off as slaps and backhand punches, as the birth vessel became more and more frustrated at her children. She would scream obscenities at them and tell them they were useless. Wow, what a wonderful thing to teach your young, impressionable children to say!

One of the children had 13 rib fractures and the other had 2 rib fractures. Both the kids were under two when the beatings occurred. FUCK!! A smack on the hand/backside is okay for punishment, but a full-on beating? On a little toddler? What the fuck is wrong with you?! The doc who examined the kids had to compose himself, he was so overcome with emotion because he hadn’t seen such extensive bruising on a small child like that. Of course, the axe wound never sought medical help for her kids and never beat them about the face. Of course not. She had the forethought to know it was wrong to beat her kids so she tried to hide it. So it wasn’t punishment at all, she just liked to punch up toddlers, under the guise of discipline.

The answer to the question of “what the fuck is wrong with her?!”: She has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I’m not making it up. She was a sufferer of child abuse herself, too. So she knew damn well what it was like to be abused by her parents, yet she chose to inflict that horror and pain on her own offspring. I couldn’t give two fucks whether some enabler says “But that’s all she knows!!” She knew how it felt to be abused, so she knew better than to do it to her own kids! She also drank heavily and abused oxycodone. No surprises there, it was available to her in utero and she probably felt she couldn’t live without it. But I don’t care how fucking hard her life was. There is no excuse to abuse your children, none whatsoever.

The gaping gash was sentenced to only 3 years prison! What the fuck is up with that? She fricking abused her kids, you idiot! Sounds like the judge has brain damage too! But apparently, that’s a harsher penalty than usual for bad breeders. And she cried like the stupid bitch she is, because she got caught bashing her kids. I hope those three years are long and torturous for her, and may her fellow inmates have no patience for a child abuser. She is not allowed to contact her kids and she is banned from owning weapons (I thought that would be obvious since she has a mental deficiency) This egg donor should never have been allowed to breed, considering her IQ and the drug and alcohol problems. I thought that sort of thing would cause damage to the reproductive parts? Evidently not. Anyhoo, the kiddos are now away from this damaged DNA and are reportedly doing well. Hopefully they can break the cycle and go on to be productive members of society.

I did some research and found the egg donor’s Facebook page. Here’s some pearls of wisdom from her mutated mind: “I am who I am my mouth says it all you don’t like my words tune me out” Yeah it’s pretty hard to tune out abuse. Let’s hope you can tune out the taunts and jeers (plus all the beatings) from your fellow inmates. Here’s another little gem “Everyone has their own opinions and everyone is entitled to voice them. But make sure your back yard is clean before you judge your neighbour’s” Well, I will judge the fuck out of you because you’re a brain-damaged, oxygen-thieving child abuser. And your backyard ain’t clean, it’s full of dog shit. Our tipster also tells us that you stole from your employers and can’t hold down a job because you have sticky fingers. Maybe you can put those fingers to use, and try to steal from Big Bertha or any of the other head bitches in the pen. See how well theft goes down there. 

Luckily there are no dead kids, and that they’ve gotten away from that mutant monster. I don’t know what the fate of her “engaged” relationship status will be, but if her c***-plug is willing to marry a known child abuser, he’s a desperate dick.

Thanks to the Anon tipster for the tip. Should anyone object to my use of “retarded” to describe this bitch, especially because she has FAS, tough titties. Her actions were dimwitted and lacking in intelligence. She is slow and deficient – which is the original meaning of “retard/ed”



Child porn producing mom gets light sentence

Mother sentenced for webcasting sex acts with toddler:

Original post here.

A woman from Ontario, Canada who webcasted sex acts with herself, her 2-year-old son and her pit bull was only sentenced to 3 1/2 years behind bars.

The judge said…

“It must be made clear to the community that such behaviour will not be tolerated,”

But it will only not be tolerated for 3 1/2 years.

Thanks to Natalie for the tip.

Your child is not a S’More

CampFireMan accused of throwing son, 3, into campfire at Valens released on bail:

38-year-old Justin Wood (no pun intended) of Ontario was arrested for throwing his 3-year-old son onto a campfire. His son was of course burned but there are no reports on how extensive his injuries are.

One might think that this being Canada that alcohol would be involved however as the terms of his release, yes he actually bonded out, he has to take all his meds and continue psychological and medical treatment. So it sounds like he may have been off his meds and alcohol may still have been involved.

To all the parents out there who are on some kind of psych meds I’ve been on them for years now because of crippling depression. The docs finally dialed in the right med and I’ve never felt better. However just because you feel better doesn’t mean you should stop taking your meds. Mental issues aren’t like a cold. They just don’t go away because you took a few pills.

Thanks to Ashley for the tip.

Woman has sex with dog and toddler and broadcasts it

Woman accused of sex acts with dog, toddler:

I can honestly say this is one of the more disturbing stories I’ve ever posted. Disturbing but not surprising after some of the stories I’ve posted.

Anyway there’s no beating around the bush with this story. A woman from Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada was arrested for having sex acts with a toddler and a dog and broadcasting it over the internet.

The police were tipped off by a man who claims he just met her over the internet before she started performing sex acts with the dog and child on webcam.

Police aren’t releasing much information about the child or the woman to protect the child’s identity and to prevent mobs from brandishing pitchforks and torches.

The one detail they did release was the breed of the dog. Care to take a guess what kind of dog it was? C’mon guess. The answer might surprise you.


Andrea Johnson Flings Self, Child off of Highway 401 in Toronto

Andrea Johnson on Highway 401The murder-suicide craze continues in full swing with Andrea Johnson, a 30-year-old Toronto, Ontario woman who flung herself and her two-year-old son Sulla Genua onto Highway 401 at 7pm Canadian local time. Traffic was so busy that the oncoming cars ripped Johnson’s body into several pieces before traffic halted. What’s even worse – if it can GET any worse – is that motorists noticed Johnson about to jump, and tried to talk her out of it. The thoughtless, suicidal mom took the plunge anyway, ignoring their pleas.

It’s too early to say why she did this, or what this woman was going through that drove her to take both her life and the life of her innocent child. We know that John Hogan was one fucked-up puppy, and shouldn’t have been within 50 feet of his kids. What about Johnson? Were there signs that she was cracking, that she was a danger to herself and others? Or are we going to be treated to some crap from all her friends and neighbors about how she seemed “fine” and “perfectly happy”?

I’ve mellowed out on cases like this. I still feel outrage, and anger. How could you kill your own child in such a gruesome, despicable manner? But I also feel compassion. As one person at the scene remarked, these tragedies make you wonder: Have I seen this person, and not known the distress they were in? I can’t imagine what kind of war must have been waging in Andrea Johnson’s head that led her to believe this was the only way out.

More as it becomes available.

(Hat tips: Thordora, Sarah, Karen and Tanya)

Exotic Dancer Charged in Deaths of Two of Her Babies

Humber River in CanadaHot tipper Sarah has more sad news from the land of Bob & Doug McKenzie. 24-year-old Ivana Levkovic was initially arrested by the police after they found her dead baby in an apartment in the city of Missisauga. But that was only the beginning of the story. Further investigation led police to believe that Levkovic had given birth to another baby between 2002 and 2003. When that one died, ostensibly for the same reason as the first – i.e., Levkovic gave birth, then watched the baby squirm until he or she expired – police say that Levkovic stored the body in her freezer for several years. Investigators believe that she recently chucked the frozen corpse into the Humber River, but have so far been unable to find the body.

It’s one thing to abandon your baby somewhere to let it die. It’s a whole other level of cruelty to watch it die in your apartment and then stuff it in your freezer, where it serves as a constant reminder of your sins every time you reach in for a bag of peas. That’s a whole new level of fucked-up that transcends the realm of the disturbed and enters the psychopathic.

I have no idea if reincarnation is real. If it is, may the poor souls of those children get a much better roll of the dice the next time they play the life lottery.

Maniac Mom Kills Daughters to Spite Husband

Serena and Sophia CampioneHot tipper Sarah sent me this write-up by Toronto Star writer Rosie DiManno that’s heart-wrenching. DiManno takes pains to let us know just what a loving father Leonardo Campione was to his two darling girls, 3-year-old Serena and 1-year-old Sophia. Despite the accusations that his ex-wife Elaine Campione lobbed against him, social workers had nothing but exemplary words for the dad who wept when he hugged his daughters after reuniting with them post-separation.

Divorce court documents for the Campiones were released this week, and they paint a picture of a woman whose was so cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs that social services should’ve have let her within 20 feet of a stray dog, let alone children. Elaine was prone to dumping her malnourished children with her in-laws, and babbling incoherently. After she suffered a nervous breakdown in July, she regained custody of her children – and then forbid their father from seeing them anywhere except at the local social services access center. Meanwhile, Leo Campione struggled against abuse allegations, attended AA-style meetings even though he wasn’t an alcoholic, and generally put up with being dicked over by a system that thought putting two little girls in the care of a babbling borderline psychopath was a grand idea.

The question practically leaps off of the page: why was Elaine Campione given custody of the kids, and the so-called “abusive” dad Leo forbidden from seeing them? That’s the question that DiManno explores in her column. Sadly, the answers won’t do Leo Campione or his daughters any good now: Elaine Campione has been charged with first degree murder after killing both Serena and Sophia. The children were apparently poisoned, but toxicology tests have not yet unearthed the agent used to do the two little ones in.

This case is reminiscent of Jim Junior Nice, an Idaho dad who killed his kids with rat poison in the midst of a nasty divorce. The only difference is that the genders are reversed. The lesson here: being a despicable parent knows no gender boundary. Perhaps after their lethal injections, Nice and Campione can strike up a child-free romance in Hell.

Oh…shit. Well, it was a good idea…

Dad Infects Daughter with Gonorrhea, Ignores Her Screams

Neisseria gonorrhoeaeThis next foul story comes to me from hot tipper Molly, who remarked, “If this is not bad behavior, I don’t know what is.” An unnamed 47-year-old dad in Toronto, Ontario was convicted of sexually assaulting his 5-year-old daughter. The assault came to light only after the girl was taken to the hospital screaming in agony from gonorrhea. Even though he knew that he had the STD, her father said nothing to the doctors, because he was – get this – “embarrassed”.

No shit, Sherlock. If I were a sexual predator who raped my own kids, I imagine I’d be embarrassed too.

The wheelchair-bound, HIV-positive father still swears he never raped his daughter, though he has copped to having extra-marital affairs. (Kinda hard to explain that away.) He also admits to unprotected fucking with his HIV-positive wife prior to going out and dipping his wick in other wax-pots. Goddess only knows how many other women he’s infected. But child rape? Even this dude’s not stupid enough to cop to that. So he attempted to duck the charge by maintaining that his child got his gonorrhea “from the sheets”.

No dice. The judge convicted him of sexual assault causing bodily harm. He did, however, duck a charge that he willingly endangered the child’s life due to his AIDS infection. How he managed that, I can’t tell. Apparently, since he didn’t know he was HIV-positive at the time, he can’t be found guilty…even though he knew it was highly probable that he had picked up the disease. Argh. Justice, you fickle bitch. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and pray that whatever sentence he receives keeps him in jail until he’s dead.

“Striking Parents” Set Wretched Example for Their Manipulative Hell-Spawn

Mom on strikeAndrea Gordoin of the Toronto Star has a piece up on her blog about a mom in London, Ontario who’s gone "on strike" until her lousy brats shape up and show her some respect. Stressed-out mama Roxanne Toussaint claims that the monsters treat her like dirt, continually destroy the house, and don’t even leave her enough food to sustain herself. The case mimics a similar incident recently in Florida where both parents went on strike. Both cases, oddly, sound like they were ripped from a taudry ABC after-school special.

Oh, wait. They were.

But I’m not being fair to after-school specials. In the 80s, women were not just dealing with disrespectful children, but with chauvinistic husbands who believed "family slave" was actually their wives’ official job title. Such men are fewer and further between – and a woman who finds herself saddled with one should be in divorce court, not picketing her own home. These cases are less likely the result of institutionalized sexism, and most likely the result of crappy parenting. If your children are running roughshod all over you to the point where they don’t even leave a scrap of bacon behind for your breakfast, that’s your own damn fault. You’ve failed to assert your authority as a head of the household. In short, you’ve failed to do your job as a parent.

My advice to Roxanne Toussaint kids: Don’t give in. Don’t let her break you. Keep being the vile little shits you’ve been raised to be. Put out an advertisement on Craig’s List for a "scab mom" brave enough to cross the picket line; you can fund her salary with ticket sales from the inevitable catfight in your front yard. Who knows? If you crank it up a notch, your mom might actually be inspired to grow a pair, and give you all the half-year-long grounding you’ve got coming to you.

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