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Bad boyfriend baby killer sent to jail…for life!

Baby JJ killer given life

Baby JJ murder accused called toddler ‘it’, court hear

Loffley wanted JJ out of the way – Crown

Joel Loffley and baby JJ Lawrence

A lump of rotting dog shit. And baby James Joseph Ruhe Lawrence, known as JJ.


Now here’s something you don’t hear every day on BB. A judge who knows how to treat child abusers/killers! With the contempt and disgust that they deserve!

Joel Loffley, of Orakei NZ, is an impacted anal gland who should be pecked to death by vultures. He beat his girlfriend’s toddler son so hard that his liver and pancreas were smooshed up against his spine and split in two. Paramedics said that the injuries caused by the scumbag were “non-survivable”.

The dripping dick invaded little JJ’s life back in 2011, in the form of the birth vessel Josephine Lawrence’s c***-plug. While he was “caring” for the little boy, JJ suffered two broken arms – with one of them left for days because his birthing unit was too drunk to take him to the hospital! Jesus fucking Christ!! By the time JJ got his angel wings, he’d already suffered 32 injuries, including the broken arms :'( Poor baby! He had also been tortured by the infected anal abscess, including being forced to smoke pot from an asthma inhaler (wow, another cure for asthma!) and being “played with roughly”.

The day he died, JJ was visibly terrified of his incubator’s sex toy and didn’t want to be left alone with him when the incubator went to sort out a bank overdraft. He tried to follow her to the car. Oh, that image just breaks my heart (and I have a heart of stone!). The dripping dispenser of douchegunk insisted that JJ should stay behind, stating “Leave that boy with me. That boy is mine”. Um no he wasn’t, you dick canoe. No one would want to come from your damaged DNA.

When the birth vessel came back from her faffing-around, she found JJ crouched in the shower crying. Her snatch-filler told her that JJ had “fallen off the bed and hit his head” Yeah, like we haven’t heard that one before *rolls eyes*. After the demonic dildo beat him, he put little JJ in bed and left him there. And that’s where he died. The birth vessel was unaware (or maybe just didn’t care) of how much distress JJ was in, and she went into her room to watch a movie. A fucking movie. Not tending to her child, not destroying the plug-piece that hurt her baby. She watched a fucking movie. It wasn’t until the next morning that the puny penis called an ambulance. And when the ambos got there and found that JJ was dead, the dickweed sauntered in and nonchalantly asked, “So is he dead now?” Like he was asking if dinner was ready.

Photos taken of the crime scene show what little worldly possessions JJ had. His bed was just a base with no mattress, his little clothes scattered on top. He had suffered so much in his short little life, and his ignorant complacent birth vessel had allowed him to be treated like this. Be subjected to the misery of being around the diseased dick. The incubator wasn’t safe from her syphilitic sex toy either. He threatened to give her a “hiding” if she didn’t do what she was told. On her birthday, he elbowed her in the face. Yet, she stayed and allowed her child to be abused by her pustulent penis. What a foul and wicked wench. Someone should c***-punt her so hard that her uterus splits in two, and that her ova become scrambled eggs!

Police intercepted calls between the incubator and the impacted anal gland where the festering arse-boil blamed the birth vessel and suggested that she may have hit JJ with a bladed instrument. Hmmm wow, how did he know it was a “bladed instrument”? There was a machete that was in the bedroom which belonged to….the rotted dildo!

The rotting infected anal gland had the hide to plead “not guilty” to murdering little JJ and says that he “regrets not doing more to protect the child”. Are you fucking kidding me? He beat JJ to death, didn’t give a shit about whether he lived or died and then pretends to act remorseful and regretful about his murder? This guy is a fucking psychopath! Only cares about himself and tries to say all the right things to get himself out of trouble. Luckily the judge saw through that dirty pack of lies, and tossed the rotten piece of swinging meat in the slammer for a life sentence, with a non-parole period of 19 years. He will never qualify for parole if he’s unlucky enough to not be beaten to death by the fellow inmates first. Word gets out around the old jailhouse, and the festering snatch-warmer might just find his liver and pancreas split in half too…after his arsehole is split in half from the big Maori dicks in there.

Some further research says that the disgusting dildo admitted to beating JJ because….he wanted him out of the way! The most common reason for invading parasites to kill their partner’s offspring. Yes, the incubator was knocked up with the rotten dick’s baby, and he wanted JJ out of the way for when his own child arrived. A male, taking over the pride, finds offspring not related to him. So he kills him, to ensure that his own damaged DNA can mutate and sin against nature, and so that he doesn’t have to provide for offspring that doesn’t belong to him. Just like a fucking wild animal. Well the dildo’s plan isn’t going to work. The incubator isn’t likely to keep a jailbird’s baby and if she has any sense whatsoever, she’ll either give the baby up for adoption, or have an abortion to rid her body of the dripping dick’s mutant DNA.

I wonder if it was the murderous penis taking the photo? You can just see the fear in JJ’s eyes 🙁

Rest in Peace little JJ

Justice for JJ

Aunt feared for JJ’s safety

Accused gave JJ Lawrence cannabis – mother


He is another story of mom’s boyfriend killing her baby. November 14th, 2011, JJ Lawrence was 2 years old when he died at the hands of his mom’s boytoy, Joel Loffley (29), in the East Auckland suburb of Orakei. Joel was apparently trying to play daddy to little JJ by teaching him things like manners, how to eat, how to do pot, you know typical parenting skills that mom apparently had no problem with since she knew it was happening.  He was also teaching little JJ how to play rough which, incidentally, is how JJ ended up with a broken arm. That was the first time.  The second time his little arm was broken was when he fell down the stairs. Yep – it’s the stairs again! The brother of Loffley, who testified in court and lived in the house, overheard the mom and “play”-dad make up a story to tell the doctor.  They were going to claim that JJ had broken his arm at the park.


The baby was finally taken to the hospital because “play”-dad punched him in the stomach so hard that his liver and pancreas ruptured.  That’s when the doctors knew there was more to the broken arm story. Loffley told doctors that JJ’s injuries came from falling off a bed and landing on his chest. The doctor called bullshit to that excuse. According to the report, JJ had over 20 bruises on his body in areas uncommon for toddlers.  The number of bruises pointed to signs of abuse. Little JJ also had finger print bruises on his body. This poor child, my heart hurts for him. The doctors also determined that JJ’s arm was broken 8 days before being taken to the hospital. When the mom was asked about his injuries, her excuse was “I was drunk and didn’t want to lose my child.”   What a fucking asshole!!!


Mom and boy-toy decided to live apart for a while.  During this time, police were secretly recording and listening to phone conversations between them. They were recorded discussing their story. In the recording Joel said JJ fell off the bed while he was “fluffing” the blankets and later died in his sleep. Must of been some mighty hard damn sheet fluffing going on!


Mom told the courts that JJ had grown up around cannabis. Joel used to give JJ spots and mom would blow smoke in his face. Mom also ….I refuse refer to her as “mom” any more since moms don’t do this shit! Let’s call her ….skank! Skank confirmed that she had smoked methamphetamine and used ecstasy. The drugs came from Loffley who sold cannabis. Skank told the court that “play”-dad would get JJ stoned with a pipe he made from an asthma inhaler. Skank claimed “play”-dad would not let her be around when this happened and it was okay because he did it to his other sons. I don’t give a rat’s ass what my man said, if he tried that on one of my kids, I would take my kids and he would be arrested. That’s what real parents do. Skank said “play”-dad was abusive and almost killed her (at this point who would of really cared?) but she did not leave him because she was pregnant and she loved him. Typical whore.  She said love makes you do stupid things….ummm yeah – We call that Dick Drunk”. Skank said she has never hurt her son but she does think Loffley killed him. She also said she feels like she is to blame even though she hasn’t done anything wrong. Ok wait a minute, hasn’t done anything wrong?? I’m sorry – When you don’t do everything in your power to protect your child from your man meat, did wrong! You are just as guilty as your nasty ass daddy wanna-be!!


According to reports, child protective services was called twice.  Once by JJ’s aunt before he died. She testified that JJ came to stay with her in Tauranga for two or three weeks in August 2011. JJ had a broken left arm, was in poor health and had marks on him that looked liked old bruises. She also noticed that he wasn’t as accident prone as she’d been told.

A Housing New Zealand employee said he inspected the house where JJ lived in early November 2011.  Loffley was at the house when he visited and JJ, who looked unwell, was lying on a bed. He noted that the house was tidy and normal, nothing alarming to what was actually happening. OK again, a child, looking unwell, lying on the bed, looks normal?? What the bloody hell????

To date, the trial continues.  We will post updates as we get them.

RIP little JJ, I wish I could of saved you from your demonic birth vessel and her boy-toy!

Thanks Colleen for the tip!!


***Special thanks for the write up go to Leslie!

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