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The Bad Boyfriend and the Attack of the Killer Shower

Joshua Howard

Police: 2-year-old assault victim dies, mom’s boyfriend remains in jail:

First responders were called to the Portland, Oregon, motel room of 28-year-old Joshua Howard because his girlfriend’s two-year-old son was unconscious. Howard allegedly told police that he was giving the boy a shower and left him alone for a moment when he heard a thump. Except that the police say the boy was dry and had bruising on his head. After the boy was rushed to the hospital it was determined that he was brain-dead and eventually died from his trauma. Doctors say that the boy had multiple injuries including a fractured jaw and skull.

Eventually Howard is said to have changed his story and allegedly admitted to police that he assaulted the child.

First he said he “tossed or dropped” the victim in the bathroom and was upset because the boy had thrown up on the bed and was crying, according to court documents.

Police said he then later admitted to dragging the boy into the bathroom and throwing him with a lot of force into the front of the toilet.

I don’t get why so many violent assholes think that babies aren’t supposed to puke and cry. A number of years ago I was dating a girl who had a son about 2-years-old. I’d be lying if I said I was a fan of the kid but I dealt with it. One weekend we went on a trip and on the way back the boy let a torrent of vomit fly in my new truck it would have made Linda Blair proud. Was I mad? You better believe it. Did I strike a child that wasn’t even mine? Of course not. After being angry for about a second my common sense kicked in and then I was more concerned for the child’s well-being. Even though I wasn’t fond of the kid I didn’t want to wish any harm on him. Luckily it was just car sickness.

Back to the story at hand though the mother of the child allegedly said that Howard had hit the boy before but she didn’t intervene because she thought that would only make it worse. What? That makes no sense whatsoever. Ladies, if a man hits any of your kids he should be fearing for his life because of what you may do. At the very least you call the cops and you get you and your kids out of there. There is no man worth that.

Thanks to Sarah for the tip.

Missing and in danger – Zaine Lee

Zaine Lee, aged 1, from Bakersfield CA is missing. He has been kidnapped by his mother and is presumed to be in the company of her and his half-sister. He is in danger because his egg-donor does not have custody of him due to drug and alcohol issues. He was last seen on Christmas Eve last year. Egg donor may still be in California or may be travelling to Washington or Oregon. If I can find a photo of the egg donor, I’ll put it up.

If you see this little boy or have information about his whereabouts, please call the National Centre for Missing & exploited children on 1800 843 5678. Or the Kern County District Attorney’s Office 1661 327 7111.

Michael and Michelle Freeman are SICK fucks.

‘Jane Doe’ Sought in Child Pornography Case
Nationwide child porn investigation leads to couple’s arrest in Oregon
Michael And Michelle Freeman, Oregon Couple, Arrested In Child Porn Investigation

Michelle and Michael Freeman molested their own daughters.

You have to be a severely deranged, disturbed, and disgusting motherfucker to molest a child – I think we can all agree on that.  But what’s the list of perfect superlatives that we can use for a mother and father that molest their own daughters? I just can’t think of  words strong enough.

So, let me back up. The story begins with Michael Freeman, 39, of Oregon, sharing pictures and videos of himself and his wife Michelle engaged in sex acts with their daughters (aged 9 and 6)  in an internet child pornography ring. From what I can gather, it was like a file sharing system. I give you some pictures of me diddling children, and then you send me yours. Like child porn Napster, if you will. Excuse me while I throw up my Cheerios.

The FBI confiscated a computer in Colorado in a bust and came across pictures and videos of an unidentified  man and a woman engaging in sex acts with 2 young, unidentified girls.  The Department of Homeland Security  launched a public plea for information and released a photo of the woman in the pictures.   In a press conference, Homeland Security  said that tips started to rush in after a picture of the then-unidentified woman spread like wildfire through all the popular social media sites, including Facebook. With these tips, they were able to narrow their search to the Pacific Northwest. Well, just this week, Michael and Michelle turned themselves in after learning that an acquaintence was going to turn them in after seeing her picture all over the internet.

“The general public and the media was instrumental in bringing these people to justice,”  said an ICE spokesperson.

Well thank God for Facebook! And you won’t hear me say that everyday without sarcasm.

Michael Freeman told an investigator that he was in a “bad place”.  He said he was the first to take the images and that “somehow” his wife became involved. He went on to tell investigators that they engaged in sexual acts with two girls and each other while photographing and videotaping the acts. Oh, and this is my favorite — he said “nothing was forced, no bondage, no pain and no crying.” Not forced? A 6 and 9-year old just willingly performed sex acts with their parents? FUCK you Michael. No crying? I don’t believe that either – unless they’d drugged them.

What kind of bad place will his daughters be the rest of their lives because their parents are disgusting animals? And his wife “somehow” got involved? Where do these fucking people find each other? It always boggles my mind that one partner can get the other involved and go along with doing horrible things to children.  How does that conversation come up? “So honey….. um… don’t forget to defrost some ground beef for tomorrow’s dinner and… uh… wanna go perform sex acts on our daughters and take pictures and then send them to other perverts like us?” “YES! I would LOVE to do that!”. What the actual fuck?

If they’re convicted, they are each facing 15-30 years in the slammer. No word in the articles where their girls are. I hope somewhere safer than anywhere they’ve ever been before.

Thanks to my girl Deena for the tips.

Alexis Pounder was beaten and starved

DA: Ore. couple murdered 1 child, tortured another:

Take a look at these two. Do they not look related? However they are not. They are 27-year-old Donald Cockrell and his betrothed 24-year-old Michelle Smith both of Sandy, Oregon.

They have been charged not only with starving and abusing one of Cockrell’s daughters to death but also abusing one of his other children as well.

An autopsy on 3-year-old Alexis Pounder revealed that the couple allegedly starved her and beat her to death. They are also accused of torturing one of Alexis’ siblings.

Smith is not the baby mama but she has 3 of her own that were removed from the home where they lived at with Smith’s parents.

The autopsy claims that Alexis died from “blunt force trauma” and “acute starvation.”

Both are being held without bail.

Is it me or do those look like meth sores on the bride to be?

Thanks to Marci for the tip.

Bad Girlfriend stabs girl

New Details Revealed In Stabbing Of 3-Year-Old:

We don’t get a lot of bad girlfriend stories but this one should prove that we’re not gender biased here.

22-year-old Serenity (not really) Sanchez was arrested in Portland, Oregon for stabbing her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter.

The boyfriend says that he saw Sanchez go into the girl’s room and heard a scream. The girl was stabbed in the liver and spleen and the wound barely missed her intestines which would have been a death blow. Luckily the girl is in stable condition.

And why did all this allegedly happen? Because the boyfriend wanted to break up with Sanchez.

Guys will only put up with crazy for so long.

Thank to Jessica for the tip.

By the way I’m all about the alliteration so if anyone can come up with a ‘g’ word to describe the girlfriends I’d be most appreciative.

Couple moved daughter’s body across country

Okla. couple held in burial, excavation of girl:

When 11-year-old Cheyenne Wolf died in Oklahoma her ‘parents’, father Abel Wolf, 35, and step-mother Denise Wolf, 40, allegedly buried her under their deck in a sleeping bag inside a plastic tub. When they moved to Montana they took the body with them. When Cheyenne’s sister ran away they feared she would tell authorities about the body so they moved it again. This time to a chicken coop in Oregon then a storage unit also in Oregon.

If you wondered why they kept moving her body it may have something to do with the mystery of Cheyenne’s death.

An affidavit filed by OSBI investigator David Houston said Abel Wolf told Houston the family was upset with Cheyenne in April 2008 because she would not eat dinner one night.

While Abel was outside smoking, he heard a thump but said Cheyenne seemed fine, the affidavit said.

She was found dead the next day, according to the document.

I’m sure they’ll probably use the ‘we can’t afford a funeral’ defense.

Thanks to Krissy for the tip.

Cocaine in the kids’ room

Mother accused of dealing cocaine; 2 kids removed:

This story is all sorts of involved.

Police in Keizer, Oregon executed a search warrant on the home of 40-year-old Catalina Mendoza Cervantes. What they found were her two children, ages 8 and 12, while she was working her McJob. Now before you jump all over me about the plight of the single mother police also found cocaine in the kids’ room and scales and packing materials used in the selling of cocaine. There were also lit candles burning in the house that left burn marks on the ceiling.

Someone tipped off Cervantes that the po-po were at her house and she fled from her job. When police contacted her on the phone she said she wasn’t coming back to her place even though her kids were there. Police eventually caught up with her and arrested her on drug charges among others.

The kids are in state custody.

Thanks to Calvena for the tip.

Man shock collars kids for fun

Police: Man admits he used dog shock collars on his kids for fun:

41-year-old Todd Marcum of Salem, Oregon is a scumbag. I’m sorry, he’s an alleged scumbag. He’s accused of putting a dog’s shock collar on his kids ages 9, 8, 6 and 3. Not to discipline them or anything, not that that would make it right either, but just because he thought it was funny.

He would also allegedly chase the 3-year-old around with the collar with just the mere threat of shocking him, also thinking that was funny.

You know what I think is funny? You in your cell getting introduced to your prison husband.

Thanks to Layla for the tip.

Meth heads drive with 5 unrestrained kids

McMinnville couple held on meth and endangerment charges:

Before you read anything click on the article link. You have to see their mugshots.

Anyway the ghastly pair in said mugshots are 38-year-olds Tracy Ann Duncan and William James Duncan of McMinnville, Oregon. After they were presumably pulled over for having 5 unrestrained kids in the car ranging in ages from 5 to 10 police then searched the car and the hotel they were residing at. Guess what they found. Meth in both places and both Duncans were said to have been under the influence of meth while they were driving their unrestrained kids around.

Meth does not a happy family make. Maybe if they weren’t spending their money on meth they could afford a decent place to live.

Remember kids, not even once.

Thanks to Jill for the tip.

M-F woman held without bail in son’s death

No bail for M-F mom:

M-F doesn’t stand for what you think it does. It’s an abbreviation for Milton-Freewater, Oregon. Although after you read this story you might choose the other meaning.

26-year-old Loretta Maxine Polanco, who bears a striking resemblance to Jabba the Hutt, has been indicted on 47 counts as it pertains to the death of her son, 2-year-old Lucas Isaac Polanco.

It’s alleged that Polanco admitted pushing Lucas, out of frustration for crying, which caused him to hit his head on the bottom of a kitchen table. It’s said she also confessed to past abuse of Lucas. When Lucas was taken to the hospital he had a brain injury, a lacerated liver, and a separated shoulder. According to prosecutors in the weeks leading up to his death Polanco stabbed Lucas repeatedly in the back of the head with a the needle from a glucose meter.

Before she allegedly confessed Polanco said that Lucas had a seizure and hit his head on a piano and was bitten by his older brother. That’s so nice that she tried blaming it on one of her other kids.

It’s also alleged that that she delayed getting help for Lucas for two hours before finally calling 911.

If this was truly an accident any decent parent would have either called 911 immediately or rushed their child to the hospital. Waiting for two hours to get help sounds like someone who was trying to get their story straight.

Thanks to Danielle for the tip.

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