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Roxys and a neglected baby – must be Flori-DUH!

Druggy bitch Ashley Curtis

Mother left toddler alone, fed him Oreos and cake

Drug addicted Fla. mom only fed 1-year-old junk food, got high from his nebulizer, police allege

Ashley Nicole Curtis (23) is a drug whore and a neglectful bitch. The slut from Lantana FL, regularly left her 1 year old son alone for long periods of time in unsafe situations and on the odd occasions she actually did feed him, she would only give him Oreos, cake and brownies. Sounds like a kid’s dream, right? Other times she wouldn’t feed him at all, preferring to smoke oxycodone or roxycodone. Well surprise, surprise. Oxys and Roxys seems to be the choice of pill for druggies. You’d think druggies would like other pills, such as birth control pills. I’m sure you could smoke those if you were inventive enough.

Police say that the incubator was a chronic drug user who frequently left her child at home all alone, locked in a cot or a highchair. She would often be out all day and come home high as a fucking kite. Then she’d pass out and leave her kid screaming in his highchair. In one instance, the little boy had been coughing for three weeks, but the walking c*** put it down to him “faking it for attention” and refused to get him any help or medicine. I’m pretty sure 1 year old kids don’t have the premeditation or the forethought to “fake” being sick. They don’t like taking medicine and they don’t like going to the doctor. What reason would a 1 year old have for faking being sick?

When she finally got him some help, you wanna know what she did? The useless drug whore fucking STOLE his meds!! That’s right, she wrangled a nebuliser and some Albuterol and used it all on her selfish bitch arse. For the “high”. Drug addicts will do anything for a high, probably smoke their own pubes if they thought they could get a buzz from it. What a selfish waste of space. Someone should set her hair on fire and try and “smoke” her. Like in Scary Movie 2 where that pothead gets rolled into a joint by a giant cannabis plant.

What’s worse, is that there were complacent witnesses. People fucking saw the baby being neglected, the egg donor off her fugly face on hillbilly heroin! And did nothing about it! One witness said it was common to wake up and find the baby locked in his high chair while the stupid slut was passed out. Well, did you get him out? Get him something healthy to eat? Offer to look after him? No? You probably sat on your arse and watched. Did she pay for your silence with oxys and Roxys? Another witness reported helping get the baby out of the car and being knocked over by the stench of burning Roxys, and that the drug skank was covered in soot from it. Yet, they remained silent…

The drug whore was arrested and charged with cruelty to a child. She was released 3 days later on a $1500 bond. Wow, I didn’t know druggies had that kind of money. I thought that any income went straight back out again for more drugs. So someone else must have bailed her out. Was it the baby daddy? I doubt she remembers who it is, probably had to narrow it down to the nearest 100. Whoever it was, is a child abuse and druggie enabler. And why haven’t the police charged her with drug possession? I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a prescription for all those oxys and roxys!

The little boy is now in protective custody. But judging from the other stories on BB about Flori-DUH, they may well return him to that toxic c***.

I found it funny that there’s a place in FL called “Lantana”. Lantana is a noxious weed in Australia. It spreads easily, and leeches nutrients from native plants. Seems fitting that this parasitic c*** is from a place named after a noxious weed that spreads easily.



Korrie-Lynn Kinnear likes to beat on toddlers

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear

Retarded bitch

Mother imprisoned for violent toddler beatings

Sarnia, ON mother sentenced to 3 years for beating toddlers

Is that an infected arsehole on the egg-donor’s face? Oh wait, it’s a pathetic attempt at looking “sexy”.

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear (23), of Sarnia, Ontario, likes to beat on her toddlers. Her two very young kids suffered extensive injuries including fractured ribs and severe bruising from their egg-donors attempts at “discipline”. Here’s a tip, bitch. If you’re leaving marks and causing long-term damage, that’s not “discipline” – that’s abuse! Punching and kicking your kids is not the same as a smack on the bum. I’m child-free and even I know that! The “discipline” started off as slaps and backhand punches, as the birth vessel became more and more frustrated at her children. She would scream obscenities at them and tell them they were useless. Wow, what a wonderful thing to teach your young, impressionable children to say!

One of the children had 13 rib fractures and the other had 2 rib fractures. Both the kids were under two when the beatings occurred. FUCK!! A smack on the hand/backside is okay for punishment, but a full-on beating? On a little toddler? What the fuck is wrong with you?! The doc who examined the kids had to compose himself, he was so overcome with emotion because he hadn’t seen such extensive bruising on a small child like that. Of course, the axe wound never sought medical help for her kids and never beat them about the face. Of course not. She had the forethought to know it was wrong to beat her kids so she tried to hide it. So it wasn’t punishment at all, she just liked to punch up toddlers, under the guise of discipline.

The answer to the question of “what the fuck is wrong with her?!”: She has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I’m not making it up. She was a sufferer of child abuse herself, too. So she knew damn well what it was like to be abused by her parents, yet she chose to inflict that horror and pain on her own offspring. I couldn’t give two fucks whether some enabler says “But that’s all she knows!!” She knew how it felt to be abused, so she knew better than to do it to her own kids! She also drank heavily and abused oxycodone. No surprises there, it was available to her in utero and she probably felt she couldn’t live without it. But I don’t care how fucking hard her life was. There is no excuse to abuse your children, none whatsoever.

The gaping gash was sentenced to only 3 years prison! What the fuck is up with that? She fricking abused her kids, you idiot! Sounds like the judge has brain damage too! But apparently, that’s a harsher penalty than usual for bad breeders. And she cried like the stupid bitch she is, because she got caught bashing her kids. I hope those three years are long and torturous for her, and may her fellow inmates have no patience for a child abuser. She is not allowed to contact her kids and she is banned from owning weapons (I thought that would be obvious since she has a mental deficiency) This egg donor should never have been allowed to breed, considering her IQ and the drug and alcohol problems. I thought that sort of thing would cause damage to the reproductive parts? Evidently not. Anyhoo, the kiddos are now away from this damaged DNA and are reportedly doing well. Hopefully they can break the cycle and go on to be productive members of society.

I did some research and found the egg donor’s Facebook page. Here’s some pearls of wisdom from her mutated mind: “I am who I am my mouth says it all you don’t like my words tune me out” Yeah it’s pretty hard to tune out abuse. Let’s hope you can tune out the taunts and jeers (plus all the beatings) from your fellow inmates. Here’s another little gem “Everyone has their own opinions and everyone is entitled to voice them. But make sure your back yard is clean before you judge your neighbour’s” Well, I will judge the fuck out of you because you’re a brain-damaged, oxygen-thieving child abuser. And your backyard ain’t clean, it’s full of dog shit. Our tipster also tells us that you stole from your employers and can’t hold down a job because you have sticky fingers. Maybe you can put those fingers to use, and try to steal from Big Bertha or any of the other head bitches in the pen. See how well theft goes down there. 

Luckily there are no dead kids, and that they’ve gotten away from that mutant monster. I don’t know what the fate of her “engaged” relationship status will be, but if her c***-plug is willing to marry a known child abuser, he’s a desperate dick.

Thanks to the Anon tipster for the tip. Should anyone object to my use of “retarded” to describe this bitch, especially because she has FAS, tough titties. Her actions were dimwitted and lacking in intelligence. She is slow and deficient – which is the original meaning of “retard/ed”



Mandy Stevenson is a danger to society

Woman on drugs c*cktail killed son: police

Mandy Stevenson was on a c*cktail of prescription drugs when crashing car that killed her son, court hears

Mandy Stevenson

Filthy bogan, you seriously wore THAT to court?


Drugged driving doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem here in Australia as it is in the US. We have breathalysers and roadside testing. The news makes public examples of drunk and drugged drivers. As someone who is still learning to drive and is about to sit for her provisional drivers’ licence, I wouldn’t dream of driving drunk or drugged. I know how hard it is to get a licence here and how easy it is to lose it. It’s wrong, it’s stupid and most people know that.

Mandy Stevenson (39) of Box Hill VIC, doesn’t. She killed her 17 year old son Joshua Stevenson, fractured  her 10 year old son’s skull and severely injured two other kids when she crashed into a tree while high on a c*cktail of drugs.

Mandy had an assortment of different prescription drugs in her bloodstream and was falling asleep behind the wheel when she lost control of her car on the Colac-Murroon Road at Murroon. The car smashed into a tree, crumpling the right side of the passenger compartment, where Joshua was sitting. Sadly, he died before he could be freed from the wreckage.

A 14 year old boy who was with Mandy and co. described her behaviour as “smashed” when she arrived at the other kid’s house. He described her driving as “shit” and that she was falling asleep at the wheel, with her head dropping a couple of times. Well, excuse me, but why would you get into a car with a driver who was “smashed” and falling asleep at the wheel? You couldn’t have saved Joshua and his brother, but surely you could’ve saved yourself injury by refusing to get into the car with her? Did your parents ever teach you not to get into a car with someone who’s intoxicated?

Tests conducted at Geelong Hospital showed that Mandy had our old mates Xanax, Methadone and Oxycodone in her system.  A doctor said that the effects of a combination of these drugs would impair judgement and render a person incapable of proper control. Well no shit Sherlock, you don’t need a degree in medicine to work that out!! This woman was known around the Colac area as a “doctor-shopper” – she went around getting different prescriptions from different doctors so that she could keep her constant supply of pills without raising suspicions. She was also a former heroin addict, hence the methadone. It was also reported that she passed around Xanax pills to her sons and their friends before the crash. Mother of the Year material right here, people! Not only “taking care” of her own kids but “providing for” other people’s kids too! How generous and caring!

Her husband, Clay Stevenson, who is the boys’ father, couldn’t even attend his own son’s funeral. You wanna know why? He’s in jail for a year for beating up Mandy. Yeah, I’d knock her lights out too if I found out she’d killed my son because she was driving while as high as a kite!!

Mandy was charged with culpable driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing serious injury, driving under the influence of drugs and driving an unregistered and unroadworthy vehicle. Yet, she managed to successfully applied for bail. Oh great, so now she’ll just go out and do the same thing again and probably kill her other son. But wait, she has strict conditions! That’ll stop her! Banning her from driving, only attending approved medical practitioners and reporting to police daily, that’ll definitely stop her from wrecking someone else’s car that she stole and kill someone else. She should be in jail for murder!

We have “white trash” in Australia, we call them bogans. They’re filthy and drink in public. Every second word they say is “fucken”. The females often have several children to different fathers so that they can continue to get parenting payments, which they then spend on wide-screen tellies, smokes, booze, drugs and anything but the poor kids they popped out. They’re unkempt and often don’t work, preferring to bludge off Centrelink. Their children are poorly behaved in public and are just as foul-mouthed and dirty as their parents. They’re disgusting and Mandy Stevenson is one of them.

This “mother” gave her kids drugs, killed Joshua, nearly killed her other son and their friends, and is now allowed out into society. Disgusting. I hope she does the state of Victoria a favour and overdoses in a pitiful laneway somewhere. Grind her bloated arse up for shark chum.



Josh Stevenson.

Rest In Peace, Josh


Boy gets Happy Meal while mom takes happy pills…

pill-popping McMom
Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Florida “Crazy”…
Jessica Jones, Florida Mom, Passes Out On Pain Pills In Car While Child Plays At McDonald’s: Cops

Wow! They really do have something for everybody at Mickey D’s these days. Everybody gets to leave happy…or pass out…or whatever. I guess in Florida, anything’s possible. At least nobody died or got raped in this one, which is a vast improvement over the other recent stories I’ve had to report.

It seems that Jessica Jones, egg donor of an 8-year-old boy, wanted the little man to have some food and fun, so she did what many good moms do, and took him to McDonalds for a Happy Meal and some play time on the McD’s playground. Fine so far, but this is where her actions deviate from those of the REAL good moms. Most moms would also buy themselves something to eat, or for the ones (like me) who don’t care for fast food, at least purchase a drink to slurp on while watching our little angel(s) play. Not McDruggie. She went back out to her car and proceeded to get McStoned on some McOxy and some McAlprazolam. For those who don’t know the various uses of today’s pharmacological goodies, that’s pain pills and anti-anxiety medication, respectively. Why in the name of Satan’s jockey shorts would you need to take both of these at the same freakin’ time? I’m just guessing here, since I don’t use painkillers, but wouldn’t the oxy knock you out and make the anti-anxiety medication unnecessary? Maybe she wanted to make sure she didn’t have any nightmares…hmmmmm…could be. Nah, she’s just your average junkie who likes to get her stupor on more than she likes to take care of her kid.

The details are as follows, according to cops and other patrons at the fine dining establishment:

Jessica took her son inside, bought him a happy meal, and then deposited him in the play area. She then went back out to her auto, leaving the little boy to play alone, and downed a little ‘happiness’ of her own. Two other customers noticed her return to her car, and a short time later found her slumped over in the driver’s seat. They notified authorities, who came and relieved her of her son, her auto, her drugs, and her freedom. Wow! That’s a lot of relief from just a few tiny pills. When the cops were finally able to get her conscious, her speech was slurred and she was disoriented. Gee, I wonder why???

Now, I know there are people out there who have a legitimate need for such strong medication, but since her ‘meds’ were in an unmarked bottle and she was hiding in the freakin’ car to use them, I’m betting Jessica was not one of the legitimate users. Even if she did acquire them legally, and they were necessary, she had no business taking her child out in public before ingesting psychoactive substances. I can think of at least three other options she could have used to avoid such a horrid outcome:
1. Get the freakin’ Happy Meal to go (I haven’t seen a McD’s without a drive-thru in YEARS), and take the kid home to eat and play Wii or nintendo, or whatever.
1. Stay home with the kid, make some mac-n-cheeze or beanie weenies (or even a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, if she was too lazy to heat anything up), and put on a movie or video game for the boy. Granted, that’s not as healthy as physical exercise for the boy, but at least he’s safe at home.
2. Call a sitter or friend (or the boy’s father) if she just HAS to have a medicated moment.

I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you any more. Most of our readers KNOW how to be good parents, and don’t need further examples of the benefits of using common sense. McPillhead up there apparently has no common sense, or traded it for the pills or something. Regardless, she has been charged with neglect and possession of prescription pills. No mention was made of the disposition of the child, but I am assuming they did not allow him to remain in her custody – perhaps the father showed up? I’d really like to know, so if any of you hear anything please add it in the comments below. I’m just glad that no children were physically harmed or killed as a result of this wench’s poor judgement. Thank God for small favors…..

Thanks go to Marsha and Erin for sending in tips about this one. Go have a Happy Meal – on me.

Pill popper provides pedophile perv with victim

Debra Annmarie Blackmon and Tony Marcel Hammond

Man, woman arrested on sex trafficking charges:

Titusville pair accused in sex trafficking of minor:

Woman traded sex with child for pills, police say:

25-year-old Debra Annmarie Blackmon of Titusville, Florida really likes her pills. She likes them so much she was willing to sell a girl she has legal guardianship over to her alleged dealer in a sex for pills trade.

The man she traded the teenage girl to was 23-year-old Tony Marcel Hammond. In exchange for having sex with girl, which on my sites we call child rape, he allegedly gave Blackmon Percocet and….wait for it…you know it’s coming…Oxycodone, aka Oxycontin, aka Hillbilly Heroin. Hammond also provided the girl with weed to, as one article put it, help the girl complete the sex act. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

The girl is now in state custody. Blackmon has been charged with sex trafficking of a minor by legal guardian which carries a maximum 30 year sentence. Hammond has been charged with sex trafficking and procuring a child for prostitution. He’s only looking at 15 years. If you ask me both of them should be sentenced to a life of being prison bitches if you know what I mean.

And the first person who says to me that she’s an addict and that she has a disease can save it. Drug addicts do not have a disease, they have a weakness. People with diseases for the most part don’t choose to have them. Every addict made their choice to put drugs first in their lives. Some to the point where they would sell another human being, possibly their children for sex.

Thanks to Rob Taylor for the tip.

Mark Endicot Jackson Jr. was High on Pills

5-year-old Girl grabs the wheel after Dad passes out

Jacksonville girl, 5, takes wheel in DUI case 

40-year-old Mark Endicot Jackson Jr. of Jacksonville, Flori-duh was found unresponsive staring at the ceiling of his 2010 Camaro. His car had jumped a curb, ran over landscaping and had crashed into a parking sign before it came to a stop.

Jackson had passed out while driving with his 5-year-old daughter. He says he had taken Xanax and oxycodone earlier in the day. When he passed out, the young girl grabbed the wheel and steered the car to safety before careening across the highway.

A family member came to take custody of the girl. Her nose and upper lip were bleeding when police arrived.

Jackson was charged with DUI, DUI causing damage, careless driving and driving without he or his daughter wearing a seatbelt.

He was being held in lieu of $3,000 bail. 

Thanks go to KC Shaw for the tip!

Toddler takes oxycodone in West Virginia

Toddler Swallows Drugs; Mom and Friends Charged:

Mom Who Let Baby Boy Swallow Pain Pills to be in Court Tuesday:

Stringy over there is 25-year-old Tasha Lynn Adkins of Wayne, West Virginia. She was arrested a few weeks back after her 17-month-old son had to be taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator. It seems the boy got into some oxycodone and took a few. Now where would he get such an idea. Could it be satan? No, it was his female birth organism, allegedly.

According to police Adkins and two possible penises (penii?) were partying it up in an apartment by downing the oxycodone while the toddler was apparently left to his own devices.

We got West Virgina and hillbilly heroin in this story. The only thing that would be missing was if they partied in a trailer and we’d have the white trash trifecta.

Anyway the more scum like this abuse oxycodone the quicker it’s going to get yanked from the market then the people who really need it will suffer.

I was unable to find an update on the child’s condition.

Thanks to Shannon for the tip.

Sleep Your Troubles Away At Camp KOA

Infant found in hot car with passed-out Parents in Indian River County, hospitalized

Deputies: Parents Slept In Hot Car With Baby Inside 

Here we have another story out of the great state of Florida.  24-year-old Nicholas Roberts and his main squeeze, 20-year-old Justina Sullivan put the DUH in Flori-duh.

Sunday morning someone called 911 to report Justina, who appeared to be falling asleep, driving down a county road.  When deputies located the black Impala at a KOA campground, most of the windows were rolled up and the Dumbass Duo was passed out inside the car.  Sullivan, who was still in the driver’s seat,  had to be shaken awake and kept falling asleep while officers were talking to her  – I guess she was a little high, eh?  They were not alone in the car…..  Nope.  That’s not how they ended up featured on BB.  The couple’s 1-month-old baby was in the car.

 Apparently the couple was living in the car, as they were evicted from their home on Saturday.  Not only were they living in the car, but they were partying in it also.  Besides the severely dehydrated infant, police recovered 75 oxycodone pills and a marijuana pipe.

 Roberts and Sullivan were both arrested and charged with child abuse and possession of a controlled substance.  The child was hospitalized for dehydration.  I can’t find any info on where the child will end up upon release from the hospital.  Let’s hope somewhere FAR away from these two – but we know the story.  A stable home, parenting classes, Narcotics Anonymous… Blah, blah, blah.  This is just another fine example of why stupid people shouldn’t breed.

I wonder if that scar on homeboy’s head is where his brain was removed.  Hmmmmmmm.

 Thanks go to me for bring you this “happy” story that doesn’t involve a raped or murdered child.  Thanks also go to your friendly angelic being for asking me if I can post a story without cussing.  Look Angel!!  I did it!  Where the fuck is my sucker???

Drunk breastfeeding leads to other charges

Woman Accused Of Breastfeeding Baby While Drunk:

This line from the article sets the tone nicely for the rest of the story…

Police said it started when Renee Vanalsburg punched her half-sister in the face.

You know it can only get better from there and of course it does. ‘Better’ being a relative word here because after police arrived at the scene they noticed that Vanalsburg was breastfeeding her baby while obviously drunk and high. The baby’s father, Marc Rush, was also arrested when police found a bottle of oxycodone and tin filled with an unnamed white powder in the baby’s crib.

Anybody want to take any guess what the mysterious white powder was? Since there was oxycodone I’m going to guess the powder was meth.

Anyway, also on the floor of the baby’s room was broken glass, knives, bug poison and spray paint.

Did I mention this happened in Florida? Florida always takes any crime story and takes it to a whole new level. Stay classy Sunshine State.

Thanks to Jinx for the tip.

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