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Children abducted from Grandma’s house in Tampa, FL

Amber Alert issued for two children kidnapped in Tampa by parents, considered armed and dangerous

This Amber Alert has also been extended to Louisiana, Georgia and Alabama

Cole Hakken (4) and his little brother Chase Hakken (2) have been kidnapped by their breeders Joshua Michael Hakken (35) and Sharyn Hakken (34). Mr Hakken broke into the boys’ maternal grandma’s house at 6.30am, tied up Grandma and took the boys. Mrs Hakken was waiting outside. The boys’ grandfather had already left for work at the time of the abduction.

The couple fled in a 2009 silver Toyota Camry, which was later found abandoned. The state of Louisiana had taken away the breeders’ rights and placed the boys with their grandparents after a “series of incidents”, one of them including neglect. The breeders were also charged with drug possession in the presence of their children. After losing custody, Mr Hakken tried to take the boys from a foster care facility. He was beating on the door and waving a gun. When he couldn’t get inside, he fled.

There is a warrant out for Mr Hakken’s arrest. His crimes are kidnapping, 2 counts of interfering with child custody, 2 counts of child neglect, 2 counts false imprisonment, 1 count burglary with battery and 1 count Grand Theft Auto. Mrs Hakken has not been charged with any crime as of yet.

The couple are now believed to be traveling in a black 2006 GMC Sierra, registered to Mr Hakken., rego number U95KT. It was believed that they were towing a camping trailer, but the trailer has since been located in Florida.

Chase Hakken is 3′, 33lbs, brown hair and brown eyes, Caucasian. He was wearing pyjamas at the time of the abduction.

Cole Hakken is 3’9″, 44lbs, brown hair and brown eyes, Caucasian. He was also wearing pyjamas.

Joshua Hakken is Caucasian, 5’9″. He had a reddish beard at the time of the abduction. He has brown hair and brown eyes.

Sharyn Hakken is Caucasian, 5’4″ with brown hair and hazel eyes.

The couple is considered armed and dangerous. DO NOT APPROACH THEM. Call 911 if you see them or the vehicle (2006 black GMC Sierra, plate number U95KT)

These fuckwits sound like conspiracy theorists and may be mentally unstable. Coupled with that and the fact that they’re armed makes me worry. Hopefully the boys turn up safe and sound.

Since these pathetic losers like to Google their own names to see what’s being said about them, it’s only a matter of time before they show their sorry arses up on here and try to defend their actions. “The gubbermint took our children” “They control your minds through vaccinations” etc. We’ll be here waiting for them.

Missing and in danger – Zaine Lee

Zaine Lee, aged 1, from Bakersfield CA is missing. He has been kidnapped by his mother and is presumed to be in the company of her and his half-sister. He is in danger because his egg-donor does not have custody of him due to drug and alcohol issues. He was last seen on Christmas Eve last year. Egg donor may still be in California or may be travelling to Washington or Oregon. If I can find a photo of the egg donor, I’ll put it up.

If you see this little boy or have information about his whereabouts, please call the National Centre for Missing & exploited children on 1800 843 5678. Or the Kern County District Attorney’s Office 1661 327 7111.

Bodies of missing CA Toddler and Father found in apparent murder/suicide investigation

Bodies found in California could be missing toddler, father

Missing California Toddler, Father found dead

Brother: Misunderstanding could be to blame

Slain Girl’s Grandfather says court system pushed son over the edge

Autopsy reveals 2-year-old, father suffered gunshot wounds

Bitter custody fight foreshadowed abduction

This is a very sensitive case so I’m going to refrain from name-calling in this one.  Also all you’re getting here is facts no interjection from me.  All of this write up is compiled of facts that I gathered from various reputable news sources.

Mourad Samaan and his ex-wife Marcia Fay have been fighting over their little girl all of her short life.  According to court documents it all began before her birth.  The couple separated before she was born.  On the day she was born her father had to force his way in to see her after her birth.  His respons was that her mother was letting everyone but him see his child.  Of course as in all disputes the fighting continued, Samaan wanted to call the child one thing and Fay wanted to call her something else so when with her mother the child was called Madeline but with her father she was called Layla.  The fighting never stopped. 

A little over a week ago 2-year-old Madeline Samaan-Fay of Sacramento, California went missing apparently abducted by her father, Mourad “Moni” Samaan age 49.  Her mother, Marcia Fay,  had recently been granted full custody of the little girl. Fay reported her daughter missing when Samaan failed to return her but because of rules regarding parental abductions the FBI did not issue an Amber Alert until Friday, just two days before Samaan and Madeline were found.   Samaan and Madeline were last seen alive at a grocery store in Sacramento.  The next time they would be seen, both would be deceased in Samaan’s Toyota 4-Runner in a rural area near Placerville, California.  According to reports Samaan died from a gunshot wound and while Madeline had gunshot wounds authorities are investigating to see if it was possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

Samaan’s father has spoken with reporters and claims that the custody battle over Madeline was what pushed his son over the edge.  Apparently the custody battle began even before Madeline’s birth.  Apparently the couple separated before Madeline’s birth and Mourad had to learn of his child’s birth from his in-laws.  Samaan’s father also goes on to say that marriage and family disputes do not belong in the court system. 

Another report goes on to say that Samaan did not understand that he wasn’t losing his right to see his daughter, just the joint custody.  In other words he would have had visitation with her still but custody would have fully rested on her mother. 

Unfortunately whatever the issue may be here (reports are still flooding in) a 2-year-old princess has lost her life.  No reports could be found from them mother’s side of this story, only from Samaan’s family who all believe that he was pushed to do this.  While most parents can certainly sympathize with Samaan’s feelings of despair upon losing custody of his daughter, we all know that murder/suicide isn’t the answer.  Perhaps we will learn more from the mother that will shed some light on this very sad case.

RIP Madeline.   

Wow so many tipsters to thank…Dawn, Kristi, and princess_nothing thank you so much for the tips you sent in on this one.

Tammy Kongham captured

Missing Mom, 8-Year-Old Found:

Tammy Kongham has been captured. The woman who kidnapped her daughters from their school in Philadelphia and took them to live on the streets of Fort Lauderdale was taken into custody this morning. Her 8-year-old daughter was with her. As I previously posted Kongham sent away her 10-year-old daughter to wander the streets on her own because in Kongham’s mind it would make it harder for police to find her. Obviously that theory didn’t work out too well.

The article states that the Florida child endangerment charges might be waived to make for prosecution of the Pennsylvania kidnapping charges. Wouldn’t there be federal kidnapping charges since she took her kids across state lines?

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Tammy Kongham charged with abduction


FBI Charges Mom Who Is Still Missing With Daughter:

The FBI has now filed abduction charges against Tammy Kongham. She’s the woman who abducted her daughters from their school in Philadelphia then took them to live on the streets in Fort Lauderdale. The children were in the custody of a foster home. Kongham is said to be mentally ill.

As I posted before police found her 10-year-old daughter wandering in a mall because Kongham sent her away saying it would be easier for the cops to find her if they were together. Then why bother abducting her in the first place?

Kongham is still on the run with her 8-year-old daughter. Both have allegedly cut their hair short. The pictures show Kongham with her hair at both lengths. Police say that they’ve also worn disguises.

The FBI said that anyone assisting Korgham could also face prosecution.

Florida police looking for mom who abducted daughters

Police Search For Mother, Sister Of Girl Found:

Police in Fort Lauderdale are searching for Tammy Kongham. She abducted her two daughters from their Philadelphia school and took them to Florida. Her 10-year-old daughter had been found wandering through a local mall. She told authorities that her, her mother and her 8-year-old sister had been living in a sand pit underneath a playground for two weeks.

Tammy Kongham is said to be mentally ill and did not have custody of her kids.

She allegedly sent the 10-year-old away so she wouldn’t be caught by police.

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

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