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Shawn Michael Mohan Accused of Punishing Baby by Shooting Him with BB Gun

Shawn Michael MohanSt. Charles, Missouri is home to Shawn Michael Mohan, a 20-year-old who could use a few parenting lessons. Or maybe a few years in the penitentiary is more appropriate. Police are accusing Mohan of repeatedly shooting his 12-day-old son with a BB guns.

The boy’s doctors discovered the circular injuries in the child’s skin when Mohan brought him in for a routine check-up. Mohan claims it was an accident, but the police aren’t buying that. First, the kid was shot multiple times. Second, Mohan is already serving five years of probation for inflicting a head injury on his first child.

Oooops. So much for having learned his lesson. Time to lock Mr. Mohan away for a while, for the good of society – not to mention his kids. Oh yeah, and how about a court-ordered vasectomy while we’re at it? Mohan’s already 0 for 2 at the parental bat, for God sakes.

(Hat tips: Sinthyia, Pamela, Amy)

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Elizabeth Dillon Leaves Three Kids in Car for Over Three Hours, Doesn't See Anything Wrong with That

SaddleHere’s one for the ages from Sand Lake, Michigan. 28-year-old Elizabeth J. Dillon can’t understand why authorities are so angry that she left her three kids, twins age 6 and a 22-month-old – in a running pickup truck for over three hours while she waited for a saddle shop to make her parts for a bridle. The irony is that the owner of Circle JF Saddlery in Lowell has a special room where kids can wait. But, no – Dillon decided it was better for them to wait over three hours in a running vehicle that was parked in a two-hour parking spot, while she hung out alone in the shop and watched the owner work. Nothing happened to the kids before police arrived…unless you count the baby, who was sitting in his own piss.


Dillion insists that she’s a “good mom” who made mistakes, but shouldn’t be charged with felony child abuse. Too bad she never heard of Amy Elizabeth Calvin, who found out the hard way what can happen when you leave your child in a car unattended for even a few minutes. Not to mention what might have happened if the 6-year-old had figured out how to get the vehicle out of Park. Good GOD, woman, where’s your paranoid parental imagination?!

Saddlery owner Joel Forrest, who was much less gobsmacked than Dillon, hit the nail on the head: “If you go into a gas station and you have kids,” he told reporters, “you take them in with you.” Precisely.

Dillon’s kids are back with her while she fends off charges of second degree child abuse. If i were her, I’d practice begging for mercy. Stupidity may not be a great defense, but in this case, it’s the only defense she has.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia)

Veronica Francine Ramirez Drugs It up in Houston, Returns to San Antonio Without Her Baby

Isiah RamirezSomeone needs to give Veronica Francine Ramirez a few simple lessons in what is and is not appropriate when you’re a parent, because it appears that she doesn’t even have the basics down pat. The 24-year-old mama decided it would be a fine idea to drag newborn Isiah with her to Houston, where she apparently partied like it was 1999. When she returned to San Antonio, she did so without Isiah or his belongings in tow…and she couldn’t tell authorities what she had done with him. Ramirez was so drugged out that the best she could tell the cops was that she “may” have handed the child off to two strange women in a truck stop restroom. Or maybe it was an Asian couple. Hey, it could have been an Asian lesbian couple, for all we (or Ramirez) know.

Why would the mom do this? Who the hell knows? Who can tell what was – or, more accurately, what wasn’t – going through this woman’s head?

Don’t fret – Isiah is safe. There’s no word on how we was found, but authorities say he’s okay. Odds are he’ll be even better once the state trades in his mother for a better model. Congratulations, Miss Ramirez. It doesn’t sound like you much wanted a baby in your life. You’re about to have your heart’s desire fulfilled by Child Protective Services.

(Hat tip: Ashley)

Foster Mom Joyce Luvern Burks Allegedly Let Girl Die While Washing Blood-Stained Blanket

Katherine Frances (left), and Connie Fowler, who received Frances' heartToday’s horror comes courtesy of Sinthyia. Straight outta DeSoto, Texas, we give you 41-year-old Joyce Luvern Burks, whose 4-year-old foster daughter, Katherine Frances, died after a vicious beating from Burks’ 14-year-old son that left Katherine with a fractured skull and brain damage, among other injuries.

Police were disgusted to learn that Burks might have saved her little girl’s life after her son had bodyslammed her to the point of death. But instead, the alleged Mom from Hell spent hours at the laundromat, washing the blanket on which the girl had bled. According to the timeline, based on Burks’ own revised testimony to police, Mommy Dearest noticed Katherine getting sick around 5pm. Instead of calling the ambulance or taking the girl to the hospital, Burks sat down with the other kids for a bit of tellie – because she had to catch Zoey 101 before she could be bothered to assist her dying foster daughter. Then, on the way to the hospital, Burks popped into the laundromat to do her washing. (You know, the kind of washing that the rest of us call “evidence tampering.”) They didn’t arrive at the hospital until sometime after 8:30pm. (The story is unclear about exactly when they arrived there.)

According to the report, Burks was a foster parent under Mesa Family Services Inc., whose operations have since been taken over by Therapeutic Family Life. Therapeutic knew that the fosters in Burks’ home complained that the son abused them. Burks turned a deaf ear to them, insisting that her little snuggums could do no foul. The state is lashing out at Therapeutic, saying that didn’t adequately supervise foster parents like Burks. Gee, you think?

I am so fucking sick and tired of this shit. These poor fucking foster kids are in their situation because their previous parents neglected them, committed a crime, or otherwise did something worthy of landing a spot on this blog. Marbella Frances lost custody of her kids after leaving them home alone. Katherine Frances was taken out of her home to “keep her safe”. Instead, she was murdered by a brutish teen, and a mom who didn’t give two shits about reining him in. She would’ve been better off being neglected at home.

At least there’s something of a happy element to this story. Katherine’s death managed to have a poignant meaning for five-year-old Claire Fowler, who is alive and healthy today after receiving Katherine Frances’ heart. And Marbella Frances has file suit against the foster care companies and the Burks family. From the way Marbella talks, it seems this tragedy has strengthened her resolve to keep her own shit together, and make sure that some change in the Texas foster care system results from Katherine Frances’ sad, tragic death.

Here’s hoping.

John Patrick Violette Case a Mystery

Update on the John Patrick Violette case: Police in North Carolina say they have no freaking idea why Violette flipped his shit and decapitated his daughter. One insanity plea, coming right up. I’ll be curious to see whether his wife Amber sticks by him, or runs screaming. As I’ve said in the past, I doubt I could stick by my spouse, even if I were convinced they had lost it. If you want some raucous commentary on the case, check out the Freepers, many of whom are calling for all manner of gruesome punishments – all ending in death.

Twins of Adoptive Mom Tamika Shuntell Williams Tell of Cigarette Burns, Other Horrifying Abuse

Broken cigaretteHere’s another story that should make all well-meaning people ask the question: “Why would you adopt kids just to treat them like this?” Today’s case involves Tamika Shuntell Williams of Warren, Michigan, who adopted two twin girls, now 8, because Williams herself couldn’t conceive. How did Williams treat her precious gifts? According to quiet, fearful testimony from the girls themselves, the “parental love” included being beaten, tied to a bedroom door, tied down to a bed, bathed in bleach, burned with cigarettes (AND the lighter), struck with a belt, bitten on the head, and threatened with decapitation if they told anybody about these crimes.

The testimony came several weeks after the terrified girls previously tried to testify, but couldn’t.

It’s nearly impossible not to believe a story like this. Unless the defense can make a strong case that someone planted all of these ideas in these girls’ head (and explain away the physical evidence), mom is going to jail for a long spell.

So again, I ask: why? Why bring two children in your home, just so you can torture them? What illness possesses people to recruit kids just so they can be tortured? Was she herself raised like this – subject to constant abuse for merely minor infractions?

The only conclusion I can come to is that some people just get off on this. It thrills them to control and inflict pain on others. Shuntell’s parents may or may not have had this legacy of sadism passed on to her by those who “loved” her. Who knows? With any luck, though, authorities have prevented this from being passed on to the girls she was supposed to protect.

(Hat tip: Jean)

LaShaun Harris: Not First Degree Murder, But Assault

LaShaun Harris, the mentally ill mother who threw her three kids into the San Francisco Bay and blamed it on Jesus, has been found not guilty of murder and guilty of assault. The jury’s still weighing both second-degree murder and manslaughter. The assault charges carry a possible life prison term – but first, during the penalty phase, jurors will consider whether Harris was legally sane at the time of the crime. Once again, we have a case where a woman who was a known danger to herself and others was allowed to keep raising her kids…with all too predictable consequences.

PBB Roundup: Booze and Drugs Edition

Booze in carSome quickies from the world of bad parenting to round out your day. Thanks to Sinthyia for the link round-up.

– Police in Rotarua, New Zealand stopped a car when they noticed it driving erratically. Inside, they found four kids aged 5 to 14. The 14-year-old was behind the wheel. Where was mom? In the passenger’s seat, passed out. It seems that she had tried driving home, but the teenager took over when Mommy Dearest started falling asleep behind the wheel. Mum faces a small array of charges.

– A 15-month-old baby girl in Santa Clara, California got her parents into trouble when she swallowed their meth. Bad girl! Bad girl! 22-year-old Barbara Garcia, the mom, was arrested at the hospital (she was high on meth at the time!) and police picked up 48-year-old Richard Lopez, the dad, at the home.

– A Dubuque, Iowa couple were arrested after showing up high to enroll their kids (yes, PLURAL) in school. 35-year-old Brenda Brown and 43-year-old Paul Howes were picked up at Starmont High School in possession of marijuana and prescription medications sans prescription. Howes was also busted for driving while suspended. Hey, folks? I don’t want to harsh your mellow, but maybe you should wait until after you get the kids registered before you toke and pop? Just a suggestion. Feel free to ignore it…as you apparently already have.

Sigh. So much damage, so little time to blog it all…

Teresa Moses Faces Murder Charges over Son Raijon Daniels' Torture Death

Teresa MosesUn-fracking-believable. Charming Bitch has updated me on the case of Teresa Moses, the woman who tortured her beautiful son Raijon Daniels to death in a basement dungeon. At the time of her arrest, Moses insisted that her boy had swallowed Pine-Sol while holed up in the basement. But the autopsy report, which was recently released, showed no signs that Raijon had ingested a household cleaner. The official cause of death? Battered child syndrome. The coroner said that not only was Daniels’ body “thatched” from head to toe due to years of abuse, but that he also suffered from ketoacidosis, an acid build-up brought on by starvation.

The ketoacidosis angle only magnifies the tragedy. Authorities suspect that Moses would pour Pine-Sol on Raijon’s penis to make him stop pissing himself. You know what causes frequent urination? That’s right: ketoacidosis.

In other words, the autopsy proves that Teresa Moses is a lying, murderous mommy.

But who else murdered Raijon? Buried in the latest report is this little gem:

The brown and pale-red scratch marks over both of his thighs and his right shin were “numerous, too numerous to count,” the report said. According to a Kaiser emergency room doctor, Raijon’s physician twice in 2005 noted symptoms of past sexual abuse. (Emphasis mine)

And yet, no one acted. From 2002 until 2006, people reported that this kid was being abused – and welfare workers in Contra Costa County kept “evaluating out” these reports. How did they handle the physician’s report? Did the physician even reported his findings to child services, which is his professional duty as a mandatory reporter? How, in the face of such overwhelming abuse and immense physical scarring, could Employment and Human Services Department director Joe Valentine say that the only thing his agency might have done differently is make “another phone call”? There wasn’t a single missed opportunity by the state to save Raijon Daniels’ life; there was a four-year string of abuse and torture.

Prosecutors are unsure whether they’ll add a murder charge against Moses. As it is, the torture charge against her carries a life sentence. That benefits society, and will give Moses the bitch-smacking she so rightly deserves. Sadly, it does nothing for Raijon Daniels, who appears to have been murdered by the system every bit as much as he was murdered by his mother.

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