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Joe Blow Scumbag



Phoenix, Az.- 29-year-old Juan Vidal Torres was arrested on the 25th of Feb. on 47 counts including, sexual conduct with a minor, child molesting, sexual abuse, public sexual indecency, furnishing obscene material to a minor, and child abuse. Occurring from 2004 to 2010.

He allegedly forced his victims to inhale smoke from the meth he was ingesting and also using a syringe to inject them with the drug. Victims ages range from 5 to 13, three female and and 1 male.

The mother of 2 of the victims reported that he was abusing 2 of his own children and 2 step children. Question is how long has she known? Info is kinda sparse on this one, I’ll update it as I get more.

Why has it taken till now to get this fuck off the street when hes evidently been under investigation for some time? I have to call bullshit on this one. The system has failed once again to protect the children at the first hint of trouble, although, a self admitted drug “Abuser” should have been removed from their lives a long time ago.

Any of you ladies out there that need the hint, I will personally donate batteries if you need to get off so bad you will allow any Joe Blow Scumbag off the street around your kids. Your kids are more precious, more valuable, and much more important than “Anything” in your life. Period. ‘Nuff Said.’


Thanks to NatabeCatabe for the tip.


***Special thanks to Cyn 2 writing this one***

Thug-Muffin Beats the Baby?!?

Estates mother regains custody of injured 8-week-old daughter

Emotionally charged hearing leads to abused 8-week-old infant being removed from her home


On Friday Feb 11,in Naples, Fl. 22yr old mother Amanda Kleinmeyer rushed her 8 week old to the pediatrician, who in turn sent her to the hospital. The reason: she noticed swelling on her right thigh when she was changing her diaper.

Initial x-rays showed a fractured femur. Further x-rays revealed a healing injury to her left femur, 2 fresh rib fractures, 2 old rib fractures, and a fractured skull.

On Saturday per an emergency hearing the DCF allowed the baby to remain in the home, placing her under the grandmother’s supervision,

But i’m getting ahead of myself. Kleinmeyer and the baby’s father Chad E. Woods were living with her parents and sister. Woods was immediately put to the curb following the trip to the doctor and hospital. More on him in a sec.

Fast forward to Wednesday Feb 16  Collier Circuit Judge Elizabeth Krier ruled to remove the baby from the home.

Saying “As much as I actually hate to do this, I have to pull the baby out of the house, I just don’t find any other explanation for this. I don’t know who did this.” Judge Krier went on to say she knew the injury happened in the house. And, ” I have to err on the side of caution in taking care of this child.” *Clap* Bravo. Finally someone actually thinking about #1 for a change.

Kleinmeyer sobbed , and reportedly “Nilla Ice” here cried at the back of the court. Yea , ok.

Kleinmeyer, who passed a Polygraph, was granted supervised visitation as the judge noted it being important for a newborn. Woods has refused a polygraph and to talk with Collier Sheriff’s Detective Frank Pilaski and has been barred from contact with the baby or their 2 1/2 yr old son.

“The reason I suspended the dad’s visitation is he has a significant history against children.” Krier said citing concerns over a prior investigation of a severe injury to a child, stating,“I’m not saying he did it.”

Kleinmeyer has no criminal history or contact with the DCF. Woods does. Woods was sentenced to three years in prison and a year of probation for child neglect in September 2005. After he got out he violated his probation and you guessed it, went back to jail. Judge Krier gave him another year of probation with the condition he serve house arrest and take a parenting course.

He has arrests for battery, robbery and criminal mischief and is the proud owner of several convictions for felony battery, burglary, grand theft and eluding police.

The baby was placed  with Kleinmeyer’s half sister, pending the outcome of Pilarski’s investigation.

But wait the story isnt finished. Later that night the DCF stopped the placement with her half sister and the baby was sent to a foster family in Fort Myers that refused to supervise visits in their home. DCF officials have said they would have found another location where she could have supervised visits with her baby.  Hmm, the judge orders one thing and DCF does something completely different. I’d go to jail for bucking a judges decision. Isn’t that called contempt?

After six days with a foster family the Judge granted a motion to return the baby to Kleinmeyer.

Meanwhile the detective is still investigating everyone in the home at that time. Woods has thus far refused to talk or take a polygraph. Everyone else has taken and passed polygraphs administered by a private investigator,John Hinsler.

My problem is this , you have a young mother that apparently did the right thing immediately and it seems that she is bearing all suspicion. The lawyers for DCF waited til after the judge had ordered the baby into their custody more or less,and made arguements to have Kleinmeyer removed from the home.

The very same home that they left an injured child in under the grandmothers supervision. Way to cover your tracks. Of course at the same hearing you’ve got Woods’ lawyer adding to the confusion.

They’d been together long enough that she should know his past but who can say for sure. If the shitty teardrop tattoo doesn’t say “I’m Gangsta” then that pathetic gremlin on his throat screams I’M STUPID from a mile away. This is not someone you want to father your kids and definitely not babysitter material by any means.

I’d really like to know why no arrests have been made. Pretty cut and dry. Everybody else in the house at that time has come up clean so that leaves just Thug-Muffin being the odd man out. Charge him already. Or take him out and shoot him.

Personally, if anybody had a suspicion that the abuse was happening and did nothing to protect that baby, hang em from the nearest tree. I’ve got plenty of rope and I know a lot of knots.

Thanks to KC for the tip.

***A Special thanks to Cynical_Too for writing this one up!!***

Clint and Lynn Engstrom's Daughter Testifies That She Was "Bad"

Clint and Lynn EngstromRecently we reported on the case of Clint and Lynn Engstrom, the Oshkosh, Wisconsin couple who kept Clint’s 13-year-old daughter in her room for 22 hours a day. Today was the teenager’s turn to tell her side of the story – in court.

According to the girl, she wasn’t physically locked in her room, but merely ordered to remain their for her “bad” behavior, which included talking back, hitting, kicking, and lying. In other words, being a pre-teen. When the teen asked her stepmom why she couldn’t see her friends from an old private school, Lynn Engstrom reportedly told her that all her friends hated her. Nice. It sounds like the parents’ treatment of this girl became a self-fulfilling prophecy: the more they told her she was bad, and treated her as bad, the more she internalized it…and the worse her punishments became.

Meanwhile, the blame game continues in fierce fashion, with Lynn Engstrom saying she did only what the girl’s psychiatrist told her to do, and with psychiatrist Dr. John Korger denying he ever told the parents to lock her in a bare room with a piss-soaked mattress. And the Engstrom’s attorney continues to maintain that the two did everything they could to “help” their daughter. Spare me. Depriving a kid of two years of her childhood? Treating her like the Cinderella of the house, while her three siblings slept in rooms stocked with toys, on clean and comfy beds?

That is criminal negligence. it’s abuse. And there is no excuse for it.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia)

Francina Katina Shepard, Known Abuser, Kills One Twin and Beats Other

Francina Katina ShepardHot tipper Norma gave me the lowdown on one Francina Katina Shepard, who is apparently well known by Child Protective Services in Detroit, Michigan: three of her kids have been taken from her in the past. But that didn’t stop Shepard from bearing twins, and beating them both so severely that the 16-month-old boy died.

There’s very little information beyond that. Mostly all we have at this point are questions. Was CPS involved with these kids from the get-go, given Shepard’s history with the state? Did she give birth to them before or after the other kids were seized? In short, what (if any) is CPS’ culpability in this case? Obviously Shepard bears the brunt of the moral blame. But if this is another case of a state agency turning a blind eye to a known abuser, I’m going to blow my stack. It’s hard enough to watch what happens to some of the kids we profile on this site. It’s almost unbearable knowing that some of these tragedies could easily have been prevented.

If you have any information on this developing story – past CPS records, court records, etc. – please give us a heads-up.

(Some hot tipper supplied this link to me, but I lost their name. Sorry. It’s been a loooong week.)

Brad Reay Found Guilty After Trying to Blame Wife's Murder on His Daughter

Brad ReayWhat do you call a man who tries to blame his wife’s vicious murder, first on his wife’s lover, and then on his own daughter? You call him “somebody’s bitch in county”. You can also call him Brad Reay. The 47-year-old dad from Pierre, South Dakota got desperate when accused of killing 41-year-old Tami Reay after she declared she wanted a divorce. Days later, her naked body was found nearby, with several penetration wounds running to the hilt of the blade that had stabbed her.

During his court testimony, Reay testified that he had found his daughter Haylee by her mom’s bed, holding a bloodied kitchen knife. (It was just coincidental that this freak-out happened days after Brad’s marriage fell apart, you see.) After supposedly cleaning her off, Reay dumped his dear departed wife’s body, stripping her naked and shoving a condom up her ass to make it look like a rape.

All to protect his daughter. Right? Right.

Not surprisingly, Haylee had quite a different story. According to her, she woke up one day and found her mother gone – and her dad insisting that she not talk about it to anybody. She also maintained that her dad had always been cold with her, and that the two didn’t have a good relationship. The jury believed Haylee more than her old man, and found him guilty of first degree murder. The jury also considered manslaughter, but apparently decided that this wasn’t an act of passion or rage: it was an act of cold-blooded calculation.

The murder of Tami Reay is horrifying. But blaming it on your daughter? Lord, what a scumbag.

I can’t find whether the prosecution intends to seek the death penalty. Given that South Dakota hasn’t executed anyone since the mid-1970s, I doubt it. Ah well. He’ll rot the rest of his life in prison…and those of us on the outside will ensure his name lives on in infamy.

Family of Four Found Safe After Abduction by Dad

Jerry D. WhiteHosanna! The mom and four kids who were abducted this weekend have been found safe in a motel room. The childrens’ father, Jerry D. White, took them there by force after invading the home of his ex-girlfriend Kimberly M. Walker, shooting her sister’s boyfriend in the process. Police arrested the ne’er-do-well dad as he tried to escape through the motel heating vent.

Heheheheheh. Sorry, but I can’t get the image out of my head of White’s legs dangling out of a vent as police shout “FREEZE!!” and point pistols at his ass.

Authorities were able to trace White because Walker had been able to make several calls to a family from a nearby pay phone. It’s unclear if White let her call the family, or if she snuck out. If the latter, he may be one of the dumbest criminals to grace the Earth. Either that, or he’s just a deeply troubled man who, when push came to shove, couldn’t cause any real harm to his family. Mind you, he nearly killed a man, so let’s not give Jerry D. White too much credit.

Thank God we can laugh about it now. This is a fitting end to what might have been an awful tragedy. If only they all ended like this…

LaShaun Harris Found Legally Insane After Killing Kids

For those who hadn’t heard, LaShaun Harris, the Oakland, California mom who thought God told her to toss her kids into the river, was found legally insane by a judge. Too bad no one made that determination BEFORE she murdered her children. This is an obviously sick woman who should never have been left to care for kids.

Amber Alert: Jerry D. White Abducts Four Kids and Their Mom

Kayla and Kyra WalkerCNN is reporting that police are on the hunt for Jerry D. White of Elkhart, Indiana, who burst into the home of Kimberly Walker, shot her sister’s fiance, and abducted Walker and their four children, ranging in ages from 16 months to nine years.

White and Walker’s 9-year-old, Jaylan, is a severe asthmatic who needs to be on a ventilator several times daily; White left the ventilator behind. Nice.

It’s way to early to tell how this is going to end, but based on that tidbit of evidence, and on the fact that police have found the cars White and Walker were driving, I have a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Brandy Blair Granted a New Trial for Son's Death by Electrocution

brandy-blair-2.jpgBrandy Blair of Lincoln, Nebraska was sentenced to 30-to-40 years in prison after her 22-month-old son, Christian Reifler, accidentally electrocuted himself after being left alone in a bedroom for 36 hours.

The Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that the trail court’s refusal to give the jury instruction that included the offense of negligent child abuse entitled Blair to a new trial.

On a Monday, Blair fed her son, then put him in the room where he was later found dead. Blair then left and went to a neighbor’s house to smoke meth. She was gone all day Tuesday. Blair came home and checked on her son on Wednesday morning. Seven hours later she visited Lincoln’s Pawnee Lake without checking on Christian. Blair asked her brother and another person living at her home to watch the boy Wednesday evening. When they went to the room to feed him at 5:30 p.m., he was dead. The autopsy later declared that Christian died when the flow of electricity stopped his heart after he inserted a staple into an outlet. He was also severely dehydrated and malnourished.

Rules are rules, so I understand the court’s decision. Yet, the expense of another trial is a waste of taxpayer funds. Even with the introduction of the offense of negligent child abuse in a new trail, I hope those good Huskers will award Blair with another sentence of 30-40 years in prison.

And maybe add a few more years just for the hell of it.

Teorry Henderson Shoots 4-Year-Old Son with BB Gun (Yes, ANOTHER One!)

Teorry HendersonHoly fracking SHIT, people. This very well might signal the End Times.

Shortly after I posted the story this morning about Shawn Michael Mohan, the dad who allegedly shot his 12-day-old son with a BB gun, commenter Mommy made a rather snide remark about how I’d gotten the facts of the case wrong. The boy, she insisted, was six years old, not 12 days.

I was going to issue a well-meaning smackdown and tell Mommy to read the article I had linked to, when tipper Sinthyia emailed me. She had indeed sent me a story about a dad shooting his son with a BB gun…but it wasn’t Shawn Michael Mohan. I looked at the link she sent and, sure enough, another dad was accused this week of the exact same crime. Teorry Henderson of Groveland, Florida told police that he shot his 4-year-old in order to teach him a lesson. Why? Because the 4-year-old had shot his sister with the gun! In a “punishment” worthy of Saddam Hussein, Henderson made the boy take his shirt off and then fired at him. Unfortunately for dad, his kid blabbed about the shooting at preschool, leading Henderson to face felony child abuse charges.

Um…Mr. Henderson? Can you straighten out a few things? Like, what the FUCK was your 4-year-old doing with a BB gun in the first goddamn place?! Isn’t it your responsibility to keep your little guy away from loaded weapons? How is this anyone’s fault but yours?

I see a perfect punishment for Mr. Henderson and Mr. Mohan: a 21-BB-gun salute. Only the shooters won’t be aiming into the air.

What the hell is with the multiple BB gun incidents this week? Outside of these two cases, there are other incidents of BB gun vandalism springing up all over. Is the NRA holding some sort of contest? Sigh. I yearn for that simpler time, when I could see the words “man shoots son with BB gun” multiple times in my inbox, and safely assume that they all referred to the same story.

(Hat tip: Sinthyia. For real this time.)

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