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Peter Truong sentenced to 40 years’ jail for child trafficking and child porn

History ‘justifies’ jail term cut for Australian pedophile Peter Truong

Named: the Australian paedophile jailed for 40 years

Peter Truong with his partner Mark Newton outside their Cairns home

Thanks to Brad for the tip on this one. This case has been described as one of the most horrific cases of child trafficking and sexual abuse in Australian and US history.

Australian couple Peter Truong (36) and Mark J. Newton (40) allegedly bought a baby boy from a Russian woman for $8000, for the sole purpose of sexually abusing him and passing him around a paedophile ring which spanned Australia and the US. Newton has been sentenced to 40 years’ jail, with Truong following him with the same sentence.

The baby boy’s sexual abuse started merely days after he was brought back to Australia. Over the first six years of his life, the couple travelled the world with the boy, offering him up to other paedophiles and recording the abuse for posting to an international syndicate known as the Boy Lovers Network (*gags*). The couple were to settle down in Australia with the boy, but could not get a Visa for him. There, Customs started asking questions about the boy, where did he come from etc. Police were also sent to the couple’s home in Cairns to look at things. Evidence pointed to the fact that the abuse had started before the couple came back to Australia, with the earliest video of the abuse showing Newton performing a sex act on the boy when he was all of TWO WEEKS OLD!

The couple were busted by the police after they were connected to 3 men who were arrested for child porn possession. When the cops came and searched the couple’s home, sure enough, they found more child porn. At that stage, the couple had visited the 3 men in Germany, New Zealand and the US with the boy.

Truong is trying the old sob story of how he was abused as a child and didn’t know any better, to trick the judge into feeling sorry for him. Psssshaw, bullshit.  He knew how much abuse hurt and how it would be wrong to make another human being feel that way. Yet he chose to do that to another child. According to court documents, the pair brainwashed the boy into thinking that sexual abuse was normal and to deny any maltreatment when asked by authorities. He also denies paying $8000 for the boy, but rather $5000. Like that makes it any better. He pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to sexually exploit a child and possession of child porn.

The boy has remained in the US and is being cared for by Newton’s relatives (Newton was originally from the US).

Grubby grandbreeder molested daughter and granddaughter

Vic man jailed for sex assaults

Jail for man who molested daughter and granddaughter

Once again, the Australian media are out to protect criminals by not naming them. They do this under the guise of “protecting the victims” because if they name the perps, the victims will be identified too. The typical cycle of victim-shaming is perpetuated by the media and victims are made to feel ashamed of the abuse they suffered, just like how their abusers made them feel. It should be the other way around, perps should feel ashamed of what they did.

A 72 year old Victorian pervert has been jailed for at least 18 months for the prolonged and repeated sexual abuse of his daughter and his granddaughter when they were teenagers. The perverted prick pleaded guilty to 5 counts of indecent assault dating back to 1982 and one count of attempting to procure an act of gross indecency. Oh how coy and quaint of the Australian law! Sexual assault and sexual abuse is more than just “indecent” – it’s abhorrent and fucked-up.

The disgusting dickhead started molesting his daughter when she was 12 and stopped after she turned 15. He threatened her into silence, saying that if she told anyone, she would be responsible for the divorce that would follow. No, you see here, you dumb dirty fuck. Your wife would leave you because you’re a rock spider and a kiddy-toucher. No woman would stick around if she knew her spouse was molesting kids. To try to dissuade her disgusting DNA donor’s acts of foul fuckery, she would pretend to be asleep while he touched her breasts. She was also molested repeatedly while she was in the shower. Now I don’t know where the girl’s mother was, but she would have known something was very wrong when she noticed her dickless daughter-diddler trying to get into the bathroom while her young daughter was having a shower. If my potential husband did that, I wouldn’t hesitate to slap him for not respecting boundaries and privacy. Most of the abuse happened while the poor girl was going through puberty, so you can imagine what sort of impact that would cause on her body image and self-esteem…

Fast forward 20 years later. The girl has now become a woman. She has overcome some of the damage done, enough to have sex with someone and produce a child who was 11. Knowing that her sperm donor was a kid-touching rock spider and knowing the fear and revolt she felt when he touched her, does she cut the rock spider from her and her daughter’s lives? NO! She allows the pervert access to her child. Can you guess what he did? He molested her as well! Wow, what a surprise! Bet you didn’t see that coming! Because we all know pedophiles never strike twice…it wasn’t until the daughter complained that the kiddy-feeler touched her that the decades of his disgusting dumbfuckery was uncovered.

In court, the judge condemned the perv’s actions saying, “It’s totally unexpected in our society that a grandfather would act in this way,” and “It is very rare to understand why people breach such fundamental and familial obligations.” But the judge went on to add that despite the severity of the crime, the pervert would not be charged with incest. So because he didn’t actually rape her, it’s not incest? Okay then…He also went on to say that because the crimes were historical (dating back 30 years) that he was forced to stick to the maximum penalties set by Parliament in the 1980s instead of the much harsher ones today.

This resulted in the pustulent pervert being sentenced to a mere 3 years, with a non-parole period of 18 months. Appalling. What about the granddaughter’s abuse? Surely that’s not “historical”? The judge said that given the kiddy-toucher’s age, social skills and the nature of crimes, “jail would be very hard on him”. Oh boo hoo. Did the pervert ever stop to think about what his victims were feeling? That it might be “hard” on them? No, he didn’t. He did what all sex offenders do – thought only of himself and his disgusting desires, with no empathy towards his victims. Don’t give him the treatment that he spared his victims. He deserves no protection and no mercy whatsoever. In fact, you won’t be sued if he’s shanked in the showers. The pervert’s family would probably buy the inmates and the judge a lifetime supply of beer for taking out the trash.

Here’s hoping, that despite the way the media and the justice system are set up to protect criminals, that these women can go about their lives. As for the putrid pustule of a pervert, may he never find a moment’s peace in the showers. May the soap be dropped every time. And when he thinks he’s safe in his bed, Brucie will come out to play. Awww it’s okay, rock spider, you can just pretend to sleep and maybe he’ll go away. Or maybe he’ll just cornhole him with a shank. Or the terror of what’s coming to him will cause the old fart to have a heart attack while the guards play keep-away with the digitalis. Either way, he’s fucked.




Mère mal serves her daughter up to a bâtard malade

Woman Arranges For Her 5 Year Old Daughter To Be Molested By Paedophile Lover

Police: ‘Net chat led to French child rape 

An evil mother serves her daughter up to a sick bastard.  I think that sums this one up.  I suppose I could stop at the title, but I imagine very few of you know French.

A French “mother” took her 5-year-old daughter, who was bleeding profusely, to the doctor.  She claimed that the little one’s injuries were a result of a fall she took at the zoo.  The child’s injuries weren’t consistent with the line of bullshit the mother was feeding docs.  The mother quickly changed her story, telling those pesky docs that the child was molested at a rest stop in Norway.  That was slightly closer to the truth.  The sick c*** FINALLY fessed up.  Her daughter WAS molested, but not at a rest stop in Norway, and not by any sort of chance meeting with a kiddy diddling fuckhead.  She was molested by a man her mother met on and had had sexually explicit conversations over the internet with.  Yup.  Her mother delivered her to this 38-year-old man’s home and allowed to spend several hours alone with him KNOWING his intention was to rape her. 

I can’t find where the mother is being charged.  I’m hopeing one of you brilliant readers can locate something on this c***’s whereabouts.  The pedophile has been arrest on suspicion of abuse.  What the fuck?  Suspicion.  I guess if you want to have  sex with kids, France is the place to be.  Talk about a fucked up legal system.  Puke. 

Thanks for this tip go to Mark M.  Also, thanks, in advance, to anyone who can find more info that isn’t in another language.


Fostering love in Utah


Nola Fortine (66) of Vernal, Utah is a poor excuse for a foster parent and her son is a middle age pedophile who makes me want to vomit.

On Jan 1st Nola’s 45-year-old son George Stone, gave the 16-year-old foster child drinks mixed with Vodka and Orange juice. Eventually the girl would pass out in a hot tub after consuming too many of these drinks. The girl is damn lucky she didn’t die but she also did not deserve what happened to her.

George did the next logical thing (for a creeper). He carried her into her bedroom and raped her repeatedly. While doing this he snapped nude photos of her. It gets much more messed up too.

In the morning of Jan 2nd Nola the foster devil walks into the girl’s bedroom only to find her pedophile of a son in bed with the girl. The girl, I can imagine was hung over and trying to figure out what happened to her. Nola then took it upon herself to coach the girl so that she would say the right things if she was ever questioned. That poor girl. The conversation must have been so hurtful and gut wrenching.

The victim was one of three children being fostered by Nola and I am glad to say all have been removed from the home on Jan 4Th. Nola is no longer a foster parent and was issued an appearance ticket for third-degree felony witness tampering and class B misdemeanor failure to report child abuse. I hope the bitch gets some jail time. Just enough for someone to find out what she did.

George her creeper of a son, was charged with 3 counts of rape which can result in 5 years to life in prison for each charge. I just want to point out he was not charged for the pictures.

A person in Utah is not considered a child if they are 16 or older so the pictures would not be considered child porn. I am completely disgusted that he wasn’t bitch slapped with further charges. Hopefully he gets three life sentences in prison and suffers repeated rape without the luxury of a few mixed drinks. It’s the least that could happen to someone who takes advantage of kids. 

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up. **

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