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Who abused and killed Baylee?

Police investigate suspicious death of baby

Mother and boyfriend charged in Aug. death of 17-month-old


August 5th, Pennsylvania State Police began an investigation into the death of 17-month-old Baylee.  She was found dead in her crib that morning.  Paramedics on the scene reported bruising on baby Baylee and what appeared to be a thumb print on her neck.

At the time of Baylee’s death, she lived in the home with her mother, Amanda Jayne Svenungsen (22), and her mother’s boyfriend, Cody Schartiger (26).  According to police, there were several indicators that Baylee had been abused.  However, at that time, her mother was only arrested and charged with failing to seek medical attention for her child.

This past Monday, after supplemental examinations and testing on Baylee, both Amanda and Cody were arrested and charged with criminal homicide.  Baylee’s autopsy revealed she had a broken right arm, petechial hemorrhaging and significant bruising about her body.

Poor Baylee, my heartbreaks for her.

Both Amanda and Cody are being held without bond.

Side note: In a separate case Cody is being charged with aggravated assault ad endangering the welfare of children, after he was accused of trying to asphyxiate his previous girlfriend’s 3-year-old son in November 2010. 

Rest in Peace, Baylee.

Mom Says She Was Alone in House Fire…Police find Sleeping Daughter Inside

Mom Says She Was Alone In House Fire

PA College Professor Charged with Child Endangerment

Just goes to show you, even the “educated” breeders do bad things.  A Western Pennsylvania College Professor is charged with Child Endangerment after police say she failed to tell firefighters her 15-year-old daughter was inside her burning apartment. 

Mavis Pararai told emergency workers she was the only one home when they responded to a call at her home early saturday morning.  But when they went inside they found her 15-year-old daughter asleep in a bedroom.

Apparently Professor Pararai had been cooking and fell asleep.  There was no fire found but the apartment was filled with smoke.  Neighbors say they have never seen any problems with the family. 

How in the world do you FORGET your child asleep in a bedroom when there’s a FIRE???  This woman’s negligence could have cost her daughter her life.  Thank goodness the firefighters found her and the fire wasn’t life-threatening. 

Thanks Amanda for the tip!

Grand-Breeder puts the hose to 9-year-old for eating bacon

It doesn't eat the bacon or it gets the hose again

Grandmother goes beserk, arrested over boy eating too much bacon:

I lived in two of the greatest pork cities in the world. I don’t mean political waste, I mean actual pork.

I grew up in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area where we have the two great regional pork delicacies, pork roll and scrapple. Then when I got married I moved to North Carolina the home of the best barbecue in the world. North Carolina loves there barbecue so much there is a sort of a barbecue civil war between eastern and western North Carolina. I have been pork blessed.

However if my son took the last piece of bacon or ate most of the bacon, which he has done, I wouldn’t do what 63-year-old Marilee Ann Kolynych did to her 9-year-old grandson.

Kolynych of Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, not too far from Philly, was arrested for allegedly throwing her grandson to the ground, sitting on his chest, beating him on his legs and spraying a garden hose in his face at full blast. All because…

“Apparently, he ate more bacon than anyone else at breakfast,” Press said. “She was yelling at him and picking on him all day because there wasn’t enough bacon for everyone.”

He’s a 9-year-old kid. They like to eat, sometimes a lot. It’s what they do. They’re going to sneak cookies. They’re going to try and get a piece of food while you’re cooking. They will eat all the bacon if you don’t keep an eye on them.

I’m going to out on a limb here and say that Granny Hormel has other issues besides her love for bacon.

Thanks to Rhonda for the tip.

Penn. Breeders kill baby with cinder block

Man Charged With Killing Newborn Daughter:

Parents charged in infant’s gruesome death:

Parents charged in death of newborn:

In Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania 20-year-old Jennifer Barrise gave birth to a baby daughter on May, 28th. You would think that would be cause for celebration but instead it was the motive for murder.

According to reports the sperm donor, 20-year-old Christopher Fitzpatrick, said that they couldn’t afford the baby and Barrise allegedly handed over the newborn to Fitzpatrick after giving birth in a car. She allegedly knew what Fitzpatrick intended on doing.

Fitzpatrick is accused of taking the baby behind his place of employment and dropped a cinder block twice on the baby’s head before burying the baby in the woods.

I’m having a hard time deciding what to type next because I don’t think that there are any words ever created in any language to aptly describe my disgust for these vile animals.

A lot of excuses are going to be made for them probably but let me tell you that they’re all bullshit.

They can’t say the baby was stillborn because Barrise’s 11-year-old sister was there at the time of the birth and heard the baby cry.

They can’t say that they didn’t know about Pennsylvania Safe Haven Laws because Fitzpatrick allegedly told relatives that he took the baby to a hospital.

They can’t say it’s because they’re scared because they have no experience in raising a child because they already had a 1-year-old daughter.

This was nothing more than the selfish act of a couple of punks who didn’t want to be burdened with another child and probably thought the one they already had was a burden.

‘They’ should tie these two down and drop cinder blocks on them every hour on the hour except on their heads, that would be too quick. Let them get the pain they gave to their own flesh and blood a hundred fold until they’re begging to have it all ended.

Why yes I can be Old Testament at times.

Thanks to Grace for the tip.

Bad Boyfriend beats girl because she was a princess

Man charged with severely beating girl:

In Allentown, Pennsylvania police arrested 24-year-old Brandon Bishop for allegedly beating his fiancée’s 2-year-old daughter. Being a typical nutless macho asshole Bishop is said to have beaten the girl because the girl was too much of a princess and needed to toughen up.

Police say that Bishop admitted to them that he suffocated the girl by holding his hand over her mouth, picked her up by the hair and dropped her on a concrete floor, struck her on the head with a metal spoon and punched her all over her body including her crotch. The girl even had missing clumps of hair when interviewed by authorities.

It seems like the girl’s mother, Candace Watts, was more concerned with having a dick inside her than the welfare of her own child since she allegedly admitted that she knew that Bishop was beating her daughter.

What did this asshole think that 2-year-old girls are supposed to do? They are all princesses. Did he think they’re supposed to kill and a gut a deer or something?

Bishop is trying to claim some kind of multiple personality disorder saying that he becomes another person who beats the girl. No, you’re just an all around pussy who gets off on victimizing children.

Here’s hoping he becomes someone’s princess in prison.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.

Did online games lead to animal feces?

Police: Online Gaming Addict Neglected Her 6 Children:

Police in Uniontown, Pennsylvania will be filing child endangerment charges against Elizabeth Ruffner after finding her six kids living in filth and everybody’s favorite, animal feces. The excuse being given is that Ruffner was addicted to online games.

Police say there was no food in the house and that the kids’ mattresses look like they had been pulled from the junkyard. Their stepfather says that he tried to take care of the kids by bathing then and trying to clean up after them but since he worked it was hard to keep up with them.

Police say that the house looked like it had not been cleaned in years so I don’t think the problem was online gaming. I think the problem is that this bitch was lazy as fuck and just used the games as a crutch.

We are all responsible for our own actions no matter what our addictions may be. There is no excuse for allowing your kids to live among piles of animal crap. If you’re home all day playing games on the computer you have plenty of damn time to clean up the shit on the floor.

This also shows what kind of priorities were going on here as well. No food in the house but the internet bill was paid.

The kids have been removed from the home.

Thanks to Meredith for the tip.

Pretty Boy beats babies

Beating by Pocoanos dad, 18, broke baby’s bones, police say

Cops say Poconos teen admitted to hurting infant

Pretty Boy - Jorge L. Rodriguez

Pretty boy, Jorge L. Rodriguez (18) of Pocono Lake, Pennsylvania is in jail after admitting to injuring his 10-week-old baby.

Doctors suspected child abuse when the baby was brought in with a broken femur and six broken ribs. Further examination revealed older injuries as well – including a broken arm, ankle and more ribs. 

No word on who took the baby to the hospital or where the mother is in all of this. According to some of the comments left in the news articles, Pretty boy lived with his girlfriend at one of their parent’s homes – many people failed this baby. 

Police and Child and Youth Services are still investigating the incident. 

Rodriguez is being charged with aggravated assault, endangering a child’s welfare, simple assault and reckless endangerment. 

He should fit in just fine with his new cellmates – heck with a face like that they will love him. Something tells me that inmates just WAIT for a dude like this to come around… if you know what I mean! 

Thanks go to Shal for the tip and a little more of my love goes to April for making laugh!

Father charged with forcing a bottle in baby's mouth

Father charged with forcing bottle into baby’s mouth

23-year-old Daniel Santos Borges, of Beavertown, Pennsylvania forced a bottle into the mouth of his 9-week-old son. This caused a laceration under the newborn’s tongue that would have bled profusely. 

Borges is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. 

The child was taken to the hospital for trouble breathing. An examination also revealed a bruise to the child’s left eye and a scratch on his right leg. A doctor said that a laceration of that type would have been caused by forcefully pushing something into the baby’s mouth. 

Borges told a caseworker that “he wouldn’t stop crying and would not take the bottle. I forcefully pushed it in his mouth. Yeah, I get rough with him sometimes,” according to the complaint. 


Thanks go to Brooke for this one too!

**If anyone can find a picture of this guy I’d love to post it!**

School Board member beats his disabled son

Abuser? or Victim?

Wilkes barre school board member acused of beating son

Police: Court account, scene report clash in Corcoran case

Wilkes Barre, PA – A member of the Wilkes barre school board is accused of beating his son. 

Robert Corcoran, 50, punched his 13-year-old son in the face 11 times and broke his front teeth Christmas Eve after the boy, who has a bipolar disorder, fought with his younger brother over a box of candy.

For some reason, this doesn’t strike me as a way to break up a fight between your kids. 

His son has filed a protection from abuse and you know Dear-Old-Dad has contested it and filed his own PFA against his son. Corcoran said he only restrained his son until police arrived and claims that the boy had punched him in the face and fractured his eye socket. 

I looked up a little more information about this and turns and you will find a lot about the case as it unfolds.

Turns out one of our readers was right thinking that he may not even be charged due to his profession – actually it turns out that he won’t be charged due the fact that all the allegations came from a “third-party” and not made by the police department. However, Corcoran’s wife has confirmed what happened on Christmas Eve and says it is a culmination of nearly a decade of alcohol-fueled abuse. 

Something doesn’t quite smell right in Wilkes Barre… the police reports seem to be missing a lot of information too.

The three-sentence report said city police were dispatched to the Corcoran family’s home on the report of a domestic dispute. Corcoran told officers his son is bi-polar, had not been taking his medication, was acting violently toward family and punched him.

Corcoran declined to press charges, the report said, opting instead to take his son for a mental health evaluation. The report makes no mention of injuries to Corcoran or his son. 

Investigators did not observe any injuries to Corcoran or his son, nor were there signs that a scuffle occurred in the home. There are no plans to re-interview the boy or Corcoran’s wife unless allegations of a crime were made directly to police. 

To be continued…

Thanks go to Brooke for the tip.

Breeder charged with stealing dying son's IV drugs

Karen Remsing

Wash. mom accused in Pa. of taking ill son’s drugs:

Mother accused of unhooking son’s IV, injecting herself:

Police in Pittsburgh arrested 42-year-old Karen Remsing after she was found slumped over in a couch in her son’s hospital room. Her son is terminally ill and needs an intestine transplant.

Police say that Remsing unhooked her son’s sedative IV, used a syringe stolen from the hospital to siphon his drugs then injected herself with the stolen sedative. She then tried to replace her son’s IV and mu8st have botched it so bad that it left an air bubble in the IV tube which could have potentially killed her son. Hospital workers say they found blood in the room and on her clothes.

Considering that Remsing is an obvious addict and having worked in my fair share of medical facilities a blood spill like this is almost like a toxic waste dump anywhere else. God only knows what infectious pathogens she could have been carrying in her blood that could have easily infected her son especially considering that his immune system must be close to zero right now.

I have an addictive personality. I’ve been addicted to various things through my life. Some of which have cost me a great deal of money. But I can’t imagine putting my addictions in front of the safety and welfare of not just a family member but anyone for that matter.

Thanks to Wendy for the tip.

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