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Hooker Sells Baby for $300 and 1 Months Boarding

Four Charged with Alleged Baby Selling

Woman Says She Was Just a Good Samaritan

New Details Released in Child Trafficking Case

Indiana Pair Also Traded Truck for 2nd Child


Molester, Overbitch, Bio-Prick, Hooker


Rose Faucett, Phillip Hester, Debbie Overby and Michael Overby were all arrested and charged with forgery, conspiracy to commit forgery, and conspiracy to commit child selling.

36 year old Rose Faucett, a known prostitute, was homeless and pregnant when she was taken in by 50 year old Debbie Overby and her boyfriend and brother-in-law 57 year old Michael Overby.

This unborn baby and what would happen after she was born seemed to be the issue of the house.  Michael Carlisle, a young man who is engaged to an Overby relative, says, “I heard multiple conversations about them wanting to purchase the baby, monetary obligations, complaints, you name it.”  He got the investigation started by reporting all of this to the police.

Now before I get any farther into this let me give a little background on the “alleged” buyers.  It seems they couldn’t legally adopt because they’ve both been to prison.  Not only have they been to prison both were sent for crimes against minors.

Overbitch was sent to prison and is on probation for felony child neglect in 2009.  This case concerned her adopted son, who is also the biological grandson of Michael Overby.  His daughter was killed by her ex-boyfriend.  So Michael’s brother Danny Overby and sis-in-law (Overbitch) adopted the boy before Danny died.  Why couldn’t Michael adopt?  Well, he was convicted of child molestation in 1984.

So the hooker chose to sell her baby to a neglectful c*** and a fucking, sick, demented, child molesting prick!!  The hooker knew they were felons, Overbitch told her she would adopt the baby but she couldn’t due to her felony, but she would let her sign over guardianship.  That’s what they did after the baby was born on April 2nd.

The molester signed the paternity affidavit stating he was the biological father.  Then a guardianship paper was drawn up, signed and notarized.

The agreement was the hooker could stay there for about a month and then they would give her $300 to help her get a place after that.

When police tracked down who they think is the bio-dad, 58 year old Phillip Hester, he told them that he knew about the forging of the paternity papers and didn’t care because he didn’t want anything to do with the baby.  A paternity test is pending!  Fucking Prick!!

Now, Overbitch is swearing she did nothing wrong.  She was just being a Good Samaritan.  She claims, “I took care of her. I cooked for her and everything. I made sure she had clean clothes. When the baby was born, I was there for her. I was there for the baby,” she said. “I just did what anyone with a heart would do. No, I didn’t offer anything, no kind of nothing.”  But she admitted to the police that she was going to give her $300 and that it looked like they were trying to buy the baby.

The Molester says he just didn’t want to see the baby on the street…  What do you know a molester with a heart!!  BULLSHIT!!

Evidently, this isn’t the first time these two have done this!!  They have been raising a 4 year old little girl that they reportedly gave the bio-parents an old pick-up truck for and have been sending them up to $200 a month to let them keep her.  They’ve had this little girl for about 2 ½ years now…  Her parents, David and Rebecca Lloyd, live in Alabama.

“This is an ongoing investigation. It’s difficult to know what to expect. We have never seen a case quite like this in our office,” Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Mary Hutchison said.

Thankfully, the baby and the 4 year old are in the state’s custody and the 11 year old adopted son is staying with in-laws.

Overbitch has been released on bond.  The Hooker and her trick are both being held on $5000 each.  Chester the Molester is being held on $80,000 bond.


Rant On:

What the fucking hell is wrong with these people?!?  6 pathetic excuses for parenting in this fucked up situation!!  At least 4 of them are sick fucking wastes of oxygen that need to be wiped off the planet and I’m leaning towards all 6!!

Who the hell trades their child for a fucking truck???  What kind of fucking human does that shit?!?  Not to mention a measly $200 a month!!  Is that all a child is worth these days??

Then you’ve got the fucking whore that’s selling a newborn for $300 and room and fucking board for a month and her fucking boyfriend/trick/john/pimp whatever the hell he is, that just plain doesn’t give a shit what happens as long as he’s not bothered!

These babies were just handed over to a pedophile and a neglectful piece of shit on a whim!!

These people serve no purpose other than to be a drain on society and to prey on children!!  I can’t think of a punishment deserving enough for them at the moment!!  I guess I’ll leave that up to all of you!!

Thank you Michael Carlisle for having the decency to report this to the authorities!!

Rant Over



Thanks to DodiaFae and Joanna for the tip.


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