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Neck tattoo throws baby daughter in pool to teach her a lesson

Dad allegedly throws toddler into pool to teach her a lesson:

Corey McCarthy

When I was about 3 or 4 my family went on vacation somewhere. I was too young to remember where we were but what I do remember is that the hotel we stayed at had an indoor pool. Hotel pools are one of the most favorite things of children, at least they were 40 years ago. I was not a good swimmer and stuck to the kiddie pool. However my mom wanted to try to teach me how to swim. The shallow end of the pool couldn’t have been more than 3 feet deep but at that age it might as well have been 50 feet. When my mom let go so I could paddle on my own I sank like a rock. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life, watching my mom get farther and farther away from me. Luckily my dad swooped in to save the day and I was no worse for wear. While I don’t have a phobia of water I’ll never forget how scared I was that day. I imagine that’s how the 23-month-old daughter of Corey McCarthy of Phoenix, Arizona, must have felt.

McCarthy’s daughter is said to have accidentally dropped a five-week-old puppy into the pool where the puppy died. While tragic it doesn’t require what McCarthy allegedly did next. To ‘teach’ his daughter a lesson he flung her into the pool. You can see the video at the linked article. She definitely goes under the water. A woman was able to rescue the baby before there could be any permanent damage.

Now in my story I sank. This poor little girl was thrown into the water so the fall probably added an increased amount of terror. According to the girl’s mother, who is estranged from McCarthy she says there is a part of the video where he’s hosing his daughter down in what she calls a form of torture.

Usually this where I would put in what ‘they’ should do but supposedly McCarthy is in the jail’s infirmary after getting beat up. It wasn’t made clear by whom. I may or my not have had a smile on my face when I typed that.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

Meth and Molestation in Maricopa County

PD: Mom accused of injecting daughter with meth

Jacqueline Trousdale, Phoenix Mom, Accused Of Injecting Child With Meth

Meth leaves a nasty taste in your mouth

Our meth-tarded “mummy” up there, is Jacqueline Trousdale (30) of Tolleson, AZ. She was arrested last Sunday after it was found that her 5 year old daughter tested positive to meth.

Back in October of last year, there were accusations of child abuse and molestation made by the girl’s father. Tweaky Trousdale was apparently taking drugs in front of 5 and 9 year old daughters, and the girls had told their dad that she was injecting them with drugs and letting men molest them in a room at the Victory Inn at Tolleson. Police stormed the hotel room and found Trousdale and her daughters. CPS had been notified, and the younger girl had given a urine sample to a social worker, which then came back positive for meth and amphetamines. The young girl was also examined for signs of molestation and sexual assault, but luckily doctors didn’t find any signs of present abuse. But that’s not to say that they weren’t abused in the past.

CPS now have custody of the two girls for now, and I hope that they will be released to their dad. Trousdale was charged with one count of child abuse, one count of endangering the life and health of a minor, and later on, one count of theft. What did she steal? The screws from a light inside her holding cell! Maybe she needed to replace the screws that came loose inside her head.

Thanks to Steve for the tip.

CPS Fails 6 year old abuse victim

Boy allegedly abused dies

Beaten Phoenix Boy dies from injuries

First off let me preface this by saying that I had really hoped this one would turn out differently.  I actually started watching this story over the weekend.  And normally I wouldn’t say that CPS failed but as you read on you will be saying the same thing.  Also a warning, I may not be able to watch my language so if that offends you don’t read on.  Normally I save the victim for last but this little boy deserves to come first in someone’s book…even if it happens after his death.

Angel Jacob Gibson

I’d like you to meet Jacob Gibson.  He was only six years old.  Apparently he was no stranger to abuse either because according to authorities he and his “family” (if you can call his monstorous parents family) have been “on CPS’s radar” since 2005.  That’s right pretty much all of Jacob’s short life.  In 2007 they investigated bruises on his legs but said the child abuse claims were unsubstantiated.  In 2009 there were claims that his father hit him in the head and forced him to sit outside naked after he wet his pants.  According to CPS those claims were unsubstantiated.  In 2010 there was a claim that Jacob’s face was swollen and the boy was forced to stand on a box for punishment…you guessed it CPS says those claims were unsubstantiated.  In May his father reportedly put his hands around Jacobs neck, that investigation is ongoing.  Last month Jacob was seen with a black eye and a knot on the side of his head, that investigation is ongoing.  Last Monday Jacob was rushed to the hospital when he was found not breathing.  (His birth aparatus and sperm donor apparently called it in.)  According to police his head had been slammed into a door and he was COVERED in bruises, some from belt buckles and some from WIRE HANGERS.  He had severe head injuries and his parents were booked on suspicion of child abuse.  I had hoped that I would at least be able to report that he was still hospitalized and that we could hope for some sort of recovery for him but sadly when I checked this morning I found that Jacob had passed away. 

Jacobs sperm donor
Jacob’s birth aparatus

Like I said I wanted to put Jacob first when I started writing this because I felt it was only right that HE come first for once in his short life.  But here are the MONSTERS that gave Jacob life and sadly took it away from him as well.  The dad is Benny Gibson age 49 and that stone cold wench is 37 year old Jennifer Paul.  Apparently the two were never married.  And if I had pictures of the CPS officials that have failed Jacob over the years I would have put them in too because I feel in this case they failed Jacob just as much as his parents did.

It’s not very often that I come across a story like this one and every time I hope to never see one again.  Rest in peace Jacob, may heaven be a much gentler, kinder place for you and rest assured the monsters who tortured you your whole life WILL NOT get you there.

Ame Deal died in white trash Phoenix hell because of a popsicle

The desert has eyes. (John Allen, Samantha Allen, Cynthia Stoltzmann, Judith Deal)

Phoenix PD: 4 family members arrested in girl’s death:

Phoenix police: Dead girl in footlocker tortured; 4 arrested:

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of the death of 10-year-old Ame Deal of Phoenix, Arizona. If you’re not familiar with the story she was padlocked in a foot locker overnight for stealing a popsicle from her ‘family’. Judging by the mugshots I use the term family in the Manson sense. Ame died of suffocation and since the foot locker was kept outside I’m sure the Phoenix heat didn’t help matters.

From there on the story gets very confusing. I joke sometimes here in BB about West Virginia being a state full of inbred hicks but if this group of losers is representative of Arizona then they have West Virginia beat hands down. I’ll try to explain what happened to the best of my ability.

Those who were charged in Ame’s death are 62-year-old Judith Deal who was Ame’s grandmother. Then there is 44-year-old Cynthia Stoltzmann who was Ame’s aunt. Lastly there was 23-year-old Samantha Allen and her 23-year-old husband John Allen who were Ame’s aunt and uncle. At last report the birth organism is not in the picture which is even more confusing but we’ll get to that later. Stoltzmann was allegedly Ame’s legal guardian. Got that so far?

According to reports dozens people lived at the ‘home’ including some members of the family who were living in the backyard in tents. Ame was supposedly ‘home schooled’. I use the sarcasm quotes there because in this instance I’m sure it was to hide the signs of abuse. When Ame lived in Utah her teachers constantly complained about the signs of abuse to CPS but the family left the state shortly afterwards. Ame was forced to sleep on the floor of a shower stall allegedly because of a bed wetting problem. Stoltzmann allegedly forced Ame to eat dog feces because AMe did not pick up all the dog crap in the yard. Samantha Allen is said to have confessed to making Ame eat hot sauce as a form of punishment. A witness also has said that Ame was placed in the foot locker at least 6 times in the months leading up to her death. They even tried to tell police that Ame died while playing hide and seek.

Now getting back to the biological parents a man in Pennsylvania says that he is Ame’s biological father and has been trying to find her since she was 4. According to him the birth organism, Shirley Lecomte Deal, skipped town with her husband David Deal. Here’s where it gets even more disturbing. The 51-year-old David Deal was one of the people living in tents in the backyard at Casa de la Basura Blanca. So why was he not the legal guardian and how come this dipshit didn’t step in to do anything about his step-daughter being abused. Not to mention where in God’s name is Ame’s mother? Is she dead too? I feel so bad for Ame’s father since this is the way he had to find out about his daughter.

I just don’t get it. How could a community of trash like this develop all with the hive mind that this is how children should be disciplined. What they should do is first scorch the earth of the property where this happened and maybe warn the adults to get out since the children have already been placed with CPS. But it would be the most quiet warning ever given. To the accused they should padlock them in the Arizona heat in a box the same size and if they don’t fit start removing limbs with rusty yard tools and pour hot sauce on the wounds.

I wish there was a legal way we could start thinning out the herd of trash and parasites like this that offer no redeeming benefits to society.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip.

Its Summertime, cars get hot as ovens people!

Phoenix police: 2-year-old left in hot car at Kmart

Tolleson police: Phoenix woman left 2-year-old in car

Sharpie Lover and baby abuser, Sandra Holguin

Ok, I have 2 questions. 1 – there are still Kmarts open? 2 – what thickness of sharpie did this lady use to color in those brows?

Sorry, had to ask. The dip shit over there is Sandra Holguin, 33, of Phoenix, AZ. She’s been arrested on suspicion of child abuse and booked into the county jail. See, Sandra needed to get her shop on at the local Kmart and decided to leave her 2-year old in the car for 40 minutes while she did so.  I’m going to imagine that its hot as fuck in Phoenix in the summer, but what do I know?

Passersby were trying to get the baby out of the car, as others called the police. Momma was coming out of the store when the cops got there and promptly arrested.  The 2-year old was given to the grandmother.

Thank goodness this doesn’t have a different ending.

Thanks to April the tip!

Woman leaves kids in car while she drinks in bar

Mesa mom leaves kids in car while she goes into bar:

It’s not just men that leave their kids in the car so they can get their drink on.

In Phoenix, Arizona 27-year-old Rebecca Barrera was arrested for allegedly leaving her 6 and 8-year-olds sleeping in the unlocked car in the bar parking lot while the keys were in the car.

After police arrived and the DJ requested that the children’s parent(s) to go to the car Barrera allegedly claimed that she was a ‘friend’ of the mother and would go get her. And by going to get her she must have meant hiding out in the women’s restroom. Which is like trying to hide a joint in your cigarette pack. It’s the first place the cops will look.

After the brief manhunt (Womanhunt? personhunt? something that rhymes with hunt hunt?) Bararea blew a .152 BAC which puts her in 2nd place on the PBB BAC board. However you may say that ‘Trench, she’s not eligible for the board since she wasn’t driving.’ To which I say au contraire as she allegedly admitted to police not only drinking before getting to the bar but drinking on the way to the bar with the kids in the car. I believe that makes her more than eligible.

The kids supposedly slept through the whole thing until their aunt came to get them.

Another child locked away in a room

Is it me or do we post an inordinate amount of stories from Arizona? Well, here’s another one.

Scott and Andrea Bass of Phoenix were arrested for allegedly keeping Scott Bass’ 14-year-old daughter locked in the bathroom, starving her and abusing her.

The girl was able to escape from the house and had a coffee shop call police for her.

The bathroom she was kept in had no working water so once again we have people giving their child a bucket while locking them up.

Scott Bass allegedly made her do exercises until she dropped and beat her with a belt and rod because the girl supposedly cheated on at home test and stole food.

This allows me to address two things. Obviously this girl was home schooled in order to hide the abuse. I have nothing against people who home school their kids however when it’s abused for illegal reasons it ruins it for everybody. Secondly what is up with the whole ‘stealing food’ thing? That seems to be an excuse trotted out constantly by abusers like they all have the same handbook or something.

The part of the article I loved is when police went to the house and Bass had a visibly surprised look on his face when he opened the door to the bathroom and the girl wasn’t there.

I wish they published a picture of that.

Thanks to everyone who submitted this tip.

Baby dumping in Phoenix

Woman accused of dumping baby in trash bin charged with murder:

24-year-old Brittany Williams of Phoenix, Arizona was recently indicted for the January 11th death of her newborn.

Williams allegedly hid the pregnancy from all she knew and after giving birth she threw the baby in the neighbor’s trash can two doors down from her house.

She has been indicted on charges of second degree murder and child abuse.

Again Arizona does have safe haven laws where babies up to 3 days old can be dropped off at hospitals, churches and fire stations. Not trash cans.

And also again she’s being held in Maricopa County Jail. With the reputation that jail has you would think people wouldn’t commit crimes like this there.

This just proves you can’t cure stupid.

Family disowns juvenile rape victim

Prosecutor: Juvenile sexual assault is ‘heartrending’:

I’m sure you’ve all heard this one. As usual I’m a little behind.

Anyway in Phoenix, Arizona it’s alleged that four juvenile boys raped an 8-year-old girl. If that wasn’t bad enough the girl’s family disowned her for being raped claiming she brought shame upon their family. Now remember, this isn’t a story from Saudi Arabia or some other repressive country. It’s from Phoenix freakin’ Arizona.

Now in this post I’ll just be focusing on the family’s reaction. For other aspects of the story I’ll be discussing that art Crime

To make matters worse the girl was allegedly being babysat by her 23-year-old older sister. Not only does the sister blame the girl but she want’s the girls rapists released.

The sister, who was not identified by name by the station, expressed mixed feelings about her sister’s attack. “I came to her and said it’s not good for you to be following guys because you are still little,” the sister told KTVK. She also said that she wanted the suspects to be released from jail because “we are the same people.”

“When she comes back I’m going to tell her don’t ever do that again because all of us, we are the same family, we are from the same place. Now she is just bringing confusion among us. Now the other people, they don’t want to see her,” the sister told KTVK.

All parties involved are Liberian. But guess what. You’re not in freakin’ Liberia anymore. This is the good ol’ U.S. of A where we don’t tolerate people who shun rape victims especially 8-year-olds.

A Liberian ambassador said however that in Liberia police would be embracing the victim and not the attackers like in some countries.

No charges have been filed against the family but if it were up to me they’d be charged with child abandonment at the very least.

h/t to Crime, Interrupted

Phoenix woman smothered her baby

Mom Smothered Baby, Police Say:

30-year-old Elizabeth Ortiz of Phoenix, Arizona was arrested in the smothering death of her 7-month-old son. She allegedly fell asleep on the couch and smothered her baby. She called 911 and as rescue workers tried to revive the baby she fled the scene.

She did return however and told investigators that she was a drug user. Police say that the drug use may have contributed to the baby’s death.

Just like I think there should be a written test to be able to become a parent there should also be a drug test as well.

If you have kids STOP DOING DRUGS. If you can’t stop doing drugs give your kids up for adoption so they can at least have half a chance.

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