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Newcastle woman pleads not guilty to poisoning her daughter

Mother pleads not guilty of poisoning daughter

Another local one. Short but sweet.

A Newcastle woman was granted strict supervised access to her children after pleading not guilty to poisoning her 7 year old daughter and slapping her on two separate occasions.

Mother Dearest who, like all criminals, is protected by Australian law and cannot be named, was being investigated by the NSW Child Abuse Squad after a doctor became suspicious about a number of health conditions that the girl was suffering from. They discovered that she had been dosing her daughter with chloral hydrate, a sedative, while she was already receiving doses from the hospital. When police interviewed her, she denied doing this and slapping her daughter.

The scum sucking solicitor (what a soul destroying job that must be) tried to paint a picture of her children missing their mother, saying that the son asks for mummy to come home. He further mentioned that the son was in no danger of being poisoned, while the daughter was being injected with 15 milligrams of chloral hydrate, on top of the 25mg that she was getting from nursing staff. On an unrelated note, hyenas often attack their own daughters but leave the sons alone, in order to reduce competition for potential mates.

The children are in the care of their grandparents, who, along with DCF, must supervise when Mother Dearest comes to visit. The poor girl is still receiving treatment and Mother Dearest’s case has been adjourned.

Chemo is for cancer treatment only!

Mother accused of poisoning daughter, 4, with alleged chemotherapy drugs bought online

Mother accused of poisoning daughter, 4, with alleged chemotherapy drugs bought online (Courier Online)


Before reading this post, I didn’t even know you buy chemo drugs online. I thought that if you had cancer, you go to hospital and they give you chemo there. You certainly can’t get high from it and it’s not illegal to obtain. Unless you want to use it to harm someone.

A Gold Coast nutcase is being accused of poisoning her 4 year old daughter with chemo drugs that she bought online. The 22 year old nutcase allegedly gave her daughter the drugs over a 10 month period. The  crazy bitch scowled angrily at the public gallery and shook her head as she was led into the courtroom. Oh, why so mad, crazy bitch? Is it because you were caught poisoning your daughter? Oh, it’s not your fault that you wanted sympathy from other people, so you decided to poison your daughter…

The crazy bitch was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to her daughter between June 30, 2012 and April 2013. She has not applied for bail. The hearing lasted less than 2 minutes, with the magistrate ordering the crazy bitch to be remanded in custody for a further mention via prison video link on May 20.

The little girl is in hospital in a dangerous condition. More to come.

Chemotherapy has really horrible side effects, and what this crazy bitch did is a slap in the face to parents whose kids are in hospital with cancer and need chemo to fight the cancer. No one willingly would take chemo drugs because of the terrible collateral damage it causes. If you need chemo for cancer, it means you’re in dire straits. Wishing cancer on this bitch would be too good for her, we wouldn’t want to hail her as a hero if she survives.

Is it just me or does this case reek of Munchhausen by Proxy? You know, crazy bitch wants sympathy and wants to been seen as a martyr, so she gives her child chemo drugs to give her the signs of cancer treatment, and then she talks about how hard it is to have a kid with cancer. No wonder she was mad when she got to court, her little game had unravelled and no one felt sorry for her.

From the crazy bitch's FB page...which is all about her "sick" daughter!

From the crazy bitch’s FB page…which is all about her “sick” daughter!


Bleach: The New Albuterol

Florida dad jailed after giving baby bleach; he thought it would help her asthma

Hey, Parents, guess what? No more lengthy waits in the doctor’s office are needed for your kids who have asthma! No more expensive medications! Now, you can cure your child of this horrific breathing disorder by simply feeding them BLEACH!!! NO! Not really. But, apparently a father in Florida has spent too much time sniffing bleach fumes (or something stronger?) himself, and thought that a cap full of bleach was just what was needed to improve his two-month old daughter’s breathing problem.

Little Caelynn Washington is recovering in a Gainesville, FL, hospital after her father added bleach to her bottle and fed it to her. He said he thought it would improve her breathing, because “someone had told him it would”. Yeah, I remember those days…I had friends tell me all manner of things when I had my first child. Luckily, I had the requisite number of brain cells to distinguish between good and bad advice. For instance, I had one friend tell me that giving my child tylenol would help her sleep at night. I’m sure it would, but Tylenol is not a sleeping aid for babies, and I figured my babies slept quite enough without that nutritional additive, thankyouverymuch. I was also told that rubbing whiskey on my baby’s gums would help with teething. Again, are you freakin’ kidding me?!? You don’t give alcohol – in any form – to a baby. Teething rings worked fine, and were much cheaper than a bottle of Jack – and reusable, as well.

Apparently, 20 year old Carron Washington, of Ocala, FL, has fewer brain cells than a dead turnip, however. He thought that the bleach would help his daughter. Right. Sorry, folks, I don’t buy it. No one with an education higher than third grade would think that bleach is an acceptable medical treatment for anything, except, perhaps, assisted euthanasia. Which I also disagree with, by the way. This guy’s sister has told reporters that her brother made an honest mistake, because this was his first child, and he didn’t know it would harm the child. Again…right…not so much. Did he drink any of this ‘miracle cure’ himself? I think not. I’m sure if he had, he would have realized that the burning sensation caused by the bleach as it traveled down the esophagus was not an indication of healing properties. Besides, as anyone who has ever cleaned with bleach knows, it has a warning right on the bottle that states there should be adequate ventilation while using the product because it can CAUSE respiratory problems. In simplified terms, the fumes from bleach can burn the lining of the lungs. So, how in blue Hell did this guy think DRINKING such a toxic substance would help his child’s asthma? He didn’t. I don’t buy it, and I hope he gets sent to jail until his baby is grown. Who knows, next time, he might try giving her gasoline thinking it will make her run faster. Or antifreeze to cool her off when she has a fever.

If ever there was a time to enact a law punishing criminal stupidity, this is it. It has long been my opinion that such high levels of stupidity should be accompanied by excruciating pain, so that the idiots who think up such asininity would be so incapacitated by the pain that they would be unable to move well enough to act upon such thoughts. And if wishes were nickels, I’d be a millionaire.

Carron Washington is being held on $25,000.00 bond and has been ordered to stay away from Caelynn when she is released from the hospital. Oh, and in the article, it mentioned that when the baby threw up, the “parents” called 911. If the mother was at home at the time and was a party to this ill-conceived ‘medical treatment’, then why is she not being charged as well? Just a little something to wonder about, I guess.

Well, I need to go and give my kids their medicine, now. I think I’ll let them have a cup of Tide detergent instead of bothering with those long tedious baths. And give them Miracle-Gro plant food to help them grow strong and healthy. After all it says right on the bottle of plant food that it will strengthen and make plants grow faster – so it should work for the kids, too, huh? No, I’m not really gonna give that stuff to my kids…because I’m not stupid.

Sorry for the snarkiness of my post – wait, no I’m not. I’m only sorry I couldn’t come up with something even more harsh to say about the stupidity of this moron. I must be slipping.

Murder/Botched-Suicide–Lisette Bamenga

Internet Research Helped Kill Kids

Mom Faces Murder Charges

Bronx Siblings Gassed and Poisoned

29 year old Lisette Bamenga, a teacher, found out her husband had allegedly cheated on her, having a baby by someone else.  Her reaction was to murder their kids and unfortunately fail at killing herself…

This selfish, vindictive c*** admittedly searched the web to find out how to poison 5 year old Trevor Noel Jr. and 4 month old Violet Lily.  She gave them grape juice laced with windshield wiper fluid.  When that didn’t seem to work she put them in the bathtub to drown them, she then dressed them, took them to the kitchen, covered the windows with plastic, turned on the gas and slit her wrists.

A neighbor called 911 to report a gas leak.  First responders found the useless bio-bitch unconscious with minor cuts on her wrists.  Tragically, they were unable to revive the children.

In one of the suicide notes she left was written:  “You got what you wanted, me and the kids are in a better place now.”

She’s facing 2 counts of 1st Degree Murder.  Her lawyer is already screaming about her rights being violated because police interviewed her at the hospital.  He’s trying to get her statements thrown out.  — “I poisoned them.  That didn’t work, so I drowned them,” and “It’s not fair, Trevor had a baby with another woman,”

This man arrived home, after working his shift with the NYPD, to total devastation.   My heart breaks for the father and family of these angels.


Rant On:

I can understand the anger directed at a cheating spouse.  I get divorcing him and taking half of everything!  I can even understand, to a point, wanting to hurt or kill his ass!!  What I can’t wrap my mind around is killing your babies because your husband screwed around!!  I don’t care if he had 20 different kids running around by 20 different women; no one deserves the loss this man is suffering!

Why do the selfish, cowardly fucks insure the death of the babies but they always seem to survive!?!  She didn’t drink the juice she poisoned those babies with or research how to properly slice her damn wrists in order to die, but she made damn sure they wouldn’t survive!!  She poisoned, drowned, and then gassed them…

Those babies were innocent and deserved to have a full life!!  Children aren’t pawns to be used to hurt someone!! 

Rant Over

R.I.P. Sweet Babies

Thanks for the tip goes to April.


If at first you don't succeed – try, try again…

Mother Charged in Child Abuse Case, Allegedly Involving Slow Poisoning of Child

From the great state of Ohio, we have a tale of a woman who has allegedly tried – not once, but twice – to poison her daughter. The girl was first treated for lead poisoning when she was five months old, and at that time her lead levels were 100 times higher than they should be. Erin Hendrix, 28, was a chemistry teacher at the time and her husband was a minister.

The couple moved to a new city where the girl, now three, is currently suffering from lead poisoning again. A caregiver of the child says the mother loves the girl, and this can’t be true – but we all know how people can fool even the best of us.

I’ll tell you a few reasons why I don’t believe this was accidental:

1. The home and water supply have both been tested for lead and the results were negative.

2. Even if there were lead in the house or water – all of the family members would show signs, not just the child. Hers might be higher due to her size, but all would have elevated levels – especially if it was in the water.

3. I live in a very old house (turn of the century), and none of my six children has ever had elevated lead levels, even though they crawled around the house, and occasionally licked the walls. (I also had the house tested for lead when we first moved there, and none was found, so babies slobbering on floors and walls didn’t worry me much).

4. Even if the experts are wrong, and there was in fact lead in both of the homes, that doesn’t explain a five month old with lead poisoning. A child who is highly mobile can get around well enough to have considerable exposure to lead paint, but a five month old? They are still just learning to crawl.

Something smells fishy here, and I don’t think there’s a river nearby. Erin has been charged with child abuse, and has pleaded not guilty (big surprise!). The child has been placed in foster care and the mother is banned from visiting. No mention of the father’s involvement or whereabouts, though. I’m really curious about the father……

Thanks go to April for this one. She sent me the tip. I’m just glad it didn’t involve a dead or raped baby…..this one is expected to survive, although her recovery will take a long time and there may be lifelong consequences.

Step-Breeder poisoned boy

Stepmother accused of killing baby from Batavia:

Elmira mother accused of poisoning 21-month-old stepson pleads not guilty:

I can’t remember the last time I posted a step-mother story before. Should we go with the classic Wicked Stepmother or the more modern Step-Monster.

Either way 24-year-old Melissa S. Englehardt of Elmira, New York fits the bill for both.

She has been arrested and charged in the November 2009 poisoning death of her 21-month-old stepson Andrew Cianfrini of Batavia, NY. Englehart allegedly put methanol in Andrew’s juice. Methanol is an ingredient of antifreeze.

Police say that prior to Andrew’s visit with his father and his slampig of a wife that she searched on the net for ways to poison someone and that methanol was allegedly found in Andrew’s sippy cup.

She’s also pleaded not guilty on top of everything else.

I guess those web searches and the methanol are just coincidence.

I’ve watched a lot of true crime shows in my time and it seems that anti-freeze is the weapon of choice for women who want to get rid of a family member. My point is that she’s a stupid idiot because police and forensic experts know what to look for and you’re not the first person to think of this. The dumbest and most evil maybe but not the first.

Thanks to Tammy for the tip.

Morphine in the breast milk

Police: Mom poisoned baby to get attention:

Creepella over there is 25-year-old medical assistant Sarah Rose Dillard-Lubin (Hasenfefer Incorporated) of Aloha, Oregon. She’s been charged with putting morphine in the breast milk for 2-month-old daughter. She allegedly did this to get the attention of the baby daddy.

This isn’t the first time she allegedly did something like this. In 2006 in California she pleaded no contest to giving her then 10-month-old son opiate pills in order to get the attention of another baby daddy.

It never ceases to amaze me how selfish people can be by putting their children at risk over romantic relationships or the lack thereof.

Thanks to Layla for the tip.

SC Breeder tried to poison kids with carbon monoxide

Mom accused of poisoning her kids with intent to kill:

29-year-old Melissa Sawyers, who looks 50 in her mugshot, of North Augusta, South Carolina has been arrested for trying to poison her kids using the exhaust from her car. Sawyers allegedly hooked up a hose from the tailpipe to the inside of the car where the kids, ages 10 and 7, were,

Police say she allegedly told her kids that “they were going to heaven together and it would not hurt, they would just go to sleep and wake up in heaven.”

It seems that Sawyers is an upstanding citizen as well…

Police say this isn’t Sawyers first run in with the law. They say she’s been arrested several times recently for charges including trespassing, disorderly conduct, intoxication, and resisting arrest.

Police say she’s gotten out of handcuffs twice before during arrests, even kicked at a window in a police patrol car; and once resisting arrest so bad, officers had to taser her.

She’s looking at 40 years behind bars.

Thanks to Bridget for the tip.

Meth Milk Mom gets slap on the wrist

Mother of baby killed by meth-contaminated breast milk gets 90 days:

46-year-old Maureen Hoffart of Sacramento, California was convicted of her baby’s January 2008 death after the baby died from ingesting meth tainted breastmilk. Mom is a tweaker obviously. But instead of getting a real sentence to send a message to meth heads and drug addled parents a judge only gav e her 90-days in jail…

Earl said from the bench that Hoffart had plenty of mitigating circumstances working in her favor. Among them, the judge noted, was a minimal criminal history that consisted of two methamphetamine-related arrests that were more than 10 years old. The judge said Hoffart has strong support from family, friends and other community members and that a former kindergarten teacher wrote a letter to the court on her behalf characterizing the defendant as a good mother who volunteered at school and provided her children with a “supportive academic environment.”

That’s all well and good but a baby died because of a mother’s meth addiction. We need less feel good judges and more of the hanging variety.

Thanks to Calvena for the tip.

Woman puts feces in special needs child’s feeding tube

Mom Taints Child’s Feeding Tube with Feces: Police:

Austin police: Woman put feces in child’s IV feeding tube:

Mother charged with feeding 3-year-old feces:

Say hello to the new face of Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome. I mean that’s the only way i can explain why this happened.

Anyway that’s 23-year-old Emily McDonald of Austin, Texas. She was arrested for placing feces in the IV feeding tube of her 3-year-old daughter was in the hospital being treated for infections. Oddly enough doctors determined that those infections had been caused by the child being fed fecal matter.

When doctors figured out what was causing the infections they had a camera placed in the girl’s room. That’s when they allegedly caught McDonald putting fecal matter from the girl’s diaper into the IV tube. When arrested McDonald said she knew that the fecal matter would make the girl sick and knew that it could potentially kill her.

So what leads me to my totally unqualified diagnosis of MBP. Well it seems she constantly blogged about her kids medical conditions and frequented various parenting forums. While that’s not entirely indicative of MBP when you put the two together it kind of does. I’m not going to post links to the blog or the forums to protect the girl’s identity.

Also in my 9 years of blogging I’ve done some other posts about women who poisoned their kids who were believed to have had MBP that all used the same thing to poison their kids, human feces.

So Breeder Readers, I pose yet another question to you. Is Münchhausen by Proxy Syndrome a legitimate psychological disorder or are these birth organisms just being attention whores?

Thanks to Michelle, Melissa and Kathryn for the tips.

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