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Bad Dad bashes son to death at cricket match, shot dead by police

Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father at Tyabb cricket oval

Horrific murder after cricket training

Online tributes flow for Luke Batty who was killed at cricket training in Tyabb

Luke Batty, 11, dies in horrific attack by his father at Tyabb cricket oval

Luke Batty (11) was horrifically taken from this world by his own father Greg Anderson (54). He was allegedly bashed to death with a cricket bat during cricket training at the Tyabb Cricket Club in VIC. As police tried to defend the young boy, the killer charged at them with a knife that he had concealed on him. After trying to persuade the murderer to drop the knife and spraying him with capsicum foam with no effect, they were forced to shoot him.

Despite the valiant and courageous efforts of paramedics, young Luke could not be saved. Tributes have brimmed forth on Twitter and Facebook for the young lad, who was described as sports-loving, effervescent and funny. His mum, Rosie Batty, had spoken about Luke’s killer, saying that he had had mental issues and homelessness. She had been separated from him for a while, and on the day of cricket practice, Luke had asked her if he could spend a few more minutes with his Dad because he didn’t get to see him very often. Little did he know that this request would cost him his life.

Police are still asking witnesses to come forward and speak with them to work out what exactly went down that day. The killing took place shortly after practice had broken up, so they think there was still quite a few people hanging around. Several children had witnessed the killer beating Luke with the bat and then stabbing him with a knife. No child should ever have to see someone being murdered, especially one of their friends.

The only small solace in this tragic tale is that the killer got pepper-foamed before he was shot dead. Now he will feel the burn over and over again in whatever place awaits him on the other side.

Rest in peace, young Luke

Beautiful, heavenly Luke. Your radiant smile will light up the heavens for sure.

All in The Family: Boston Police to Parents Say, “Stop Lying for Your Gang-Banging Punk Kids!”

Stop Snitchin'They’re trying to be all nice and restrained when they talk to the press about it, but make no mistake: the Boston Police are pissed. BPD Commissioner Kathleen O’Toole is demanding parents crack down on their hoodlum teens in the wake of two cases where parental perjury obstructed justice. In one case, 45-year-old Nadine Sanders lied for her son in front of a grand jury to prevent him from being indicted in the murder of Alexander Smith. (Kevin Sanders was finally convicted last week in a second trial.) In an even more outrageous example of fostering bad values, Cynthia Cousin not only lied to give her son Joseph an alibi, she showed up to court wearing a t-shrit that said “Stop Snitchin'”. The t’s are apparently big sellers across the nation right now. And why shouldn’t they be? Because, you know, the worse thing you can do in the world is snitch. Taking part in a shootout that left 10-year-old Trina Persad dead? Hey baby, it’s cool – so long as you don’t snitch, mommy will still love you!

I’ve included a photo after the jump of Trina Persad’s mother, Bernadette Fernandes, holding up a photo of her little girl in court. What a beautiful girl. What a fucking shame. (Photo courtesy of the Boston Herald, which they ran alongside a depressing story about how one of the defendants in the trial was acquitted before prosecutors discovered that three of the jury members had not disclosed their criminal records. Nice.)

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