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How long can you leave a baby in a car?

Parents charged after they ‘left baby in car OVERNIGHT after shopping trip then found him dead at lunchtime the next day’

Baby left in car for about 12 hours, parents arrested in death

Thanks go to Benighted for the tip on this one.

The title of this post is not a trick question. Nor is it a hypothesis for a sadistic experiment.

A Californian couple have been arrested and charged with one count of wilful cruelty to a child resulting in death, after they left their 4 month old baby boy in a car OVERNIGHT. Not surprisingly, drugs were also involved.

According to the police, the neglectful nincompoops Jessica Quezada (23) who is the female breeder, and her accomplice and meat swinger Israel Soto (30) who is the forgetful father, returned home from shopping on Friday afternoon with their baby in the car. They then went inside at their home in a block of flats in San Diego, without taking the baby with them. It wasn’t until lunchtime the next day, that another family member found the baby in the hot car and immediately called 911.

The baby’s tomb

Once another family member had done the dirty work of actually getting the baby out of the car, like the neglectful monsters should have done in the first place, the dopey daddy finally sprang into action and performed CPR. But it was all in vain. The little baby boy died in hospital a short time later.

At 1.30pm on that Saturday, it was 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius) outside. That car would have been an oven, with the baby being unable to free himself. He would have been hungry. He would have had a dirty nappy. Her would have been thirsty. Plus on top of all of that, he was being slowly cooked alive. The baby-broiling-breeders’ neighbours cannot believe that they would be stupid enough to leave a little baby locked in a car for 12 hours, especially in that sort of heat.

Did I mention drugs charges? Yessir, yes indeedy. Jessica Quezada has also been charged with possession of a controlled substance. Considering her, ahem, size and carriage, I highly doubt the substance was meth. It was probably pot, because it gives you insane munchies which then leads to weight gain.

Jessica Quezada contemplates mugging that cop for his donuts.

Israel Soto being chauffeured to his new home at the Grey Bar Motel

The baby broilers have 3 other uncooked children – ages 3, 2, and 1, that are now in the care of DCF. Medical examiners will determine the exact cause of their baby brother’s death. The baby broilers will be expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

RIP little baby boy.

Show and Tell


Kindergartner brings mom’s crack pipe and drugs to show and tell


The first week of second grade my son’s teacher did a “summer memory” show and tell, “bring in a souvenir from your summer vacation, he said and be prepared to tell the story of the item and share it with the class.”  My little man knew exactly what he’d take the model VW van with the surfboard on top he picked out at Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park; he put in his backpack to insure he would not forget it.  He was so excited and when the day for show and tell came, he came home and raved about how all the kids loved it and asked if they could play with it too.  The excitement of little ones, I love it!

At Sweet Springs Elementary in Sweet Springs, MO the kindergartners were tasked with bringing in important family items for their class show and tell, fun and exciting, right!  Wrong!  Michelle Marie Cheatham’s (32) son did what was asked of him and brought in an important family item, that item… wait for it… his mother’s crack pipe and an ounce of drugs.  Imagine the shock that teacher got when this 5-year-old boy proudly pulled out mommy’s drug paraphernalia to display to the class.  How sad that in this little guy’s eyes his mother’s crack pipe and drugs represent an important family item.

Anyhow, the school contacted police and a search warrant was issued.  Police, with the assistance of a police dog named “Boomer”, searched the home and found another crack pipe.  The drugs tested positive for methamphetamine and were worth about $3700.00.

Cheatham was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one of count of first-degree child endangerment, she’s out on a bond of $7500.00 and her son is in the care of loved ones.

Texas beauty queen cat fight? Maybe not.


Children tell police they tried meth because they thought it was candy

Amanda Gail Walker 30, of Hallsville, TX was staying at a decent hotel in Longview when a cat fight broke out between her and a family member.  When officers arrived they were told that Amanda had ripped a chuck of her relative’s hair out. They also noticed that Amanda also had an outstanding DWI warrant so they proceeded to take her into custody.


The ever so graceful Amanda Walker became combative with the officers once they began to arrest her. She kicked the at the officers and had a tantrum. During the altercation a bag of meth fell out of Amanda’s pocket, purse or crotch. Who really knows?


The officers were able to get the Meth loving Amanda into the patrol car and began to talk to Amanda’s children who also were staying in the hotel room with her. The children witnessed the whole hissy fit. Whatever little respect her children had left for her was more then likely gone by that night.


Amanda’s 9-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter admitted that they had found their mothers baggy (of meth) and believed it was candy, so they tasted it. It’s amazing that these children are so numb that after finding a small bag containing a foreign substance the next logical thing they thought of was to taste it.

Walker’s charges include possession of a controlled substance, criminal child negligence and assault causing bodily injury. She also has a warrant to face in Harrison County.

The judge set the meth loving momma’s bond at $6,000.


No word on what happened to the children but since Amanda’s butt is in jail I suspect the little ones are safe.


**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up.**

Samantha Jackson is suffers from methtarditis

Auburn woman arrested on child abuse charges

See that skank there… The one with the pitiful look on her meth face?  That is 23-year-old Samantha Jackson, methtardious maximus, from Auburn, CA.  Jackson was arrested after an anonymous caller tipped off deputies to Jackson’s children playing outside unsupervised while meth mommy was in her apartment “allegedly” (fuck, I hate that word) shooting up drugs. 

Not only did shooting up meth take priority over supervising her children, apparently this bitch doesn’t clean house either.  I thought meth got you all speedy and made you do shit like house work.  Jackson’s abode was described as “extremely dirty” with old food covering the floor and clothes and garbage strewn about.  ICK.  Officers found Jackson’s 4-month-old daughter strapped in a car seat in front of the TV – I guess that was a better place for her than her crib, which was being used to store more garbage, clothes, and a fucking lawn chair.

Jackson was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment likely to cause great bodily pain, felony possession of a controlled substance and possession of hypodermic needles.  Two men were also found inside the apartment, but there is no word on who they were or whether or not they were arrested (as I believe they should be).

Jackson had two other children (aside from the 4-month-old) – A 2-year-old daughter and malnourished 4-year-old son who was taken to be hospitalized for sores on his legs.  All three children have been placed into foster care.  I’m hoping that it’s a safer, cleaner, and more loving environment.  Hell, being raised by spider monkeys would be safer, cleaner, and more loving.

Thanks go to Deena for posting this in the Open Thread.  Special thanks go to the anonymous caller.  I believe that he or she may possibly be responsible for saving the lives of these children.

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