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Sitting on a baby’s head will NOT make them go to sleep!

Police: DeLand man sits on baby’s head because child would not fall asleep

Jonathan Savas, Fla. man, charged with child abuse, allegedly sat on his baby’s head to stop him from crying

They took away my toy and my drugs. Sad now.

This is yet another one of those cases where you take one look at the mugshot and think “This person is bad news”. Then you see that the case happened in a trailer park in Flori-DUH and you’re not surprised.

Jonathon Savas (24) has an unusual way of making his baby go to sleep. According to witnesses, he sat on the head of his 10-month-old son in a strange and potentially dangerous attempt to make him go to sleep. Mr. Savas and his baby were staying at the trailer of Irene Hossain, at the Sha-De-Land trailer park in DeLand, FL, after showing up with the baby, who wasn’t wearing any clothes. Savas is currently homeless.  According to Ms. Hossain, the baby would not go to sleep (probably because the heat and humidity) so our scribbled-on scumbag Savas put the baby on the lounge face-down and sat on his head as some sort of bizarre punishment or soothing motion. Obviously, the baby didn’t like that and screamed his head off. Irene told him to knock it off, and Savas turned around and said “It’s my baby and I can do what I want”. Eventually he got it through his batshit brain that sitting on the baby wouldn’t work, so he stopped.

Irene didn’t call the cops straightaway, because she was afraid that Savas might sit on her too. Police later found Savas and the baby down the road, and Savas told he’d “disciplined” the baby but wouldn’t go into further detail. He was arrested and charged with child abuse, and drug possession after police found a pill container, baggies and needles in his backpack. He currently resides at Volusia County Jail and his bail has been set at $50,000.

Okay. Okay. Okay. How the hell has this drug-addicted bum managed to keep a baby alive for 10 months?! The poor baby had no clothes on, and his dopey daddy has been spending all his money on drugs. Some people have presumed that Irene Hossain is the mother of the unfortunate mite, but no news source actually says this. So where the hell is the incubator of this poor babe and why did she let a drug addict take her baby? Someone had better get that baby away from him before he kills him or sells him for more drugs.

Thanks to WarriorArtemis for the tip!

Samantha Jackson is suffers from methtarditis

Auburn woman arrested on child abuse charges

See that skank there… The one with the pitiful look on her meth face?  That is 23-year-old Samantha Jackson, methtardious maximus, from Auburn, CA.  Jackson was arrested after an anonymous caller tipped off deputies to Jackson’s children playing outside unsupervised while meth mommy was in her apartment “allegedly” (fuck, I hate that word) shooting up drugs. 

Not only did shooting up meth take priority over supervising her children, apparently this bitch doesn’t clean house either.  I thought meth got you all speedy and made you do shit like house work.  Jackson’s abode was described as “extremely dirty” with old food covering the floor and clothes and garbage strewn about.  ICK.  Officers found Jackson’s 4-month-old daughter strapped in a car seat in front of the TV – I guess that was a better place for her than her crib, which was being used to store more garbage, clothes, and a fucking lawn chair.

Jackson was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment likely to cause great bodily pain, felony possession of a controlled substance and possession of hypodermic needles.  Two men were also found inside the apartment, but there is no word on who they were or whether or not they were arrested (as I believe they should be).

Jackson had two other children (aside from the 4-month-old) – A 2-year-old daughter and malnourished 4-year-old son who was taken to be hospitalized for sores on his legs.  All three children have been placed into foster care.  I’m hoping that it’s a safer, cleaner, and more loving environment.  Hell, being raised by spider monkeys would be safer, cleaner, and more loving.

Thanks go to Deena for posting this in the Open Thread.  Special thanks go to the anonymous caller.  I believe that he or she may possibly be responsible for saving the lives of these children.

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