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9 year old gives birth – egg-donor sees nothing wrong with it

EXCLUSIVE: Nine-year-old girl who gave birth in Mexico will never have another child after doctors sterilize her against her mother’s wishes Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Nine-year-old gives birth in Mexico

Mexican ‘nine-year-old mother’ vanishes

'Abuse': Stepfather, Abundio, (left) has been accused of sleeping in the same bed and beating the nine-year-old mother as her own mother, Gloria, (right) failed to stop it. They are pictured with another relative and his baby

Step-penis Abundio on the left, egg-donor Gloria on the right.


'Sex worker': Gloria, pictured in her younger years, has been accused by neighbours of working as a prostitute

Whorish Gloria = Whoria



Oyyayaya! Where to start on this one?!

A young Mexican girl, 9, has given birth to a baby named Maria de Los Angeles.

Young Dafne didn’t know she was pregnant until 7 months into the pregnancy. At such a young age, it wouldn’t really be expected to know what pregnancy feels like! The father was originally thought to be a 17 year old boy, but now suspicions have turned to Dafne’s step-penis, Abundio, who has been abusing her as well as his own offspring. The step-penis would often beat Dafne and share a bath and a bed with her. Gross!! Of course, the egg donor, Gloria, knew this was going on and was covering for the penis. She probably also knew about the pregnancy from the get-go and knew who the real father was too! According to authorities, Dafne’s egg-donor didn’t think it was a crime for someone so young to have sex, until she turned up at the hospital. Neighbours would often hear Dafne being beaten and would see her running out onto the street, with step-penis in pursuit. Well, did it ever occur to you to DO SOMETHING?! Like knock the step-penis out? Call the police? Don’t you just love it when neighbours report they heard this or saw that but never do anything?

According to neighbours, the birth vessel worked as a prostitute and was trying to get Dafne to do the same. Ahh, so that’s why Dafne was forced to take a bath and share a bed with the step-penis. Birth vessel was probably trying to get her “accustomed” to seeing men naked. They were grooming her!!

Dafne never went to school. Neighbours only saw her when she went to the shops. She spent all of her time cooking, cleaning and taking care of her family. I know times are tough. But it’s up to the adults to cook and clean, as well as work to provide for the family. Never a child. Dafne should have been at school, learning how to read and write. Not being beaten and raped, and being treated like a slave.

A relative of the family has told the newspaper “What he has done has shamed our family. ‘I don’t know why the girl’s mother lets him carry on the way he has. They’re both liars and I think it’s terrible what has happened.’Dafne is a child. She’s just a child. The girl’s mother is in love with him so she protects him, and this is what happens’

The family of 14 have since packed up and moved out of their breezeblock flat in Zapopan, Jalisco state. Authorities are trying to track them down. There are fears that Dafne contracted HIV/AIDS from her whoring egg-donor and may have passed the virus onto her child. There are also concerns for Dafne’s health because of hormonal imbalances from giving birth so young, and from an Implanon that doctors installed into her young body without consent.

The event has been referred to the Human Rights commission, as it is child rape, deprivation of freedom and medical procedures done without consent. Sadly Dafne’s situation isn’t an isolated event. Many girls in Third World countries are denied schooling and education, and are forced to clean, cook and take care of their families – because according to their culture, that’s what females do.

Let’s hope the authorities can find Dafne and the baby and get them into loving homes. The step-penis and egg donor are as good as dead, when vigilantes get a hold of them. Let’s hope a drug cartel gets them.

Thanks to Malevolent April for the tip!

Mother leaves child in roach motel while she goes to 'work'

Woman arrested a  motel for prostitution & child neglect

Melissa Dillon 25, of Texas placed an advertisement on the Internet to sell herself for $200. Classy and smart. I bet she lured men with her sad little face.

One of the guys she lured in turned out to be an undercover agent who proceeded to arrest her for being a whore. The agent must have been very observant because he noticed that Melissa had another motel room key that did not belong to her room. actually the key belonged to a room
on another floor.

Melissa Dillon would not explain the extra key. Officers approached the room that the key belonged to and heard Melissa’s 20 month old son crying inside. They found him in a playpen with the TV on playing cartoons.  She must have been concerned her son would be bored with out her. Funny, I would be more concerned about him being by himself.

I have to applaud her for getting another room to conduct business in. At least she is a considerate whore, somewhat. Something tells me that a man who pays for sex would not care if a toddler was watching them.

It’s best not to have children if your goal in life is to make your paycheck from lying on your back.

Thankfully the little boy is fine. It could have turned out much worse. He has been removed from Melissa’s care because Texas rocks like that.

She will now be forever immortalized in a mug shot with the worst sex hair I have ever seen. Nothing is classier then selling your snatch on the Interweb.

**Thanks to itsmesg2003 for the write-up**


If you've got drugs… I gotta a 16-year-old for you

Kathleen Bunnell


Mother prostitutes daughter for drugs 

Daughter used to get drugs 

The lovely sight above is Kathleen Dawn Bunnell (39) of Mauldin, SC.  She likes to get high and in order to do so is willing to give you her 16-year-old daughter’s body.  Yep, that’s right, this woman, allowed her drug dealer to have sex with her daughter in exchange for a shot in the neck. 

The articles linked above both tell much of the same information with one difference, one says she was shot in the neck with drugs in exchange for her daughter and the other says her daughter was shot up with drugs and left with the dealer, in exchange for drugs.  In my opinion, either way it is sick and twisted and down right despicable! 

She’s been charged with promoting prostitution, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and unlawful neglect of a minor. 

Her daughter is in the custody of Department of Social Services. 

I cannot find a lot on this woman.  If anyone finds anything more please send it my way.  Thanks a Bunch.

Breeder takes baby to a hooker bust

Police: Man Brought 18-Month-Old To Pick Up Prostitute:

38-year-old Michael Ratliff of Trenton, Ohio was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Middletown, Ohio that was actually an undercover cop. However what brings Mr. Ratliff to our lovely neck of the internet woods is that he allegedly brought his 18-month-old daughter with him.

This reminds me of an episode of To Catch A Predator when one of the suspects brought his young child along with him to meet the ‘underage’ girl. Chris Hansen didn’t even mess around. He just told the guy to get out.

What Ratliff allegedly did is almost as disturbing.

Thanks again to CJB for the tip.

Mom kept kid in closet while she 'escorted'

(Cross posted at CraigsCrimeList)

Bruised toddler home alone in locked closet:

Mom who left son in closet advertised herself as an escort:

The lady over there with the curious blemishes on her face is 21-year-old Corinna Davis of Mesa, Arizona.

A West Mesa Justice Court constable was serving an eviction notice on the residence however no one appeared to be home. However the constable found a chair wedged up against a door. when he removed the chair he found a 2-year-old boy on a mattress in the closet.

Davis claims the boy was in there while she ‘worked’. Her work seems to be as an ‘escort’ that advertises on the Village Voice Media owned She must not have been too good at that job since she was being evicted or maybe the money went somewhere else.

Do you think that sore is from meth or the herp?

Mom was turning tricks while baby was left in car

Prostitute left baby in car while she worked, deputies say:

30-year-old Latosha Yeadon was arrested in Tampa, Florida for turning tricks while she left her 3-month old baby in her car. The window was cracked an inch and luckily it wasn’t a mad hot day that day in Florida.

Luckily a maintenance worker saw the baby in the car and was able to pry the window open.

Since the baby was 3-months-old it makes me wonder how long she waited after birth before she started turning tricks again or was she giving handjobs in the hospital parking lot after delivery.

Yeadon says she arranged to meet her client over the internet. Craigslist maybe?

Thanks to LadyJade for the tip.

Woman turned tricks with son in the next room

Mom Turns Tricks in Motel, Son Watched: Police:

Police in Trevose, Pa. arrested 36-year-old Catherine Thomas for turning tricks out out of the hotel room she lived in. When police made the bust they discovered her 7-year-old son huddling in the bathtub with three dogs. It seems that the boy was off from school and would hide in the bathroom while his birth organism rented out her mommy parts.

Of course the room was filthy, strewn with trash and reeked of urine that I hope was from the dogs. The article doesn’t say what kind of dogs they were but you know what I’m thinking.

The boy was placed with Family Services and the dogs were taken to a humane shelter.

Thanks to Cherilyn for the tip.

Julia Burton Gets 4 to 20 for Prostituting Runaway

34-year-old Julia Burton doesn’t appear to have any kids of her own. But she took on the responsibility of being a mother when she and her husband, Milo Burton, took in a 12-year-old runaway. Their intentions, however, were anything but parental. The female Burton was sentenced this week for up to 20 years for her part in prostituting the girl out to friends of her husband. The case is somewhat reminiscent of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka of Canada – though, fortunately, far less twisted and gruesome.

I wonder where this 12-year-old girl’s real parents were. Were they actively looking for her? Was she a foster kid? The news story gives painfully little detail. If anyone knows what’s happened to her, and how she ended up in this sick situation in the first place, let me know. If she does have living parents, I hope to hell that they’re keeping her much closer to home.

(Hat tip: Theresa)

Rent My Daughter: Absolutely No Way in Hell This is Real

melissa.jpgKill Ugly Radio posted about something they felt was right up PBB’s dark, stinking alley:, a site where you can hire out someone’s young male or female child for…companionship. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I wrote about for Blogging Baby a while back, and opined at the time that there was no way in hell this was real. I mean, come on – the sites bill themselves as “Certified Child Rental Agencies”. Who would “certify” what is essentially a front for teen prostitution? A quick lookup on the domain names show that they’re registered via a proxy agent through , which is another sign that this is someone putting up hoax sites to rake in serious AdSense revenues. Well, that and their “Frequent Renter Program”.

Most of the users on agree. Although, as several of them note, this doesn’t make the site any less disturbing. One of the Digg commenters even suggested this might be an entrapment site set up by law enforcement. If it isn’t, it ought to be. I can only hope that whoever’s doing this is keeping minute track of everyone who tries to register, so that they can re-balance their karma after cashing their checks from Google.

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