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Bad Boyfriend and mother accused of molesting toddler

gnelsonMan charged with sexual abuse of 18-month-old:

Sex with toddler alleged:

Bitter Beer Face over there is 59-year-old Glenn M. Nelson of Punta Gorda, Florida. Him and his main squeeze, age and name unknown, are accused of molesting her 18-month-old daughter since almost from the day she was born.

Police are being tight lipped about this case but what we do know is that they originally served a search warrant on the mother’s house and allegedly found child porn on her computer. They also found chats between the pair talking about molesting the girl on webcam. So that could mean that there were other child molesting scumbags watching these sick freaks as well and did nothing about it.

That led police to raid Nelson’s home and office where more pictures of the girl were found.

As of now the mother has not been charged yet. Now before you get up in arms about that let me explain something. I’ve been writing about the Punta Gorda PD for a number of years now. They are one of the best police departments in the country in my opinion. Believe me, they will not let this woman escape justice. They’re probably just making sure that they’re i’s are dotted and their t’s are crossed.

The baby is in the custody of a relative at this time.

Thanks to Liz, LadyJade and Annita for the tip.

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