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Monumental c*ck-up made by Social Services

NSPCC slam social workers who let four-year-old girl live with child porn pervert despite being warned he was a suspected paedophile Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Bristol foster girl, 4, “sent to live with ‘pervert'”


When a kid is sent into foster care, it’s usually because their DNA donors have abused or neglected them. The breeders are unfit to care for the child, so they’re moved to a new home for a while. On the whole, foster carers dedicate their resources and time into rehabilitating these abused kids so that they have a shot at living a full and happy life. They are an invaluable part of any community.

However, here at BB we often see foster “carers” who are in it for the wrong reasons. Money, having slaves or punching bags around, or they just like to hoard children. This foster freak liked children. A bit too much. Social Services in Bristol, UK, placed a 4 year old girl with the freak for two weeks even though they KNEW he was downloading child porn! This just makes my skin crawl…

The girl was originally taken away from her bio-family because of a violent situation and placed with the unnamed freak. Meanwhile, there were suspicions about the freak downloading and viewing child porn, as well as the other children in his care being violent and acting out sexually. Despite these concerns, the 4 year old girl remained in the freak’s “care” for 3 fucking months! The girl told her bio-dad and her social worker that she’d been strangled by one of the other foster children. Bio-dad called the police, who then called Social Services who didn’t do anything about it until a day later, didn’t get the girl to a doctor, and then sent her BACK to the place where she got the injury in the first place!! That’s bureaucracy at work for you!

It took Social Services another six days to decide what to do with the girl and then another seven to get her out of the foster freak’s home! The foster freak killed himself a day later, just like the coward that all pedophiles are. It was found that the freak had been downloading child porn since 2010, but hadn’t been arrested and charged until 2012. The girl’s social worker, Sherilyn Pritchard, knew that the foster freak had been downloading child porn but didn’t do a damn thing about it. She even had the nerve to say to the magistrate that her actions were justified because it wasn’t enough to warrant immediate removal. She even admitted that she knew the girl would be at risk of sexual, physical and mental harm. He was a fucking SEX OFFENDER you dumb cow! You know, keep away from children, don’t live near schools, register with police every time you move house kind of sex offender. I think this silly bitch should lose her job and be chucked in the slammer for allowing such a dangerous decision to be made. Incompetent tw*t.

The girl and the other children have been removed from the foster freak’s house and are now in new foster homes. I’m wondering who was causing the violence in the little girl’s real home, because her real dad is very concerned for her and is campaigning for her to return to him. If it was indeed the egg-donor causing the violence, it’s not likely he’ll get her back since courts are heavily weighted against the dads. And if Social Services made this major fuck-up, they might not believe a woman could be capable of violence. I hope the girl does well and has the chance to come back to her dad.


Non-Action (by all), Drama (Fucked up family), Villains (5 of them), Horror (multiple sex abuse), tear jerker (9 yr old girl with no one to turn to).


Family accused of allowing their daughter, nine, to be abused by paedophile in her own home

DCF Reviews as Convicted Sex Offender Re-arrested 

Background:  1991 Robert Goeing Young was convicted of Sexual battery. I could not find any other information on this crime but it was noted that he served time in prison and was released as a registered sexual offender.

Christopher and Mary Perry lived in a modest home in Jacksonville, Florida along with Christopher’s mother Patricia Woloszynowski and her boy toy Michael Halveland and the Perry’s 3 young children. Sometime before November 2010 they befriended Robert Young and invited him to live in their home with all of them.

Curtains open:

Act 1:   The story unfolds in November 2010 when DCF is contacted about possible sexual abuse happening in the home. DCF “investigates” as only Florida DCF can, after interviewing all involved they decide that there is no evidence of abuse going on. They also find that the house guest, Robert Goeing Young (I wonder if Robert’s parents knew who he was going to turn out to be, I mean, is this the perfect name for a pedophile or what?) is a registered sex offender and he is living in the house with these 4 adults and the Perry couple’s 3 young children. The parents and the grandmother are all well aware of Young’s history and sex offender status. The Perry’s state that he is sleeping on the couch and Young tells them he would never hurt the children. I believe him, don’t you? NOT! Well DCF did. They decide to make up a written safety plan, just in case, to protect these kids. The safety plan states that the children will not have unsupervised contact with Young and all parties are asked to sign off on this. DCF figures there you go, the kids living in this house are now protected and we can go on about our lives, no more worries, however, DCF decides that they are worried about all of the other children in the neighborhood, so, on their way out they contact the police and advise them that Young is breaking the law and the conditions of his registration by living directly across the street from an elementary school and within a block of several day care centers. I guess they didn’t write up a safety plan for all of them!  The police do nothing even though Young had not registered his change of address with them.

Act 2: February 2011- DCF is contacted again (surprise, surprise) about child molestation in the house and they return. This time after interviewing the children, the Perry’s 9 yr old daughter states she is being molested by not one but two male members of the household; Grandma’s boyfriend, 6’2, 240 lb Michael Halveland and, yup, you guessed it, Robert Young. Now if that scene description isn’t clear enough let me give more details: Mommy, Daddy and Grandma all knew that Young was not sleeping on the couch he was actually sharing the 9yr olds bed at night. Momma had actually witnessed the molestation of her daughter, “she saw him fondling her private parts” and the child had begged her momma to help her but she didn’t say anything to anyone or stop the abuse because… wait for it……she was involved in sexual relationship with Young herself and was afraid that someone would tell her husband about the affair…so she just let Young continue to molest her child.

Act 3:  All 3 children in the house are removed and Halveland is arrested on Feb 17th and charged with lewd and lascivious molestation of a child younger than 12. He is not eligible for bail. Next, Young is arrested and charged with 3 counts of sexual battery, and 1 count of lewd/lascivious molestation of a child under the age of 12. He is also being held without bail. March 3rd Christopher and Mary Perry as well as Patricia Woloszynowski are arrested on charges of child neglect. I couldn’t find the status of grandma but daddy is being held on $5003.00 bail and mommy is being held on $20, 006.00 bail. The children are now in the custody of Florida DCF. (GOD HELP THEM!)

Postscript: John Harrell, a spokesman for the Florida DCF, said “This is extremely disturbing that any parent would allow this to go on and not put a stop to it, not notify authorities, and that was the case here,” Harrell said. “… We are reviewing this case to determine whether there are any different procedures that could have been done.” Duh, ya think. How about if parents are allowing a registered sexual offender to live in the house with their young children you have the parents remove the offender immediately and if they refuse to do so you remove the children immediately. (Review over)

Narration:  What the fuck is wrong with (I hesitate to call them people)? Why does a 39 year old want to sleep with a 61 yr old woman to start with ( All you cougars out there give me a break here, this is just  my opinion, I don’t look at the reverse any differently. Men don’t belong with girls 30 yrs younger than them either)  I have to wonder if Halveland wasn’t  abusing this little girl all along or if seeing the child rapist going at her made him decide he’d like to get some too. Did grandmomster know that her boy toy was messing with the little girl? How could she not?  How much did scum bag daddy know about? He knew this scum sucking kiddy raping bastard was sharing a bed with his little girl, did he also know about grandmomster’s douche bag boyfriend too? How could any mother willing allow a 51 yr old man to ruin her innocent daughter for life just so she could have extra dick around, besides her husband’s? Round them all up, place them securely duck taped to chairs in a sealed air tight room and slowly fill the room with wasps, fire ants,  roaches, mosquitoes, scorpions, and any other biting insect that you can find and let them be slowly stung to death. Then torch the building.

Why didn’t the PO PO do anything about this back in November when they were notified about the sex offender not registering his new address and that he was living in a home with 3 young children and that he was living across the street from an elementary school or down the block from several daycare centers? Whichever officer took this report and whichever officer decided that it was ok to not follow up on this or worse decided they didn’t give 2 shits about any of these kids should be fired and then prosecuted for child neglect.

As far as Florida DCF goes: They are reviewing the circumstances of this case to determine if they did anything wrong of if this could have been handled better?  Are you fucking kidding me? This was a fail from the first day. If no abuse had happened yet back in November, I feel DCF is fully responsible for everything that happened to that little girl. This department is useless. They should take every one of them out back behind the wood shed and shoot them. Then burn all the DCF offices to the ground and start all over. There are no reviews, or policies to implement, or statutes to go over or paperwork to fill out or retraining to be had that will fix them. The Florida department of children and families is not fixable. And until they all realize this more and more and more children will be molested, beaten, tortured and killed with them leading the way and giving permission to do so. Fuck them!!!!!!!!

Curtains close.

I will be praying for these kids especially this little girl, for peace and protection. Lord knows that with DCF having custody of them affords them no protection at all. 

Thanks go to DodiaFae and Deena for this one in the open thread and for allowing me the opportunity to write it up.

***Special thanks to Abusehater for writing this one. ***

The “Like mother, like daughter” theory applies to Bad Breeders too

*** Disclaimer…. If the word “fuck” or the word “c***” offend you, move the fuck on.  If you choose to read after this discalimer, don’t fucking complain about my language.  The only thing I hate more than a child abuser is a baby raper.  The only thing I hate more than a baby raper is a c*** that will serve her kids up on a silver platter one.  The only thing I hate more than a c*** who will serve her kids up to be abused is a mother fucker that will defend a child abuser, baby raper or a kiddy serving up c***.


Lufkin sex offender, mother, grandmother arrested for toddler’s injuries 

Man arrested on charges of injury to a child; mom, grandmother arrested on charges of endangering a child 

25-year-old Jeremei Trevance Grimes is a perfect example of the dick shortage that seems to be going on.  Why else would a woman with a child date a registered sex offender?  Not only did 23-year-old Lachyah Teel date Grimes, she left her 15-month-old son alone with Grimes KNOWING that he was a RSO.  Is that not a recipe for disaster?  Of course it is.  Grimes only had the child for a few hours, January 6th, when he called Lachyah’s mother, Belinda Teel, to tell her that her grandson injured himself by falling off of a horse.  Likely story.  He must have misplaced his Child Abuse for Dummies Handbook or he would have known that it was the bathtub, not a horse. 

Okay, wait!  Before you pass judgment on this man or these two women, remember that only God can judge them and they are innocent until proven guilty.  Yeah, fuck that.  I’ve been hanging out with the tards on this site for too long.  I’m starting to sound just like them.  How about this – Before you judge these two c***s or the perv, read to the end of the story.  It gets worse. 

When the two brainless c***s (sorry, can’t call them women) saw the baby again, he had injuries to his face and bruising from his neck to his pelvis.  The grandc*** and breeder tw*t decided NOT to take the child for medical treatment because they thought CPS may get involved.  Gee… I wonder why she would think that?  Maybe because they KNEW Grimes was a fucking pervert??  Three days later, when the grandc*** couldn’t even pick him up because his little ribs were so sore, Grimes told the two tw*ts (sorry, still can’t call them women) that he would take the boy to see his aunt who was a nurse.  When he returned with the boy, he told the tw*ts that his aunt told him that the child was fine and he just needed some Tylenol.  Oh, and the child had new injuries to his hands that he didn’t have before the rotten fucking perv was alone with him for the second time in days.  That’s when the grandc*** decided it was time to take the baby to the hospital.  The little guy was admitted overnight and doctors called police.  Thank gawd. 

According to the source, the arrest affidavit states that Grimes admitted to lying about the baby falling off the horse, but he never admitted to how he got the injuries.  He also admitted to lying about taking him to the “nurse” aunt.  No shit.  I don’t even know the fucker and I saw that one coming.  He walked out of the interview before he could be questioned further.  The dumb c*** duo was asked why they would allow a RSO to take the baby.  The junior dumb c*** hadn’t dated the pervert for more than a year, he wasn’t the baby’s father, AND this pathetic pair of tw*ts had accused him of molesting the baby’s 3-year-old sister.  (Told ya it got worse) 

Grimes was convicted when he was 19 of aggravated assault on a 13 year old girl.  He is now being charged with injury to a child and is bing held on $15,000 bond.  The two c***s are being charged with child endangerment.  Mammac***’s bond has been set at $10,000.  The grandc***’s bond hasn’t been set yet.  The baby was taken into CPS custody and placed with other family members. 

Thanks go to Lori  and Deena (I think) for the tip. 

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