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They put the MENTAL in fundamentalist Christianity

Catherine, Herbert Schaible’s Second Child Dies After Parents Use Prayer, No Medicine

Herbert And Catherine Schaible Lose 2nd Child After Choosing Prayer Instead Of Doctor




First of all, thanks to Lynnetta for sending in the tip. Trench forwarded it to me, knowing what I have to say about religious nutjobs.

First of all, meet Catherine Schaible (43) and Herbert Schaible (44) from sunny Philadelphia. They are fundamentalist Christians. Not a crime in itself. Everyone has the right to believe in what they want to believe. But when those beliefs cause pain and suffering to other people, they do not have the right to hide behind their beliefs or use them as an excuse.

You see, the Schaibles don’t believe in medicine. The church that they belong to believe in “faith healing”, which has no scientific basis nor does it actually work. When their 8-month old son Brandon stopped eating and was suffering from diarrhoea and breathing problems, they didn’t take him to a doctor. They didn’t even go to a chemist. They PRAYED for him. Unfortunately, the Schaibles’ inaction cost baby Brandon his life. Police say that when Brandon died, the Schaibles reported the death to a funeral home rather than calling 911. They knew it was wrong to not seek medical help for a sick child, so they skipped notifying the authorities and wanted to get baby Brandon into the ground as soon as possible. Cold, cold creeps.

What’s more, is that the Schaibles were on a 10 year probation (wtf?) for the death of their 2 year old son, Kent, who had died 4 years ago from bacterial pneumonia. Same thing, they prayed for him and didn’t bother to go see a doctor. Poor Kent’s symptoms included coughing, congestion, crankiness and a loss of appetite, but he slowly regained his appetite and was eating and drinking right up until he died. The couple pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter (what about neglect resulting in death?) and were sentenced to 10 years’ probation.

The conditions of their probation were that they had to visit the doctor regularly and seek medical help if their children got sick. Their defence attorney alleges that the Schaibles did get their children medical check-ups and that Brandon had seen a doctor when he was 10 days old, but she didn’t know if they’d been to the doctor’s since. She further added that it’s not known whether their religion had anything to do with Brandon’s death.

The Schaibles are part of the First Century Gospel Church in northeast PA and poisoned children’s minds with their stupid beliefs taught Sunday School. The church’s website has an online sermon called “Healing – from God or medicine?” which rants about the depravity of using doctors and pills and raves about how Jesus is the answer to all of life’s ailments. A fitting name, First Century. Because that’s where these belief systems belong!

No charges have been laid yet on the Schaibles yet, as they don’t know yet how baby Brandon died. An autopsy will be conducted soon, and the coroner will determine whether charges will be laid.

Now for my two bob: I am an atheist. I don’t believe in any gods. I believe in science and doing right by other people, and respecting living things. I also respect the right of people to believe what they like to believe. But once they cross that line where they use their beliefs to hurt other people, that’s when I lose respect for their beliefs. If someone uses their beliefs to victimise other people or to oppress other people, they deserve nothing but contempt. Governments who can’t keep religion out of politics also deserve derision. Luckily in Australia, we do have some sort of separation between religion and state. However, the day that they bring in Sharia law or ban abortion/contraception to suit the views of a minority will be the day they lose my vote.

Rest in peace little Brandon and Kent. Sorry that your breeders were backwards and stupid, and that their detachment from reality killed you.



Thanks again to Lynnetta for the tip

“Anti-Christ” baby burnt alive in Chile

Chile arrests 4 over ritual baby burning

Four arrested in Chile over ritual baby burning

Baby girl sacrificed on bonfire after sect leader says tot is the Antichrist, Chile cops say

Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, leader of a Doomsday sect and baby killer

Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, leader of a Doomsday sect and baby killer

Here we have yet another example of religious nutjobs who think they’re doing the Good Lord’s work by injuring or killing children.

4 people have been arrested for the horrific burning of a baby girl in Chile. Police say that the four people, including the baby’s birth vessel, took the 3 day old baby to a hill in the town of Colliguay, near the port of Valparasio. There, they stuck tape over the baby’s mouth to silence her screams of agony. She was strapped naked to a board, and after the group called on some spirits or demons or whatever crazy shit, they chucked her onto the bonfire and left her to burn.

The baby’s egg donor, Natalia Guerra (25) approved of her baby girl being burnt alive. The reason for the baby BBQ? The group thought that the world was ending and that the baby girl was the anti-Christ. An officer from the police investigative unit says that this little sect formed in 2005 and was led by Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete (36) who was present at the burning and is now on the run. The officer added that everyone in the sect are professionals, some are vets, flight attendants, filmmakers and draftsmen. Everyone had a university degree or had been well educated.

Gaete is allegedly still on the run and was last seen travelling to Peru to by ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brewing plant that he used to control the minds of his sect (much like the wine and wafers at communion).

I’m speechless on this one. It’s sad to say that I’m not surprised that this kind of fucked-up shit happens. Burning to death is probably the most slow and agonising ways to die. And don’t get me started on religion. It’s scary that some people are so engrossed in these little fairy tales that the lines between reality and fantasy start to blur.

Rest in peace baby girl.

LaShaun Harris: Not First Degree Murder, But Assault

LaShaun Harris, the mentally ill mother who threw her three kids into the San Francisco Bay and blamed it on Jesus, has been found not guilty of murder and guilty of assault. The jury’s still weighing both second-degree murder and manslaughter. The assault charges carry a possible life prison term – but first, during the penalty phase, jurors will consider whether Harris was legally sane at the time of the crime. Once again, we have a case where a woman who was a known danger to herself and others was allowed to keep raising her kids…with all too predictable consequences.

Ex-Deputy on Trial for Kidnapping Daughters, Keeping Them Out of School

Old German Baptist BrethrenHave you ever heard of the Old German Baptist Brethren? (Not to be confused with the German Baptist Brethren, and certainly not to be mixed up with those bastards the Old Order German Baptist Brethren.) They’re an Anabaptist group, theologically similar in some ways to the Mennonite and the Amish. I’d never heard of the conservative religious group until I stumbled across this story about 34-year-old Michael Hari of Illinois, who’s standing trial for kidnapping his daughters, Mollie, 15, and Allene, 13.

How does this relate to the Old German Baptist Brethrens? According to the article, Hari is a member of the church, which according to the writeup prohibits educating girls after the eight grade. I couldn’t actually confirm this in any statement of belief about the OGBB, so I’m taking that one with a grain of salt. The best I could gather is that the OGBB don’t support “higher” education. But it seems that even that opposition has eroded in recent years.

Whatever the reason, something inside Hari compelled him to skip the country with his daughters in tow, landing him and the girls to a Mennonite colony in Belize. Hari’s attorney denies that his client fled to Belize. But he seems incapable of explaining why Hari told his ex-wife, Michelle Frakes, that he’d be drop the girls off in “a couple of hours” – and then thoroughly disappeared for 10 months. Hari’s attorney also doesn’t explain how a private investigator tracked the wayward dad to Belize, and why it took no less than Dr. Phil McGraw to talk the guy into returning voluntarily to the states. (You can find the full account of The Dr. Phil Show’s involvement on

This is one of those cases that make me glad I never became a defense attorney. There just can’t be that much job satisfaction in manufacturing excuses for people like Michael Hari. If I wanted to tell lies for a living, I’d get a more socially respectable job – like, say, being a TV news anchor, or a presidential press secretary.

Arabic Video Shows Three-Year-Old Who Says Jews are “Apes and Pigs”

Little girl saying Jews are

It’s videos like this that make me lose all hope for the world. Ex-Christian.Net is hosting a scary, scary clip in which a Muslim woman "interviews" a three-year-old named Basmallah.  Asked whether or not she likes Jews, Basmallah says "No". When asked why, she responds with "Because" – a typical three-year-old’s reply, which is both tender and heartbreaking given what she’s going to say next. When the interviewer presses her by asking, "Because they are what?", the girl replies after only a moment’s hesitation: "They are apes and pigs."

The girl is then prompted to recite a story she’s been taught about how a Jewish woman attempted to poison Mohammed, but God resurrected the lamb he was about to eat and made Mohammed privvy to the Jewess’ wicked ways. Basmallah knows enough of this tale to know that Mohammed then vowed to kill his attempted poisoner. (Actually, according to many historians, the poison killed Mohammed three years later. But, hey – who needs facts when you have religion?) The broadcast ends with a chilling reminder about how important it is to teach this hate to all good little future bomb detonators.

To the parents of Basmallah, and any other parent who raises their child in this despicable manner: You think you’re being honorable and holy and serving your God. You’re not. You’re making God weep. If there is a Hell, please give the Devil my kind regards.

To the fundamentalist parents of America – whether Christian, Muslim, Branch Davidian, or what have you: Ask yourself how much of your own parenting is reflected in this.

(Note: The video is taken straight from Iqra TV in Saudi Arabia, and is made available to the English-speaking world through Memri TV. Memri also has a full transcript of the broadcast.)

Provo Parents Oppose Gay-Straight Alliance

homophobe.gifLooks like The Gays are at it again! This time, they’re trying to infliltrate Provo High School and form some kind of Alliance with the God-fearing straight kids in the hopes of – that’s right! – TURNING THEM GAY. This, at least, according to Stephen F. Graham, head of something called the Standard of Liberty Foundation. Mr. Graham is the voice of opposition to a proposed extracurricular Gay-Straight Alliance club at the high school in Provo, Utah.

Mr. Graham’s chief concern is apparently to protect the school district. Not from leather-clad teens singing Village People tunes, but from the avalanche of lawsuits that’s sure to come once the straight kids’ parents sue the school the school because their kids have “come out as homosexuals after attending club meetings”. Not to mention the fact that the straight kids will inevitably “later contract the HIV virus and AIDS”. Hard to find fault with that logic! (Unless, of course, you’re one of those people that believes in “research studies” and “common sense”.)

The article presents an overview of what the club actually stands for (promotion of acceptance and tolerance of gay students), and also features quotes from parents and students who are in favor of the organization. What? It doesn’t? A Utah newspaper running a one-sided story about gaybashers? Go figure.

Parents Oppose Halloween For Religious Reasons

hallowe22.jpgWell, duh. Of COURSE there are parents out there who oppose Halloween for religious reasons. But as much as I like to lay down the snark, I actually found this article interesting and somewhat enlightening.

I feel bad for Elizabeth Silvia, the high schooler who recounts the taunting that she endured at the hands of her classmates over her parents’ attitudes towards the holiday. And I’m actually sympathetic towards her folks – that they felt compelled to explain to the public at large why they don’t participate in Halloween-related activities and received berating phone calls for it is a bit sad. (Hey – I empathize. I come from a Catholic dad and a Jewish mom, and I get it from all sides. “Why don’t you go to Church? Why don’t you go to Temple?” Oi vey! Madon! I’m tellin’ ya – it’s enough to make me go Buddhist).

I realize that this may seem trivial given the nature of most of the articles we see on this site, but hey – it’s Halloween. So what do you think? Halloween – recruiting tool for Satan, or elaborate plot by a cabal of dentists and Hollywood marketing execs to drive up business? And does it have a place in our schools? Discuss. I’ll be out TP’ing the neighbor’s house if you need me.

Mom Gives Birth To Kid #16.

duggar.gifCongrats to Michelle Duggar and her husband, the aptly-named Jim Bob, on the birth of their 16th child. That’s right – SIXTEEN KIDS. To illustrate how many kids 16 is, let’s say you had 8 kids. The Duggars would have twice as many as you.

Now, we here at PBB are all about being fruitful and multiplying. So why are they featured here? Taking their cue from Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Arizona, Sr., the Duggars have bestowed each of their progeny with a name beginning with the letter “J”. Toss in a couple of Biblical names (Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Josiah – I assume that’s from the Bible, ’cause I somehow doubt they’re “West Wing” fans), and the PBB-appropriate “Jinger”, and…did I mention the husband’s name was Jim Bob? The family plans to take a few vacations in the months ahead – King’s Island, the Grand Canyon, and some spooky cursed idol- laden caves in Hawaii are on the itinerary. No word on whether or not they’re bringing Cousin Oliver.

Parents Opt For Prayer Over Medicine, Baby Dies As A Result

swwjdmobile.gifOh, Jesus. Once again, God has failed to personally come down from His Throne In Heaven and save a baby in need of medical attention. I know, I know – I’m just as surprised as you are. I guess He has His hands full, making images of the Virgin Mary appear on burned grilled cheese sandwiches and convincing old people to send Pat Robertson all of their money. Louis and Patricia Leeman heeded the advice of their church elders (“Doctors? Feh.”), and sadly their six-day-old daughter paid the price.

Apparently, the Church of The First Born in Gosport, Indiana, needs to hire a statistician. When you’re 0-for-2 in the “Prayers Will Save Sick Babies” category, some adjustments are in order. A grand jury will convene to determine the fate of the Leemans; church elder Thomas Nation told reporters that it’s all in God’s hands now. God, meanwhile, has issued this statement: “It seems I need to add an 11th Commandment. I’m thinking of something along the lines of, ‘Thou shalt not be a fucking moron and look to Me to bail thy stupid ass out when thou makest galactically idiotic decisions.’ That should cover quite a few bases, actually.”

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