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Tanked toad thumps tyke

Angela Christine Gerber mugshot

If this is what happens to your looks when you drink, I’ll never drink again!


A long lost twin perhaps?


Police: Drunken woman struck child

Tomorrow is Australia Day here. This time tomorrow, I’m going to be hanging poolside decked out in Australian flag gear, munching on ‘roo steaks, dangling a line and knocking back a few beers. However, I won’t be knocking around kids because I’m not a child abuser.

Angela Christine Gerber (33) is a drunkard and a child abuser. She bashed her child while she was blotto. Her kid told the cops that her egg donor hit her several times and knocked her once on the noggin. One officer also reported seeing a mark on the girl’s head. There were six kiddos in the house at the time, ranging from six months old to mid-teens. It seems only the victim was singled out for a flogging.

The po-po breathalysed her and clocked her at 0.142 % blood alcohol content, nearly twice the limit for motorists. She’s being held in Delaware County Jail under a $7500 bond and she’s being charged with battery and six counts of neglect of a dependent.

This isn’t the drunken dodo’s first brush with the law. Oh no siree! In 2007 she was convicted of child neglect and now she’s also being convicted of three counts of battery, driving while intoxicated and resisting law enforcement! This bitch needs to be put away and soon! A run-in with the law usually sets most people straight. But not this toad. She just doesn’t know when to quit.

There’s no word as to where the kids are going, I hope it’s with their family and away from this menace.


Thanks to Shanna for the tip!

Repeat Offender Charged With Injury to Child



Man who cut baby’s tongue accused of beating 1-year-old


*Sigh*… Yet again, we have some young girl who thinks her flavor of the month is a suitable sitter for her child….This always ends badly here on I’m not saying that all step-parents are shitty, just the ones that grace these pages.


This week’s jackass is Matthew Wylie, a 25-year-old who, in 2009 (at the age of 22), decided to calm his girlfriend’s crying baby by cutting his tongue. We all know that the way to calm a baby is to hurt them… Way to go, jackass.  That child was only 3 months old when this fuck tried to sever his tongue.  He was charged with felony child abuse and ordered to stay AWAY from minor children. So you would think that he would follow his sentence and try to become a productive member in society right? Wrong. Fast forward 3 years to December 2012 where Wylie is arrested and charged with felony child abuse AGAIN, due to shattering baby Baiden’s skull.


One-year-old Baiden’s mother, Kayla Jurgensen, KNEW about Wylie’s past, but still thought that he would be a suitable sitter while she went to work as a waitress.  She was called by Wylie to inform her that the child had been hurt.  Baiden’s mother left work and went home to pick up Wylie and the baby, dropping her fuck stick off at his mother’s (really, a 25 year old living with his mommy…wtf) then taking the baby to the Crete Area Medical Center. It is cited that “He was flown by helicopter to Bryan West, where doctors treated him for a skull fracture, two separate brain bleeds, swelling and a broken left arm that was already healing” which means that the baby suffered a lot of abuse due to this jackass. Again a typical household inanimate object was blamed for the injuries.  This time the bathroom counter made Baiden fall and and hit his head on the floor.


Jurgensen was only cited with child abuse but not charged. It also came to light that this girl is 7 months pregnant with jackass’s kid. Fuck.  Wylie was charged with felony child abuse and first-degree assault. Baiden has been placed in state custody and Russ Reno, an HHS spokesperson, ambiguously indicated that state workers can recommend that a child not be placed in a dangerous situation….Let’s all pray that baby Baiden and the child that Jurgensen is carrying be placed in a loving home where this child abusing jackass is NOT present.


Thanks go to Rochell for the tip and the write up.

Dad calls 911 after he kills

allen-leejpg-552214f13fa649e1_smallRead IT HERE


40 year-old Allen Lee, of Cleveland, Ohio called 911 around 10:40 pm Saturday to report his 3 year-old son (Marcellius Lee) was dead.

The dispatcher asked how the boy had died and Lee said he went to put he toddler to bed and suddenly the boy hit his had on the scum bag’s shoulder and was unresponsive.

Right… yup that is how it happened.

SURPRISE – an investigation found the boy had been repeatedly struck with both an open hand and a fist.  What on earth could a 3 year-old do to provoke such inexcusable violence?

Lee’s criminal history includes domestic violence in 2004 and 2005, robbery in 2001 and cocaine trafficking in 1999.

Poor baby was born to this piece of crap.

Update on 3 time baby dumper

bildeNancyOrtiz_mi_embedded_prod_affiliate_8Nancy Ortiz is the 24 year-old birth machine who has delivered five children and dumped three newborn babies. 

The baby dumping happened about 11 months apart.  The first two newborns were discovered prior to death … the 3rd not so lucky.  Ortiz allegedly hid her pregnancy’s from everyone but her scum bag penis who had no room in his pathetic life for children.

She gave birth to baby 3 in her bedroom, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and left it in the back of a pickup truck. 24 hours later when the baby was discovered, it’s little nails were blue and it had died of hypothermia.

Nancy is spending the next 22 years locked away — not hear enough in my opinion.


Unexplained death of 3 year old Erial Summers

The breeder was on home detention for child neglect convictions when she called police to report her 3 year old was unresponsive.  She had previously been jailed for felony child neglect charges but was released due to jail crowding (smart aren’t we)…

So now Eriel is dead and authorities don’t know the wearabouts of her 4 year old brother.

Let’s keep her in the crowded jail this time …umkay?

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