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Richard Marsolick is a twisted pervert… Plain and simple


Berks man faces rape and incest charges for sex with 6, 9-year-olds

Berks Co. man jailed on 18 charges of child sex abuse

Berks father charged with molesting daughter, friend 

Rape is such an ugly word. As a woman, it’s one of my worst fears – the though of some unwanted deviant forcing himself on me. Ick. Horrifying, to say the least. It’s even more horrifying when the unwanted deviant is forcing him / herself on a child. I, at least, have a decent shot of fighting off an attacker, but what chance does a child have? None. No fucking chance what so ever. I suppose that’s what Richard Marsolick was going for during a snowstorm lat month.

Halloween weekend, Marsolick (39) checked himself, his son (no age given), his 6-year-old daughter and her 9-year-old friend into a motel after losing power at home. I guess this scenario proved to be a pedophile’s recipe for romance. More like a recipe for rape. Sometime during their stay, Marsolick helped himself to his daughter and her friend. *puke*

I’m not sure who the hornblower was, but the girls told a forensic interviewer that Marsolick told them to take their clothes off. They also stated that Marsolick had a few drinks prior to the assaults. Not that inebriation of any degree is an excuse for sexual assault of your young daughter and her very under aged friend, but I digress. Oh… Here’s the kicker. Marsolick (Arseholelick) claims that he didn’t force the girls into performing sexual acts on him, but he didn’t stop them. Well, there you have, you butt-plug, that make it all better.

Arseholelick is facing a total of 18 charges including rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, incest, corruption of minors, indecent assault, endangering welfare of children, sexual assault and indecent exposure. If convicted, he could face more than 60 years behind bars.

Thanks go to Brooke for the tip


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