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Kansas updates their Safe Haven law

Speaking of safe haven laws, because we were you know, a new safe haven law went into effect in the state of Kansas as of July 1st.

Previously there was an issue with identifying the parent who dropped off their child after one mother was sought because authorities thought she was in medical danger. The new law makes identification less of an issue except where abuse is suspected.

You can read the new law here. (PDF file)

Thanks to CW for the assist.

You can look here for your own state’s Safe Haven laws here.

Time to talk about Safe Haven laws again

I must be getting soft in my old age. Tipster Misty sent me a story about a 27-year-old woman from Florida who gave birth at home then placed the newborn in a trash bag where she died. I used to go ballistic over reading stories like this but for some reason now I couldn’t be too harsh on this woman. We don’t know her situation.

The woman was Hispanic and lived with her adult siblings and mother. We don’t know what was going on at the home. We don’t know if the woman herself was in danger from the family if it was revealed or from someone else. She has been charged with manslaughter however. Instead of piling on this woman I decided it was time to talk about the state Safe Haven Laws in the U.S. again.

Each of the 50 states has their own law in which you can drop off a newborn baby at certain places safely with no questions asked. With so many of these stories that constantly show up in the news it makes me wonder if the states are not doing enough to inform the public about these laws. So I’m going to give them a little hand.

For instance this story took place in Florida and according to Florida’s Safe Haven law

You can leave your baby, up to 7 days old, with an employee at any hospital, emergency medical services station or with a fire fighter at any fire station in Florida.

They also have a crisis line you can call at 1-877-767 BABY (2229).

You can look here for your own state’s Safe Haven laws here.

Miss. Breeder charged with dumping newborn…again

Police release more details on abandoned baby:

Cora Lynn Watkins

25-year-old Cora Lynn Watkins has been arrested in Houston, Mississippi, for allegedly abandoning her newborn baby in a storage shed. She allegedly gave birth alone, left the baby wrapped in a blanket then returned to work. Luckily some children heard the baby crying. The article states that the kids got some family members but it’s unclear, to me at least, if they were Watkins’ family members. Either way the baby was taken to the hospital and at last report is doing well.

However this isn’t the first time that Watkins has done something like this. She was arrested back in 2010 for abandoning a baby at a Salvation Army. She received probation for that offense and was just released from probation last month. I doubt this time she’ll be so lucky.

It may have been a while since we discussed this but baby dumping like this is so unnecessary. All 50 states have Safe Haven laws where you can drop a newborn off safely with no questions asked. Specifically in Mississippi you can drop a newborn up to 3 days old at a hospital, adoption center, emergency room or EMS station.

Once again I have to ask are the safe haven laws so unknown that this keeps happening?

Thanks to Amy for the tip.

GA breeder stabs her newborn to death

Athens woman charged with murder for fatally stabbing her newborn son

Police: Georgia mom stabs newborn baby to death, possibly just hours after birth

21-year-old Cassandra Elyse Norwood from  Athens Georgia has been charged with the murder of her newborn son.  According to the police, mommy dearest lived with her parents and other family members (who were all clueless that she was expecting).  How did they not know she was pregnant and about to blow??  Apparently when labor struck, she went to a different part of the house where no one could hear her give birth.  I’m sorry but if there are no pain meds involved i cant believe no one could hear her!  Anyway, Shortly after his birth, within minutes or hours (tbd by autopsy) she decided to stab and cut the little man to death.  Someone in the home found the body around 1pm Thursday and called 911.

Mommy dearest was arrested Friday but was placed in the hospital to be treated for blood loss from the labor.  She has been charged with murder and will be placed in jail as soon as she is released from the hospital.  I say let her bleed….to death!  Stupid ass does not deserve to live. 

There was no apparent motive and no apparent mental condition to cause this poor baby’s death.  The police are looking for the father.

Maybe the inmates will take turns slicing and dicing her ass and leave her to bleed to death!!

***Thanks for the tips and the write up go to Leslie.

From one dumpster to another

Not a nursery unless your a rat

Newborn survives toss down NYC trash chute

Authorities believe the baby survived the eight-story fall because he landed on a pile of garbage and the compactor was jammed

Newborn in New York City survives toss down trash chute; mom charged with attempted murder

You know.  When I was 18 I knew how to not get pregnant.  Not only did my mother discus birth control with me, health class in high school gave us the low down, my friends knew what was up and were more than willing to share the wealth… the list is endless.  To take it a step further, I knew that if I got pregnant that I would have to face the fucking music.  I knew I would have to tell the responsible boy, my parents, a doctor, everyone.  I mean, how do you even hide a pregnancy?  Even more, how do you deliver a baby a not scream loud enough to wake the dead and still manage to sneak the bundle by undetected? 

These are all good questions for 18-year-old Laquasia Wright of New York, NY.  Wright has been arrested on charges of attempted murder and endangering the welfare of a child after she “allegedly” dumped her newborn down a garbage chute from the eighth floor of the housing project where she lives with her mother and other relatives.  That’s right – the poor little man went from cum dumpster to garbage dumpster all on the day he was born.  Umm… Happy Birthday…. I guess. 

Lucky for the baby, a maintenance worker at the project heard the baby’s cries coming from the trash compactor.  And thankfully the compactor was broken and the accumulation of trash broke the babies fall.  He was taken to the hospital and was last listen in stable condition. 

As for Laquasia, she was being treated at the hospital.  It’s believed that she was hiding her pregnancy from her family and that she gave birth a short time prior to dumping her baby in the trash.  I hope that prior to her release from the hospital that she has she uterus removed with a rusty meat cleaver.  That should prevent any further unwanted pregnancies. 

New York is on of the states that has a version of the Safe Haven law – the Abandoned Infant Protection Act.  The law gives parents up to 30 days to leave a newborn in a hospital, police precinct, firehouse or other safe location. As long as the baby is has not been injured and the parents are not suspected of any crimes, they can remain anonymous.  So, there is really no reason for the murder (or attempted murder) of an unwanted baby.  Laquasia was the second jizz receptacle in 2 weeks to have dumped a baby in a garbage can.  The other baby wasn’t as fortunate as Laquasia’s *ahem* son.  That baby was found alive in the garbage in a hospital restroom, but later died.  The mother of that baby, 23-year-old Dawa Lama, was facing charges of assault, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.  She may be facing additional charges now that the infant has died.  When will these whores wake up and realize that murder is not something that you can take back.  Doesn’t it make more sense to give your baby a chance to live a long, healthy life without your selfish ass in it than have to have to share a cell with someone bigger and meaner than you that’s missing her baby? 

Thanks go to Joy, Jaymie and another tipster that asked to remain anonymous for the tip.  Thanks go to Emilie Barlow for the tip on Dawa Lama. 

Angelica Swartout killed her baby


Angelica Swartout, 20, worked at a motel, which is where she apparently gave birth and dumped her newborn in the trash. 

So weird that there are lots of stories lately with baby-momma names that refer to Angels when they clearly are not. 

This devilish angel’s own family is who tipped off the police. 

It started when she told them her baby died in the hospital back in October. But when the family started to arrange funeral plans they couldn’t find a record of his birth or death.   Swartout comes from an adoptive home too – she herself was adopted into a family and able to grow up happy. Why didn’t she let her own son do the same?   Now authorities are sifting through the local landfill to try and recover the remains so the family may provide a proper burial. 

Investigators say Swart­out, admitted in an interview with them Wednesday that she killed her son on Oct. 18, shortly after giving birth to him while she worked a night shift at the motel. Swartout told detectives that she wrapped her dead son’s body in a sheet and placed it in a trash bin outside the motel — then finished her shift and went home. 

There’s more background to this story too: 

Swartout’s large adoptive family could not keep her from developing a methamphetamine habit that Lewis said continued through the early months of her pregnancy.   Although investigators believe that the baby’s father did not remain in contact with Swartout after she became pregnant, they still want to locate and interview him.   Family members told police that while Swartout was apprehensive about becoming a mother upon learning of her pregnancy, she appeared to become more excited about it as her son’s birth neared. Swartout’s family held a baby shower for Swartout earlier this year. 

Angelica Swartout now sits in jail with charges of aggravated murder.

Thanks got to Papersnake and Deena for the tip.

Danielle Lewis Used Her Baby Boy As A Chew Toy

Dallas mother, 19, bit 5-week-old son all over his body, police say

Mother bites baby and abandons it at hospital

I couldn’t find a picture of 19-year-old Danielle Patrice Lewis.  I imagine the one I chose has to be a pretty close likeness to this baby biting, c*ck gobbling, thunder c***.

On August 17th, Lewis was kind enough to take her 5-week-old son to Children’s medical Center in Dallas, TX.  So far she sounds like a decent person….. Right?  Wait – lemme finish.  She decided that she didn’t want her precious baby boy any more, so she left her little bundle at the hospital.  Still no sign of a bad parent there.  Actually, we kinda wish more of these teens that find themselves unwilling to care for a newborn would make such a brave decision.  It certainly is a better option than, let’s say, a dumpster.  Too bad Lewis didn’t drop her son off before she fucking bit him all over his tiny body.  Poor little guy.  Per the police report, he had human bite marks on his shoulders, back, butt, legs, and even his genitals.  Um… What the fuck?  The bigger “What the fuck” is the fact that Lewis claims that she bit the child to keep him quiet.  Geeeeee.  I wonder how that worked out for her.

The good news is that she didn’t want the baby.  He was taken into custody by Child Protective Services and put into foster care.  He is expected to have a permanent placement in about a year.  So it sounds like he may have escaped any more abuse by his pathetic excused of an incubator.  I’m hoping that he is placed in a loving home where he gets kisses and cuddles galore.

Lewis is being charged with injury to a child and is being held at the Dallas County Jail in lieu of $15,000 bail.  She really should be smeared with agave nectar and tossed onto a fire ant hill.  Stupid tw*t. 

Thanks go to me for this one.

Picture of the bitch – added thanks to Amsfast

Father of Staton 9 now expecting twins with new squeeze

Omaha Father Who Ditched Nine Kids Via Safe Haven Law Has Twins on the Way:

You remember the Staton 9 don’t you? In case you don’t they were the 9 children dropped of in Nebraska when they had their wacky safe haven law. At the trime their father dropped them off at a safe haven because his wife had passed away and claimed that he could no longer care for his children.

Well now he’s expecting twins with his new girlfriend. I guess this clown never heard of a condom, or personal responsibility.

Long Island shoebox mom arrested

Mom Who Abandoned Baby In Shoebox Arrested:

Last Sunday a newborn baby was found in the lobby of a Hempstead, NY apartment building. The baby was found in a Timberland’s shoebox completely soiled with the umbilical cord tied off with dental floss.

This past Wednesday the birth organism accused of dumping the baby was arrested. 25-year-old Xiomara Gamez was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment to a child and is being held on $500,000 bond or $250,000 cash bail.

Gamez has six other children who live with their father and she claims she’s addicted to cocaine which is why she allegedly dumped the baby.

According to the National Safe Haven Alliance New York law says that a baby can be left up to 5 days old, with any responsible person.

Last time I checked a shoebox was not a responsible person. Then again neither are pregnant c*cke addicts.

Thanks to Jinx for the tip.

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